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It’s Time Ch. 03

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It seemed to take forever before we reached your room. My body still burning for you; my desire on edge as I watch you reach your hand into your pocket for the key card. Then your fingers, the ones that not so long ago had been filling my aching slit, slip the card into the door and hold it open for me to walk in.

Walking in my eyes look you over again. I wonder how many times I’ve done that tonight. I don’t care, it’s still not enough. My fingertip runs down your cheek and over your chest before I make my way fully into the room. It’s dark; my eyes take a moment to adjust.

I place my purse on the table near the wall and walk fully into the room. I can see the lights of the city outside. I walk to the window, my hand touching the cool glass. It feels so nice on my warm skin. I can feel you watching me. Yours eyes looking my body over, taking it in.

I turn and smile at you. It’s one of those sexy, sly ones. My hands moving to the straps of my dress as I see you sit in an oversized chair. The only light in the room coming from the city lights, it falls over us. My hands lower the shoulder straps and reach to the back and lower the zipper.

It’s so loud, the only sound in the room besides our breathing. The black dress slips past my shoulder, down my arms and is hanging on my waist. Black and pink lace covers my breasts now. I slowly shimmy the dress the remaining way off. Left only in that bra and matching panties I turn, bending over, giving you a clear look at my ass as I pick up the dress.

I lay it near the window on a desk. Standing in my heels and lacy underwear I look at you. Our eyes meeting, sparks flying. I can see you hand has moved, it now rests where your cock is. I can imagine its getting hard, so wonderfully thick and hard for me. Then and only then do I see you hand moving, you’re rubbing your cock through your pants, for me.

I can feel the wetness in panties even more. My nipples are aching against the lace of my bra. I need it off. My hands move behind me, slowly Antalya Escort unhooking, letting it fall down my shoulders, turning, cupping the bra to my chest as I walk over to wear I’ve laid my dress and take the bra off there.

I let out a sigh as I’m left in only the cutest thong of black lace and pink bows and heels. My hands reach up covering my breasts as I turn back to you. I can hear your breath, it catches. My hands drop and I watch your face, your eyes, everything.

I move to you, needing to touch you now. My hands begin working on the buttons of your shirt. My eyes trying to stay focused on yours, not what you’re doing with your hand, what I want to be doing. Soon though your shirt is off and my lips have found there way to yours. I’ve actually found my way to your lap, straddling your hips. The kiss seems never ending, tasting, seeming as though we can’t get enough.

My lips move down your neck as your hand cups my breast. The feeling is so delicious. You move to my hardened nipple, rolling it between your fingers. I let a gasp and my head falls back. You take advantage and kiss my neck, biting lightly just below my ear. You know how that gets to me from our talks.

Everything is spinning, my world and my body. Your touch is driving me crazy. I lift my head and catch your eyes, smiling I scoot from your lap, kissing my way down your chest. I want more of your clothes of, need it. My hands undo your pants, and you lift allowing me to take them off.

Your cock is there, so thick, so amazing. My mouth waters, my pussy clenches at the sight. How I want to feel you inside me, moving into my body. My hands run up over your thighs, to your cock and run lightly over the tip. I can’t help but lick my lips. I watch as your head falls back on the chair.

Standing I look at you, your eyes running over my body, stopping at those panties. I can feel you leaning forward, I think you’re going for my panties but it’s the shoes you want off first. Then your hands run Antalya Escort Bayan up over my calves, my thighs, to my ass. Then your hands are pulling me to you, your breath right there, so warm on my clit.

I gasp, my hands clutching your hair. I want this, want you in such a way I’ve not wanted anything before. My slip your hands around and pull the lace down, baring me completely to you. You press a kiss to my mound as I step out of the panties.

“These are mine,” I hear you whisper and I only nod.

Your tongue slips between my legs, ever so lightly touching. I open them further, wanting more. You move to the edge of the chair, cupping my bottom in your hands, holding me to you as your tongue works over my hardened clit. You flick it, nibbling a little then plunging inside me.

I cry out, my body burning. My hands hold on to you, my legs threatening to give out. Over and over you tease, bringing your finger into me, your tongue again working its magic. So very close, my breathing so rapid, almost nonexistent.

“Cum for me baby. Let me taste you. Cum in my mouth,” I hear.

It’s all it takes, my body shivers, your fingers are replaced by your tongue. My voice carries through the room as I give myself over to my release. Your tongue is pushing into me, so deep, taking from me, and tasting me.

My legs nearly give out as you move up my body. Your tongue swirls over my stomach, up my breasts, circling them. You’re your tongue moves into my mouth. I can taste me on you, so sweet and warm. You thrust in and out as I long for your cock to do.

The kiss stops, our foreheads leaning against one another. We are trying to breathe, recover if we can. My body is still humming, strung with desire. I can feel your cock pressing into me, wanting me. Our hands move over each other, touching as though we can’t stop.

“You promised to fuck me…”

Our eyes lock, you pull me down a long hallway. I’m not sure my legs will even move but somehow they Escort Antalya do. Following you as we move, I see your room, huge bed. My eyes light up thinking of us there, on it. You turn and kiss me, moving us closer to it as our lips find each other.

The back of my thighs hit the bed first and then I fall on it. Soon, within moments you’re next to me, kissing me. My neck, just below my ear, right where you know I’ll feel it most. My fingers in your hair, arching against your, rubbing my body on yours.

I feel you moving, positioning your body between my open thighs, your cock nudging the place I want it most. My breath catches as you look at me. Our eyes locked on each other as you slowly push into me, only the head of your cock. Stretching, fitting inside me. My hands grip the bed, your arms.

Your movements so slow, achingly. It’s right though, slipping further inside my body, starching me with your thickness, my tight pussy surrounding you. I feel each movement, till finally you are there, fully inside me. We both breathe, not knowing we’d been holding it.

“So tight, so perfect,” you whisper.

Your lips find mine as my legs lift around you, drawing you further into my body. Your head lifts, gasps as slowly we move. Each thrust hitting so perfectly inside, hitting that sweet spot over and over. I can feel my orgasm building again. I had known it would be like this, the need taking us.

I can feel your thrusts becoming faster, harder. Our desire and need takes control of us. My pussy holds on to your cock, wanting it to stay so deeply inside. My body aches, twists, trying to get you closer, deeper. My eyes look up and into yours as I hear you whisper.

“Cum for me again. Cum on my cock. I want to feel you…”

I cry out, your name on my lips. My voice heard through the room as you sink your body into mine twice more before crying your own release. My hands are clutching onto you as I feel everything. Never had my climax been so intense or my skin feel so on fire.

You lay next to me, our eyes, looking at each other, our breathing matched. Your fingers run over my lips, and then tuck a strand of stray hair behind my ear.

“You’re staying the night,” you say. It’s not a question, just a simple statement.

“Yes,” I whisper.

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