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Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 03

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Hopes For Pure Heaven Turn To Hell Ch. 03

The next morning, Darnell awakens to Kim laying on her opposite side all uncovered. Darnell hates to wake her. She is sleeping so peacefully, yet he knew he had to if she wants to go with him to the precinct this morning. Rolling onto his side, Darnell moves in closer behind Kim. His chest now resting against her back, Darnell runs his fingertips lightly down Kim’s arm slowly wrapping his arm around her. Kissing her softly on the right side of her neck.

“Wake up my beautiful girl.” Darnell whispers softly in her ear. “It’s time for us to get up.” Kim moans softly as she nestles into Darnell.

“No I don’t want to get up baby” Kim replies in her soft little pouty voice. “I want to stay right here with you.”

“Sweetie, I don’t want to get up either. I would love nothing better then to spend the entire day lying here with you, but if we don’t get up now Monica will be walking free sometime this morning.”

“OH HELL NO!!” Kim lets out in a sudden outburst. “I don’t want that thing out ever. I would rather see her dead. To throw her body off to the rats and let them feed off her flesh wouldn’t be good enough for her. Your right baby it’s time to get up.” Darnell and Kim get up and get themselves ready. Locking up the house they head off to the precinct. Pulling into the parking lot Darnell parks the car and just looks at Kim.

“Baby, please listen to what I am going to say. You need to be good when we go in here. Let me take care of this.”

“I promise to be good just as long as I don’t have to look at her.” Kim replies. Walking hand in hand into the precinct Darnell and Kim locate Mike.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Mike asks Darnell.

“Not a hell of a lot. I am here to do what I told you last night I was going to do.” I don’t want that trash let out of here.”

“Ok, but before we do this I need to tell you both something.” Mike replies. “I really don’t think Kim is going to like it either.”

“Mike, don’t beat around the bush. You know damn well Darnell can’t stand that. I may be a female, but I am not as much of a sap as some females may be. Just tell us what you have to tell us.”

“Well what it comes down to is this, Monica has asked to talk to Darnell. I told her you two would be here this morning to take care of things, and I would pass it by you then.” Darnell looks at Kim, the grip she has on his hand now gets tighter, her breathing pattern has changed and Darnell knows full well that she is pissed.

“Darnell No! Please baby, I don’t want her to start this again.”

“Honey, It will be alright. Let’s do one thing at a time.” Darnell replies. “Let me press charges against her first, and then we and I do mean we will go and talk to her. I won’t go it alone. You will come with me.”

“Alright baby.” Darnell and Kim sit with Mike and proceed to press charges.

“Now that we have that part done and out of the way, Darnell do you wish to allow Monica the time to talk to you?” Darnell looks at Kim, and Kim shakes her head in agreement.

“Alright let’s do this and get it over with. Kim is coming with me however.”

“Are you sure you want to do this Kim?” Mike asks.

“Oh yeah as much as I hate that piece of shit, and I really don’t want to even look at her, he isn’t going alone. I don’t want her to be able to touch him in any way though.”

“She won’t be able to touch him Kim.” Mike replies. “You don’t have to worry about that. I will be in there the entire time.”

“Ok, let’s go.” Darnell and Kim walk into this little room with Mike. Mike walks off to get Monica.

“Alright you want to talk to Darnell, well he’s here and he is allowing you the time to talk to him. However I will let you know now that Kim is with him, and I swear as god as my witness if you try anything, so help me god I will take you down myself. Darnell and Kim are my best friends, and you won’t pull this shit on my watch. Darnell has already pressed charges against you. If you wish to try any of your shit I promise you I will add more charges to it, and you won’t ever get out. Do you understand me?”

“Yes I understand, but why in the hell is Kim in there?” Monica replies asking in a snotty tone. “I asked to talk to Darnell.”

“Kim is in there because she loves Darnell, and she stands beside her man no matter what. Darnell is doing all of this because of what you did to Kim. You don’t fuck with the heart of the woman Darnell loves. There is one thing you need to remember Darnell is a southern born gentleman, and he will do what ever it takes to protect the woman he loves. So you talk to Darnell with Kim present or you don’t talk to him at all. Take your pick.”
“Alright I guess if I don’t really have a choice then I will talk to Darnell with Kim present.” Mike stands casino oyna Monica up placing her back into handcuffs.

“Now what in the fuck are you doing this for?” Monica asks.

“You foolish idiot” Mike replies. “Are you normally this stupid? Did you really think I would allow you the slightest chance to be able to touch Darnell? It’s bad enough you even think about it.”

“Oh shut the fuck up and let’s just go. I may not get to touch him, but I at least get to look at him, and I get to listen to him, and if he’s wearing his cologne then I will get to smell him” Monica chuckles a devious chuckle.

“Sorry Chic he’s not wearing his cologne today. How in the hell is he supposed to wear it when in fact you stole it from him?” Taking Monica by her arm Mike leads her into the room that Darnell and Kim are in.

“Well well well could it possibly be the man who drives me absolutely crazy oh yeah and his little hussy too?” Mike pulls back on Monica’s arm.

“Remember what I told you. Don’t challenge me.” Mike says to Monica. Monica proceeds to sit on the other side of the table. Just glaring at Kim.

“Alright you little tart what in the fuck do you want?” Darnell asks. “You wanted to talk to me. Well I am here now talk god damn it. I have much more important things to do today then waste my time in here with you!”

“Oh you silly boy, it’s you that I want. You are all I have wanted right along. I was hoping you wouldn’t be bringing HER along. I was also hoping maybe this jerk cop wouldn’t be standing here either and I wouldn’t be in handcuffs. I really wanted some time alone with you. I was kind of hoping maybe I could make it up to you for what I did. If you get my meaning.”

“You are a fucken sick bitch!!” Darnell barks out. “Come on Kim let’s go. This little conversation with this piece of delusional trash is over.” Standing with Kim Darnell takes Kim’s hand into his. They turn to walk toward the door.

“Darnell honey, wait a minute please. I have something that I want to say to her then we can go. Please trust me. I need to do this Darnell.”

“Ok baby.” Darnell replies.

“Monica, I just don’t know what to say. For years you were my best friend, and now you go and pull this. I hope you rot in hell. You’ve stated to me clearly that you would have Darnell no matter what. Well I am here to tell you today as I have several times in the past few days, You WILL NOT EVER have Darnell. He is mine through and through and that’s all there is to it.” Turning toward the door, Darnell and Kim start to walk out. Darnell stops for a moment looking back at Mike.

“Mike, take care of this for me will you.”

“You bet I will.” Mike replies. “I will let you know when Monica is going to be arraigned if you and Kim choose to be there.” You go on and take Kim out of here and please try to enjoy the rest of your week up here.”

“Will do.” Darnell replies loud enough so Monica could hear as he wraps his arm around Kim holding her close to him. “For the rest of the week I intend to do nothing but what I brought Kim here for in the first place, and that’s to take care of her. In the mean time Kim and I are heading back home. We have a wonderful cozy hot tub awaiting us, and Kim’s favorite wine coolers in the fridge. I think Kim could really use that right now. You can call either my phone or Kim’s it doesn’t matter. One of them will be on for sure.”

“Hey man I have one more thing before you leave.” Mike hands Darnell back the cologne that had been stolen from him.

“Thanks man, but I am going to get another one just the same. Kim is going to destroy this one for me. It’s been handled by that piece of shit, and I for sure don’t want it now.” Walking out of the precinct Kim looks at Darnell.

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby. Let’s go home.” Darnell opens Kim’s door. Kim gets in. He closes her door. He gets himself in the car and they head home. Upon arriving back home, Darnell once again comes around opening Kim’s door. Helping her out of the car he kisses her softly.

“You come with me my baby girl.”

“Where prey tell are we going baby?”

“You shall see just come with me.” Darnell replies in his soft sexy voice. Taking her hand he leads Kim to the back of the house. Taking the cover off the hot tub looking into the crystal clear water circling his hand in it Darnell just looks at Kim and smiles.

“You and I, right here all afternoon sound good?”

“MMMmmm you bet it does.” Kim replies. Taking Kim’s hand Darnell and Kim walk into the house. Darnell takes Kim into his arms. Slowly he begins to remove Kim’s top.
“What are you doing my silly man?” Kim asks in a devious little voice.

“Well you surely can’t go in the hot tub wearing this.” Darnell replies as he finishes removing slot oyna her top. “And these either for that matter.” Darnell takes a hold of the waistband of her jeans. Kim being the naughty little girl that she’s known to be takes a hold of his hands stopping him for a moment.

“Why? Why not? Why can’t I wear them?” Kim asks in her again naughty little voice.

“Because I don’t want you to that’s why. I don’t want to feel your body through all these clothes especially when they are wet. If I am going to feel that gorgeous body of yours I want it in my hands free of articles that get in my way.” Kim lets up on his hands allowing him to finish what he has started. Darnell kneels down before Kim, kissing and licking every inch down the length of her little legs (Kim stands 5’2 ¾” tall). Darnell removes her jeans repeating the same manner back up the length of her legs. Kim moans softly as she runs her fingers through Darnell’s hair. Kim now stands before him in nothing but her bra and matching thong looking up at Darnell she smiles her naughty little smile.

“Can I go in wearing this?” Kim asks sliding her fingertips down her sides teasing Darnell.

“Oh yeah` baby girl. You can wear that.” Darnell replies. “I can easily remove that from you in the water.” Taking her hand into his they walk out to the hot tub. Darnell placing his hands on her waist helps Kim up the few steps to the tub. As Kim puts one foot into the water Darnell stops her. Nibbling gently on her left ass cheek lightly smacking the other. Kim gets in and settles herself into the water. Leaning her head back onto the edge of the tub she reaches up and grabs Darnell’s shirt. Pulling him down to her she kisses him softly.

“I love you, hurry up and get that ever so sexy body of yours in here with me.”

“I will be right back baby don’t you move.” Darnell replies. Darnell heads back into the house to gather their towels, and their drinks.

“Oh honey, can you bring me out some ice when you come back.”

“AAYAH!! Darnell shrieks as his broad shoulders draw up to his neck instantly. “Yes I can, but don’t you even think about it little one. Don’t let it even enter your mind”

“Oh I wont think about it I promise.”

Darnell heads back into the house gathering Kim’s wine cooler, his beer, and their towels, but forgetting her ice cube he returns back to the freezer. “If I know her she is going to want more than one” he thinks to himself. Gathering a few ice cubes he puts them into a cup. Darnell walks back out to the hot tub looking at Kim as she is obviously enjoying the water. Darnell hands Kim her wine cooler already opened he places his beer in the cup holder on the other side of the tub, and places their towels and her cup of ice on the table. Kim watches Darnell as he slowly begins to undress. Reaching up behind his shoulders he takes a hold of his shirt. Removing it from his body in just the slow sexy way that he knows Kim absolutely loves. Slowly Darnell removes his jeans and his boxers in the same sexy manner, yet teasing Kim just the same way she was teasing him. Darnell gets into the tub with Kim.

“Come over here with me baby girl.” Kim moves over to Darnell opening his legs she slides her body in between them. Her back rests back against his chest. Her head rests on his shoulder. Darnell wraps his arms around her. They just sat quietly together for a few minutes. Kim could feel Darnell’s heart beating, and his cock hardening between them. Darnell begins to moan softly. Darnell’s hands begin to lightly run over Kim’s belly, and up to her breasts. Darnell has Kim sit up for a moment as he unhooks the hooks on the back of her bra. Slowly he removes her bra from her. Taking her breasts into his hands massaging them gently. Lightly Darnell nibbles at Kim’s right ear. Kim slips her hand in between them gently wrapping her fingers around his hard, rigid mass. Darnell gasps.

“Turn around for a minute baby” Darnell says in his soft voice. Kim turns her body so she is now facing him. “I want you baby. I have wanted you since I woke up this morning and saw you sleeping the way you were.” Kim says not a word she just stared into Darnell’s eyes. Slowly Darnell removes her thong. Gently Kim takes Darnell’s mass into her hand sliding it up inside her ever so wet pussy. Little by little Kim begins to grind her hips into Darnell. Darnell’s moans growing louder as Kim’s pussy strokes his cock in the hot erotic way that only it can.

“AAYAH!!!” GODDAMN IT!!! FUCK DON’T STOP BABE DON’T STOP!!! Darnell lets out in a very loud sexy scream. His back arching as his head throws back. Hearing and seeing this turns Kim on even more making her even hornier. She begins to twist Darnell’s nipples as she grinds him even harder. Just then Darnell pulls Kim down onto his monster by her hips. With canlı casino siteleri one last hard thrust up inside her Kim pushes Darnell over the edge as Kim and Darnell cum together at exactly the same time. Darnell and Kim sit together holding onto one another for a good hour. Darnell and Kim get out of the hot tub, drying off they go into the house. Darnell takes Kim to the bedroom. Laying her onto the bed, Darnell and Kim make love for the rest of the afternoon. Later that evening Kim’s phone rings. Darnell answers it.

“Darnell, it’s Mike.”

“Hey man, what’s up?” Darnell asks.

“I just wanted to let you two know Monica is scheduled to be arraigned in the morning. Are you two planning to be there?”

“You bet, I know this is something that Kim really needs, this is another way for her to be able to begin to put this nightmare behind her.”

“Ok dude, you two have a good night, and I will see you tomorrow.” Mike replies. Darnell hangs up the phone and fills Kim in on what’s going on. The next morning Darnell and Kim get up and get ready to leave. Upon arriving at the courthouse Darnell looks at Kim.

“What’s the matter babe? Are you alright?”

“Yeah I am just fine baby.” Kim replies. “I guess you could say I am just a little nervous baby, but don’t you worry I am fine.”

“Kim, are you sure you want to do this?” Darnell asks. “I can take you back home if this really isn’t where you want to be.”

“Yes baby this is definitely something that I want to do. I need to be here baby.” Darnell gets out of the car and opens Kim’s door. Hand in hand they walk into the courthouse.

Everyone who is in attendance in the courtroom today is seated. Monica’s case is the first to be brought before the judge. Monica is lead into the courtroom in handcuffs. Noticing Darnell and Kim, Monica smiles and winks at Darnell. The judge looks at Monica’s lawyer, and he begins to run down the list of charges brought against her.

“How does your client plead?” the Judge asks.

“Not guilty by means of mental defect or disease your Honor.” Her attorney says. Hearing this Kim finally loses it standing up suddenly.


“Kim, Sit down.” Darnell whispers, pulling on her arm. “Baby you are going to get thrown out of here”

“I don’t rightly give a fuck. After what that piece of shit has put us through, oh hell no I don’t want her out.” Kim hollers.

Monica’s lawyer asks for bail. The prosecuting attorney proves beyond a reasonable doubt that if Monica is released she will be a threat to Darnell and Kim again. In hearing this information the Judge revokes any possibility of bail, and Monica is remanded into custody until her trial. The date is set for Monica’s trial to begin, and Kim and Darnell are both called into testify. A few days of testimony goes on, and on the last day Danny makes his presence known. Monica seeing Danny gives him this look of “Help me” Danny looked at her and did nothing but shake his head. What Monica doesn’t know is Danny has been called in to testify against her. After Danny takes the stand the jury is released for deliberation. 3 ½ hours later the jury returns with a verdict. The judge looks over their verdict.

“Madam foreperson, has the jury reached its verdict?”

“We have your honor.”

“How does the jury find?”

“We the jury find the defendant GUILTY on all charges.”

“Please poll the jury your honor.” Requested by Monica’s lawyer. The Judge polls all 12 jurors, and all twelve return the same verdict. It was a unanimous decision. Kim looks at Darnell as she breaks down in tears.

“It’s alright baby.” Darnell whispers. “I told you it’s over. She is going to spend a hell of a long time locked up behind bars.” Wrapping his arms around Kim she cries a little while longer. The following day they are all back in the courtroom for Monica’s sentencing. Monica is sentenced to 15 years in an all women’s prison. As Monica is being taken away again in handcuffs she looks over at Danny.

“Don’t bother calling me. Don’t harass me. Don’t e-mail me. And sure as hell when you ever do get out don’t come looking for me, for I won’t be there. You are a worthless piece of nothing. I gave you everything and this is how you repay me. I hope you rot in Jail.” Danny says to Monica.

“Danny, you weren’t anything to me any way I was really only using you until I could have the one thing I truly did want. And that one thing is Darnell.”

“Give it up bitch. You aren’t ever going to have Him. Darnell loves Kim he always has and he always will, and there is nothing you could ever scheme up that will ever change that. Besides by the time you get out, and the things that will be done to you in the prison; a blind old bum on the street wouldn’t even want.” Monica is then taken away to begin her fifteen-year sentence.

Stay tuned for Hopes for pure heaven turn to pure hell part 4 (Monica’s Jail experience)

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