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Hot Spring Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I woke the next morning when I felt Kirsten leave the bed. I heard the bathroom door close and rolled over to look at the clock. The alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but it would soon, so there was no point in going back to sleep. I pushed the covers off, intending to get up, and exposing my typical morning hard-on in the process, then dozed off again anyway. I wasn’t aware of anything else until I felt Kirsten’s warm mouth engulf my rigid cock. There was enough light coming into the room that I could see my cock disappearing and reappearing as she slid it in and out of her mouth. She paused to lick my balls, as she had the night before, giving them a lot of attention while stroking my tool in her hand. I think it was a safe assumption that she wasn’t feeling any regrets about the previous night.

She ran her tongue up the underside of my cock before engulfing me in her warm mouth once again. She was so into what she was doing that I don’t think she even cared at that point whether I was awake or not. She really was a skilled cocksucker; I was reveling in the feeling of her mouth on my cock. I reached down and stroked her short hair, letting her know that I was awake in case she wanted to stop sucking and start fucking. She never looked up, though; just continued to slide her lips up and down my tool. I had no complaints about blowing my load down her throat, so I just lay there enjoying her blowjob and watching her work.

She was gently pumping the base of my tool while sliding her mouth up and down. I don’t know where her other hand was, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was between her thin thighs. She was kneeling beside me on the bed, bending over to suck my cock, so when I could pry my eyes away from bobbing head, I admired the curve of her naked ass and her pointy, dangling tits. My cock couldn’t have been any harder and each pass of her lips felt even more amazing than the last one. As I felt an orgasm welling up inside me, I started raising my hips up off the bed, wanting my cock as deeply into her mouth as she could take it. She sensed my increased urgency and responded by sucking faster and pumping harder. I was moaning with the pleasure I was feeling, ready to fill her mouth with my goo. I realized that she was moaning, too, but whether it was due to pleasure she got from sucking my cock or from manipulating herself, I didn’t know.

I tried to relax and let her bring me to orgasm on her own now that she was aware that I was on the brink. I lay there relishing the feel of her slurping mouth and pumping hand until, finally, my cock started squirting. I let out a moan of relief as she swallowed my load, sucking every last drop out of me. She nursed my cock until I was completely limp, then let it fall from her mouth and suggested we go shower. I expected that she was probably pretty worked up, so I hoped to take care of her needs either in the shower or immediately after. I watched her ass as she walked back to the bathroom, then hauled my naked body out of bed. I got a strong sense of déjà vu as I entered the bathroom and found her bent over, adjusting the water temperature for the shower, much as she had the previous night. I considered getting down and tonguing her asshole, but she stood up and beckoned me into the shower before I got moving. Under the spray together once again, I made sure that I paid extra attention to her sensitive areas. I could tell by the reactions I was getting that Escort bayan she was in need of relief, so once we were clean, while I kissed her neck, I ran my fingers up and down her slit and over her clit.

She held onto me tightly as she humped against my hand, pursuing the orgasm she had sacrificed for me. I knew for sure now that she was very worked up, so I did my best to stimulate her clit and get her to cum. With water still pouring over us, I felt her tensing up as her moans got higher in pitch and shorter in duration. Finally, I felt her shuddering against me as she came. With a sigh of relief, she let go of me, kissed me passionately for a few seconds, then turned off the shower. We dried each other off again, but tried not to arouse each other too much since we knew we didn’t have enough time for any other activity. With a towel around my waist, I grabbed my clothes and room key and went to my own room to get ready for an exciting day of training.

I was glad to have Kirsten there with me because when things got dull, we wrote suggestive notes to each other. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her pert tits and couldn’t wait to suck her nipples, so, naturally, I wrote her a note telling her so. She wrote back telling me what she couldn’t wait to suck. Needless to say, we were anxious to get back to the hotel at the end of the day. Unfortunately, we had a responsibility at an event like this to network as much as we could, so after the training we ended up meeting up with other attendees for happy hour and dinner. It was difficult to keep from doing things that suggested there was anything more than a professional relationship between us. There were times I had to stop myself from slipping my arm around her or touching her affectionately. It seemed like forever before we got back to the hotel again.

We ended up going to her room again, since it was closer to the elevator, and were making out immediately after the door was deadbolted. We peeled off each other’s shirts and my hands went immediately to her tits. I fondled them, feeling her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her bra, before unfastening it and peeling it off as well. Pulling her against me, I felt her warm, smooth flesh against mine as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. We both went to work on each other’s jeans and, once they and our underwear were at our ankles and we had stepped out of them, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her down in the middle of the bedspread, I guided my rigid cock between her spread legs and slipped into her hot pussy. The feeling was blissful after a day of anticipation, despite having visited this well three times the night before. I started slowly sliding in and out of her, relishing the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock.

We took our time making love while smothering each other with kisses, a thin layer of sweat developing between our bodies. I wanted to slide my cock in and out of her sweet pussy all night long, but, eventually, I began to feel an orgasm building deep within me. Kirsten had already cum once, not long after we’d started, and appeared to be building toward her second orgasm, so I felt comfortable in picking up the pace in pursuit of my own orgasm. Gradually, I was fucking her faster and harder, my slick body sliding against hers. Kirsten’s hands were on my ass, pulling me against her harder as she moaned in my ear. Her pussy had Bayan Escort been slick to begin with, had flooded even more the first time she’d cum and was now awash with fresh juices once again as she approached another orgasm. I was on the brink of a long anticipated orgasm when I felt her shudder beneath me. That was it for me, too, and I exploded into an intense climax.

“That was great,” she finally said once we’d caught our breath and were laying side-by-side. “It gets better every time.”

“I agree,” I replied, “So I take it you won’t argue if I suggest not leaving this room until tomorrow morning?”

“Absolutely not,” she said, “the pool was fun last night, but I’d rather stay in tonight.”

“Me too,” I agreed, “Although I did think you were hot in your swimsuit.”

“I got that impression when your eyeballs about popped out of your head,” she replied, “and I appreciate the compliment.”

We lay together just talking for a while, building our stamina back up, but were eventually touching and kissing and fondling again. Before things got too far along, Kirsten got up to use the bathroom. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the door opened and she was standing there in her swimsuit. She still looked totally hot to me, even though I had already seen her naked. Her hard nipples pushed out the fabric that otherwise clung tightly to her trim body. My cock started rising and attracted her attention. She crawled onto the bed, straddling me, and held my growing cock against the slick fabric covering her pussy, humping against it as my erection grew. I could feel the soft flesh of her pussy against my cock, through the material of her swimsuit, and was ready to slip into her again.

I reached up and peeled the top of her swimsuit down to reveal her perky titties and hard nipples, which I caressed gently. I then rolled her off me and onto her back, but rather than pull her swimsuit the rest of the way off, I wanted to fuck her while she was wearing it again. I had her lift her ass up and stuck the pillows underneath it, raising it up off the bed. Kneeling between her spread legs, I had her pull the swimsuit aside to reveal her pussy, then guided my cock into her. As I started slowly fucking her, I took her free hand, the one not still holding her swimsuit aside, and placed her fingertips on her clit. She got the gist and started rubbing herself while I reached down to caress her hard nipples as I fucked her.

When my thrusting caused her to start sliding away from me, I straightened up, abandoning her tits, and hooked her legs over my arms, my hands on her upper thighs. This way, I was able to pull her against me each time I pushed into her, embedding myself even deeper in her sweet pussy. I felt the familiar flood of lubrication as Kirsten’s orgasm approached, followed by the tremors within her pussy as it washed over her. I continued fucking her, feeling my own orgasm suddenly looming much closer. She had stopped rubbing her pussy once her climax had been achieved but still held her swimsuit aside as she gazed up at me. My hips smacked against the backs of her thighs as I pushed into her over and over. Finally, with a grunt, I released a stream of cum deep into her. Thrusting a few more times, I filled her with my load, then let her legs drop and pulled out of her.

Before flopping next to her, I tossed the pillows toward the head of the bed and slipped her swimsuit Escort off. Lying beside her again, both of us spent once again for the time being, I thanked her for indulging me. Several more hours passed and several more orgasms were experienced before we finally fell asleep, naked and exhausted.

The next morning, we were too exhausted for any hanky-panky, having stayed up too late into the night, so we took a quick shower together then rushed to get ready so we had time to check out of the hotel before going to our second day of training. It was even more difficult to make it through this day due to our fatigued state, but with the help of caffeine and each other, we managed to survive. Just getting out of the class at the end of the day perked me up enough that I wasn’t worried about driving back from the mountains. We wouldn’t get back to the office until long after everyone else had left for the night, so we agreed that it might be fun to have a little quickie there before heading home. As we talked about where the best place to have sex in the office would be, Kirsten started rubbing the growing bulge in my pants. The more she rubbed, the harder it got, but before it had a chance to burst through the zipper, she opened my jeans and hauled it out, stroking it in her small, soft fist.

It felt good to have her hand on my cock, but it felt even better when she lowered her head into my lap and wrapped her lips around it. The cruise control was on and the traffic was relatively light, so I was able to enjoy the feeling of Kirsten sucking my cock once again. She was able to get my jeans open enough to cup my balls with one hand while the other pumped the base of my tool. I ran my fingers through her short brown hair before slipping my hand around to fondle her breast through her shirt. Her nipple was hard, so I gently squeezed and rubbed it while feeling her soft flesh. Having your cock sucked is a great way to pass the time while driving, though I couldn’t tell you much about the scenery we passed while it was happening. I was focused enough on the road to drive safely, but I was also appreciating Kirsten’s warm mouth sliding up and down my cock and the way she was causing an orgasm to build within me.

My fingers went back up to run through her hair as I got closer to cumming. With the cruise control on, I was able to push my hips upward somewhat, getting into a rhythm with her head bobbing. Her head and my hips moved faster the closer my orgasm got until, finally, I spewed down her throat. She sucked me completely dry, then sat up and wiped her mouth, smiling a satisfied smile. I left my limp cock hanging out for a while until Kirsten held the wheel while I pulled my jeans and underwear back in place. I thanked her and told her how I wished I could return the favor, or at least smell the musk that must be soaking her panties, but she assured me that she’d be alright until we made it back to the office. Imagine our disappointment after parking the car to find the office overrun with cleaning staff. There was no place where could safely have even a quickie without the risk of interruption.

Since we were both light-rail riders, we resigned ourselves to collecting our things and catching a train, with the understanding that we’d be fucking like crazy at her place soon enough. Since our cars were parked at different Park-n-Ride lots, we got off the train at different stations and each drove to our own homes. After catching up on mail and phone messages, I packed a few fresh things into my overnight bag, got in my car and headed over to Kirsten’s place.

Needless to say, we didn’t get caught up on our much needed rest that night.

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