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Internet Hook-Up Ch. 02

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It was approximately a week after our first lustful encounter that I was at work and my instant message window popped up saying “hi”. It was Damon and I replied telling him Hi. I was so excited as I couldn’t get this huge black man out of my mind since our get together a week ago. Nor could I stop thinking about his 8″ uncut black cock.

I had so many fantasies of being with him again….hoping he would contact me and tell me how much he enjoyed my mouth and pussy that he had to have me again. I kept thinking about the way he swept me off my feet and into his bed….the way he totally dominated me….fucking my face, throat and my now manpussy. I had such a desire for more….I was consumed by thoughts of him.

Now, he was online and saying ‘hi’ to me. I was so nervous and excited I was shaking. He asked if it was safe to chat and I told him yes. He said “I really enjoyed your enthusiasm last week”.

I said “I really enjoyed the way you took control of me and loved the size and feel of your cock. The way you fucked me it was like you were making love to me and not just having sex”.

He then said “well, now that I’ve marked you as my pussyboy and my slut, when I need you…you’ll have to come to me and take care of my needs”.

I told him I was his to use for his pleasure whenever he needed me.

He wrote “Tonight, you will be my slut again.”

“Yes Sir”

He also wrote “I like my sluts to wear lacy red panties”. I told him that I would do whatever he wished.

This took me by surprise as I’d never even thought about wearing panties. But I did get excited by it as it reinforced my feeling of being his slut. I called my wife shortly after and told her I was going to be a few hours late that night as I had some things that needed to be finished before I left work for the day.

That having been taken care of, I went to a local department store during lunch to purchase a pair of red lace panties. I wasn’t sure what size to buy, so I purchased a few different ones. I found one that fit, in a boy short, and tossed away the ones that didn’t. Now that I knew my size, it would be easier in the future if I needed them. I tried them on in the men’s room at work and decided to keep them on the rest of the day. I couldn’t believe how sexy they made me feel.

I couldn’t settle down the rest of the afternoon…I decided to leave early. I saw Damon online and told him I could come to his house earlier than we decided on, and he told me he wanted to take a shower before I arrived. I asked him to wait for me and we could shower together again. He agreed that it would be a nice idea and told me to come over now. I’d only been back from lunch for half an hour and told my boss I wasn’t feeling well and had to go home.

Within 20 minutes I was at his door, and again, as I reached for the bell, the door swung open and he pulled me inside…locking me up in another tongue fucking kiss. His tongue completely filled my mouth and was reaching to the entrance of my throat….providing me with a prelude of things to come.

I was swooning as he broke the kiss….spun me around….and ground his groin against my ass. I could feel his hard black cock pressing against my submissive ass. I rotated it and the results were as expected. He pushed downward on my shoulders until I was on my knees…and he walked around in front of me. I was eye level with his sweat pant covered crotch…and with my teeth, I pulled the lace to untie it….and his pants fell to his crotch from his waist. They were hung up on his rock hard cock….so I pulled them away with my teeth….and his cock sprang up and hit me on my nose. We looked each other in the eyes….and I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth to form an O and he moved forward as my lips encircled him….inch by massive inch he pushed forward….taking hold of the back of my head….until he was buried completely down my throat and my nose was pressed into his pubic hair.

I was in slut heaven. I didn’t even realize that he had somehow taken my shirt and pants off….and I was dressed only in the red lace panties he told me to wear. He pulled me off his cock and lead me to the bathroom. He told me how sexy I looked in the panties and couldn’t wait to fuck me. He prepared the shower making the water hot enough to make us sweat.

We got in….and he started washing me…soaping me up. He told me I was his slut and he wanted to wash and clean me before using me. He completely lathered my ass with soap and purposely dropped it on the tub floor. He told me to pick it up and when I bent to get it….he pulled my cheeks apart and drove his massive black cock deep inside me in a single thrust. Being as it was a week since he, or anything else had been in my ass, I yelped in pain. He chuckled when I did this and told me I sounded like a little girl and it turned him on. He said “you like my big black cock? You are now my black cock slut. You will find after today, that all you’ll think about is my nişantaşı escort black cock”.

All the while he was saying these things…he was pumping my pussy with his cock….

When he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out of my pussy and turned me around and pushed me to my knees….taking my head between his hands, he filled my mouth with his cock….pushing it deep into my throat he stroked a few times and I felt him stiffen and his cock seemed to grow even more. I really wanted to please him…so I impaled myself on his cock…taking him completely down my throat and he ejaculated right into my stomach. I didn’t even have the opportunity to taste his black seed….but he seeded my stomach and I felt wonderful knowing I brought him to a shattering climax.

I started to pull away and he told me not to move….he had something more to let me know that I was his completely. I held him in my mouth thinking he was going to give me more cum….and suddenly I felt him filling me again…but it wasn’t cum….he was making me drink his piss. I initially tried to pull away, but he held me firm….and, wanting to please him, I submitted and began gulping down as much of his golden nectar as I could. I couldn’t take it all and as it ran from my mouth and down my chin, neck and torso, it was one of the hottest feeling I ever had. He pulled his still pissing black cock from my mouth and continued spraying his piss all over my face, hair, chest, and then he aimed it at my cock. When the hot piss stream hit my cock….I came like never before.

He laughed and said “you are completely in my power now….and whenever I beckon you…you will come to me. You are my total slut and your only duty is to worship black cock. I may even whore you out to some of my black friends. In fact, whenever you see a black man…you’ll want to submit to him”.

We dried off and headed to his bedroom where he told me to put the panties on again and lay face down on the bed. He came up behind me and ripped a hole in them….and proceeded to fuck me with the panties on. His cock filled me so much…I loved the feeling of it inside me. He had such a hold over me….and I so wanted to please him, I would do anything he told me to do…even be a whore for his friends….if it meant having him more. This time, he came in my pussy and as he came he said “take my black seed….you slut. I’m breeding you. Too bad you can’t get pregnant as I’d love you to have my black baby.”

That thought brought me over the edge and as he was filling me with his seed, my cock erupted in another orgasm….but I barely had any seed compared to the huge load he filled my pussy with.

He pulled his cock out of me and told me to clean it. I started to get off the bed to get a wash cloth…and he pulled me back and said “with your mouth slut”. I think it was a test to see if I would do anything he asked….so I lowered my head to his crotch and began licking it clean of all my assjuice and all his cum. He said “keep it in your mouth for a while”. I did and after a few minutes….was rewarded with another stream of his piss….this time not losing a drop, I swallowed it all in several gulps.

I couldn’t believe what a slut I’d become and what a hold this big black man had on me. I moved back up on the bed and curled up in a fetal position….he moved in behind me…slipped my panties off….and spooning me, we fell asleep. I wasn’t asleep for long as I felt his black snake working it’s way between my cheeks again. I wiggled my ass a bit to accommodate him, and turned to smile at him. He was snoring!! I was going to get fucked by a sleeping man. He must’ve been having a nice dream, hopefully of me, as he jerked forward and buried himself in me. I was still lubricated from his huge deposit earlier, so he slipped in with no resistance at all. He pushed in and out a few times….groaned, and filled me with another load of cum. Damn….three times in as many hours. And all huge loads. His eyes never opened….and he went back to snoring…and his cock was still inside me. Was I in heaven or what???

We woke up an hour later….and he wanted me to suck him off once more before I left….so, he sat naked on his sofa and I took a place on my knees between his legs….licking and sucking his balls…then working my tongue up his shaft….feeling it harden along the way…..licking again under his foreskin and around his cockhead….as he moaned. I worked my head this time without his help…and found I was able to take him repeatedly down my throat without gagging. He said, “good job my little white slut ‘bobbie’, you’re deep throating me after only being with me two times. I’m really proud of you”.

After hearing this….I forced my head completely down on his rigid black member and hummed. This put him over the edge….and I had my fourth load of his seed filling me again.

After going home that night, I was so exhausted…and so sexually sated, all I could think of was taking a shower kağıthane escort and going to sleep. Fortunately, my wife was tired as well, so she didn’t make any sexual demands on me. While showering, I fingered my hole and came out with some of Damons black seed on my finger…I put my finger in my mouth and tasted him again. The result was an instant erection…not that that amounted to more than 4 inches of what I’ll refer to now as a clit. I stroked my ‘clit’ a few times and ejaculated a few drops. I really was becoming a slut for black cock.

I hit the bed and fell asleep instantly. Next morning I dressed and went off to work. I turned on my computer and opened AIM. Nothing!! Damon wasn’t online. It was a whole week again before I saw his screen name pop on. The result was my clit instantly got hard. He sent me a message that was an icon of a kissing face. My chest began to pound as my heart raced. I messaged back telling him how horny I was for his black cock…and that it was all I could think about this past week.

“Are you ready for more?”

“yes Sir…whenever you want me”.

“Are you wearing panties?”

“no Sir, they’re still at your house”.

“How soon can you get here?”

“It’s 9:45 now…it will take me half an hour to make an excuse to my boss, and drive to your house”.

“At 10:45, be here. That will give you time to buy more lace panties, this time pink. Have them on when you get here. Park your car at the back of my driveway, remove all your clothes, put the panties on, and come up to my back door.”

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I started to shake and I became very flushed, resulting in my face and neck turning bright red. I walked into my bosses office and taking one look at me he said, “you look aweful. Are you ok?”

Before I could say anything, he said, “if you’re not ok to drive, I’ll get someone to take you home…otherwise, get out of here and get better. Call me when you get home.”

When I left work, I drove to the same department store I went the last time to by panties. I found the same style in pink and bought a pair. After paying for them, I decided to call my boss and tell him I made it home safely. As I was leaving the store, a huge black man caught my eye and smiled at me. I stared at him for more than I should have…and was directing my stare at his crotch…which was beginning to grow. His hand moved over his growing cock…and as I looked up, he saw me gazing, mouth open in awe. He smiled, nodding to me to follow him. Damon was right…I saw a black man and all I wanted to do was submit to him. I was helpless and I couldn’t believe it.

I followed him to the men’s room where he opened a stall and held his hand out to me to enter. I did. I can’t believe, not a word was said, I fell to my knees…he picked me up and sat me on the toilet…standing before me, my hands went to his zipper, pulled it down, and I reached in and removed what had to be 10″ of cut black cock. His cockhead was pinkish, and wet with precum. He was longer than Damon, but not nearly as thick, so when I brought my lips to his cockhead…he filled my throat without any trouble…no gag reflex, just a long thin black cock filling me. He took my head in his hands, pumped my mouth a few times…and exploded two shots of his cum down my throat. On the third shot, he pulled out of my throat and finished by filling my mouth with his black seed…as I savored his taste. I swallowed the remains and looked up at him and smiled.

He said, “I knew you couldn’t resist when I saw you staring at my crotch. You will always be available whenever a black man wants to use you”.

I stared in amazement and said, “how did you know?”

“You white pussyboys are all the same…ready to do a kneedrop whenever you see a black man”.

He finished dressing and as he was leaving he called back to me “hope to see you around again soon.”

When he left, I checked my watch and thought if I didn’t get going I was going to be late for Damon.

I pulled my car into his driveway and proceeded to strip down, glancing around to see if anyone could see. It was pretty secluded, so when I got the panties on, I went up to his back door. Right on time….he pulled the door open, this time keeping me outside while he looked me over and smiled at me. That smile absolutely melted me, and it was like I could read his mind.

I fell to my knees before him ready to worship him at his doorstep. His smile broadened and he fluffed my hair with his hands….and said “what a good obedient slut you are Bobbie”. I cooood and rested my face in his crotch. This time he wasn’t wearing sweats, but had a pair of boxer shorts on…and when my face nuzzled in his crotch, I could feel his growing cock.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he nodded to me. I reached into his boxers and withdrew his hooded black snake…only semi hard…and began licking around the foreskin. He pulled my head back and said, “I want to show osmanbey escort you my garden” and pulled me to my feet.

I looked puzzled, and he smiled, taking my hand, led me to a corner of the yard. He began to show me some flowers he planted. He said he needed to water them before we started. He took his watering can and watered the flowers. He then turned to me and nodded his head in a downward motion. I knew he wanted me on my knees. He took his cock out and pointed it at my face. I moved in and opened my mouth and as soon as I did, he started to piss into my mouth. I just can’t describe the feeling I had as I gulped down his golden nectar. It was almost like my life depended on his piss…and I swallower it all. He then looked into my eyes and said “good slut, now, let’s go inside where I have a gift for you”.

I obediently followed him into the house and into his bedroom. He handed me a box and when I opened it, saw it was a pink choker with the words “Damon’s Slut” written in silver. I didn’t know what to think…but began shaking in excitement again.

He took the choker out of the box and put it on my neck. It was a perfect fit. He stood back a bit, and looked at me…smiled…moved in putting his arms around me and kissed me so passionately my knees buckled. He held me up and while kissing me, his hands roamed all over my back and downward to my ass. As I mentioned in an earlier part, if someone plays with my ass, I’m putty for them and loose any resistance to all advances by them.

Between putting the choker on, kissing me, and playing with my ass, I was ready for anything…or so I thought. While still in Damon’s embrace, I felt someone come up behind me. I felt a hard cock pressing against my ass as Damon removed his hands from it. Damon sensed my fear as my entire body tensed…and whispered in my mouth “calm down…this is another surprise I know you’re going to enjoy.”

I felt lips press against the back of my neck and noticed two black hands sliding around my chest taking hold of my nipples and squeezing them…making me moan into Damon’s mouth. I reached up and put my arms around Damon’s neck and said “MMMMmmmm….thank you”. As I did this, I felt the strangers hands pull my panties down and I stepped out of them…kicking them off the side a bit.

Then, as I felt a cock grind in between my asscheeks from behind, the stranger said, “What a hot little sissy slut you have here Damon….thank you for sharing her with me.” The words ‘sissy’ and ‘her’ combined with feeling a hard hot cock sliding between my asscheeks had me almost ready to shoot my load.

Damon turned me around and when I saw this stranger, I blinked a few times…wondering if I were dreaming. This stranger was about 70 years old…with grey hair on his head and chest…and had a cock that had to be just a little longer and a lot thicker than Damons. His pubic area was completely shaved and it made his cock appear even bigger…if that’s even possible.

From behind, I felt Damon’s hands push me downward…and found myself on my knees staring at a cock that actually frightened me. I was sure I would never be able to accommodate his thickness…and as he pulled my head forward to his raging hardon, I kissed and licked it all over…trying to worship it without taking it into my mouth, for fear it would dislocate my jaw. I shouldn’t have worried…and when he said “open up slut, I have something you really desire.” I opened my mouth and he pushed about three inches in and held it there to let me get used to his size.

“I know it’s bigger than Damon’s…but he tells me you’ve become an expert at deep throating black cock.” With that, my pride kicked in…and I forced another 2 inched into my mouth. He groaned…and I felt my throat fill with black cock…stretching my neck to an enormous size…as he forced his entire tool into it.

The result was astounding. He said, “Damn this bitch is the best I’ve ever had…nobody has ever gone down that far on me before”. And with that, he grew even more in girth and then shot his load directly down my throat. I almost passed out and Damon had to hold me from slumping down to the floor. My eyes looked at the stranger and he must’ve seen the pleading look, because he removed his cock from my throat and mouth and finished his orgasm by shooting the rest of his seed all over my face.

He then told Damon he had to use his bathroom to take a piss…and Damon laughed saying, “No need for that, you can use my personal toilet…this slut would love to relieve your bladder for you.”

He moved back to the sofa, sat down, and spread his legs. I crawled between them and opened my mouth to take his bladder full of hot piss down. I thanked him for his treat and he just smiled.

I sucked Damon to an orgasm…taking his black seed down my throat…and it was much easier deepthroating Damon now after taking such a thick cock. I learned that this old black man was Damon’s neighbor and he saw me the last time I was at Damon’s house. He asked about me and Damon told him I was his White pussyboy and I would do anything he wanted me to. The older neighbor, Sam, asked if he could join the fun and Damon figured it might be fun. He was right…it was.

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