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Imaginary Friend Ch. 01

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(This is my first work online so I am really excited to share it. This story may confuse you from reality and fantasy, but stick with it!)

My name is Ralph Sycamore, I am 22, and I still have an imaginary friend. Well, he isn’t really a “friend” so to speak. He is more like an imaginary boyfriend. I know its sad, but I’ve always been shy, so I haven’t really had a real “boyfriend”. Yeah, that means I’m still a virgin, I know, its sad.

Well, off of that topic, I am about 5′ 7″, with light brown hair, parted down the middle. I have a body that could be called “twink-ish”, however I’ve always hated being called a twink.

I am not necessarily “out”, I mean not to everybody. I am out to everybody except for my father. You see, my mother and father got divorced when I was really young and he moved all the way to New York (we live in California), and I would visit him on winter and spring break and also for a month during the summer. Although, that was when I was still in school.

This story starts on my last year of college, still a boyfriendless virgin, and have only a couple friends. There’s Zach, my best friend and roommate, and Tyler my other best friend, and also Tyler’s boyfriend Charlie, who I really don’t see much, however we’re friends because of our friends. You get it.

Now my imaginary friend I’ve named Richard. He’s a big muscly man, clearly shaven, and speaks in a very husky voice. Nobody really knows about him, and I’ve kept him a secret because I feel like people would send me to the insane asylum. Maybe I am insane, I don’t know, but I decided right before I came out to my mother that I would never let who I was decide what I will be, and I have always lived by this motto.

When I was a hormonal teenager, I invented him out of pure hormonal necessity. I would masturbate to him, and then when I turned 18, I imagined him standing with me as I came out to my mom. She was very understanding, and said she already knew. Said, “Baby, I’ve been with ataşehir escort you for almost every single day of your young life, you think that I wouldn’t know if you were gay? Now come over here and lets go watch some TV.”

After that, I basically came out to everyone (except for my father). I, of course, got bullied and harassed, but I stuck by my motto, got into college under an English scholarship (I’ve always wanted to be a writer), and escaped the prejudice by meeting new friends and avoided the bigots, all the way until this final 4 months of college.

And that’s where my story really starts, in my English seminar room, and listening intensely to Mr. Biggs’ lesson on how to overcome writer’s block; a student came in without his assignment saying he “had writer’s block”. I’ve heard this very same speech from Mr. Biggs before, but it is definitely funny a fifth time.

“You know, I always see you smiling at this speech, every single time. Haven’t you heard it enough?” Said a student next to me. I looked over to come face to face with a man. That’s the best way to describe him, a man. He looks to be about 6′ 2″, with short blond hair and a rough look about him. He was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. “I’m Nick, and you are…?”

“R, Ralph,” I stuttered, my cheeks reddening.

“You’re cute when you stutter, you know.” He said huskily.

My god, did he just call me cute? Did I imagine it? Oh god, he is so handsome!

“Th, thanks,” I said stupidly. “You’re just plain handsome.” Why did I say that, he’s going to think I am the biggest dork ever! He just smiled.

“Mr. Sycamore and Mr. Daniels, would you like to share your points on writer’s block with the rest of the group?” Mr. Biggs interrupted, making me blush even further.

“I was actually just debating with Ralphie about the existence of writer’s block. He said that it is when you cannot think of what to say, and I said that I believe it was just plain excuses, like you said.” Nick avcılar escort stated, without hesitating. Oh, god, cute and handsome!

Something tugged in the inside of my head, urging me away from Nick, but I merely ignored it. I deserved a boyfriend at this stage of my life, right?

Once class had finished, Nick greeted me at the door. “So, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat later?” He asked, seemingly as calm as ever.

“S, sure. I would love to!” I said, trying to stay cool, but failing miserably. The cutest guy in the world was actually asking me to dinner! Oh my god!

“I’ll pick you up at 7,” he winked. We parted to our next classes after exchanging cellphone numbers and dorm room numbers.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, oh, my god!

After my last, I went to my room to get ready. “Okay, who is he, and when is he picking you up?” Zach questioned through smiling teeth.

I bit my lip. “His name is Nick, and he is probably the hottest guy I have ever seen,” I admitted, bringing a smile to both of our faces.

“And?” Zach asked, wanting more.

“I met him during Mr. Biggs’ seminar, and he was hitting on me. Then, after class, he asked me to dinner.”

“O.M.F.G, you will give me juicier details tomorrow, you know.” He smiled.

I blushed furiously, Zach knew I was a virgin, and he definitely doesn’t let me forget it. “I know.”

I went to my room and sat down on my bed, reviewing the past few hours. Then, suddenly, Richard popped into existence.

“You aren’t cheating on me, are you?” He asked.

“No of course not, your not real, so that’s not possible.” I reprimanded.

“So, this isn’t real?” He said, leaning forward to give me a fiery kiss. Our tongues intertwined. I felt my cock instantly thicken as he gripped it. He rubbed the tip and then broke our kiss to twirl my cock in his mouth. I groaned and instantly came inside my pants. That’s when I took my hand out of my pants, pulled said ataşehir escort bayan pants off to change into new ones.

At 7:15 exactly, there was a knock at the door, and I ran to it before Zach could even comprehend it. There, before me was Nick, in all of his tall majesty.

“Hey, I, sorry I’m late, my watch was wrong.” He said, but I really didn’t care.

“Yeah, of course, its ok.” I breathed, letting my eyes wander around his buff build. He caught me looking, and I blushed.

“So cute,” He husked, making me blush more.

“Ok, so I hope you like burgers, because I am buying us some burgers, if that’s ok with you.” He said.

“Yeah, ok, burgers are good. Real good.” I just couldn’t concentrate with him here.

He winked at a peeping Zach, who was hiding behind a couch, giggling. Then we left for the burger place.

We sat down and ate our burgers. I was too excited to eat, though, so I ended up eating half of my cheeseburger. On the other hand, Nick quickly ate his double cheeseburger with bacon, and even asked if he could finish my burger. I said yes.

He drove us back to my dorm, and once we were at the door he leaned in and kissed me.

At first I was surprised, but then I quickly came back to the world to return the kiss. It was so much better than an imaginary one. Our tongues play with each other, and I loved the musky taste of him. As he pulled away, however, I groaned in frustration.

“Ralphie, I don’t just want you to be a quick fuck, I would like to have a real relationship. Would that be okay with you?” He asked, his eyes searching mine for an answer.

“Definitely, however I would just like you to know I’m kind of still a virgin.” I admitted, shyly.

“Really? I would have thought someone as cute as you would have been taken already? Huh!” He said, smiling at my blushing face.

“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty shy, so that’s why…” I said, my face now beat red.

“Well, then we’ll take this at your pace. Ok?”

“Y, yeah,” I said, watching him slowly close the door. “See you tomorrow at Mr. Biggs’.”

“See yah!” He smiled as the door finally shut. That night I had many dreams, all of which contributing to making my pants a sticky mess.

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