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I Find a New Friend

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Journal Entry: Saturday, June 3, 1989-Jane

I’m posting some of the journal entries from my college years. In case you were wondering the stories are true. For those of you keeping score at home this would be
in the series. 1-6 are posted. Cheers!


I was taking summer classes to try and catch up but spent most of my weekends at home. Pete and Steve were both home for the summer. Pete was getting married to Cathy in the fall so it was his last summer of freedom. He was determined to make the most of it. Steve and Pat had broken up and Steve was ready to party. Pat had called and asked me and made plans to go camping the following weekend. Tonight we spent the first Saturday of the summer getting loaded and looking for pussy.

We had no trouble getting loaded but it wasn’t nearly as easy to find fuckable babes. Pete suggested we drive down by the river that ran through town. My family had a boat and dock near a shelter house where kids often partied. We were in luck; there seemed to be a party going on. We stopped and mingled. It must have been a slow party because it took Pete nearly five minutes to leave with a babe. Steve and I laughed as he waved goodbye; we didn’t recognize the girl he left with. “Pete was a little off his game tonight,” I remarked to Steve.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “Five minutes is a long time for him to pick up a babe. Of course you noticed his standards aren’t that high. She was pretty heavy.”

“You’re right,” I replied, “but she did have a nice set of tits and I’m pretty sure she has a pussy which Pete will be sampling soon.”

“Good point,” he agreed, “but I’m sure if we invest a little time we’ll be just as lucky and with decent looking babes.”

Steve had pretty high standards when it came to fucking a babe. Me, I followed more the Pete philosophy. As long as a girl was pleasant and wanted to fuck I’d give her a try. Often the fat, ugly ones were the best pieces of ass as they knew they couldn’t just get by on their looks, they had to show you a good time; Patty and Gloria came to mind. But I was willing to hang with Steve until we found suitable fucks. If worse came to worse and I went home without getting laid, I could always look forward to fucking his ex-girlfriend next weekend.

Steve and I were sitting around drinking beers and getting more loaded when Brenda, a girl he used to date, sat down and started talking. When they started making out I could see they wanted some alone time so I got up and mingled. I made a circle around the party and when I looked back, Steve and Brenda were heading out. At least the two of them were going to get lucky tonight. The party was starting to die down and I was heading to out, when a car with a couple of chicks drove up. The girl in the passenger seat called my name and I went to investigate. Looking inside I saw two girls, Cathy and Jane, who I had known in high school. Cathy cut my hair at the local shop so we were pretty friendly but, while I remembered her friend Jane from high school, I didn’t know her all that well. They had been a couple years behind me. Both girls though had tremendous sets of tits.

“How’s the party?” Cathy asked.

“Seems like it’s dying down,” I replied.

“Do you know my friend Jane?” she asked, “she’s up here visiting for a few weeks. Her parents moved to Texas after graduation.”

“I remember you from high school, “I said,” how you are doing?”

“Great,” she replied, “but we were hoping to find a party tonight.”

“I’m going to go check it out,” Cathy said.

“You go ahead,” Jane replied, “I’m going to talk to Jeff bit.”

Cathy drifted off towards the party and we leaned on her car, talking.

“How have you been?” she asked.

“Pretty good,” I said, “I’m back at school taking summer Escort bayan classes.”

“Are you staying with your parents?” she asked.

“Actually I have an apartment at school,” I replied.

“I’d love to see it,” Jane smiled.

“This was way too easy,” I thought to myself. “Let’s go,” I said out loud.

“Let me tell Cathy I’m going,” she grinned. We found Cathy and explained what we were up to, grabbed a few beers for the road, and jumped in my car.

“You probably don’t know this,” she said as we drove, “but I had a crush on in high school.”

“Damn girl, I wish I’d known that,” I said, “I’ve always thought you were very hot.”

And she was. She was about 5’8″, probably a few pounds heavier than Pat and several pounds lighter than Patty. But her tits were incredible. They looked like they might be bigger than Patty’s. I couldn’t wait to try them out. Had I known she was interested I would have been all over her years ago. Aside from her huge tits she was very good looking. She had deep blue eyes and long blond hair. She was cuter than Pat with bigger tits than Patty; I had hit the jackpot. Steve had been right: if you invest a little time you could go home with a hot babe.

“I heard your parents moved to Dallas,” I said, “do you live down there now?”

“I’m going to State,” (about 3 hours away) she explained, “I’m spending some time with Cath and then heading down there for the rest of the summer.”

“Good thing we bumped into each other tonight then,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” she grinned, “I lost track of you after you graduated.”

“I spent a year or so bumming around overseas and now I’m back.”

“No girlfriend?” she asked.

“I seem to be between girlfriends right now,” I replied.

“Me too,” she grinned; she had such a cute grin.

We made it back to my place and I showed her around. “I like your wall of fame,” she said, pointing to the bras above my bed, “You seem to have all shapes and sizes up there.”

“Variety is the spice of life,” I smiled.

“What does a girl have to do to make it on your wall?” she grinned.

“They have to pass a rigorous series of qualification tests,” I said with a wink.

“That sounds like fun,” she giggled, “Where do I register?”

“Right here,” I said, “all I need is a bra for deposit.”

“OK,” she said, peeling off her shirt. I stared, slack jawed as she slipped off her bra and held it out for me. I stood transfixed by the beauty of her boobs, unable to move. Not only were they bigger than Gloria’s but they were perfectly shaped. Unlike Gloria, and Patty, Jane’s tits weren’t big because she was fat. They were perfectly shaped oblong beauties, bowing to the pressure of gravity, lying against her chest. On her slender frame they appeared enormous. The realization that I was soon going to be licking them and sucking them and sliding my dick between them left me awestruck.

“Is there a problem?” she asked as I stood staring.

“You’re just so beautiful,” I finally managed to stammer.

“Thanks,” she said as she actually blushed.

“Do me a favor,” I said, taking her bra and getting a tack from my desk, “take your pants off; I want to drink in your beautiful body.

Her blush deepened but she undid her pants, let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. “What do you think?” she asked.

“I’m speechless,” I muttered, “would you mind turning around for me.”

She turned and leaned forward on the bed, showing off her ass. Her folded pussy lips were visible as she spread her legs. While not quite as nice as Pat’s perfect ass, it wasn’t off by much. Taken as a whole, she was by far the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, let alone fucked. I knelt behind her Bayan Escort so I could get my lips and tongue at her pussy. “Just as I suspected,” I said between licks, “delicious. I could eat this pussy all night long.”

“Ohh,” she purred as I slid my tongue in and out of her lovely pussy, “a man after my own heart. You can eat me all night and all day if you like. You do that so fucking good.”

We had managed to work ourselves into bed with Jane sitting on my face. She slowly rotated her pussy back and forth across my probing tongue. It took me nearly an hour of good, tasty pussy eating but she finally came. And she came hard. It started with her cooing louder as she ground her pussy into my face, rewarding my patience with a lovely shower of delicious cum. After her enormous orgasm she rolled off me and lay on the bed panting as I slowly licked the remaining cum from her pussy.

“Please stop,” she moaned, “that feels so fucking good.”

“I really could suck your clit all night,” I replied, “but I’ll give you a break.” “Besides,” I added, slowly running my tongue up her lovely, tight tummy towards her breathtaking tits, “I see something else I’ve been dying to suck.” She giggled sweetly as I ran my tongue around her massive tits, going around and around in tighter circles until my lips latched on to first one rock hard nipple then the next. “You have to know these are by far the best tits I’ve ever sucked,” I said with a smile.

She grinned bashfully, “Not only do you have a magic tongue,” she moaned, “but you say the sweetest things.” She ran her fingers through my hair while I covered and re-covered every square inch of her incredible tits. She moaned softly as I nibbled on her nipples, biting and sucking and licking them.

“I could get used to sucking these beauties,” I told her.

“I certainly hope you will,” she grinned, “but right now I’m feeling kind of bad.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked.

“Well here you’ve been so nice and sweet and sucked my pussy and tits so beautifully and I haven’t even seen your cock yet,” she explained. “Am I going to get a chance to thank you properly or are you ashamed of it; because you know size doesn’t matter to me. You’re already the best partner I’ve ever had.”

“Well, ” I told her, leading her on, “it’s good that size doesn’t matter to you.”

“Don’t be shy,” she said, interrupting, “let me have a look.” She pushed me over on my back and unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my zipper. I wasn’t wearing underwear so the tip of my cock was sticking out. “Very nice, so far,” she said, “I like a man who’s always ready to fuck. Let’s see what else you have here.” I pulled off my pants, watching her eyes grow wide with amazement as my fully engorged ten inch cock sprang free and waved slightly back and forth front of her. It was her turn to be stunned speechless.

“What’s wrong?” I teased, “You said size didn’t matter to you.”

“You asshole,” she laughed, “I was lying out my ass. I only said that because I thought you must be shy or something.” “But this,” she said, reaching out to stroke me, a huge smile on her face, “this is simply the most amazing cock I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. I can’t decide whether to suck you or fuck you.”

“Take your time, we have all weekend.” She giggled. “If you combine my cock with your perfect body,” I observed while she made up her mind, “I’d say we have a pretty good combination going here.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” she said, before taking my cock into her mouth. “Yum,” she mumbled, “delicious. Now if I can just figure out a way to get your entire cock into my mouth.”

“Take your time,” I said, stroking her hair, “I’m horny as hell but I’ll try to hold off as long as I can.”

“Don’t strain yourself, Escort baby,” she grinned, “if you have to just go ahead and cum in my mouth. I love cum.”

“You just keep doing what you’re doing,” I moaned, “and I’m sure nature will take its course.”

She gave a fairly righteous blow job; a little better than Patty but not quite as good as Pat. The longer she sucked the more cock she was able to cram into her eager mouth. She was almost able to swallow my entire cock when I felt myself start to unload. She grinned when the first squirt of cum hit the back of her throat. She started milking me with her lips as I ejaculated into her mouth. She didn’t stop until she had sucked every last droplet of cum from my cock.

“Emm, very tasty,” she said after swallowing my cum, “I really love your cock; I can’t wait to feel it inside me.” She slowly stroked my half hard cock, “Do you mind?” she asked, licking my soft shaft and tip.

“Not at all, baby,” I replied, “the sooner you get me hard, the sooner we can find out what my cock sliding into your pussy feels like.” Just the thought of fucking her was enough to firm me up.

“Oh goody, ” she cried as she rolled over on her back, spread her legs and held her ankles wide, “Do you wanna?”

“Now what kind of silly question is that?” I asked as I crawled on top of her lovely, ripe body.

My cock was throbbing in anticipation but I took it nice and slow. Her pussy was wide open and wet. I had no trouble finding it with the tip of my cock. Rather than sliding right in and pumping her I used the tip of my cock to massage her soft, wet lips and her sensitive clit. The more I teased her the hotter she became. Before too long she was begging me to give her my cock. I finally relented, sliding the tip of my cock between her luscious lips. Jane was clawing at my ass cheeks, begging me to give her more cock but I took it nice and slow. As Patty had taught me, you only get the chance to fuck for the first time once.

Sliding my cock inch by inch into her throbbing pussy was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. I busied my face between her massive tits and tried to lick up both sides at once, trying to take my mind off the sensation of my cock, now buried halfway inside her pussy. It didn’t work. Her raw sexuality was just too powerful and I succumbed to the urging of the horny hormones coursing through my veins. I rammed my cock in to the hilt, crashing my pelvis into hers. Hesitating only for a few heartbeats, I started ramming my cock in and out of her pussy. Jane responded with a nice, screaming orgasm.

“Fuck me baby,” she cried, clawing at my ass cheeks, trying to get more cock inside her trembling pussy, “more cock.”

“Roll over, bitch!” I replied, “and I’ll fuck your ass off.”

She still had her feet in the air so I had no problem keeping my cock full inside her pulsating pussy while she rolled over. I got to my knees, pulling her ass up with me. I kept my position up and over her ass and started fucking her straight down. She had a little bit of extra padding on her ass and her cheeks shook like a bowl full of jelly. I must have hit a sweet spot because Jane immediately started cuming like crazy. I fucked her hard and fast while she came then slowed down a bit.

“Your cock feels so good, baby,” she sighed.

“So does your pussy,” I replied. I reached around and squeezed her tits, “And I love these beauties,” I added.

Jane moaned as I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, the little slut was getting ready to cum again. “Fuck me hard again, darling,” she urged.

I let go of her tits, grabbed her hips, and started slamming my cock into her pussy again as hard as ever. It didn’t take Jane long, only fifteen or twenty minutes of good, ass pounding fucking before she was cuming again. This time I reached down deep in my balls and started filling her cunt with cum. Jane cried out as the first squirt of white hot jism hit the back of her pussy. We continued fucking back and forth until we were both completely drained.

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