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Husband Loses Bet, Or Does He?

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This is a story about a husband who has a wife who suddenly becomes dominant in their relationship. It is written in response to a story idea request posted by Astramedial. It contains a wife who takes control and a husband who becomes submissive to his wife’s humiliation and use for pleasure. It also contains some MM scenarios. If this story does not fit what you are looking for then you may want to move on. However, there is a segment of people on Lit who have asked for this type of story and it is for them that this is written.

My wife and I have always had an active and open relationship in all areas including sex. We had experience in the swing scene and in seeing other people. The lifestyle fit us like a glove and we both enjoy who we are and where we are at.

Debbie and I have been married for 8 years and we both are professionally employed. We live in an upscale New York neighborhood and during the week stay pretty quiet being absorbed in our jobs. Debbie came from a large Catholic family and when we married she had a very limited base of sexual experience. The first six months of our marriage we engaged in fairly vanilla sex normally resorting to the missionary position in the bedroom under the covers with the lights out.

Over several years we began experiencing a liberation in our sex lives. We included other people in our play time and experimented with a variety of sexual acts from sex in public locations to attending get togethers in places like Fantasy Fest. We were happy and fulfilled in our sex lives. Recently we had began a little game where the looser had to perform for the winner regardless of what was asked of them. The looser could not protest or back away from whatever the other required.

We had a lot of fun with this new idea, normally Debbie just required me to please her in different ways or to watch her with another partner. I had several set ups where I required my wife to serve my friends food and drinks while naked during a ball game or once I even had her to give several of my buddies blow jobs afer a Monday Night football game. All in all it has proved to be a lot of fun and opened us up to some new experiences.

I never dreamed how my last lose would end up. Debbie had won our little game several weeks ago and I anxiously waited to find out what my debt would be. Debbie never gave me any hint of what she had in store an I thought she may have forgotten that she was still owed one.

My buddies and I had planned a big event for Super Bowl Sunday at a little bar that one of my friends owned. We had the place to ourselves for a closed party as local laws forbid the bar being open for business on a Sunday. There were 10 of my buddies gathered for the big game and we had plenty of beer and snacks lined up. Debbie had insisted on coming with me and I gave in and we all gathered and started the festivities. Things went great through the first half and we all were having a lot of fun. As half time began Debbie went into the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing a sexy little getup.

Debbie looked like an old time formal school teacher. She even had a wooden paddle that she was sporting. Before I cold ask what she was doing she quietly told me that she was taking her win now. I thought about protesting but remembered the way she performed at my command despite being uncomfortable. I just smiled back at her and said “Ok.”

My wife walked over to the large screen and flipped it off. She announced to all the guys “Sorry to interrupt your half time activities fellows but Ronnie will be supplying the half time entertainment.”

‘Ronnie’ I could not believe she called me Ronnie, I was know as Ron to all my friends and nobody but my mother had ever called me Ronnie. My mind raced wondering what lay in store for me. It did not take long before I started to catch on.

Debbie ordered me to strip down to my briefs and stand in front of her. I slowly complied with her order feeling my face blush from embarrassment at my old time buddies seeing me act like a total wimp in front of them all. I had never been accused of being whipped but now the prospect was out there with the guys not knowing kayseri escort this was part of an agreement and I could not back out.

I stood before my sexy wife in front of my best friends clad only in my briefs. My cock was limp and drawn in tightly from the humiliation I was feeling. Debbie ordered me to get onto my hands and knees and to kiss her feet. I slowly without protest complied and ran my tongue over her sexy little feet as I kissed my way across them. My mind raced with thought os what my buddies were thinking. They cheered me on in the background.

Debbie then walked over and pulled up a chair from one of the tables sitting on it. She told me to crawl over to her and lay across her lap. As I reached her I crawled up and lay across her with my hips over her legs. “I think you are long overdue for a good spanking” She said as she pulled my shorts off my cheeks displaying my bare ass to all in the room.

Debbie took her paddle and proceeded to give my ass a good workout. I could feel the heat raise off my reddened ass cheeks. The whole time she paddled me she reprimanded me telling me I had been a bad ‘boy’. To add to my embarrassment Jerry, the owner of the bar had retrieved his digital camera and was snapping away.

We had talked about Dom/Sub relationships before but it had never been anything either of us had pursued. She was taking our relationship to new heights and all I could do was go along for the ride. She really shocked me next with her command. We had talked about bisexual activity but neither of us had ever thought it was something we would ever do. We both knew it was a fantasy that we shared but acting on it had never presented itself before.

Debbie ordered me to my hands and knees again and continued “I think you need to find out what a cock tastes like. Ralph has a nice cock, now go over and let him use your mouth for my pleasure.”

I was about to violate the terms of our agreement and refuse thinking that there was no way one of my buddies would ever let me or any guy suck his dick. Before I could speak out Ralph stood up and motioned for me to come to him. I looked at him and saw that he and the rest of the guys were enjoying this as much as Debbie. Obviously she must have clued them into our little game before we arrived. I crawled over to Ralph and Debbie told me to take his cock out.

I reached up and undid the button on his jeans and eased the zipper down. I could feel his already hard cock under the material of his pants. I hooked my thumbs into his waistband and pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprang loose a few inches from my face. Ralph was large with a 8 cock and big ball sack. His pubic hair was thick and matted around his tool. Slowly I reached out and began feeling his cock. It was hot and the thought of handling another man’s cock in front of all my buddies and my wife made me a little excited. I stuck my tongue out and ran it over the tip of his huge cock head. Ralph moaned and all the guys called out encouragement for me to suck him off. I ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft and over his balls and then went back up and took the head into my mouth. Ralph had a deep musky smell that invigorated me as I tried to work his cock into my mouth. As I got him in he grabbed the back of my head and began using my mouth as his fuck toy. As he pushed in and hit the back of my throat I would gag a little until I got used to the feeling. I reached up and cupped Ralph’s balls massaging them.

As I felt Ralph get ready to cum I tried to pull away and my wife told me to take his load in my mouth. Before I could react I felt Ralph’s first shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. It was followed by a torrent of hot sticky thick cum that overfilled my mouth. At first I wanted to spit it out but after a minute the taste was not bad and I did my best to get every drop in. I felt my own cock jump as I thought about what I must look like with my own briefs around my ankles and Ralph’s huge cock in my mouth. I knew I would probably get to see with Jerry still taking pictures.

As Ralph’s cock went soft and popped out of my used mouth Debbie came keçiören escort over and kissed me deeply for a few moments running her tongue down my throat. As she puled away she said “You sure look good as a cock sucker and it tastes good on you too.”

She then grabbed me by my now hard cock and pulled me crawling on the floor backwards across the room until I was kneeling in front of another of my buddies. She swatted my ass briskly with her hand and said “You did such a good job on Ralph I think he out, let’s see how you do on Danny here.”

Danny already had his cock out and was stroking it. Debbie pushed my face into his meat and said “suck boy.”

Danny was of medium build with a slight beer belly. He was 27 years old and married with 4 children. His cock was tiny in comparison to Ralph’s at only about 4 ½” hard. His balls were also not very large hanging only an inch below his cock. He had a large drop of pre-cum oozing from his slit and I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. “Good little cock sucker.” Debbie said.

I easily took Danny’s entire length into my mouth and began working on it like I had been sucking cock all my life. It tasted good and his strong phemerones drove me wild as I sucked his cock and then held it up and took his balls into my mouth. It took me at least five minutes of working on him before I saw his ball sack tighten and knew he was gong to cum. “Take it out and jack his hot sticky cum over your face bitch.” Debbie commanded.

As I tasted the first shot of his sweet cum in my mouth I pulled him out and massaged his balls and stoked his cock as it spewed what seemed like a gallon of thick cum onto my face and head. I continued pumping his cock until I managed to milk the last drops out of his retracting balls. I could barely see out of my eyes from the large amount of spunk covering my face and running down my chin. Jerry was all over the place snapping pictures the whole time. As I adjusted my eyes I could see that all the guys had removed their pants and were stroking their own cocks. My own cock was throbbing and begging for relief.

I waited with anticipation as Debbie removed her sheer lace long skirt. I wondered in my mind if she was going to allow me to fuck her, but dared not ask. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she reached into a bag and took out a huge strap on. The thing looked enormous with it’s 8″ veiny black realistic cock and balls. She seductively stepped into the harness and pulled it up around her waist.

She then instructed me to lower my head to the floor and keep my ass raised in the air. She approached me from behind and rubbed some KY into my tight tiny butt hole. Beside a finger during a blow job I had never had anything up my ass before. Her finger now felt huge and made my ass sore. She then walked around to me and lifted my head and rubbed the massive black cock in Danny’s cum on my face getting the entire shaft wet and sticky. As she finished she told me “I am going to take your anal cherry with my huge black dick. Tell me how bad you want to feel my dick in your tight little ass hole.”

I stuttered a minute and she reached around and smacked my ass hard with her hand burning me. I then spoke up “Please mistress, fuck my dirty little white ass hole with your big black cock. I want to feel you inside me as you use me as your little fuck toy.”

“Good” Debbie replied as she pushed my head back to the floor and went back to my quivering ass. “I am going to fuck you hard and fast as Billy uses his big white cock to violate your wife’s hot pussy.”

Billy nodded stroking his 6″ white fat cock getting behind Debbie with an kneeling down. I felt her press the head of her cock against my puckered tight hole and thought it would never go in. She worked it until the fat head pushed it’s way inside. I screamed out in pain as I thought she had split me in two. I felt an immediate burning slap across my ass as Debbie said “Did I tell you you could speak out?”

“No mistress” I said as tears welled up in my cum covered eyes and my throat burned.

She pushed in further causing pain to shoot threw my body from the torment of the ankara kendi evi olan escort invading cock in my tight ass and my muscles tried in vein to push her back out. I took her a few minutes to get herself buried into me and she stopped for a pause that gave me some relief as I adjusted to the size of the massive cock. Finally the pain began to mix with a sensation of pleasure and I wanted to feel her fuck me from behind. She instructed Billy to enter her and then began slowly pumping in and out of me building speed with each stroke. I could feel Billy meeting her thrusts with his own cock buried deep in my wife’s sweet hot pussy.

As her intensity built the pain disappeared and was taken over by a feeling of immense pleasure as she rocked my prostrate on her inward drives. I felt my own cum begin to boil in my balls and my cock twitched. As my wife brutally fucked my ass I was pushed up against a table from the force driving me across the room. I could feel Billy really pounding her from behind in between my thrusts. The thoughts of my wife making me her submissive fuck toy in front of all my buddies in our sacred barroom and getting fucked by one of my friends at the same time soon had me blowing my load all over my stomach and the floor.

Debbie continued slapping my ass as she fucked me with a pace and fury about her. I heard Billy cum and felt my wife orgasm from his climax. As Billy pulled out of her sopping wet cum filled pussy she pulled out of me leaving me with an empty feeling.

“Look at the mess you made on Jerry’s floor!” She called out to me. “And after Jerry has been so good to document all this with his camera. Now clean it up and eat that cum before I take my paddle to you back side again.” She continued.

I moved back and licked up my own cum spilled out on the floor tasting my own juices. Debbie then said “Now let me look at you my little fuck buddy.”

As she peered over me she scooped up the cum collected on my belly and put it to my mouth. I licked her fingers clean until the cum on my stomach was all wiped up and devoured. She turned to the rest of the guys and said “It looks like Ronnie likes having his body covered in cum.” She lay me down on my back and instructed five of the guys to jack off and dump their loads on me.

I lay there looking up watching as five of my best friends jacked their cocks and shot huge loads of hot thick white cum all over my body, covering my chest, stomach, cock and legs. As they finished and walked away she instructed me to get back on my hands and knees and to suck her pussy clean of Billy’s cum load inside her. I drove my tongue into her hot sex smelling pussy sucking in mouthfuls of her and Billy’s mixed juice. She then instructed the other five guys to dump their loads onto my back. I could feel the hot shots of cum cover my hair, back, ass and legs as I cleaned her up.

As we finished I was covered in cum from head to toe on both sides. Some of it began drying and was stiff as I moved. Debbie turned the TV back on and the game was in overtime. She sat in the middle of the couch in front of the set and told me “You stay at my feet while the guys and I watch the rest of the game and they play with me.”

I knelt at her feet as my buddies took turns sucking my wife’s perky little tits and eating her tender tight pussy. When one was ready to cum she would direct them to dump their load onto her cum boy and they would cover me with another load of hot thick cum. The guys all filtered out leaving Jerry and Danny to close up. Danny whispered something in Debbie’s ear and I saw her smile. She then told me Danny wanted to suck me off before he left. I stood up and Danny got down and took my cock into his mouth. I was already hard and worked up and it did not take long before I shot my own load of cum down his throat fulfilling another of my secret fantasy’s of being sucked off by another guy as my wife watched.

Debbie dressed back into her proper clothing, Jeans and a team sweat shirt. She took two plastic garbage bags from Jerry and told me we were not done and led me out to the car still naked and covered in gallons of cum. She covered the seat and I got in as she went to the drivers side and got in driving up home.

As I entered the house Debbie gave me a huge kiss and then said “Game over.” She smiled at me as she stroked my cock “This made me so hot, do you think you can top this?”

My mind was already racing to our next adventure.

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