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Immoral Combat

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(A quick note: The following is a copy of the letter that I sent to Aaron which made him punish me in ‘I don’t want to share’…)

Dear Mr. Black,

Do you know what I’m doing right now? I’m sitting in my bedroom with a huge dildo, the biggest I could buy. And you know what? It isn’t big enough. They don’t make them up to your size at my favorite store, so I guess they aren’t my favorite any longer.

This letter is to tell you I hate you. I hate you and your big fuckstick. Why don’t you take it and jam it up your own ass… fuck it would probably reach, wouldn’t it?

Oh God, what am I saying? Don’t listen to me! Fuck me with that cock, ME!

I want it,

I need it,

I need it so bad I can taste your cum just thinking about it.

Let me suck it till it’s hard, and then fuck me with it? Please.

God damn you, you donkey-dicked bastard, I’m permanently stretched. When I rode the Hell out of that nine-inch kid I didn’t feel a thing.

Fuck you! I don’t need you! I can get by on my own. I can have any man I want. Do you think tits like this grow on trees?

Oh, why aren’t you fucking me right now? Why does nothing I do seem to matter?

My mind just keeps drifting back to that night… the feel of your thick meat piercing my body, my soul, splitting me so good like no one else can.

Come back to me… cum in me.


I want to.

If you don’t give me a proper fuck soon, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Or who.

-Veronica Divine

P.S. I hate you.

P.P.S I love your cock.


Once again, I found myself walking up the hill to Aaron Black’s house.

This evening, I was walking a little funny. Let’s face it, you just can’t walk normally when you’ve just taken a ten and a half inch ass-pounding, even when you were lubed up with your best employee’s cum.

I contemplated this as I climbed the steep slope. Why did he always leave his mansion’s gates closed? Obviously to keep power over me, but he already could do that with a ruler-ship verified by his 16 scepter.

I would break away, I determined as I made the frustrating climb.

I’ve never known a cock I couldn’t tame, a few, (or a dozen) extra inches shouldn’t make the difference in that department.

So what if my pussy ached and pulsed constantly to be refilled by his humongous hose?

So what if the horse-cock was always on my mind, dangling before me in front of those impressive balls, begging me to taste it or take it?

So what if he owned me?

I had a good angry pout on by the time I reached the door, and saw he left a note for me.

^Come to the basement to make your report. I will make my decision there.^

It read.

“Hmph” I hmphed. Where did he get off giving me orders all the time?

I resolved to teach him a thing or too, and stomped (albeit somewhat bowlegged) into his sitting room.

The stairs down could be seen through a door at the far end of the room, and as I descended, it occurred to me that I had never seen any of the rest of Black’s sizable estate.

As I got lower –and this was a deep basement—I began to catch new scents on the air. Must mixed with pine mixed with sweat.

I found myself entering a large tatami filled room, lined with what looked to be expensive Asian weaponry and art, and a few calligraphic scrolls on the walls thrown in for good measure.

In the middle of the room, Aaron Black was training, and I paused in my anger to watch him.

He was dressed in loose gray pants, and nothing else. He was performing an elaborate series of fighting techniques, a Kata I think they call it, and in watching him I came to understand Black a little better.

His movements were precise and powerful, his well-toned muscles bulging and stiffening kırklareli escort with his efforts. Each punch he threw, seemed like it could change the world, each kick was a perfect blend of grace and balance.

It was then that I realized that Aaron Black had always gotten exactly what he wanted. His power could overwhelm any man, enslave any woman, and only the luckiest would be allowed to worship him.

It just made me madder.

“Hey Black.” I shouted, though he gave no sign of listening to me. “I got fucked by a ten and a half inch cock last night. It was fantastic. I don’t need you anymore.”

He did not look at me as he continued his stances and spoke; “You’re lying to me. What have I told you about lying to me?”

“I am not lying! I measured him myself.”

He stopped his movements and looked at me, an arrogant sneer plastered on his face.

“Don’t be such a dumb bitch.” His words held as much force as one of his punches, or at least I felt they did. “You aren’t lying about that part.”

“Fuck you!” I shot back, not at my wittiest.

“You wish.” He laughed, the truth of his words tearing at my mind. “In any case, you still strayed from me for an inferior man. Now you must be punished.”

I trembled.

“You want your freedom from me?” He cracked his knuckles. “Come on, fight me for it, you cum-dumpster.”

He assumed no stance as I strode up to him, raising my hands. I’m no slouch in physical fitness, but I’m no fighter either.

Still, you never know what a cheap shot will do, and I was determined to see that arrogant smile beaten from his face.

I swung out a fist, immediately self-conscious at how much my tits jiggled from the action.

Aaron’s hand shot out and whacked my arm aside.

I launched a punch and a kick, but he merely stepped aside and gave me a hard push, sending me into a stumble.

I whirled around threw a flurry of punches at him. He just laughed and seized one of my arms in mid flight, locking it behind my back. I felt somehow that he was being incredibly light, and with the merest of efforts could shatter my arm.

From this position he reached around and cupped one of my tits.

“I’ve always thought for a helpless cumslut that you had a terrific pair.”

I yelped as he tweaked a nipple, and then shoved me forward, making sure one of his big feet impacted on my ass.

I fell to my knees, but scrambled up quickly.


I screamed as I charged, nothing but a ball of unrestrained anger, fists, and jiggling sweater missiles.

I tore at his face and eyes, launched knees for his groin, and tried to kick his shins. All of the girl-fighter’s dirtiest tricks met defeat at his weaving and blocking.

He wouldn’t fight me for real. He just laughed and danced, pushing me, tapping me with his fingers, and emphasizing how weak I was, how strong he was.

Finally I shot a hand through his defenses, and managed to grab his left ball through his pants.

With a grin I prepared to hold it over him before I squeezed, finally getting to show him who boss is.

But suddenly it was like a train had been condensed to the size of a big fist and let loose at maximum speed into my stomach.

His punch knocked the air and wits from me, gaps in my vision dominating my view.

When I was done coughing, I realized his blow had left me on my knees.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch that.” He scolded me.

I could still only cough in response.

He reached down and tore open my shirt with no effort. Then he ripped through my bra as easily as he defeated me.

As my knockers jiggled and bounced out, he ogled them with a mix of disdain and something I couldn’t place.

“I win.” He said shoving me onto my back easily. kırşehir escort “And don’t forget that I always win bitch. It’s because I’m better then you, and better then anyone you’ll ever know, no matter how hard you look.”

With these words his pants came down, and it was now I realized that this was the first time I’d seen Aaron Black naked.

For some this is a sign of vulnerability and tenderness, and exposure of all one’s dirty physical secrets.

For him, it is nothing more then a further act of subjugation. Even in my dazed state I took him all in. His perfect face, his broad shoulders, his unbelievably sculpted abs, his hairless chest and shaved giant cock. My pussy went into overtime on juice production, my mouth watered.

He spread his magnificent thighs, and straddled me, his weight firmly clamping me beneath him.

With one big hand he scooped up both my wrists, and held them helplessly in his grasp.

His other hand went to his flaccid dick, commanding awe and worship even soft.

He seized himself, and began to rub the head of his perfect prick all over my tits, circling them with his meat.

Then he began to beat them with his length, each shock-impacting blow sending my boobs into jiggling fits.

He wailed up and down each globe, using his club to thoroughly bruise and punish my tender titflesh.

I moaned and whimpered under his punishment, struggling my best. But he held me fast, and his blows became harder and harder to bear as his super manhood became turgid.

Soon it was like he was beating me with a bat, meaty thuds and thwacks filling the empty dojo, accompanied only by weak grunts and cries from my mouth.

My tits were out of control, nipples hard and aroused, bruises purpling in thick swaths all over my bosom.

His balls started to serve up pre-cum before long, thick slippery strands of potent man-soup spilling into my cleavage.

Aaron Black seems to come more then most men pee on a beer night, and that’s before he actually orgasms.

Soon my abused FF cups were glistening all over, the wet splats of spooge being beaten into them testament to the sheer caliber of the weapon being used against them.

Aaron let go of my arms as his weighty tree feel into my cleavage with a slap.

He brought his hands down and squeezed my mondo melons around his pole, slowly thrusting up through the now slippery canal.

Most men’s cocks are totally swallowed by my awesome mounds, but Aaron’s poked easily from the top, his head reaching my forehead.

I looked cross-eyed at the quivering shaft before me, the shadow it cast on my face causing me to gasp with a mix of fear and lust.

I stuck out my tongue for a tempting taste, but he pulled the object of my desire up and away from my face.

Then the manly monument came crashing back down onto my face, hard, as he used his hand to punish my nose.

“I didn’t say you could lick me, bitch. Take my cock where I give it to you, and no where else.”

Then he began to mercilessly tit-fuck me, his strong hips driving all 16 inches in and out of the tight crack his hands were making.

His hands mauled my weighty watermelons, his fingers simultaneously crushing and rewarding my flesh in a mix of massage and punishment.

The friction of his cock lodged in my titty tunnel heated his pre-sperm, which was only pumped out more by his balls.

Those suckers were slapping the bottoms of my teats on every up-stroke, scraping along my stomach the rough texture of his scrotum was totally apparent.

But the real punishment was happening to my jaw. That big hard head came up and punched me with each thrust, and no matter where I moved my head, it found me, swinging to slap my chin, or pounding heavy hard trails along my cheeks kızılay escort or lips.

I had to fight to keep my lips closed.

I lost track of time at this, but before long I was in a daze, my face brutally beaten again by his cock, my milk jugs sore, and my features damp with a thick layer of pearly precum.

My will was gone too. This total use of my body like an object only rubbed in how much I belonged to Aaron. He would fuck me how he wanted and when he wanted, I had no say.

“These tits are almost big enough satisfy my cock…almost. I need your mouth too.” He pulled away, secure in the knowledge that I was too dazed to make a getaway.

He walked around me and squatted over my head, big glistening balls dangling right in my face.

“Lick them bitch, while I finish punishing your pontoons.”

With that he began again, thrusting into my gigantic man-lures with new vigor.

His awesome cock head leaked pre-cum into my belly button on his deep thrusts, his hands now holding my tits only by the nipples, his hard grip making them sore.

His balls dominated my face, and I fought hard to lick and suck them when they were within reach. When they weren’t, they were dancing on my eyes, beating into my forehead, and blocking my nose with pungent, powerful musk.

He fucked and fucked; each thrust a reminder that he was best.

Looking at 16 inches of mega-mammoth meat fuck my tits—not too mention the ripe-mango sized nuts churning in my face—I found it impossible to disagree with the idea.

Finally with a savage snarl, he pulled into a retreat, his first long streamer of cum shooting out the whole way.

His first shot was so powerful, it formed a pool between my feet, splashing up on the insides of my legs and thighs.

He second was aimed at my stomach, plastering the alabaster surface in a creamy pool.

I then caught one blast to each tit, the seemingly endless spray hosing my basketballs down completely.

A thick strand of rich spunk splashed into the hollow of my neck, coating my jaw and joining the pool all over my chest.

Then it was shot after shot after shot onto my face.

He targeted my eyes one at a time, then my nose, my forehead, my chin, each cheek, and my swollen lips.

But it didn’t really matter where he aimed too much; each blast whitewashed my face almost completely.

I was blinded by ball batter, drowned in dick dew, plastered in prick paste, and made-up with man-molasses.

The thirteen shots left me breathless.

My nose was blocked by ejaculate, and when I opened my mouth for air, salty-sweet cream poured in, forcing me to cough and sputter.

Finally I was gasping for air, and felt as Aaron Black milked a peach-pit-sized dollop of cum directly into my mouth.

I savored the hot morsel, rolling it around in my mouth, sloshing it across my tongue.


I opened my caked eyes, tearing slightly as his sperm invaded its way into them.

His face was a blur in front of me, and then Aaron Black did something I did not expect.

He kissed me.

Only Aaron Black does not so much kiss you, as rape your mouth with his tongue. Even that one part of him was in total command of all that surrounded it. He forced his will on me, dominating me completely with the sheer forceful power of his masculinity.

He was still hard as he stood, clearly capable of more action, but of course he denied me.

“Go home slut. Sleep. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll fuck you in your dreams.”


I didn’t drive home and wash this night. I sat in the front see of my car, scooping handful after handful of thick jizz into my mouth.

As each gluey glob slid slowly down my throat, I realized something new.

I didn’t belong to Aaron Black; the whole fucking world did.

(Apologies for the odd continuity regarding my letter, it was too short to stand alone, as I’d originally intended. I hope you enjoyed all the same.

Are my stories making any naughty men out there cum? Write me all about it at the link below.)

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