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Big Dicks

Sarah and Jane sat at a table in an outdoor cafe sitting across from each other.

“We don’t have to do this.” Sarah said.

“I know. We can’t really afford IVF and this seems like a good way.” Jane responded and sipped her latte. It was her third of the afternoon and her hands were starting to shake a bit.

“You don’t have to do it first.” Sarah told her soothingly.

“I want to. I want the baby as much as you do, perhaps even more. Besides, we decided, I have better insurance and should go first.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Jane responded and placed a twenty on the table. The two of them joined hands and started to walk back to their apartment. They were wearing sundresses in the same style but complementing patterns. Sarah’s was a pink floral print and Jane’s was purple. Their long hair flowed behind them. Sarah’s blonde mixing with Jane’s auburn. They waited until they got into the apartment before they kissed.

The kiss was a long passionate one with Sarah’s hands cupping Jane’s face. Jane’s hands reached down and grabbed Sarah’s ass. She started to lift the hem of her lover’s dress and was pleasantly surprise to feel that her friend hadn’t been wearing panties.

Jane knew her blonde haired beauty hadn’t been wearing a bra, neither of them had, but the lack of panties was something new and adventurous.

“I’ve been so turned on, I was afraid I stained the seat at the cafe.” Sarah giggled nervously. Jane lifted Sarah’s dress off and started to suck on her pale nipples. Sarah’s nipples and areola almost matched her pale skin tone. As Jane kissed them they stiffened and crinkled ever so slightly.

Sarah smiled and lifted Jane’s dress. Jane was wearing a pair of “granny panties”, appropriate since she was going to be a mom. As Sarah touched them to lower them she felt her friends moistness. For all of Jane’s worry about being with a man for the first time, and becoming pregnant, she was turned on.

Sarah ran her fingers through her lovers soft brown fur and then smelled them. You even smell sexy she said and bent down to kiss Jane’s nipples. They were larger and darker than hers, sitting on breasts that most women wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without Escort bayan a bra to cover, but Jane was Jane and absolutely marvelous for it. Sarah hoisted one breast and then the other kissing the erect nipples reverently.

“Do you think I should shave?” Jane asked.

“I like you like this, a grown proud woman.”

“But what if M…” Jane started before Sarah cut her off.

“No names, remember. It’s just you and me tonight. Tonight he doesn’t exist. Besides, if he can’t deal with a real woman, Fuck him!”

“But, I am” Jane said giggling. The two of them walked together into the bedroom and Jane laid back on the bed with her legs spread at the edge.

“We don’t have to do this.” Sarah said opening up a dresser drawer. Inside she spied two dildos, a hard plastic one that was Jane’s favorite and another one that was soft rubber and shaped like an actual penis.

“I want this.”

Sarah nodded and pick up the more realist of the two. She walked to the bed and started to kiss Jane on the lips. She rested her chest on Jane’s and reached between them and spread her partners labia. Sarah smiled as the opened freely releasing a delightful smell of eager sex. She grabbed the head of the dildo and carefully worked it in between Jane’s lips, careful not to grab any hairs. Once it stated to slide freely she slid her hand further back on the shaft and started to work in and out.

“I love you, Sarah”

“And I love you Jane.” They stared into each other’s eyes as Sarah worked the instrument into Jane’s pussy. Sarah moaned and drove the rubber dick in deeply and held it there, giving subtle small shakes. Jane wasn’t used to the deep penetration, but looking into Sarah’s eyes it felt wonderful. She but her lip and rolled her head back and smiled.

Jane started to reciprocate. She reached between then and started to rub Sarah’s bald pussy. Both women had offered to change their grooming to match there partner, but both had refused. Jane was happy to go on Sarah without the hair getting in the way and was secretly glad to not have to go through the hassle of shaving.

Sarah felt her own excitement grow as Jane’s fingers manipulated her in her favorite ways. They has Bayan Escort spent so many hours in each other’s arms that there was a delightful familiarity and never a missed step. Sarah was nervous though. She knew that the masquerade was on her. They wanted to have a baby, and that required a man but neither one of them really wanted to have sex with a man. Now was the tricky part of the plan. Sex with the man, without sex with the man.

Sarah heard the bedroom door open behind her and moaned to cover any noise. The moan wasn’t entirely fake though. Jane’s fingers had been working wonders on her. She felt a firm male hand surround hers on the dildo and felt the heat of a naked person behind her. She hoped that Jane was oblivious to it. The hand guided hers with the dildo. It started to work the dildo in and out at a slightly different pace than the one that she had been using, but like her pace it would periodically stop when it was fully inserted and twitch, simulating a male orgasming deep inside of Jane.

Jane started to match the dildo’s movements on Sarah’s clit and pussy. She was working her low at the same pace. Once when the dildo paused fully in Jane cried out and pinched Sarah’s clit hard. Jane and Sarah both moaned in unison, overcome with pleasure. The man was aware of the moaning and pulled the rubber cock fully out. Jane wimpered in need. Sarah felt behind her and found the man’s penis. It was the same size and shape as their dildo. Since it was unlubed she rubbed it around the opening to Jane’s throbbing cunt, once she was sure that it would go in smoothly she slid her hand back along the shaft.

The penis felt odd in her hands. It had been so long since she had held one. The texture was similar to that of the dildo but it was warm, hot almost. It was firm and left soft and somewhat flexible. She eased the man into Jane, saying a silent prayer that she didn’t notice that it was a man’s sex and not the toy that was entering her. Jane moaned in contentment and Jane drove the man all the way into her partner. Sarah was careful to make sure to prevent the man’s pubes from touching Jane lest he accidentally give away the “secret.”

Jane knew at some point in the night she was Escort going to be fucked by a man, she had wanted it in order to have a baby, but she had never really desired to have sex with the man so they came up with the plan where a man would sneak in and out replacing a sex toy. She could be fucked by a man, lose her virginity, become pregnant and never realize who did it or how it happened.

Sarah had a firm grip around the man’s cock but let him set the pace that worked for him. She wanted this done as quickly as possible. She could feel the heat from the man’s thighs and hoped that her body was shielding Jane enough. He started to pick up speed and she could feel his heartbeat in his cock.

Jane moaned with the quick pace and started to rub Sarah’s pussy harder. “I love you, Sarah. Fuck me hard. Give me a baby.”

Sarah wasn’t sure how to respond. Jane was totally into it. She must have thought that Sarah really was fucking her.

“That’s right, baby. That’s my dick in you. Filling your pussy with my cum. You are going to have my baby.”

Jane moaned at this. Sarah felt Jane’s hand go limp on her pussy. Jane’s eyes rolled back and she whimpered contentedly. Sarah’s hand was slammed forward against Jane’s hairy pussy by a last quick thrust of the man. She felt his cock jerk and spasm and could feel the pulses of sperm shooting into her lover. The man quickly pulled out and left, easing the door closed behind him.

“Put it back in. I miss your cock.” Sarah eased the dildo back into Jane and bent down and kissed her. Jane hugged her tight and they fell asleep in each others arms.

– One year later…

Sarah and Jane were sitting together in the cafe with a stroller between them. In the stroller was a 3 month old boy that resembled both of them. A young man walked up to the table, bent down and kissed Sarah on the cheek.

“Oh, hi Mark.” Sarah said. “Let me introduce you to Jane and our baby, Josh.”

Mark smiled at the young infant and waved his fingers. The baby smiled and cooed. Mark shook hands with Jane, then sat down at the table with them. “I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet you when I was in town last year.”

“That’s okay, we had a special night in together. I like to think that was the night we made Josh here.”

“He really does look like the two of you.”

“Yeah, we’re hoping that maybe he will get a brother or sister soon.”

Mark smiled and nodded, “You never know with these things.”

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