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Jelena Meets Jodi

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With my hands full of her jiggly ass-cheeks, I took a long lick along the length of her pussy! Sweet!

Jodi went nuts!

My long blonde hair was tangled in her hands. I could feel her ass-cheeks tense and that beautiful bum came off the bed and wriggled all around. I had a hard time holding her. I can’t begin to describe the sounds that were coming from her mouth.

Wailing sounds! Along with, “Oh, sweet-fuck, Jelena! How mother-fuckin’ good that feels!”

I grinned. Dirty talk from a sexy, dirty girl! And one that had made me cream my pants before we even hit the bed! I chuckled again and went to town on Jodi’s sweet, sweet pussy!

Jody wriggled and squealed, very vocally reminding me that I was sending her to heaven. Exactly what I wanted to do! I was in heaven too. Jodi’s pussy was indescribable artwork! I licked and sucked and kissed and probed that delectable cunt with my tongue, marveling how her pussy-muscles clamped down hard and sucked at my tongue when it was inside her. As if Jodi’s pussy never wanted to let it go. And knowing full well what my tongue can do to a woman, it probably didn’t. I marveled at how wet and sweet it was inside this doll!

Sweet, sweeet Jodi, though quivering and shaking on her way up the ladder to her cum, managed to maintain control, at least for the moment. I eased up a little and let her.

I felt her fingers loosen their grip on my golden tresses. She stroked my head tenderly as I gave her pussy a few more soft licks, the broadness of my tongue having no trouble covering her so-sweet slit. I licked now, not to urge her back to the loss of control she was spiraling towards seconds before. I just couldn’t get enough of Jodi and wanted to keep acquainted with her incredible taste!

Reluctantly, I raised my head slightly from her pussy and looked up at her as she raised her beautiful head from my pillow and looked down at me between her legs. Her long, gorgeous legs.

“Darling,” she said.

I could tell she was about to say more but I wasn’t in the mood to hear it. So I went back down and tongued her clitty, furiously now, giving it a lot of hot kisses and sucks, meantime thinking, ‘darling’? And sweet Jodi shook and gushed for me, oh so sweetly, gushed out mouthfuls of sweet honey, pounding her heels on the mattress. Her wails echoed around the room. Of course, her incredible cum interrupted whatever it was she’d been about to say.

Darling? I’d only met this babe in the bar a few hours earlier.

Though it had been a wonderful few hours to be sure.


As I idly stroked my twat and watched Debbi close the door behind her, I thought, ‘Not a bad piece of ass!’ Then I asked myself, as my pussy was still aching with need, ‘Is there ever a really bad piece of ass, if you get off?’

The answer was, of course, that there was really escort no such thing as a totally bad piece of cunt, unless the girl was really clueless and just made getting off way too much work. I hate to say it, but such girls do exist.

Debbi, now, had been hot to look at, had been picked up easily, kissed agreeably, and had sucked my pussy with enough enthusiasm to send me over the top. Not spectacularly, but a nice solid, enjoyable cum.

Having said that, Debbi just wouldn’t be making a repeat appearance in my bed. She just didn’t have it, all the way. I’m plenty fussy on who shares my bed. The familiar ache I was now having in my pussy was not something I should have been having after just having a sweetie that looked like Debbi between the sheets. Of course, some girls, like, I suspect, Debbi, thought their looks were enough.

No, sorry, Debbi, you just didn’t have what it takes. Not for this girl!

So, Jelena, let’s doll up and go downtown and see what else there is to see! Sounds like a plan!

A quick shower, hmmm, panties or no panties? What to wear?

Simplicity, this time. Skin tight jeans, tight yellow halter top. No bra.

Sorry to say it, ladies, but even dressed this simply I know I look spectacular.

Long blond hair, not cut for years, only styled, frames my face and hangs right down my back to just above where my jeans are riding low on my hips.

The yellow halter top ends several inches above my jeans revealing a flat tummy with no fat and a wonderful turquoise ornament pierced in my belly button. A lot of girls have had fun playing with that ornament with their tongues. On their way to the magical playground further south.

The yellow halter top has a big job to do and it’s stretched to the max, beings I have not aided its job by wearing a bra. My tits aren’t humungous or anything but they look pretty spectacular on my 5′ 6″, 105 pound frame. I’ve got a lovely pair and they stick out proudly, with a slight upthrust. Smeared over the tips are coke-can large, dark-hued aureoles, bumpy terrain, just waiting to be explored by the tongue of the right girl. Out of the middle of which poke a beautiful pair of sensitive, pink nipples that, with the right girl loving them, can get me off all by themselves. Sorry, Debbi, not you, girl.

As I told you, I’m only 5′ 6″ so my legs aren’t that long but they are glorious. Shapely and beautifully muscled, they are usually golden brown, tanned to perfection, as the babe who peels my jeans off me later tonight will find out. Tanned, as is the rest of me. Needless to say, my legs, especially my thighs, are as smooth as the most expensive blended whiskey.

Tonight, as I’ve said, my legs will be hidden to start, encased by my skin tight jeans and even further by my thigh-high, richly-tooled, open-toed, black leather boots. With their six-inch heels I’ll stand izmit escort bayan even with the taller, statuesque girls that are just my type!

I am a pretty package. I’ve got it and I know it. And I use it to have a steady string of gorgeous chicks help warm my bed.

No need for much make-up. A quick touch-up of my eye-shadow and, of course, a gloss of my oh-so-kissable lips with a sparkly pink shade that matches my glittery toe and fingernail polish. I was ready!

I call downstairs and tell the doorman to get me a cab and call me when he has one waiting. I’d wait downstairs rather then make the cab wait for me, but dumb-ass Carl would spend the whole time nattering in my ear, making his usual play for me.

I call him a dumb-ass because what else would you call a guy who has watched me over the course of a couple of years, bring home many spectacular chicks but not one guy. And who still hasn’t put two-and-two together and realized that no guy is putting his hairy mitts on this chick!

I’d get the Mercedes out but I’m probably gonna have a couple drinks and besides I never like to have to drive home. Once I’ve picked up a girl I prefer to have her in the back of a cab where I can concentrate on her and not have to watch traffic.

Me and many chicks have steamed up the windows of a few cabs, no sex stuff, just some feeling and kissing. I just adore kissing the right girl! I’ve chuckled as, out of the corner of my eye, I’ve watched the cabbie adjusting his rear-view for a better look at two chicks lip-locked, hands wandering all over each other!

I’ve really chuckled when some chick cabbie pulls over and asks point-blank if she can join in on the fun. There have been a couple of lucky female cab drivers, if they really caught my fancy, who, if they could book off the rest of their night, were allowed to get rid of the cab and join me and my lucky date in my queen-sized bed!

What’s better than having some gorgeous girl to share your bed? The obvious answer, silly, is two gorgeous girls!

Anyway, Carl calls me, I go down to the lobby and my cab is waiting.

The driver is a sexy-looking black beauty. I see her eyes light up and sparkle as she takes me in! My gay-dar goes off! For one quick second I’m tempted to just ask her if she can dump her shift and get rid of the cab and come on up home with me. It seems, far from satisfying my libido, poor out-classed Debbi has just whetted my appetite! But then I re-think. ‘Settle down, Jelena. Get your beautiful ass down to the club and see whats, what. If things bomb there you can probably hook up with this black beauty later!’

Great decision, Jelena! Although I don’t really know it yet, you, dear reader, know that I’m about to strike pure gold!

I can see the sly smile on black beauty’s lips as I tell her where to take izmit sınırsız escort me. It’s a well-known lesbian bar and I know she knows, now, if she didn’t already, that I’m out to find some girl-girl loving!

We chat innocuously on the drive and pulling up in front of ‘The Club’ I decide I really like Nyomi as she has by this time told me her name.

As I pay her she slips me a card with her number. I take it, of course.

Nyomi has a low, throaty voice and she smiles. “I dump this hack at 2. After that I won’t be around to get you home, Jelena. But you’re a real hot package and I’d love to get a call from you sometime.”

“Nyomi,” I smile at her. “You’re a plenty hot number yourself!” My eyes are gleaming as I watch her boobs rise as she takes a deep breath. “I’m sure I’ll be using this number soon, maybe even later tonight, if things are in the dumpster in here tonight!”

She beams me a smile that would have melted my belt buckle had I been wearing a belt!

As Nyomi drives away with a last smile and wave, I place her card in my purse next to my cigarettes. I don’t smoke a lot but you’d be surprised at how often asking for a light or being offered one, can break the ice. And two woman having a cigarette together just naturally chat and if there’s any attraction, any spark, the whole evening’s entertainment can be taken care of right there.

Tonight, there are couple of chicks smoking outside the club door, but they are way-out butch, slightly overweight, short cropped hair, sloppily dressed – not my type at all.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m a pretty ‘femme’ chick but that also is the exact type I’m attracted to. A gorgeous, long-haired chick, feminine, big tits, within 5 years of my age either way, dressed up classy, that’s what gets this chick’s motor running. That what did it for me with Debbi. She just didn’t have what it took to back up her looks.

I’m also a strong and confident girl but I’m not looking for a sub-girl pussy. I just adore a strong-willed girl, like myself, who can match my looks and confidence. I find girls like that have what it takes to be the greatest treats in bed! They usually dish out thrill for thrill, giving as good as they get. As Debbi proved, sparks flying out-of-bed doesn’t always translate to fiery times in bed. Mostly, though, and I’m usually pretty reliable at spying it, when I meet a girl and feel sparks fly good enough, more often than not, getting that girl in my bed, will result in an inferno that makes me often wonder why the bedclothes don’t catch fire!

But, of course, variety is the spice of life. N’est pas? No matter how great the chick, in bed or out, I usually tire of them fairly quickly and want to go back on the hunt. What am I hunting for? Not sure, really. The ultimate sexual experience? Variety just for the sake of variety? I dunno. I just know that since I broke up with my first girlfriend, none-of-your-business how many years ago, I’ve just been content to be on the hunt. Meeting lots of girls, having lots and lots of pussy-fun, but staying free.

But I’m about to meet Jodi!

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