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“Renton Elliott Abernathy, come to the front of the classroom, please.”

Renton stood and did as his teacher asked, his eyebrows raised in curiosity.

“Such a shame, isn’t it, that the most talented young mage in his class is also an arrogant, disobedient little brat? Perhaps a severe punishment will help you realize the error of your ways.”

Renton looked even more curious now, wracking his mind to remember what he’d done. He tried to ask, but his mouth wouldn’t form the words. He just stood there helplessly.

“Take off your clothes, please.”

“All of them, sir?”

“Yes, all. And fold them neatly, if you please.”

Renton gulped and started to remove his clothes, his cheeks burning in embarrassment. He was an attractive young man – of average height for his eighteen years, with chin-length black hair and large silver-grey eyes. His skin was pale, with geometric dark blue markings on his body that were characteristic of the Deva race, though his face was unmarked. What body hair he had was so sparse and fine as to be invisible. He finished disrobing and stood in front of his teacher, hands cupped over his genitals self-consciously.

“Stop covering yourself. Come here and bend over the desk. Spread your legs.” The older man smacked the inside of Renton’s left thigh. “Wider.” Renton blushed even darker now, his backside and genitals now on display to the seventeen other students in his class.

“That’s right. I want all of your classmates to get a good look at your plump little ass…” the teacher punctuated this with a sharp smack to that portion of Renton’s anatomy – “your tight hairless asshole, your soft, round balls…” they were roughly groped – “your nice, thick cock. You’re certainly a fine-looking boy. If only you were better behaved.” Renton still couldn’t fathom what he’d done to deserve this.

“I’m going to start your punishment by putting you over my knee and giving you a good hard spanking. But first…” the teacher opened a desk drawer and pulled something out, and Renton heard the other students gasp. He looked back and saw the man pouring oil from a small bottle onto a large, silver plug with a blue jewel at its base. He bit his lip and tried not to cry out as it was roughly inserted into his anus. His opening şişli escort ached from being stretched even after it had closed around the base. The teacher sat in his chair and motioned for Renton to come over. “Over my knee now, boy.”

Renton stood, the plug shifting uncomfortably inside him, and laid over his instructor’s lap. His face still burned red in shame, knowing his bottom was now on display to his classmates, the jewelled base of the plug lodged in his most secret place. His teacher rubbed his backside with a large, callused hand, squeezing each cheek in turn before starting to spank him hard. Renton winced and did his best to stay still, wondering what else was planned for his punishment, since he’d been told this was only the start. Smack after stinging smack rained down on his vulnerable naked backside, and the plug made him feel achingly full.

Renton’s bottom was burning, but he stubbornly held back his tears. The teacher stopped hitting him for a moment and picked up a heavy wooden hairbrush, cracking that across his tender pink backside instead. Renton gasped. “Don’t try to be brave, boy. You’ll be a sobbing wreck eventually, either way.” The man focused his blows on the sensitive spots where Renton’s bottom met his thighs, and before long he was choking back sobs. “If you’re going to try to hold back, I’m just going to have to hit you harder.” The blows came harder and faster, and before long Renton was sobbing unrestrainedly. “I-I’m sorry!” He didn’t have any idea what he was apologizing for.

The paddling continued for another three or four minutes, and then the teacher roughly tugged at Renton’s hair. Stand up. He did so, wiping furiously at his teary eyes and reaching back with one hand to rub his scorched backside. He’d barely started to do so when the teacher grabbed his wrist, pinning it to the small of his back and delivering a vicious smack to Renton’s bottom. “No touching, brat. Come over here.” He led the sobbing boy over to a punishment horse. Renton stared at it, confused. He couldn’t remember ever seeing such a thing in the classroom before. “Go on, get onto this.” Renton stammered. “P-please sir, no more, I’ll be good…” the older man reached out and slapped the boy’s face, not very hard, but enough to startle him. “Get on mecidiyeköy escort the horse. Now.”

With a whimper of dismay Renton eased his body onto the contraption. It positioned him with his bottom elevated and facing the other students, and his instructor buckled straps around his ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. It also spread his legs, so his anus and genitals were on display again. The plug was still lodged inside him. He watched as the teacher retrieved a riding crop from the corner and closed his eyes, trying to imagine himself out of this situation. To his horror the stinging blows from the crop landed not only on his buttocks and thighs but his penis and testicles as well. He whimpered and squirmed helplessly, his limbs firmly restrained. The assault continued for a few minutes, leaving his face red and tearstreaked. Then his teacher put the crop away, and gently pulled the plug out of his rectum. At first Renton was relieved, thinking his punishment might be over, but then the teacher spoke.

“Now it’s time to give your cute little asshole some attention. I’m going to paddle you until it’s bright red and swollen and you’re a sobbing little mess.” He wiped Renton’s already stinging entrance with a handkerchief to absorb the oil from the plug, then picked up the hairbrush from the desk. Renton’s legs were so far apart that his cheeks didn’t need to be spread. The teacher smacked the back of the hairbrush hard against the vulnerable area, and Renton grit his teeth, trying to control his reaction at first but knowing it was useless. The blows continued for several minutes, and soon hot tears were streaming across Renton’s face and dripping onto the floor. The most private part of his body was on fire, the skin bright red and irritated, throbbing under the relentless assault of the brush. Renton couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating, and he sobbed helplessly. “Please, please stop, I’ll be good, I promise, please…”

“Stop complaining!” The teacher gave each side of Renton’s bottom a furious smack, then landed five vicious, heavy blows on his entrance again. Renton cried so hard he started to cough, his hair hanging in his face, damp with tears. Finally the blows ceased, and Renton felt his teacher’s large hands roughly rub and squeeze his aching buttocks. “We’re almost done. Now, the last part of your punishment is a bit different. You’ll probably even enjoy it, in a way, but it’ll be humiliating too.” Renton sniffled weakly, wondering what else the man could possibly have in store for him. He watched in horror as the teacher extracted his last tool from a desk drawer – a massive phallus of black rubber, at least nine inches long, with a handle at the base. He watched in stunned shock as it was coated with the same oil that had been used on the plug. “Please, sir, please don’t put that inside me, it’s too big, I’ll bleed, please don’t…”

He bowed his head and let out a choked sob as the man gave his backside another heavy smack. “Quit begging. It won’t do any permanent damage. You earned this, you naughty boy.” A moment later, the head of the phallus was pressed against his swollen entrance, then pressing inside. It was being thrust into him entirely too fast. Renton cried out in shock as the massive phallus slid into his rectum. His entrance burned, the delicate skin stretched around the rod of rubber. He gasped and sobbed as it slid to and fro inside him. “Please… stop…” Another vicious smack to his reddened backside. “Hush, boy.” The phallus continued to slide back and forth, rubbing maddeningly against a sensitive spot inside him. With horror, Renton realized he was becoming aroused. The man tormenting him chuckled and reached down to his cock, stroking him roughly. “There we go. You’re starting to enjoy it now, you filthy boy. Look at him, class. Look at his plump little ass squirming around that big cock. He’s loving it, the little pervert.” Renton whimpered and trembled, his stiff erection sliding back and forth in his teacher’s grip. His hips were rocking back and forth, the massive phallus grinding against that sensitive spot inside him, sliding in and out of his sore, throbbing little entrance. With a shudder and a gasp, he came, semen splattering against his teacher’s hand, the horse, the floor…

…and then he woke up in his bed at home. Renton blinked, pulling the covers back, exposing the substantial damp spot covering his sheets and underwear. He sighed with relief. It had all been a dream. His classmates hadn’t watched him being beaten and violated. He was safe. He sat up, then gasped in surprise at the sudden pain in his backside. With horror, he reached down and felt the skin, his fingers tracing over welts from the riding crop.

They were all too real.

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