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Today was the day I was supposed to be registering, but there was a problem with the computer system again. I couldn’t log on at all, and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I had an unhelpful call with the helpdesk who gave 100 wrong suggestions before deciding I needed to go in to see them.

While I was in there, bored out of my mind, I heard a sultry voice at the counter asking to have her campus card made for her. The guy at the counter, an unqualified monkey, told her that the campus card administrator was out but he’d go to try and find him. Interested by the sound of her sexy voice I turned round to have a glance at her. She was about 5’8″ tall and her high heeled shoes brought her closer to my height. She was wearing tight blue jeans that showed off the way that her pert ass was made even more perky by the tension of standing on tiptoes. She had a slim figure and her long brown hair came halfway down her back. She half turned and I could immediately see that she was very busty, her chest jutted out in the tight fitting top she was wearing.

The guy at the desk took down her name and details: Kelly Steel, 26, college principal’s assistant, Jordan college. I had to cover a gasp, this sexy creature actually went to the same college as me. Watching her sexy ass and large breasts as she fidgeted started to get me aroused, I knew I had to do something.

Quickly, I nipped out of the room and ran along to chemistry as fast as I could. Grabbing the nearest two lab coats I could find I raced back again. Sauntering in through the door I walked up to her. “Miss Steel?” she nodded, “I’m the campus card coordinator, would you please step this way.”

I led her into one of the unoccupied tutorial rooms that was set up with a screen and a digital camera to take the campus card photos. I held out the lab coat. “Administrative staff have to have their photos taken with one of these on,” I told her. She started to put it on over her clothes and even then I was getting a little bit hard. “Sorry,” I told her, “you can’t be wearing all that underneath. I’m afraid you’re going to have to take off a layer so that it’s not so visible under the coat.” I indicated the screen behind which the digital camera was placed.

As soon as she was out of sight I activated the digital camera and started downloading the webcam images to my user area. She unzipped her jeans, kicked off her shoes, and peeled her jeans down her long sexy thighs. As she bent over, her top hung down to cover her crotch but not before I’d seen her lacy black panties. She straightened up and stretched up to take her outer layer off, showing off her crotch and panties to the camera. As her top came off, it pulled her vest top up with it, almost to the swell of her big breasts before she pulled it down again. Still, her vest top showed of a considerable portion of sexy bare flesh. She bent over to pick up her shoe and I got a screen full of the most incredibly sexy cleavage ever. The other shoe was behind her and I held my breath as she turned round and bent over, her legs straight, and her pert ass stuck out towards the camera.

Finally she put on the lab coat, covering her sexy body. I had to slouch as I took her picture to conceal my raging hard-on. I left the camera recording as she changed back, not trusting myself to look in case I came in my boxers. Then she left the office and it took me only a few moments before I decided to discreetly follow her.

I had the advantage of taking off the ridiculously obvious lab coat which changed my appearance quite considerably, but all the same I kept my distance as she walked to the bus stop. I stood behind her to wait for the bus and admired her sexy ass, thinking about those frilly panties she had on underneath. My cock was hard as a rock by the time the bus came and I got behind her in the line and pretended to bump against her, going up the steps onto the bus. My pole briefly lodged in the dip between her bum cheeks and I murmured a sorry so that she wouldn’t Escort bayan look round.

I managed to get a good seat behind her on the bus so that I could look at her and, if she turned slightly, I could see her bust in profile. Sitting down, my cock was pressing against the confines of my pants so I looked around and, when I saw no one could see me, I unzipped them and pulled out my cock. I started to think about all the things I wanted her to do to me: grabbing my cock in her hands, wrapping her luscious lips around it, letting her pink tongue play over my balls, milking my spunk onto her huge bosom. I started to jack myself off on the bus, getting very horny and excited.

I realized just in time that the bus was about to stop and quickly stuffed my throbbing dick back into the confines of my pants. I rose as Kelly did and managed to stand right behind her. As the bus pulled up there was a crush getting off and my dick was once again pushed into her ass. The movement of the crowd made her ass rub against my cock and she must have felt it because she flushed and swallowed.

Following her up the hill towards college I watched her hips swaying seductively as she walked up to the building opposite mine and through the door. I was very excited as I rushed into my block and up to my room to see if her room faced mine. I raced in through my door and straight to my window where I picked up my binoculars and looked across the courtyard. In the third window I looked at I saw her. She was just getting changed, standing near her window. I saw her slipping her hand up under her top and sliding it upwards and over her head, revealing her lacy black bra. Her tits were bulging behind the naughty fabric and she thrust them out as she pulled her top off her arms, over her head.

To my disappointment, she didn’t take off her bra, but just put on a pink lacy cardigan that she pulled tight over her chest and did up just enough to hide her bra, but still showing a fantastic cleavage. I was so hard and needed to see her close up again. I noted which flat number she must be in, and then phoned the main office to ask for her telephone number. Minutes later, I had the phone in my hand and was dialing her number. She picked up and I put on my best official voice.

“Miss Steel, when you were down at the helpdesk today our system flagged up the fact that you haven’t had your networked machine checked over by a technician yet. I know it’s late now, but it’s important that we send somebody over tonight.”

“Ok,” she replied, “just pop right in.” I rushed to my computer to print off a fake ID badge and sprinted down the stairs and across the courtyard and in no time I was standing at her door. Composing myself, I tried to make sure my erection didn’t show too much and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and my dick almost leapt out of my pants at the way her cardigan left her midriff bare and highlighted her deep cleavage.

“Come right in,” she said and I gulped and followed her inside.

Wasting no time I got her over to the computer and started to look round the back of the machine. I knew roughly how it worked and was fairly competent as a technician but I had to work hard to look convincing. I noticed that the plug socket was near the floor and asked her to unplug the computer for me so that I could work on the back. She bent over and her jeans stretched very tight over her ass. The plug was hard to reach and I moved closer to ask if she needed some help. She told me it was fine and shifted her position, bringing her ass into contact with my crotch. I expected her to jerk away but she didn’t seem to notice and wriggled it around against my erection while unplugging the computer.

Once she stood up again I was forced to turn my attentions to the computer. I fiddled around with the back of it for what seemed to me to be enough time then put it back together again. I let her bend over again to switch it on but didn’t want to push my luck by getting too close Bayan Escort this time. She started the computer up and I took the seat, getting ready to make it look like I had to install some software.

“Would you like a coffee?” she asked me and I said I would so she headed off to the kitchen. I was scouting round her computer looking for some scanning programs I could run on her disks when I came across a hidden folder called My Naughty Photos. I looked round but she was still busy in the kitchen so I opened the file and started to look through her pictures. There were lots of sexy, busty women in lingerie and I started to stroke my crotch looking at them. Then I found some of her and my heart nearly stopped. They had clearly been taken by her and showed her in several very sexy poses in stockings, a bra and panties; and also in a bikini and in a nightgown. I was now stroking my cock inside my pants, checking round to see if she was coming back. Then I got onto pictures of topless pornstars with DD and E cup breasts naked, being fondled and being licked. Again it progressed onto ones of her and I almost squirted my load into my pants. There was one of her groping her tits, one of her crawling with her tits hanging down and one of her thrusting her chest outwards. I reckoned she must have been a 36E.

Suddenly I heard her coming back into the room and quickly pressed Alt F4 to close the window. “Here you go. How is it going?”

“Oh, I’m nearly finished,” I replied, “I just need to scan your disks now and then I’m finished.” I opened her program for virus checking and started it off. She leant over me and I felt her breasts brush my shoulder. I looked into the screen and realized I could see her in the reflection. Her cardigan was hanging off her chest, letting me see her bra and the bare swell of her breasts. Finally it finished and she clapped her hands.

“Can I go online?” she asked, taking the seat.

“Sure.” She was just about to start up her network connection when she turned to me.

“Thank you for this, I’m really glad I can go online safely now. Tell me, do you work out? I mean, you’re not like most IT people, you’re quite fit and strong.” I almost had a heart attack but managed to reply that I did work out. “Um,” she bit her lip, “I don’t suppose I could have a look at your abs could I? It’s just, working with all these academics I’ve never really found anyone with a nice six pack. Can I see yours?” I was stunned but hardly had any capacity left for thinking clearly anyway. I pulled up my t-shirt to show her my abs and she clapped her hands. “Oh, that’s so exciting. I must tell my friend, she’s quite naughty.” She started tapping away at the keyboard. “You’ll like her site, boys usually do.”

She put her hand up to pat me on the arm but missed and her hand rested on my hard crotch. She didn’t seem to notice and pulled up the website. Her friend was clearly a stripper and the website clearly showed lingerie clad and topless dancers. “I thought you’d like it,” she said, glancing up at me. She messaged her friend and I couldn’t believe it when she immediately got the reply: ‘all well and good, but how are his pecs?’ I couldn’t believe how horny this situation was making me when it was almost entirely innocent. “Don’t be shy,” she said, trying to egg me on, “this isn’t exactly unusual.” I pulled my t-shirt off and she ran her hands over my chest. “Oh, that’s so hard, I like it. Listen, do you want some dinner, it’s really late and I’ve kept you here too long, I could go and cook you some.” Without even waiting for an answer she walked off into the kitchen, leaving me to try to pull myself together, put my clothes back on and stop drooling.

After a while of staring at pictures of her stripper friend and stroking my cock, I went to see how she was getting on and to get another look at her sexy body. To my absolute amazement, as I walked into the kitchen, I saw her standing there in her black, lacy bra and panties. I almost came right then.

“You Escort can’t come in here! I’m not decent. It’s just far too hot. Get out!” I backed out hurriedly and went to sit back on the sofa. My cock was throbbing and trying to burst out but I didn’t dare get it out in case she came back in. Soon she did come back in bearing two plates of food. She was still in her underwear! “I guess since you’ve already seen me like that I mustn’t be too shy about it. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” She sat down next to me half naked. “What are you still doing with that t-shirt on? It’s far too hot in here, take it off at once.” She waited till I’d taken it off before passing me a plate.

We started chatting like that and amazingly my erection started to subside a little. The she dropped some food on my chest by accident and it started to run down my stomach. “Oh dear, look at that. I’d better get that off you, we don’t want it to mess your pants.” She dabbed at me with a piece of tissue. “Oh dear, it’s just not all coming off. Oh well, waste not, want not,” she said and bent over to start licking it off me. My dick was immediately erect and she could surely see the bulge in my pants so close to her face.

When we had finished she licked her lips and stretched, forcing her chest out again. “I could just do with a sausage now,” she stated, “and I know just where to find one.” She reached over and put her hand on my crotch. “Oh my, it is hard isn’t it? I hope it’s for me.” She reached into my pants and started to stroke me. Almost immediately I started to cum, so turned on by the evening’s events. “Oh, that’s a bit disappointing. I’m going to have to wash those for you.”

I was so embarrassed as she stripped off my pants leaving me standing naked in her living room. I sat down as she took my pants away. When she came back in again she was wearing only her panties. “Oh good, I am pleased, I was hoping that might happen,” she commented as my cock rapidly came erect again. She switched on some music and started to sway and gyrate in time to it, letting her hands roam up and down her sexy body, touching her smooth thighs and caressing her huge boobies.

My dick was getting hard, as were her nipples, as she moved closer to me, caressing herself all over. She pushed my legs apart and slid between them, then wrapped her impressive hooters round my hard cock and started to milk it with them. She brought her hand up to caress my balls as she titty fucked me. I almost leapt out of the seat as she pushed one finger up my anus but the feeling was so good that I just went along with it.

She released me and lay back down on the floor massaging her huge breasts and erect nipples. I stood up, holding my cock and went to stand over her. She raised her feet and started to pull her panties off and up her long, smooth legs. Her creamy thighs hid her pussy from me but I guessed I wouldn’t have to wait long. Her foot touched my dick and she brought her other one over and wrapped them round my hard shaft and started to jack me off. Then she rolled over, pulling off her panties and knelt there on her hands and knees, her pert ass sticking up in the air towards me, her glistening pussy peeking between her legs.

I teased her, slapping her ass with my cock before letting the tip of it play over her swollen cunt lips. She moaned with frustration and then pushed backwards onto my cock, taking it all the way inside her gloriously velvety and tight pussy. I fucked her, in and out, as she moaned, louder and louder, telling me to fuck her harder, until her vagina contracted around my cock, trapping it in there. Then all the muscles in her pussy quivered as she exploded into orgasm, her juices running down her legs.

She immediately pulled herself off me and turned round and grabbed my cock. She wrapped her lips around it and started to suck me into her throat, swallowing my cock. Her hands cupped and played with my balls, bringing me closer and closer to cumming. Letting my cock slip from her mouth she sat back and used her hands to stimulate me until she felt me getting ready to cum. Then she leaned back and jacked me off over her tits and I spurted my juice all over her breasts, neck and mouth, covering her in cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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