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Housewives Fur Club Ch. 03

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.


Saturday morning and Martha is waiting for Bob or Bud. She doesn’t really care which. She’s just super horny and needs her young fix in the furs. It’s Bob and he’s revived overnight. They just go straight upstairs and Martha gets the full Bob treatment for well over an hour.

While they are screwing their brains out Frank is over for him and Fred to go down into the basement. Frank is impressed. They come up and are discussing the options with Gennie when Victoria comes in wearing her fucking Sable coat. Frank and the kids engage her in the basement scenario until Martha and Bob come down from the studio.

The thought is for extended fur storage somewhere else. To extend the showroom with a ‘back showroom’ where sex could occur, an office, work spaces for an in house Furrier, kitchenette/lunch room, toilet and general storage to the Alley. Lots of unused space.

Then turn the basement into a fur grotto for overflow fur fucking like today. Three or four desperate housewife’s can screw to their hearts content in the furs with several young guys in the various rooms. Take a number. Maybe a larger Gathering room with a nice stone fireplace and couches.

Martha and Bob finally come down and join the crowd. Frank lays out his options to Martha and she questions the remote storage.

“Well how much larger is your business going to grow?”

“At this rate I will run out of summer cold storage space very soon. So maybe it’s not too bad an idea to go somewhere else.”

“Isn’t the business behind us on the next street closing?” Fred asks.

“I think you’re right Fred.” Gennie says.

“I’ll bet they have a basement too? Rent out the top spaces and use the basement for fur storage. Close at hand.” Fred says.

“At the rate this business is going I can do that. Just the Real Estate investment would be good anyway.”

No one openly comments on the fur fucking grotto and Veronica is in the dark. Frank leads her up to the studio and they fuck away the afternoon. Veronica is totally taken by Frank in every way … sexually and emotionally. She now belongs to Frank.

“You really like these guys and gals don’t you Frank?”

“Yeah. They’re really special .. aside from being very smart … they’re sensual and sexy in ways few people ever get. It won’t ever leave them either. I like it that they are screwing their hearts out in furs so early in life. It’s an even greater thrill then.”

“What about Martha?”

“She loves having sex with the guys. Her husband is a dick head and won’t .. can’t get her pregnant which is what a lot of the women want and can’t get from their husbands.”

“So that’s what all this is about! Desperate Housewives with a twist.”

“Right on the mark. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all. I think it’s precious in a way. Gennie and Fred are priceless and I take it they are the ‘managers’ of all this? Martha can’t hardly manage going to the store.”

“Also on the mark. Gennie and Fred are the defacto owners and managers. Martha defers to them for almost everything. This expansion plan is all Fred’s doing. Making room for more Desperate Housewives.”

“We can continue to meet here I take it?”

“You are on the preferred list of Desperate Housewives. There was a traffic jamb today what with Martha and us wanting the space.”

“I can tell Martha gets exceptionally horny. Young studs are her only solution.”

“You want to see a real seducer in action .. watch Bob go after fresh housewife meat when you get the chance. He really has it down.”

“The guy that screwed Martha today?”

“Yeah but that was more like regular service for the owner. Don’t get me wrong. He is super good with that too. It’s just when he’s spotted a new mark. He’s here practically every day and Bud is here often too. All the regulars are big on furs. You can come over anytime. I know Gennie really likes you .. a lot.”

“She sure had me running there at first.”

“She wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t really like you. She knew when you came back you were definitely on her wavelength. She’s a very smart tease. Fred and she have real fun with each other. They will never tire of each other.”

“You’re mischievous like they are .. aren’t you? … Frank!!” and he’s sucking her out.

Gennie and Fred’s heads pop up in the stairwell.

“Hi guys. Mind some company?” as they slip into the furs beside them and Gennie fur fondles Veronica’s tits while Frank is sucking her out. Veronica is going crazy and partly embarrassed until Fred begins nişantaşı escort humping Gennie. Then she’s mortified and excited beyond belief at the same time. Such sensual and youthful beauty in motion. A whole new perspective on the young lovers as Gennie so sweetly moans with her first orgasm of the evening. And to think they fuck nearly every day like this?

Frank mounts Veronica and she’s launched into outer space with this performance standard to meet. She’s in orgasm over the shear excitement of the situation as she hears Gennie’s sweet and plaintive sighs and moans. Never would she have ever dreamed of a moment like this!! yet an orgasm like never before rips though her body with the young lovers going to new heights of passion rubbing right up against her side. She can feel the sensual motions of the young lovers against her. Before she realizes she’s mimicking those same motions. They are so natural and wonderful. Frank is going out of his mind with Veronica’s new take on life. He screws her as no other woman ever.

For Veronica it’s as if she’s drank from the fountain of youth as she wildly fucks Frank like no man ever. She’s supercharged!! She realizes the overwhelming passions she holds for Frank. Like the two young lovers. Passions unbounded.

Frank and Veronica slow and lay back in the furs .. breathing heavily. Neither have fucked this vigorously .. maybe never?

Fred and Gennie slow and ever so sensually slip back into the furs in a cozy embrace of sensual fur fondling.

Veronica has never felt such explosive passions ever in her life. She’s bound to Frank now in ways she could never have imagined.

After coming to grips with their situation Veronica and Frank get up and dress. Fred and Gennie slowly slip on their clothes and they all one by one go downstairs and leave for home.

Fred walks Gennie home as usual.

Veronica gets in her BMW and is off to her home as is Frank.

Getting home Veronica is struck by the coldness of her situation. She goes into the TV room where Chuck is watching his interminable sports event and she yells at him.

“Get the fuck out of here!! NOW!!”

“What!! It’s the middle of the night!”

“Get out of here now! I don’t ever want to see your sorry ass ever again!”

Chuck knows she means it and is running for the bedroom. She’s right behind him still yelling at him to get out. Chuck packs a few things.

“You can come back tomorrow when I’m not here and get the rest of your shit .. not mine!”

He knows very well what that means.


Tuesday and Martha is at the shop at opening. She tells the elderly woman she is going to be manning the shop in the mornings now and her services are no longer needed. Martha no longer wants anyone tending the store who is not on the inside of the Desperate Housewife agenda. Maybe one of the Desperate Housewives will take on the morning shift?

Nancy comes by the shop not realizing all the action she wants is in the afternoon. She does get to talk with Martha at length and begins to realize her sensual and sexual nature with furs. Not that Martha is at all blatant in her remarks but Nancy is a quick study what with her recent experience with Bob. One she feels compelled to repeat.

“This is my first encounter with real quality furs and I really like them.”

“Would you like to learn while working part time?”

“I don’t really have anything else to do and it would be a fine learning experience. Yes I think I would like it.”

“Maybe stay the morning with me and every morning for a week or so. Maybe you will be comfortable enough to take over the mornings?”

“Didn’t you have an elderly woman working here for awhile in the mornings?”

“Yes but she wasn’t as interested in the business as I was hoping. I think you may work out better with our new directions. Feel free to wear any of the furs while you’re here besides you’re such a beautiful person. It’s good advertising.”

Nancy is in a Lynx jacket in no time at all. She’s decided she really likes Lynx. She wanders through the furs as the morning progresses .. asking questions about the various furs and what she should say when selling them. The morning goes by quickly for them both with so much to discuss and learn.

“Hey Nancy .. Gennie will be here in an hour or so. Think you could handle things until she gets here? I would like to meet my friend Wanda for a late lunch.”

“Sure. I can call you on your cell phone if I get into trouble .. yes?”

“Sure.” and Martha leaves.

Nancy soon has herself in a near orgasmic frenzy from fur fondling herself in the back of the showroom where Bob had seduced her. She is repeating much of what he did for her.

Gennie finally comes in and they strike up a conversation over selling furs. Gennie knows Bob will be here soon.

“Say Nancy .. have you been upstairs to see the studio? There are furs up there as well.”

“Oh no I haven’t.” and she climbs the stairs.

“You should go up there and check out the inventory.”

Getting kağıthane escort to the top she gasps with excitement since it’s the kind of room she has been fantasizing about since her fur seduction by Bob. She slips into the couch and has her skirt up and is pulling off her sweater to more fully fur fondle herself just as Bob’s head pops up in the stairwell.

Nancy gasps and wraps furs around herself in automatic modesty response.

Bob bounds up on the couch and is fur fondling Nancy all over. He quickly has her skirt down and she’s quite nude.

“So modest one. How is your taste for furs and sex today?” running a thick Lynx over her nude body and she knows for certain that Lynx is HER fur. She moans and opens herself to Bob’s advances. It’s why she came here today after all.

Bob fur fondles, hugs and kisses Nancy for what seems a heavenly eternity to her as they wallow and squirm with their nude bodies to each other through the Lynx and Sables. She’s in sporadic orgasm with his sucking and kisses over her body. Never in her life has she even fantasized such a seduction .. even after Bob took her in the fur shop.

“Oh Bob … please take me all the way … please” and he thrusts fully up into her womb with all his force. Nancy is in instant orgasm with the expectation as they wallow in the wonderful furs with his humping her so forcefully. She’s in orgasmic heaven as he fills her with his cum .. shaking with orgasm after orgasm. Nancy realizes she is totally addicted to this experience. She has to have this job and its incredible perks. She is already deciding to leave her husband. Better to have wonderful sex with a young guy than sporadic lame sex with an insensitive fool.

As they lay in the afterglow … “Thank you Bob. I hope this isn’t the last?”

“By no means!! I love having sex with you. You are so supple and super sensual .. like you don’t think just do such wonderful things. You sure love the furs!”

“Oh my yes.”

Bud has come over as Martha comes back from lunch with Wanda. Nancy and Bob have come down from their epic fucking and the trio of Ben, Martha and Wanda go up for the rest of the day.

“Gennie .. can you help me learn to sell furs?” Nancy asks her.

She’s real cuddly with her and Gennie hugs her softly and quite fully. She’s decided she really likes Nancy a lot and wouldn’t mind if Fred fucked her. There is an addictive sensuality with Nancy that will make her very good at sales.

She can intuitively seduce another woman and will enjoy doing it. Not that she is a lesbian .. far from it but just her compulsive sensuality. It’s what won over Martha without her even being aware. Fred is taken by her for sure … Gennie can tell.

“I really need this job Gennie. I’m going to leave my husband. Not that he’s abusive but I’m wasting away. I’ve already gotten funds for part time at college now. All I need is a place to live and a job.”

“We may be able to take care of both for you .. here.” Fred says.

Nancy is hugging him compulsively without any resistance .. “You really think so?”

“We’re going to remodel the shop for Desperate Housewives to make out in our furs and escape their terrible boredom. You can live in one of the rooms in the evenings after store hours. We just have to get Martha to go along but then you can seduce her into that easily enough.” and Nancy blushes all over. She’s made aware of her habit and the perceptions others have of her.

“That’s all fine with us Nancy. We love that you are so loving.” Gennie says .. having an acute awareness of her feelings .. hugging her softly and fur fondling her.


Wednesday and there is a truck in the Alley. A group of guys totally cleaning out the basement. The back hall is blocked off from intrusion and dust. They are scrubbing down the walls and floor after they had blasted the ceiling and beams. Frank has an Electrician hooking up new service from the power panel in back to the basement and putting in all new electrical. They put in new heating and ventilation with very advanced temperature and humidity controls for the basement. The musty smell is quickly gone.

The oak structure has a nice aged patina and the stone walls and floor are very attractive. Martha has already made an offer on the building behind and they say they will accept it. If they move out right away this will help a great deal in the remodeling since it’s just across the alley.

Martha, Fred, Frank and Gennie are busy planning the remodeling for the rest of the week and Nancy is filling in for sales with Gennie. Bob and Bud are both over every day to take care of their women.

Veronica is around quite regularly now and Thursday, while helping Gennie at sales, Bob is making the move on another rather plain Jane housewife who has a subconscious yet still desperate search going on to find redemption or a really good screw .. whichever cums first.

The new customer, Betty, has latched on to Fitch for some reason known only to her. Certainly a fine fur and especially the Fitch osmanbey escort and Stone Martin hooded coat she’s latched on to.

Veronica is intensely watching Bob make the move on Betty. He has her ‘cornered’ in the back of the shop like a Cheetah cornering a Gazelle and talking about the different furs. He gets the commission on this one.

“What is it about the Fitch you like so much?”

“It’s so silky and soft .. like Fox but still like Mink. Having it with the Stone Martin is just so super.”

Bob is fondling her with another all Stone Martin coat and she’s wearing the Fitch. The hood is Fitch lined with a Stone Martin ruff and Bob has progressed to fondling her face with the hood fur.

Betty is acting like this is a normal sales approach while she continues to argue the virtues of Fitch like a class lecture.

“What would be a dream coat .. would be a Fitch lining inside a Stone Martin coat .. Don’t you think?” as she’s being pushed further into the hanging furs with Bob’s fur fondling advanced to nearly full body fondling. Betty is chatting away like lunch with the girls while Bob is unbuttoning her soft cashmere cardigan. She’s not wearing a bra and Bob is more generously fur fondling her nakedness to her extreme delight.

Bob is now wearing a huge Crystal Fox which Betty has been gripping the thick soft lapels and fondling compulsively as she’s being fur fondled. She keeps glancing over to the main part of the shop to see if they are being observed while nervously chattering away.

Veronica keeps avoiding her looks and hiding a bit behind a post by the desk. Veronica can see her quite clearly in a mirror which Betty has not noticed and can’t be seen from any other angle.

Betty finally pulls up her skirt to rub her thin pantie covered mound against Bob’s stiff cock which she is now very conscious of and has decided she desperately wants inside her aching pussy. Making out in the furs is far more exciting than anything she has ever done .. especially with a young guy who is eager to make his first fur sale and take her too. It’s all cuming together in her mind now. Bob grips her around her waist and pulls her tight to himself and Betty pulls down his pants and shorts just as he has pulled down her panties.

Bob drive up deep and firmly into Betty’s throbbing pussy and she moans softly with her first orgasm. Her eyes pop open in great surprise at how powerful her orgasm actually is .. much greater than any to date. As she’s shaking and writhing wrapped in the furs she sees Veronica watching their surreptitious fucking with a soft grinning smile. Bob takes her to new heights and suddenly Betty doesn’t care if Veronica were to come over and watch them close up. Betty gets reamed in ways she has never, wrapped in furs in the back of the fur store on a Thursday afternoon by a high school student. She’s ecstatically happy. She’ll buy the fur and be back tomorrow for more … of everything.

Bob fills Betty to overflow and she retires to the toilet to clean up as Bob takes the fur she was wearing up to the counter and lays it out for Veronica to make the final sale.

Betty comes up to the desk and says she’ll take the fur.

“Was everything to your liking ma am?” Veronica asks with the same soft grinning smile.

“Most certainly. Bob is a most convincing sales person. He was able to show me wonders of furs I had never considered but was desperately looking for.”

“You are welcome here anytime you would like dear.” as Bob helps her on with the Fitch.

Betty smiles and leaves stroking her fur and fondling her face up in the hood. It is chilly out today but Betty is in her warm and cozy fur and full of Bob’s warm cum. She’s ecstatic.

“So Bob .. that was real smooth. She’ll be back tomorrow for more you know.”

“Yeah I know. Between her and Nancy I’m not sure who I like best?” and about then

“Hi Bob. Got a moment?” dragging him off and up the stairs.

Bud and Martha are already screwing like crazy but Bob has Nancy back in the large couch beside Martha and begins making love with Nancy. The two pairs screw like there is no tomorrow as if they were the only one’s up there.

Veronica realizes Martha and Bud were up there but was unable to tell them in time. Since they didn’t come back down she is thinking of when Fred and Gennie made love beside her and Frank .. just as he comes up behind her and wraps his strong arms around her and is bitting her neck softly.

“Hi honey. How’s the day going?”

“Well I got to see Bob in action finally. He screws a customer in the racks back there then goes upstairs with Nancy to screw. They’re up there now with Martha and Bud. We really do need more space .. don’t we dear?” kissing him soft and lingering. She is so in love with Frank! Just thinking of him makes her heart race and her pussy wet.

Fred is actually at Frank’s office preparing the plans on the CADD program he’s learning to use now. It’s as fun as the video games and in a very important way much more exciting. He’s getting to actually see the results of his imagination unfold before him. The thought of him and Gennie living together flashes through his mind and he realizes it is now very much a reality they can live together! They have all they need to make it come true!!!

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