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Jen , Lisa

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The anxiety is about to kill me. It is 12:30 am and no Jen yet. The evening has been pretty low key. Dressed to kill, Jen swept out the door about 7. But fair is fair, I have forced her to wait so many times. How many times have I teased her, making her wait for her pleasure, knowing the anxiety only adds to the magnitude of her release?

Jen is off and to where I do not know. This is part of the game. Maybe to our swinger’s club as the highly desirable single woman, maybe to a bar full of strangers, or perhaps off with one her girlfriends—maybe even a new one she is saving as a surprise.

One thing I do know for certain is Jen will be back.

I flip through the channels again and finally I hear the door unlock. From the entryway I hear giggles and a slightly slurred “Shhhhhhh.” Jen walks in with a pair of very sheer red lace panties in her hand. A huge smile spreads across my face because I know they are not Jen’s panties—Jen doesn’t wear panties anymore. Not since me.

When Jen went out tonight she was on a mission. As a reward she told me she was going to bring a woman home with her for both of us to enjoy. “Hi Honey,” she smiles. Towering over her shoulder I see the catch ‘o the night. She is tall, taller than me, with obviously frosted blond hair and blue eyes and smeared red lipstick. She appears to be about Jen’s age, maybe a little younger, which means she has to be 10 to 15 younger than myself. Her blouse is unbuttoned to her navel and in the center of her chest I see a carefully place and perfect lipstick kiss. I know where she got that.

“Meet Lisa,” Jen says and waits while I size up the woman. She has long legs and a nice set of tits. Her skirt falls just past her crotch Beylikdüzü escort and she is wearing what can only be described as “fuck me” heels that make her even taller. Lisa is clearly a bit buzzed and slightly slurs her hello. “Do it just like I told you,” Jen says while handing the blonde her panties. Lisa walks over to me and holds her red panties in front of my face. “Take a whiff, Sugar. Jen told me to ask if you approve.” Playing along with Jen’s little game I take the girls panties and bury my face in them, exaggerating as I inhale. “Very nice indeed. They seem a bit damp.”

“That is because my hand has been inside of them for quite sometime,” Jen smiles. She walks over and extends one elegant hand to me. I kiss her fingers and can taste Lisa’s pussy on them and I wonder if her pussy is also on Jen’s breath. I smile at Jen and wink. Jen sits down next to me and we both look up at the nasty blonde. “On your knees,” I tell Lisa. She kneels between my legs and I stop her. “No, honey. Between Jen’s legs,” and she happily shifts herself between Jen’s legs.

Jen hikes her skirt to let Lisa at her pussy. Lisa wastes no time in starting to eat Jen. I start to kiss Jen and remove her blouse. I play and suck with her nipples as Lisa laps at her pussy. Jen takes her legs and puts them on Lisa’s shoulders as I kiss her and play with her ample tits. “Do you like that? Do you like her eating you? Is she good,” I whisper into Jen’s ear. Jen moans in approval and starts to buck her hips. Soon Jen is screaming at Lisa to get her off. “Oh, God…Oh, God….it’s going to be a big one….eat me…eat me…” Jen moans as her orgasm ripples over her body.

Gasping for breath Lisa climbs up next to Jen. Jen she nearly Beylikdüzü escort rips the blouse off the hot blonde. I notice Lisa has her nipples pierced and it makes me my cock pulse even harder. I want to fuck this girl. Jen recovers and stands up. “Lose the pants, Doll” she tells me. I take off my pants and sit on the couch with an erection that won’t quit. “Lisa, do something with that for a minute. I’ll be back.” Jen watches as the blonde kisses me and I can taste Jen on her breath. Lisa takes my cock in her mouth and starts to blow me and Jen disappears.

Moments later Jen reappears wearing her 7 inch strap on dildo. “How is it?”

“Good,” I sigh.

“Good as me?”

“Almost…she cannot use her tongue like you.” Suddenly I feel Lisa’s tongue swirling around the head of my cock on each upstroke. “That’s it baby…mmmm….you like sucking my cock?” Lisa only mumbles an answer.

Jen moves around behind Lisa. Lisa feels the hard latex dildo against her pussy and lifts her head to see what is happening “OH YES! Fuck me, Jen. Fuck me! Let me have it. Do me baby.” Jen slides into Lisa and slowly begins to feed the dildo into the wet and waiting pussy. Lisa takes my cock back in her mouth as Jen slowly, almost delicately, begins to fuck her hot blonde box. I watch Jen as she focus on fucking her new girlfriend. Jens big tits bounce as she fucks her and I reach over to play with her nipples.

“Ok, Babydoll. It’s nice and wet for you. You want some of this pussy? She needs to be fucked by man.” Jen pulls out and tells Lisa to stop. Jen hands Lisa a condom and tells her to put it on me. Lisa rolls the condom over my hard cock and sits in my lap. I wrap her long legs around me as I ease into her Escort Beylikdüzü pussy, fucking her facing me while sitting in my lap. Jen leans in to kiss me and I whisper to her “She isn’t as tight as you.”

“No one is as tight as me, Sweetie. And no one’s pussy fits you quite like my pussy, but go ahead and let this little slut have it,” Jen says.

I fuck the girl in earnest. We each take turns kissing her and playing with her tits. “Get on the floor and do her doggy,” Jen tell us. I get the girl into position and push my cock back inside her wet pussy. “I need to see this,” said Jen. She positions herself underneath my ass where she can look up and see my cock moving in and out of the blonde’s pussy.

“That is so wonderful. So nice to watch. Fuck her! Come on, fuck her!! Fuck that blonde pussy!!!”

“Oh, God. Jen…I going to cum.” Lisa starts to buck her hips when she hears I am going to cum. Just before the first shot of cum Jen starts to lick my balls and I go over the edge. The sensation of the blonde’s pussy and Jen’s tongue on my balls is incredible. My orgasm subsides and I slowly fuck Lisa while enjoying the sensation of Jen licking and lapping my balls.

We spend the night kissing, sucking and fucking. Lights on, I watch Lisa and Jen together They look beautiful together. The mood came across Jen at one point and she had Lisa lube up my cock. I fucked Jen’s small, tight ass. By the time I blew my load into Jen’s ass Lisa was almost crazy with desire. Jen ate her pussy again while fucking Lisa’s ass with a small vibrator.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of screaming. Sleepily, I walked into the kitchen and saw Lisa fucking Jen on the kitchen table with strap on, two untouched cups of coffee sloshing onto the tablecloth. Without a word I move the coffee cups and clean up the spill. “Coffee…is…ready….Sweetie,” Jen gasps.

I admire the fucking Lisa is giving Jen and think I am the most fortunate man in the world.

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