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Incestuous Harem’s Passion 18: Incestuous Meeting

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Incestuous Harem’s Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Eighteen: Incestuous Meeting

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 12th, 2027 – Cruzita Martínez

“This is how much you’re recommending for bail?” Ed Thomas said as he stared at the brief. We were inside the courtroom, the judge about to appear.

“It’s the average amount for the charges,” I said, my stomach roiling. “I don’t think we can argue for the full amount given the non-violent nature of the charges.” My words were lies. I had orders to follow. This was one of them. Another was to tip off the media this morning. I trembled, waiting for Ed to tear into me. This was his case. He wanted to sink Clint and his family badly.

“The average,” muttered Ed. He looked over at the other table where a battalion of lawyers was crowded. Clint and his women filled the seats behind them, changed into nice clothing for the hearing. None were cuffed. They were whispering, shifting. Nervous looks flashed across them while Clint sat with rigid inflexibility. “They might get out on this.”

“And?” I asked. “They’ll have to surrender their passports. They won’t be able to leave the country. If they flee, well, that’ll give us an even bigger charge to levy at them. Really lock them up. And imagine all the press conferences you can give.”

He almost smiled. “Fine. It’s not like we have time to prepare arguments for the full amount. Since when did you play so fair?”

“Since I’m going up against half the lawyers in Sacramento,” I added. “They’ll rip apart the max. You want to lose our first hearing?”


It was the next morning after the arrests. They were here to make their plea and receive for bail. Charges were filed. We interrogated them and got nothing, but the evidence from the house was damning. How Clint thought he was getting out of this without making a groveling plea deal, I had no idea. There was only so much I could do.

And so far, average bail.

“All rise,” the bailiff called, dressed in the khaki uniform, a large, Black man with a look that could intimate the most hardened criminal into silence, “the honorable Judge Coburn presiding.”

I stood up with everyone else in the court. The galley behind us was packed with the media. I was surprised to find them with their cameras. It wasn’t often that was allowed, but the judge must have made an exception giving the sensationalization of the case. He looked grumpy this morning, dressed in his black robes, his wrinkled face squinting. He was nearing retirement. Probably wanting to spend his days playing golf and finding himself another young trophy wife since the last past away a decade or so ago.

He sat down and grunted. His clerk handed him a docket as we all sat down. “Okay, let’s get this hearing done with. How are the defendants pleading.” He frowned. “Which one of you is speaking?”

“Me, your honor,” said Elisabet Reenburg. “I’m lead counsel for the family. It’s not guilty, your honor.”

The judge grunted, not surprised. “Then let’s move on to bail now. Ed?”

“Your honor, the state is asking for a bond of $50,000 for Clint Elliston and $25,000 for the remaining defendants. In addition, the State wants a restraining order on all defendants to have no contact with their children.”

“I see,” the judge said, jotting down notes. “And what do you have to say to that, Mrs. Reenburg?”

“Me, your honor,” said Elisabet Reenburg. “I’m lead counsel for the family. We have no problem with the no contact with children save we’d like a provision with supervised visits. We also request for the children to be placed with various family friends instead of into the foster care system. As for bail, that is an outrages amount. My clients are upstanding members of society. Pillars of the community. They are active with various charities. They are no criminals. They have not been charged with any violent crime. The State is being overly malicious with such a high amount for such a victimless crime.”

“Victimless?” demanded Ed, staring at Elisabet Reenburg.

The Blonde, mature woman faced him back with steely, blue eyes. “Victimless. After all, you have all of them being charged, so how can any of them be the victim? Unless you have further accusations?”

“Not at this time,” Ed said. “We think the bail amount is more than fair, your honor. The Ellistons are facing the disillusion of their family. We’re afraid they might seek to flee the country. They may have the capital to do so.”

“Capital? The Ellistons live moderately well, but they are not rich. Your honor, this is a burdensome bail amount. $25,000 for the majority of them. $50,000 for Mr. Elliston. That’s crippling. As the Supreme Court said in Stack v. Boyle, ‘defendant’s bail cannot be set higher than an amount that is reasonably likely to ensure the defendant’s presence at the trial’ and is thus a violation of their Eighth Amendment rights.”

“And what would be a fair amount, Mrs. Reenburg?” asked the judge, staring at her with hands folded.


The judge arched an eyebrow at her. “None? I can’t give them no bail.”

“The minimum,” she said. “$5000 each.”

“That’s ridiculously low,” said Ed. “They can meet that easily. As it is, they have wealthy benefactors who might post the bail that we require.”

“That might seem like a small amount, but there are eleven defendants. That adds up fast.”

“Bail will be set at $5000 for all but Mr. Elliston whose will be $10,000. As for the children, that’s a matter for family court, but I will give them my recommendation. Court dismissed.”

“They’ll be out in the hour,” muttered Ed as he packed up. “$5000?”

“I know,” I said, shocked. I didn’t expect bail that low. Clint owned three houses. He could easily put one up as collateral with a bail bondsman to post those amounts. “Judge Coburn must be going senile.”

As I packed up, Elisabet Reenburg headed over to the table and leaned in, “Could we talk, counselor?”

I nodded.

As she headed down the aisle, I went to follow. Ed grabbed my arm and said, “If she’s shopping for a plea deal, hear her out but stonewall. I want them desperate. I’m not going to give them something simple. They have to pay. I want prison time for at least Clint.”

“Okay,” I said and then broke away.

I followed Elisabet through the galley, the media calling out questions to the Ellistons. Elisabet smiled and said her client would make a statement after making bail. Then we were out of the galley and I led her to my office. It was here in the superior courthouse. Prosecutors worked out of this building. At least we didn’t have to go far, and with the number of cases we had on our docket, that was a good thing.

The moment the door was closed, Elisabet cupped my face and pushed me back against my desk. I gasped in shock at what she was doing. There was a wild look in her eyes. “Aren’t you a sexy thing?”

“Elisabet?” I gasped; my ass pressed into the edge of my desk. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Yes, yes, you’re just ripe. My son is going to love you.”

“Love me?” I asked, confused.

“I’m bringing my son and daughter over to your house tonight. We’re strategizing how you’re going to help us.”

A flutter of panic washed through me.

“Now, now, we won’t have you do anything that will get you in trouble. No tanking the case. Just guiding it. Pointing your boss in the right direction. We don’t want you getting in trouble. We want you to be free, too. We want you to have that world where you can eat out that pretty daughter of yours whenever you want.”

A shiver ran through me. “You know?”

“Of course I know.” She pressed her lips on mine. She kissed me with hunger. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Her tongue brushed my lips. I opened wide, scared not to and also turned on all at the same time. Her perfume filled my nose.

My eyes closed as I kissed her. Her hand slid down my back, caressing me through my blazer. My pussy grew hot. My nipples throbbed. I found my own tongue playing with her. There was something freeing in surrender. They had me. I had committed incest. A lot. And they had proof. I didn’t want to go to jail for it. I wanted to keep doing it.

I loved eating out my daughter. I wanted to meet this boyfriend of hers who fucked his mother. I wanted to have a threesome with them. A foursome. Get his mom in bed and swap children. A fire burned through me.

Elisabet broke the kiss. “Mmm, I can’t wait to see you cum on my son’s cock tonight, Counselor. You’re going to look so sexy as he pumps you full of cum.”

I shivered. How far had this incest spread? Elisabet broke the kiss and said, “Now, let’s pretend we’re having a discussion on pleas. How desperate do you want us to sound.”

“Very,” I panted. “Ed wants to destroy you.”


Clint Elliston

The sergeant slid over the evidence back that had my personal effects in it. I opened it up and pulled out my wedding band, watch, wallet, pocket change, as well as a few receipts I didn’t care about. I slipped them into my pockets and then signed the itemized release form.

He nodded to the door. I marched to it. A buzz growled as it unlocked. I opened it and stepped into the lobby. My family waited. Alicia threw herself at me first, hugging me tight. She pressed her face into my chest, trembling in my arms.

“It’s going to be okay,” I said as my women moved around me. Zoey and Stefani held hands. I felt bad for Stefani. She wasn’t even committing incest as far as the authorities were concerned, but she knew about it. Participated in it. Pam and Melody hugged me around Alicia. Our mothers stood behind them, looking exhausted.

Guilt rippled through me. I put my women through so much. The interrogation yesterday had gone late. It felt like they would never end. I closed my eyes, wanting to apologize to them. If I never went public, never tried to change the world, we might have passed through life unnoticed by the authorities.

But I didn’t.

I had to be selfish.

“Don’t even think of apologizing,” Melody hissed in my ear. “We’re in this. We’re committed. We need you to be strong now, Clint. You’re the man. Be that.”

I gave a slight nod.

They broke away so I could hug Lee and her mother. Then my mother and Pam’s. Even Zoey and Stefani I swept up into my arms. No kisses. It didn’t feel right sharing off our intimacy escort in the lobby of the county jail.

Through the glass doors, I could see the media waiting. I took a deep breath and held out my arms. Pam took my right, her wedding ring glinting as she rested her left hand on my wrist, and Melody took the other. The rest of my women flowed behind me as we headed outside. Elisabet opened the door for us, giving us a nod of support.

All our lawyers were on our side. They all had something to gain from our victory. A few fathers who had nubile daughters. A young man who had a hot mother. A wife who enjoyed sharing her daughters with her husband while he shared her with their son. They would do everything to get us free.

So would I.

Our friends and supporters were out there. Politicians ready to pass laws if we could turn public opinion. We couldn’t run from these charges. There was no denying them. No excuse we could give. We had to gamble on one way out of this: jury nullification.

Twelve individuals we would have to convince that though incest might be illegal, it shouldn’t be. Twelve people we had to convince to acquit us even though we were guilty of breaking an unjust law. A moment when things could change. A flashpoint that would have our family at the center of it. Proof that there was no harm if it was consensual.

I had no idea if we could do it. Twelve people who would be drawn from the 115,000 registered voters of Yolo County. Twelve people who would come from different backgrounds. Different religions. Different views on sexuality. Who knew what sort of people we would get.

I stepped out before the media. The microphones were already waiting for me. Pam and Melody clung to me on both sides. I stood before the podium and gazed out the sea of reporters, cameraman, and photographers. Flashes burst from all directions. Even in daylight, it was dazzling.

“I have a brief statement to make,” I said, staring out at them. “Yes, the rumors are true. My lover, Melody, and my wife, Pam, are my half-sisters. We share the same father.” That had leaked this morning, Cruzita’s doing on my orders. “I love them both. I love all the women in my family.”

I boldly faced the cameras. Pam and Melody stood straight-back at my side. I felt my family around us. The TV was capturing this. Our public admission to incest. I let them record it. Let them show the world how normal we looked.

“We’re united. It’s consensual. Beautiful. And we believe that the people of California will see the truth in that. They will understand that there is a great injustice in our laws. Some might even wish to experience familial love. Bigotry about sex has gripped our nation for too long. We have been slowing escaping our puritanical past. Now it’s time to remove this stigma, too. Love is free. It can be shared between any groups of individuals, even if they’re your mother and father. Brother and sister. Why are we shackling those who only want to share their passion with those they are closest to? Thank you.”

The questions barraged us. The hired security pushed into the lawyers to clear a path for our women. Elisabet Reenburg led the way, smiling at the cameras. She reached the door and opened it. My women ushered in. I stood on the other side, making sure they got in. Lee had a huge grin on her face, drinking in the attention while Alicia appeared almost like a rabbit. I wanted to pull her into my lap and cuddle my little princess.

Elisabet slipped in then I gave a last look to the camera before sliding in after them. I slammed the door shut and pulled Alicia onto my lap. She pressed into me and started to cry. Her little body shook in my arms.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered. “I just… This is… It’s all so overwhelming. Our children, Clint. Are we going to get to see them?”

“Coburn will make sure they’ll get to stay with our friends,” I said. “He knows how important that is.”

“So Leyla informed me,” Elisabet said, sitting across from me. “She and her mother gave him quite the reminder last night. They filmed it. it’s quite a… stimulating video to watch. The judge’s daughter is a passionate and submissive one.”

“Good,” I said, stroking Alicia’s light brown hair. “We’re going to get through this together. Okay? They’re going to find us innocent. Pam’s going to guide our jury ***********ion. Cruzita understands her role in it.”

“I’ll make sure tonight,” Elisabet said, a large grin sliding across her face. “My son will enjoy her. She’s quite the looker.”

“Yes, she is,” said Stefani. “The Campo sisters just adore her and her daughter.”

“Lucky break for us,” Melody said. She closed her eyes. “Will we get the visitations? I want to see my daughter.”

I wanted to see all my children. The house would be so empty without them. This was the worst part of the plan. They were all so young, even the oldest. Would they understand why we disrupted their lives? Forgive us for this?


Delilah Midgley

“Why are we shackling those who only want to share their passion with those they are closest to?”

I glanced at the photo of my son, Ian. His smiling, youthful face hung on the wall. Handsome. Too handsome. The lust for him, the ones that terrified me, surged to the forefront. I closed my eyes, wanting to just suck on his cock once again. I loved doing it to him when he was passed out drunk. When he didn’t know what a terrible mother I was.


Clint’s words echoed in my mind. His life was being destroyed. He would be going to jail for loving his mother. His sisters. I couldn’t do that to my son. I couldn’t take us down that road, but I wanted to. I missed him. I hated myself for driving him out of my life.

I wanted to call him. To beg him to come home. To confess to him that I loved him. That I wanted to make love to him. I wanted to lie beneath him, to feel him back in me. I closed my eyes on my couch, rubbing my thighs together. It would be incredible to be with him.

And so wrong. Clint was a fool. Look what incest got him. His life destroyed. Those of his family, too. I couldn’t do that to my son. I clicked off the TV and stared at the wall. I hadn’t seen him in two years. Not since he woke up just as I was about to blow him.

He’d almost caught me. He must hate me now for how I treated him. That was only right. He deserved to hate me. He should keep that fixed firmly in his mind. He should never be allowed near me. I couldn’t be trusted around my son.

I was such a terrible mother.


Cruzita Martínez

“Mmm, look at this cock,” cooed Elisabet Reenburg.

She stood over my bed staring down at me as I lay naked on it. Her son, Sean, stood beside her. A tall man in his mid-twenties, with light-brown hair and a fit form. Muscular. He worked out. He had a gorgeous body. My pussy clenched. I hadn’t been with a man since before I divorced my husband. Since before I found out he’d been fucking the slut next door.

“I made this cock,” Elisabet continued. “And it gives me such pleasure. My son knows how to use it. you want this in you, don’t you, slut.”

“Yes,” I moaned. I had utterly surrendered to being Elisabet’s bitch. The Ellistons owned me. Why not enjoy it. Maybe, just maybe, Clint had a plan that would make this all work out. I didn’t see it. His press conference upon making bail torpedoed any chance he had of getting out of this without prison. “I want your son’s cock in me.”

“Of course you do,” Maria Reenburg said. The daughter was a year younger than the son, a blonde and nubile beauty with her mother’s blonde hair spilling around her sensual features. She looked like her mother, the pair almost sisters. She slid her hand up to my breast and squeezed it. “I’m going to sit on your face while my brother fucks you hard. Mmm, he’s good at it. Took my cherry.”

“He seduced me from my husband,” added Elisabet. “Now William just sits in the corner while a real man fucks me.”

“Mother of God, that’s fucked up,” I said as the daughter’s pale finger played with my brown nipple.

“Mmm, isn’t it?” asked Maria before she darted her head down and sucked on my hard nipple. The White girl sucked with hunger on my nub. I groaned, my pussy clenching as she suckled.

“¡Mierda!” I gasped, slipping into my native Spanish as the pleasure shot down to my dick. So far, our private strategy meeting was off to a delicious start.

“Yes, yes, beg for my son to fuck you,” Elisabet moaned. She and her son moved onto the bed together. He was aimed right between my thighs. They spread apart further for him.

“I want your son to fuck me so hard!” I moaned. “Please, please, share his cock with me.” This was so much easier than stressing. Than worrying. I just had to let them dominate me. Control me. Give me pleasure.

Then I would have my daughter. I would lick out cum from her pussy, cleaning up what her boyfriend dumped in her. Maybe he would be her husband. She would have a grandson for me to teach. For us both to teach when he grew old enough. Or a daughter who needed to learn how to please a woman.

I would be such a wicked grandmother.

“Please, please, led me your son and his big dick,” I moaned, staring at the White boy’s cock. “Don’t make me suffer.”

Maria sucked hard on my nipple while Elisabet cooed, “Well, he’s the man of the family. He fucks who he wants. That’s how he took me.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Take me. Fuck me! Please, Sean. I need a man. My ex wasn’t one. So fuck your dick into me. Pound me hard!”

Sean smiled and moved to the bed. He slipped onto it, his cock bobbing and swaying before him. He licked his lips, hunger burning in his eyes as he stared at my body. He moved closer, his mother stroking his cock the entire time.

“I love it when a MILF begs,” he said.

Maria popped her mouth off my nipple. “Mmm, it’s so sexy, Sean. Ooh, we should meet her daughter.”

“She’s got a boyfriend,” I panted.

“And?” Sean asked. “My mom has a husband.”

“Aren’t you a cocky one,” I gasped.

He grinned at me and winked. “You’re the one panting for my dick.”

Maria shot her hand down and shoved it between my thighs. She rubbed through my bush to find my hot flesh. Tingles raced through me as she purred, “Oh, she’s dripping for you, Sean. She wants your cock in her cunt bad.”

I gasped as the White girl parted my pussy lips with her thumb and forefinger. She exposed my wet depths for her brother’s cock. His sexy izmit escort bayan mother guided him to me. She hugged him from behind now, rubbing those big boobs of hers into his back as she nibbled on his ear.

“Fuck her so hard,” she cooed. “Mmm, just plow into her. Make her cum on that big dick of yours. She needs a cock in her. Make Mommy proud.”

“Yes!” I gasped, shuddering. My pussy clenched. Heat rippled through me. I so needed this. I had to be fucked hard by this stud. To feel his cock slide into my pussy. He would ram so deep into me. He would fill me up. “Bury that dick into me!”

He pressed his cock right against my cunt and winked at me. Then he pressed forward. I shuddered at the feel of him. My body trembled with joy. This wild, trembling, surge of lust for this stud about to ram his cock into my pussy.

It would be incredible. So amazing. His mother rubbed him up and down my slit while his sister held me open. She moved as she did, shifting around. Then she threw her leg over me. Her shaved pussy hovered over my face. Her pink inner lips blushed out of her plump vulva. A sweet musk filled my nose.

A new cunt to devour.

“Fuck her, bro!” she moaned and planted her pussy right on my face.

I gasped at the hot kiss of her flesh pressing on my mouth. My tongue thrust out into her sweet depths, sinking into her juicy depths. I swirled around in her. I caressed her. My tongue darted in rapid circles through her twat.

Then her brother rammed into my pussy.

His dick filled up my hot sheath. My cunt squeezed around his White cock. I moaned into his sister’s snatch as the pleasure rippled through me. This wasn’t a toy. No strap-on worn by Juana Campo. This was a flesh-and-blood cock in me.

Heavy balls smacked into my taint. I shuddered, clenching down on his dick. His shaft felt amazing in me. This wonderful slab of meat that would have me exploding in rapture. I moaned into his sister’s pussy then feasted on her.

“Oh, that’s it,” groaned Maria, the nubile thing squirming on my mouth. “Fuck her hard. Give this sexy, Latina MILF what she needs!”

“Oh, yes, she’s aching for this!” groaned Sean. “Her pussy is molten around my cock.”

“Good!” Elisabet moaned. “Ooh, honey, fuck her hard. I love watching your cock pump in and out of a slut’s pussy. And Cruzita’s our slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned into the girl’s pussy. “Chica, you got a yummy cunt.”

“I know,” Maria purred. “And mamacita, I love your tits. They’re going to bounce as my brother fucks your cunt.”

“Yes, they will,” Sean promised and drew back.

I shuddered, my cunt clenching around his cock. My pussy drank in the friction as he drew back and back. My body shuddered, the pleasure flowing through me. It felt incredible to enjoy. He rammed back into me. That big dick of his plunged to the hilt in me. Balls smacked into my taint. They cracked against me, pleasure shooting through my nerves.

The waves of bliss were amazing. My cunt squeezed down around him. I savored his powerful plunges into me. Those hard thrusts that would have me cumming and gasping and crying out in rapture. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring my pussy around his dick.

“Shit, yes!” Sean groaned.

“Mmm, fuck her hard, bro!” Maria smeared her sweet pussy up and down my lips, pressing her folds into my nose.

I breathed in her musk.

“Give Cruzita what she needs!” purred Elisabet.

“A hard orgasm!” I moaned, squeezing my twat around his dick ramming into me.

It was glorious to be fucked by a young stud. To be pounded. He didn’t hold back. He slammed into me. Each thrust sent a tingle racing up my nerves. I moaned into his sister’s pussy, my eyes staring at her tanned clenching before my face. Her blonde hair danced down her back as she rode my face.

Her sweet juices soaked my lips. They trickled into my mouth while my tongue stroked her folds. I licked from her clit to her taint. I caressed her. Teased her. I enjoyed every moment of feasting on her while her brother fucked me hard.

Her hands grabbed my jiggling boobs. She squeezed and kneaded them. Her palms slid over my nipples. She massaged them. Pleasure shot down to my cunt. My twat squeezed around her brother’s thrusting cock. That big, thick dick filled me up. Gave me such rapture to enjoy. I reveled in it. Savored every last moment of his dick slamming into me. He fucked me with hard strokes. Powerful plunges of his cock into my snatch.

It was intoxicating. I reveled in it. I savored it. My body trembled through my building orgasm as he pounded me so hard and fast. Then I heard kissing. Brother and sister making out as they shared my body.

“You two are so beautiful together,” cooed the mother. Elisabet’s throaty words echoed through the room. “Fuck the slut so hard, Sean. And cream her mouth, Maria.”

“She’s getting there,” I moaned, my own orgasm building.

I squeezed my cunt around the cock thrusting into me. Burying with hard and powerful strokes into my snatch. It was incredible. The pleasure built and built. My orgasm hurtled towards me with every stroke of that massive cock into my pussy.

He was huge. Amazing. He felt incredible in me. I groaned into Maria’s pussy. My lips found her clit. I sucked on her bud. She moaned, her butt-cheeks clenching before my face. That cute rump of hers begged to be devoured.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Elisabet moaned. “Fuck her so hard, son. Make her cum!”

Sean buried in me. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. His crotch struck my clit. Sparks flared inside of me. I gasped and groaned, the pleasure washing over me. My nipples throbbed against maria’s massaging palms. I squealed around her clit.


My pussy convulsed around Sean’s amazing cock. His dick plunged to the hilt in me. Sparks of pleasure shot through my body. I groaned, my twat squeezing about his shaft. The pleasure rushed through me. It was incredible to enjoy.

To experience.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, my god! Cum in me!”

“Cum in her, bro!” Maria gasped. Then her pussy gushed juices. “Cum in her so fucking hard!”

I drank the flood of her sweet cream. I licked and lapped it up and she slammed his cock into my convulsing flesh. He reamed into me again and again. He filled me to the hilt. It was incredible. My pussy writhed around his dick, sucking at him.

“Fuck, yes!” Sean growled and slammed forward.

His jizz erupted into me. Powerful blasts of hot cum. I gasped into his sister’s juicy pussy. A man’s seed flooded me. Virile and powerful. I felt like such a woman. My twat spasmed with such hunger around his cock.

“Goddamn, she’s milking me!” snarled Sean.

“She needed a man to fuck her bad!” purred Elisabet. “My sexy son is just what she needed. Ooh, I’m going to lick her clean. Lap out all that yummy cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned. “I want that. Lick me clean. Devour all your son’s jizz out of me. It’ll be so hot.”

“So fucking hot!” Maria moaned, swaying. “Oh, mamacita, you are a pussy-licking slut! I love it! Almost as good as one of the Campo sisters.”

“Mmm, that good, huh?” Elisabet purred.

“That good,” Maria panted and then slipped off of me. “Oh, bro, will you fuck me now. I need a cock in me.”

“She’s such a needy brat, isn’t she?” Sean asked, grinning down at me.

“Aren’t little sisters supposed to be that?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes!” Maria cooed, wiggling her hips as she lay on her back.

Sean ripped out of me. He was still hard. Not surprising. That new form of Viagra was out. Something that lets men go for hours. The big red pill, it was called. Some said it made their dicks bigger, too.

He moved over to his sister, his hardon dripping with my juices. He pressed his cock between her butt-cheeks. She gasped as he rammed into her asshole in a single plunge. He stretched his weight on her. She squealed and shuddered beneath him.

“I meant my pussy!” she groaned as he rested on her, his cock buried in her asshole.

“Mmm, but your ass was looking so delectable,” he groaned and lifted his hips, sliding his cock out of her bowels before ramming back in.

“I do have a great ass,” Maria sighed in happy joy.

“Aren’t they sexy together?” Elisabet asked as she planted hands on my thighs. The busty MILF leaned over, her eyes sparkling, her wedding ring glinting on her thigh. “I love leaving our children with my husband so the three of us can have fun.”

“He’s such a great granddad,” said Maria. “Just dotes on both of Sean’s children.”

I shivered, not imagining what man could be such a cuckold. On TV, Senator Reenburg came off virile and strong, a dominating man who would take charge of Washington D.C. and make sure the government was run properly.

How could I vote for him again knowing his son had taken his place as the man of the house?

Of course, that thought evaporated when Elisabet’s lips pressed into my pussy. Her tongue licked through my folds to gather up her son’s cum leaking out of me. I gasped at the gentle touch after the hard fucking. My labia ached from the vigor of Sean’s strokes, that wonderful, almost raw feeling of being taken hard by a man.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed her tongue stroking up and down my labia, soothing me and cleaning me up all at the same time. She savored her son’s incestuous seed while he fucked her daughter beside us. Maria gasped. Moaned. Sean grunted. The smack of flesh on flesh rippled over me as I savored this utter surrender.

I was on Clint’s side. Utterly seduced into this. I groaned, savoring the pleasure that came from having my cunt being devoured. Elisabet thrust her tongue into my depths. She licked out her son’s spunk as it leaked out from deeper in me.

“Mmm, ram that dick into my ass!” gasped Maria. “Oh, bro, that’s it. You know how I liked to be fucked!”

“The way a bratty, little sister should be!” he grunted.


I whimpered in agreement. The bed shook from the vigor of his strokes. He slammed his dick deep into his daughter’s bowels. The smack of flesh on flesh echoed through the room. My thighs gripped Elisabet’s head, holding her in place as she cleaned out her son’s spunk.

She sealed her lips around my pussy and sucked.

I gasped, bucking at the sudden sensation. My round breasts heaved. My eyes shot open, staring at her pale face nestled between my golden-brown thighs. Her nose pressed into my black bush while she drew izmit sınırsız escort her son’s cum out of the depths of my cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped.

“Mmm, you’re going to make her cum, Mom!” Maria moaned. “She made me cum, so it’s only fair.”

“Just being a good mother,” grunted Sean as he pounded his little sister’s ass.

“Mamacita there knows all about being a good and loving mother.” Maria smiled at me. “I have to meet your daughter. Laurita sounds just delicious. I bet we can have wonderful threesomes with my brother.”

“She’s got a boyfriend,” I gasped, humping against Elisabet’s mouth.

“He’s free to watch my brother fuck us,” the blonde panted. “Ooh, yes, yes, bro. Keep drilling my ass like that. I’m going to cum hard! I want to feel that jizz firing deep in me!”

My own orgasm was building as Elisabet kept sucking on my cunt. My toes curled. My hands grabbed my round tits. I squeezed and kneaded them as I climbed towards that moment of explosive rapture.

Sean slammed faster and faster into his sister. His muscular rump rose and fell, flexing as he pounded her. She trembled beneath him, gasping, moaning. Then her face scrunched up and she howled in rapturous delight.

“Shit!” he groaned and rammed hard into her.

“Oh, yes, give me that cum, bro!” gasped Maria. “Yes, yes, yes! Flood me!”

I shuddered and then Elisabet stopped sucking on my pussy. Her tongue flicked to my clit and swirled around it. She stimulated my bud. My cunt must be empty of her son’s jizz. Now she was concentrating on my pleasure.

But the pussy sucking still had felt amazing, and now her tongue on my clit sent sparks showering through me. I gasped. Moaned. Then I bucked in delight. My orgasm burst inside my cunt. My pussy spasmed and writhed. Cream gushed out of me.

Rapture washed through me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Elisabet! ¡Mierda! That’s good. That’s so good.”

My head tossed and turned as she feasted on me. She devoured me as I spasmed through my orgasm. The pleasure rushed through me. A heady delight that had me gasping, moaning. Sean ripped his cock out of his sister’s asshole while I still trembled in climatic bliss.

He fucked his mother’s cunt with that dirty cock and I found myself licking cum out of Maria’s asshole. I sucked it out, savoring the sour flavor. Then we were swapping again. I rode Sean while mother and daughter sixty-nined, Maria enjoying the creampie in her mother’s pussy. It was a wild foursome.

Finally, we ran out of steam.

I trembled as the pleasure faded. Elisabet and her children were kinky. The blonde attorney snuggled up beside me as her children slipped from the bed. Her large breasts pressed into my side, her hand idly playing on my stomach. I stared at her. We were two mothers who loved our children. If I had a son, I knew I would be having sex with him.

Having his child.

“Now,” she cooed, her finger sliding up my belly, “we’re going to make a motion to have an expedited trial. You will sell it to your boss.”

“No one does that,” I gasped. “It’s insane. You’ll have less time to prepare like us.”

“My client wants to exercise their right to have a speedy trial. They want to get this over fast. They don’t want to drag this out.”

“Your client admitted today on live TV that he and all his family are committing incest. You’re going to lose.”

Elisabet smiled. “Just be prepared to help us get the jury we want.”

“You’re stacking the deck?”

“Hopefully,” Elisabet said, her finger tracing my nipple. “If we can get the right people into the jury pool and get them on the stand.”

“Clint is insane.”


May 29th, 2027 – Elmer Bennett

“Look what I’m wearing,” my wife, Rachel, Cooed. She hiked her skirt and showed her ass cupped in a frilly, pink pair of panties that was more lace than cloth. The flesh of her ass peeked out through the caps. She bent over and the crotch had a milky stain. “Familiar.”

“Jesus, I jerked off in those this morning,” I panted, staring at our daughter’s panties she wore.

“And I’ve been wearing them all day. My juices soaking in hers and your cum marinating together.” She bent over the stove further, wiggling her rump. “Just pull it to the side and fuck me.”

“Candy could get home from college at any moment,” I breathed.

“And?” Rachel wiggled her rump.

“Shit.” I glanced at the front door then back at my wife. I groaned. This was wrong. Why did my wife have to push this? She wanted me to fuck our daughter. But it wasn’t safe. Clint Elliston was going down for incest. It was all over the news. His trial was coming up soon, the media blabbing about him invoking his right to have a speedy trial as insanity.

Incest wasn’t safe to do. I couldn’t enjoy my daughter. I wanted to. I did. Rachel wanted me, which was even more fucked up. She was the girl’s mother. My wife. She shouldn’t want that, but she did. She burned for it.

I yanked the panties to the side and groaned at the sight of my wife’s shaved twat. That was something she’d started doing. Making her pussy look young and tight. I shuddered as I pressed my cock against her.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she moaned in a girlish voice. “Mmm, just slide into your sweet Candy’s pussy, Daddy!”

“Shit!” I groaned and slammed into my wife. Her pussy engulfed me. I savored the hot, wet feel of her. I drew back and then slammed into her again and again. My wife’s pussy squeezed around me.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s it,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard, Daddy! Pound me!”

I rammed my dick into my wife’s pussy. She squeezed around me, her Kegels making her cunt nice and tight. A pleasure to ram in to. I buried into her snatch again and again. My balls smacked into her while I pictured it was Candy I fucked.

My sweet, young, nubile daughter. I grunted, groaned. I slammed forward hard. Fast. I buried to the hilt in her snatch. I plundered her cunt with powerful strokes. Her pussy clenched around me. She gripped me. Held me tight. That pussy felt amazing in me. A wonderful treat to enjoy.

“You’re fucking me so hard, Daddy!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, getting lost to the fantasy. “Such a tight cunt, Candy!”

The front door clattered open.

“Don’t stop fucking me, Daddy!”

Footsteps reached towards us. I groaned, slamming into my wife as our daughter burst into the kitchen holding the male. I should stop fucking my wife, but she felt so tight. So hot. And there was Candy, about to see us.

“Daddy, you have jury duty and…” She stared at us. The mail slipped from her hands as I drilled into my wife’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, fuck me hard, Daddy!” my wife moaned.

Candy’s eyes widened. She mouthed what my wife just said as I drove into Rachel’s pussy. Her cunt squeezed around me while Candy swayed. Then she squeaked and darted away, her black hair flying behind her as she left the kitchen.

“She’s going to masturbate!” gasped my wife. “Masturbating imagining you fucking her!”

“Shit, shit, shit!” I growled and erupted in my wife, imagining Candy running her fingers up and down her shaved pussy. Caressing her hot flesh. Pretending I was fucking her and not her mother.

The pleasure slammed through my body. A dizzying shudder as my spunk pumped into my wife’s pussy. Her twat writhed around me. Her spasming pleasure surged through my body. Stars burst across my vision.

“Yes, yes, yes, pump me full of your cum, Daddy!” howled my wife as her twat milked me dry.

I wanted to do that for real. So badly. I leaned over the counter, my wife’s pussy spasming around my cock as my orgasm died down. It would be so easy to go up to my daughter’s bed. So easy, and it would be so wrong.


Alysha Walsh

“Goddamn fuck,” my mother swore in the background.

I rolled my eyes. What did that bitch have to get mad about now? I couldn’t wait until I was done with college. One more month, and I would be gone. I would be heading to my brother. He would hold me in his strong arms again. He would make such sweet love to me. Our mother couldn’t stop our happiness.

“Jury duty?” muttered my mother.

I rolled my eyes. “Just lie and tell them you can’t get out of work,” I said, not wanting to hear her rant. I was watching Judge Murray. “That’s what my friend Cindy’s dad did. Said it was a financial hardship.”

“I work for the county,” Mom answered. “So I have to go. There’s a law. The county will pay me, give me time off, so I have no excuse.”

“Great. You’ll probably end up on the Elliston case and send them to prison for the rest of their lives.”

“You want him to get off, don’t you?” she accused.

“You better believe it.” I clicked off the TV. I could stream this episode later when she wasn’t around. I stood up, my anger building. “You broke our family apart.”

“I was keeping it together,” she spat back. “Your brother’s the one who—”

“I seduced Jaiden as much as he seduced me!” I hissed back. “I can’t wait to move out and find him. Good luck ever seeing your grandchildren! Ever seeing me!” I marched down the hallway to my bedroom. “Summer’s almost here. Then I’m gone!”

I slammed the door shut.

For once, my mother didn’t come screaming in after me. I threw myself on the bed and hugged my pillow. How was Jaiden doing? He had stayed away, terrified of Mom sending him to prison. Well, I wouldn’t care. I would find him and we would be together. We could get away. Move to the East Coast. Escape that bitch.

I closed my eyes and thought about my sexy big brother.


Delilah Midgley

I pulled my mail out of the thin box in the lobby of my apartment building. Bill. Bill. Credit card application. A reminder of my upcoming dentist appointment and…

Jury summons.

I groaned at the sight of that. I slammed my mailbox shut with a loud clang. One more thing. I wanted to just go up to my apartment, drink some wine, and masturbate to my son. Then I would stare at the phone and try to work up the courage to call him. To mend our fences.

To be the bad mother and seduce him. He was young. So handsome. And hung. He would make a wonderful lover, unlike his father. I just had to abuse his trust in me like I already had. Be a monster like that Clint Elliston.

I trudged to the elevator. Another night alone in my apartment. I wished I never caught my son masturbating that night. No, I wished I had the courage to slip into the room and teach him how to do it properly.

To be a bad, bad mother. God, I was such a selfish bitch.

To be continued…

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