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Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapters 134

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Greg Patrick


Jaiden and Peyton were dreading the crowd they thought would be at Tony”s, especially with their children in tow. However, when they got to the restaurant, the parking lot was half full compared to the regular crowd. That caused the adults to breathe a sigh of relief. But, unfortunately, when the family and friends got inside the restaurant, the ma�tre di” advised that half the dining room was closed for deep cleaning, and the party room was booked. Everybody was disheartened at the lack of available space � that is until Tony stepped out of the party room and yelled, “skety in here!” Needless to say, the kids went nuts.


When everyone entered the party room, there was a buffet table with every menu item being served. First, the babies were put in their high chairs as their grandmas fixed their plate of skety. Then, the adults helped themselves and ate until they were stuffed with everything from veal scallopini to pizza. Finally, the new parents and Leon sat with his friends from the treatment center as they laughed and swapped stories for over an hour.


Before the meal was over, Dr. Till stood and announced that she had some notes she wanted to read. Each of Leon”s friends had written a statement mentioning something they loved about him. Leon had no idea that his new friends and AA members thought so highly of him.


The icing on the cake, so to speak, was when Dr. Till read statements written by Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley. When the readings were completed, everyone gave Leon a standing ovation with thunderous applause.


Tony addressed the crowd and asked Leon to come to the microphone. When Leon did that, Tony presented him with a lifetime pass for free food at any Tony”s restaurant. Then Tony told Leon that he lived in Brevard and that if Leon needed anything while at Wellstone University, let him know.


Pete walked up to Leon and said, “Hey, you need to come with me.” Leon looked quizzically at Pete but didn”t say a word; he went with Pete as instructed. The two got into the front seats of Pete”s vehicle, and Mom and Dad Riley got into the back seat. As Pete cranked his car, the police car”s blue lights began flashing; that was when Leon started sweating.


When it became apparent that he was getting a police escort home and not to jail, he said, “Mom, Dad, this is unreal.” Dad Riley asked him how so. Leon replied, “this is the first time a police car with its blue lights on is in front of me instead of behind me. Then the four occupants of the vehicle started to laugh.


With flashing blue lights and a blaring siren, the police car turned onto the street the house was on stopped just past the driveway. The neighbors knew all was well as they watched all the hugs and handshakes.


When they went inside the house, Dale put some fruit knishes into the oven and made several pots of coffee. Then, Peyton went outside on the deck and started two churns of homemade ice cream they would put on the knishes.


Jaiden and Charley put the children”s high chairs at the table on the deck so they, too, could have a bit of ice cream on their peach knishes. When the pastries were done and allowed to cool, several were cut up for the babies, put into bowls, and covered with vanilla ice cream. It seems that watching the babies enjoying their treats was the highlight of the afternoon for the adults, especially for Leon, their newest uncle.


After eating their treat, the kids were allowed to play on the grass while the adults indulged in the decadent desserts and drank the best coffee in Memphis.


Leon was standing at the deck railing, watching the babies play on all the things built for them to enjoy. Then, suddenly, he turned and said, “Everybody, thank you for being here to help celebrate today. I don”t know how to say what you and everything that has happened means to me. I”ve never had a family before, at least not one that was loving, so it will take me some time to get used to a new life. Please be patient with me when I get frustrated with situations in my life. I genuinely love each and every one of you. His new mom got up, walked over to him, and brushed a tear from his face. Then she pulled his head forward and gave him a kiss on the forehead as Peyton said, “a loving family tradition continues.”


After the home celebration, the guys took their parents to the airport for their flights home. Peyton stood next to his new brother, his arm around him and his hand resting on Leon”s right shoulder. As the parents disappeared into the caverns of TSA, Leon began to weep. The guys helped him get to a bench so he could sit down until he composed himself. Peyton held Leon and let him cry as Jaiden knelt in front of him with Dale and Charley. Then, Dale did what he is famous for and whispered to Leon as Dr. Till would have had she been present.


When they got home, Leon went and sat on the deck and stared into the night. Dale had some fresh coffee made, so he fixed Leon a cup as he liked it and let Pete take the coffee to and sit with Leon on the deck.


Pete said, “Leon, I love you beyond belief. I know we”ve only been a couple a short while, but in that time, you have amazed me in ways that I didn”t expect. Leon leaned back in Pete”s arms as Pete began to tenderly rub the side of Leon”s face and run his fingers through Leon”s hair as he started softly singing old jazz songs written for and sung by the old Rat Pack.


Leon and Pete laid back on the chaise lounge and watched the stars together. They both saw a shooting star, so Pete said they needed to make a wish. Leon looked up at Pete and asked what he had wished for, and Pete said he would know when the time was right.


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“Pete, I need to go to bed so you can go home and rest so you can get up and go to work in the morning. Pete took Leon by the hand and walked him to the bedroom. Once inside, Pete undressed Leon, gave him a tender kiss, and tucked him into bed. He turned and walked to the door as if he was going home, but instead of leaving the room, he locked the door, cut off the lights, stripped naked, and climbed into bed, and cuddled up to Leon.


“Pete, I thought you were going to go home so you could rest better.” “Sweetcakes, there is no rest for the weary when he is at home, and the love of his life is somewhere else.”


“Oops! I forgot something.” “What is that?” “Jaiden told me to look in the nightstand drawer.” Pete opened the drawer and then said, “I don”t believe this!” “Believe what, Pete?”


“There is a note from Peyton and Jaiden written on beautiful stationery.” “Well, read it to me.” “Dear Leon and Pete, here are some supplies you may use at some point in your relationship. Please don”t worry about using them here if the two of you want to do so. My mom and Peyton”s parents left us the same supplies when we stayed in their homes after we became a couple. We want the two of you to feel as comfortable in this house as our parents made us feel in theirs. Have an incredible night!”


“Good morning, Peyton, Jaiden.” “Good morning, Leon; how are you feeling this morning?” “OK, I guess, but this past week was a whirlwind for me. A lot of things are running through my mind.” “Like what, Leon?”


“For one, I have been trying to figure out what it would have been like for me admitting to my parents that I was gay, especially after being adopted. What if I had to admit being gay to my biological parents? They didn”t give a crap about me as far back as I can remember, so how would they have reacted to my being gay?”


“I have wondered what it would have been like for you two had your parents not been so loving and supportive. Would you be the people you are today? Would you have made the accomplishments you made in Brevard and Erie? Would I have ever understood and gotten comfortable with my true self if we hadn”t met?”


“Would I have ever trusted Hashem to provide for me if you two had not entered my life? Would Hashem have blessed me the way He has if I had not tied in with you?”


“Leon, you have the same thoughts that Jaiden and I had when we were coming out. We were scared to death to tell our parents we were gay, and when we tried, they stopped us in our tracks. We wondered if we were about to be disowned, kicked out of our homes, or both. It was a frightening time for us. Jaiden tried to tell his mom, and she told him she had known he was gay since he was a small child. She had waited on him to come out to her rather than risk upsetting or scaring him by asking him about him being gay.”


“Have either of us told you the story about me trying to come out to my parents?” “Not that I remember, Peyton. What happened?”


“It was a hilarious event, Leon. Jaiden was upstairs at my parent”s home unpacking his clothes in the spare bedroom when my father walked in and scared him to death.” “How so?” “Dad asked Jaiden in his stern voice what the hell he thought he was doing. Jaiden started quaking in his boots and said he was unpacking his clothes. Dad said he could see that but asked Jaiden again what the hell he thought he was doing. Finally, dad drew out the last five words for emphasis to make Jaiden jump out of his skin. Then he told Jaiden he knew we were sleeping together at school, and he saw no reason we should change our arrangement just because we were at home. He told Jaiden to move his clothes to my room and to put them with mine. Jaiden started doing that, and Dad walked back downstairs to the den.”


“I went downstairs and told Mom and Dad I needed to talk to them. So we sat down in the den, and I started to say to them that I was gay. Mom told me to stop; they didn”t need or want to hear what I had to say, that they had known I was gay from the time I was a little boy. Jenny knew too and never said anything. Dad said he was sure most of the girls I had awkward dates with probably knew I was gay as well. I never had a date with a girl that went well.”


“What about you, Jaiden?” “I never dated, Leon. Instead, I used my spare time to read and study; I made academics my priority to cover up the fact that I was gay.” “Didn”t your friends or classmates ever suspect you were gay?” “If they did, they never said anything, and I think it was the same for Peyton.” “It was, Leon.”


“Did they ever figure out you were gay?” “In a roundabout way: they read our marriage announcement in the newspapers back home.” “You”re kidding me!” “Not at all, my brother. They learned the news from the newspaper.”


“Did your friends do or say anything?” “They didn”t do anything, but they had a lot to say � and it was all good.” “Good?” “Yes, good. Most of them had suspected we were gay, but they valued our friendships over our sexuality, and they told us so. We never hit on any of them, and they said they respected us for that. Every single friend we had and still have back home has supported us in every way imaginable.”


“Amazing!” “It is, Leon. Dale and Charley weren”t well received in their churches or in their homes. They probably still won”t be accepted in the churches they were members of. My mom flew down to Florida and chewed their dad”s asses before everybody; they drastically changed their opinions and beliefs when mom got through biting them in the ass.”


“When we completed what we had to do at Wellstone, we all moved to Erie to go to medical school and graduate school. Dale and Charley decided to go to the synagogue with Peyton and me. The congregants warmly welcomed them, and they enjoyed the service so much that they studied for a year and a half to convert to Judaism.”


“When the day came for them to stand before the congregation and state why they wanted to convert to Judaism, their parents surprised them by being there. After Charley and Dale gave their speeches, their parents went to the pulpit.


They blew our minds by telling us that Dale and Charley had been so happy during their conversion classes that they wanted that same happiness. So, they, too, had studied at Peyton”s home temple and had already converted to Judaism. Talk about four guys losing it; we cried our hearts out when they told us what they had done. I believe that is the point when Dale and Charley finally realized their parents truly accepted them being gay and a couple. It was a huge thing for them to be here to help celebrate you becoming Peyton”s brother.”


“WOW! I had no idea that was the case.” “That wasn”t something you needed to know at the time, so nobody said anything about it. It was more important to everyone that you knew how much you were loved pozcu escort and had their support.”


Tears welled up in Leon”s eyes as he said, “WOW! Wow. I never thought anybody would love me that much.” “Leon, you are a special part of four families who will do whatever is required of them to fully support and love you. As everyone gets to know you and you become more entwined with your new families, you are going to feel incredibly loved and blessed.”


While the guys were having their conversation on the deck, Pete slipped into the house, thanks to Jaiden giving him a key and permission, and went into Leon”s bedroom. He undressed and went into the bathroom, got two enema bulbs, and took them to the nightstand beside the bed. Then he went back to the bedroom to brush his teeth and get ready for Leon to come in to go to bed. When he finished brushing his teeth, he put toothpaste on Leon”s toothbrush and sat it on the vanity.


When Leon walked into the bedroom and saw Pete lying naked on the bed, he nearly jumped out of his skin. “Pete, when did you get here?” “You were on the deck talking to Peyton and Jaiden when I got here. Jaiden gave me a key to the house this morning and told me I could come to see and be with you anytime I wanted to. I wanted to be with you so badly that when he did that, I made up my mind we would be together tonight, and here I am.”


Pete walked to Leon and began unbuttoning his shirt. First, he slid Leon”s shirt off and let it drop to the floor. Then he removed his tee-shirt and let it, too, fall to the floor. When he started removing Leon”s belt and unbuttoned his pants. Leon drew a deep breath. He closed his eyes as Pete slid his hands into the waistband of Leon”s briefs and slid them and his pants to the floor.


“Leon, go lie on your stomach in the middle of the bed and close your eyes.”


Leon did what he was asked to do. Pete went to the nightstand, opened the drawer, and took out the lube and two condoms. Then, he reached into the cabinet of the nightstand and took out both enema bulbs.


“Leon, you are going to feel something different than anything you”ve probably ever felt. Don”t panic; just enjoy the feeling. I promise I will be gentle.” Pete then took an enema out of the box. Lubed the stem and inserted it into Leon. As he began slowly squeezing the liquid into Leon, he felt him tense. “Relax, Leon, don”t tense up.”


Leon relaxed and laid still as Pete finished putting the enema inside him. When he had finished inserting the enema, he told Leon to lay still for fifteen minutes before going to the bathroom and voiding himself. As Leon lay on the bed, Pete prepared himself for what was to come.


Fifteen minutes later, Leon went to the toilet and voided himself. Pete was right behind him. When Leon had completed the task, Pete told him to go back to the bed and lie on his stomach again. When Pete finished his mission, he joined his lover on the bed.


He picked up the bottle of lube and squeezed an ample amount on his fingers. “Leon, you are going to feel something foreign to you. It may be uncomfortable at first, but as you relax, it will start to feel better. If it hurts, let me know, and I will stop.” “OK, I will, but what are you going to do?” “This.” Pete slipped his lubed finger into Leon”s rectum. He let it stay still for a moment before he began slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in until he felt Leon”s body begin to relax. Then he added another finger and repeated the process until Leon was adequately ready for what awaited him.


When his body was ready, Pete told Leon to roll over on his back. When Leon did that, Pete opened a condom and began to place it on his penis. Then he applied lube to the condom and pushed Leon”s legs apart. Next, he lifted Leon”s legs, crawled between them, and hovered over his body. Finally, he spoke softly to Leon, telling him what he was going to do and that he would be slow and gentle. He saw fear in his lover”s eyes and told Leon that if he didn”t want to make love to say so and he wouldn”t try.


Pete placed himself against Leon”s body and slowly began pushing himself in. He stopped when Leon let out a prolonged ah and then grunted as if he was hurting. “Leon, do you want me to stop?” “No, just please take it slow and easy; I”ve never done this before.”


Pete slowed his process and gently pushed into Leon a little at a time until he was ultimately inside his body. Then he began making slow but passionate love to his boyfriend. The only time Pete pushed hard into Leon was when his orgasm began; that was also when Leon pulled Pete”s body to his as tightly as possible. Then, finally, he kissed Pete and told him that what he had experienced was amazing.


When the two had recovered from their amorous session, Pete looked at Leon and said, “Your turn. Put some lube on your fingers and do the same thing I did to you.”


When Pete felt his body relax, he sat up, put a condom on Leon, and then put some lube on the condom.


“Leon, relax; I am going to start the hard part for you. When you are ready, I”ll roll over and let you be on top. Pete lowered himself slowly onto Leon so he didn”t hurt him. Then, when Leon was inside him, he began slowly moving up and down. Finally, after a minute or so, Pete rolled over and pulled Leon on top of him. Leon had slipped out of Pete, so he put himself back in Pete”s body and made love the best way he knew how; he followed Pete”s lead.


When Leon climaxed inside Pete, he laid atop his lover and softly wept. It was the first time he”d ever had sex – and it was with someone who truly loved him – and someone he loved with all his heart.


Pete held Leon as he looked into his eyes, softly rubbed the side of his face, and said, “Leon, I have never loved anyone the way I love you. I understand how Jaiden and Peyton feel about each other, and what I”m feeling is unbelievable to me. I know we haven”t been together very long, but I know in my heart of hearts that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Leon was starstruck.


He lay on the bed, rubbing his fingers through Pete”s hair and tenderly across his face. When he finally composed himself, he said, “Pete, I have talked to Peyton and Jaiden about that, and Dale and Charley have spoken to me about how I feel about you. All four said they thought I was madly in love, and, sweetheart, they were right. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, too, but I also want to get an education and make something of myself.” “Love, if that is what you want to do, we”ll do it together.”


The following morning was Saturday morning, so the guys would have breakfast, feed the children, and get everybody ready to go to the temple services. After services, plans were to have lunch at B. B. King”s Restaurant since it was everybody”s favorite place to eat � especially Jaiden”s and the children”s.


After lunch, the adults took the children to escort bayan the park to play and get tired enough for their afternoon nap. Then, they went home, took care of the babies” needs, and put them down for their naps. Tiredly so, Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley decided to take a nap since the previous week had been busy and tiring. Then, Pete and Leon went out on the deck to sit and talk.


Pete sat on the glider, and Leon sat sideways to Pete and laid back in his arms.


“Pete, last night when I told you I wanted to get my education and make something of myself, you said we”d do that together. What did you mean by that?”


“Hon, what I meant is that we”ll do that together! I have talked with the administration at the hospital in Boone, North Carolina, and I can get a job there as an emergency physician. I have training in emergency medicine, so doing that won”t be a problem for me or the hospital.”


“I don”t understand, Pete. You are doing well here; why would you want to leave St. Jude”s?” “Sweetheart, that is a dumb question with a one-word answer: YOU!” “You”re serious, aren”t you?” “Leon, I have never been more serious about anything. I don”t think I can take being away from you that long; if relocating to the Boone area to be with you is what I have to do, then that”s what I will do. I won”t make any apologies to anybody for doing it.”


“You”re really serious about that.” “I”ve already told you I am, and I won”t change my mind.” “Oh wow, I love you too. I don”t know what to say.” “Leon, I was hoping you”d say you wanted to be with me too.”


Leon got up and walked to the deck railing. Pete followed him, put his arms around Leon, and rested his chin on his shoulder. Suddenly Leon pulled away and quickly turned toward Pete. “Pete, nobody has ever loved me the way you do. Thank you. It”s hard to believe that you would move to Boone to be with me. What will you do when I go to grad school in Erie?” “Peyton, Jaiden, and I have talked about that. I will be working with them at the cancer center in Erie. When I said I would support you in whatever you wanted to do, I meant it.”


“Leon, I love you so much that I never want to be away from you � ever! And I don”t want to take a chance that you might find someone else if I am not there with you.” “Pete, are you asking me to marry you?” “Yes, Leon, I am. But I want it to be when you are ready, not before.” “Then when, Pete?” “How about December?” “Yes, yes, yes!”


“It”s the middle of October, so we have to start making some plans, and we have to tell the guys.” “When do you want to tell them, Pete?” “I don”t see any need to wait, so we”ll tell them at dinner if that”s OK with you.” “It is; I just hope I can wait that long. I”m so excited and so happy I am about to explode.”


Dale was the first to get up after the guys had their naps, so he went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. He knew how Pete and Leon enjoyed their coffee, so he fixed them a cup and took it to them on the deck. As he was walking out the door with the coffee, Jaiden and Peyton came downstairs, got themselves a cup of coffee, and joined Leon, Pete, and Dale on the deck.


“I don”t know what is going on, but you guys look like you just jumped over the moon. Want to tell me what”s up?” “No, Jaiden, not yet.” “OK. I hope whatever it is – is good.” “It is, but we”ll tell you later.”


Peyton had taken a baby monitor to the deck so he could hear the children when they woke up. He heard them stirring, so he told Jaiden he would get them up so he could talk to the guys and enjoy his coffee. Dale figured his children would be waking up as well, so he went upstairs to check on his children. Charley had beaten him to the task and was already helping the children potty and get ready to play outside. Dale was glad Charley was doing that because potty duty for the children after they ate chicken livers wasn”t pleasant.


When the children got to the yard to play, they were like the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos facing off for the game of the year. They played until almost dinner time. Then, the dads began rounding up the children to get them ready to go to dinner. When they were inside, Dale looked at them and asked, “Guys, would you like to go to Tony”s and get some skety?” The kids excitedly took off for the door to the garage while chomping at the bits to get to dinner as fast as they could.


When the children were in their highchairs, Dale ordered skety for them � with the special sauce, of course � and the adults got the eggplant parmesan. The difference this visit was that the adults got a small side of skety with the `special” child sauce since they had never tasted it. To their surprise, they thought the sauce for children was better than the regular spaghetti sauce. Charley quipped, “No wonder the children get so excited over this stuff; it”s delicious!”


After dinner, all the children got their favorite ice cream for dessert. As they enjoyed their treat, Jaiden looked at Pete and asked, “So, what was it you guys wanted to tell us tonight?”


“Guys, I am going to resign from St. Judes effective December fifteenth, and I will be moving to the Carolinas to work in emergency medicine.” “When did this come about, Pete?” “I debated on telling you so quickly, but the fact is that Leon”s and my relationship has taken a turn, and I think it is best if I leave this area. I promise you it isn”t because of anything wrong; I have to do something for my health and peace of mind.”


“Geez, Pete, this is rather sudden, isn”t it?” “Yes and no, Peyton. I discussed the move with Leon, and we both think I should make the change.”


“Leon, are you OK with this change?” “Jaiden, I don”t have any choice; I have to be OK with it.” “WOW! I really don”t understand this.” “Jaiden, you don”t have to understand it; it”s between Pete and me. However, it might help you understand it if you simply ask Pete why he is making the change.” “Fair enough; Pete, why are you making this sudden change in your life?”


“Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, Charley, I will be getting married in December when Leon goes to Brevard.” “WHAT?” “I will get married when Leon moves to Brevard to attend Wellstone.” “I don”t understand, guys; I thought the two of you were getting along well!”


“Jaiden, we are getting along just fine; it”s just that I am ready to get married to someone I love and settle down.”


“Wait a minute. Are you telling us that you and Leon are getting married?” “Yes, that”s what I am telling you. I will be working in Boone as an emergency medicine physician. When Leon transitions to Erie to grad school, we want to follow you guys. Hopefully, we can resume working together at the cancer center in Erie; that is if the directors there will have me.”


“Pete, Peyton, and I are very familiar with the individuals who will be the directors of the cancer center in Erie. I can tell you without any doubt, you will be welcomed there with open arms.” “Jaiden, how can you say that without discussing it with the center administrators?” “Pete, you are looking at the directors of the cancer center in Erie. When it is completed, Peyton, Richard, and I will be the heads of the cancer wing. Welcome aboard!”

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