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Holiday Therapy

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Chapter VIII Studious Model

Graham was surprised and disappointed when Beverley telephoned to tell him of her decision to take a holiday instead of returning home from the porn film location. He had been looking forward to hearing all the details about what went on there. More urgently it was the first time in their married life that they had been so long apart. Absence is supposed to make the heart go fonder and Graham was feeing strong stirrings of unsatisfied lust. In the whole of their long married life together the intervals between sexual intercourse had never exceeded four days; but now apparently it would be at least three weeks before he saw her again. He began to experience strong feelings of sexual frustration; masturbating over pornographic photographs of his wife was all very well but it came a poor second to actually being able to fuck her. To make matters worse she had not given him an address where she could be contacted.

Graham looked in the ‘What’s On’ section of his local newspaper, hoping to find something to divert him. The local multiplex was advertising all the latest films none of which attracted him. Apart from anything else he found it rather depressing sitting in a cinema with about six other people while being blasted with a ffff sound track; not to mention the fifteen minutes of advertising which would precede the film. He turned the page and began to read the ‘Personal Services’ advertisements.

There were lots of seductive massage parlours and escort agencies which he assumed were actually venues for prostitution. He wondered vaguely where he could get some kind of recommendation to avoid being ripped off; he was quite prepared to pay for sexual services just so long as he got value for money. If only he could find an enthusiastic amateur who would be prepared to come to his house. A small print text advertisement caught his eye.

Impecunious student available
For glamour/nude modelling
In your home reasonable rates

Graham was immediately attracted by the notion of a student. If it was a genuine advertisement it meant she wasn’t a professional which was just what he was looking for. There was an email address given and after some thought Graham responded:

Hello, reference your ad. I am interested in using your services for a glamour/nude modelling photo shoot in my home. Please send more details including photos and your rates. I live in the Milton Keynes area. Where are you?


Some hours later Graham received a reply.

Hello Graham, I am a nineteen-year old philosophy student at London University but I can easily travel to Milton Keynes. My rates are £70 for the first hour, paid in advance, and £50 for each subsequent hour plus travelling expenses. I have a large range of lingerie for the glamour shots and I am quite uninhibited about posing nude. I attach some recent photographs which I hope you will agree show that I am quite photogenic and not at all shy! I am only available on Tuesdays or Thursdays because of University lectures and tutorials.



Graham opened the attachments which contained four photographs. Three of the photographs showed a dark haired girl of medium height posing provocatively in scanty lingerie which revealed that she had a very sexy body and magnificent breasts. The fourth photograph showed her standing fully dressed outside one of the London University Departments. Obviously he would only get to see her naked if he paid her to visit him!

After several further exchanges of emails, he sent her a cheque for £70 and arranged to pick her up at Milton Keynes station the following Thursday at 09:30 am.


Standing at the end of the concourse at Milton Keynes Station Graham had no difficulty recognising Laura as she sauntered towards him and began to walk past him

‘Hello Laura, I’m Graham.’

Laura, stopped momentarily surprised, but quickly recovered. She smiled.

‘Hello, you must be Graham.’

Graham yalnızım mesut bey izle took her case and led her out to the short stay car park.

‘Is it far?’ she enquired as he drove out of the car park.

‘About twenty minutes at this time of day. Forty minutes in the rush hour.’

Laura settled back in her seat with an air of complete relaxation. She was wearing a short red skirt revealing shapely legs and thighs and a white buttoned up blouse covered by a black casual jacket.

‘I’m not a professional photographer, by the way’, Graham said by way of breaking the ice.

‘My customers never are’ Laura replied. ‘It doesn’t bother me, I’ve no aspirations to be a professional model I’m just supplementing my income while I’m at Uni.’

‘Quite an unusual way for an undergraduate to earn some extra cash though, isn’t it?’

‘Not at all, lots of us are marginally involved in the sex industry; photographic modelling, pole dancing, striptease, massage parlours, escort agencies even a bit of prostitution. It beats waiting on tables at MacDonald’s on Saturday night when the pubs turn out. It pays a lot more too.’ She glanced across at Graham. ‘I’m pretty flexible about what I do; it depends on the circumstances.’

Graham pondered her response. Was she hinting that he could fuck her? Presumably it would cost him more than £70 per hour.

‘Do you do this often?’ she asked.

‘Do what?’ he replied.

‘Pay for sexual services.’

‘Er no. But my wife is away for three weeks on holiday and I’m missing her company badly. I often take nude photographs of her when she is here.

‘So while the cats away the mice will play’, she said with a smile.

‘Something like that’, he replied.

The rest of the journey passed in silence.

‘We’re here’, he said as he drove in to the courtyard. Graham was glad that he only had three immediate neighbours who were all out at work anyway. There would be no prying eyes to notice a young woman steeping out of his car and waiting for him to open the front door. ‘I’ll just put the car away in the garage; it will make it less likely that anyone will interrupt us. Take a seat for a moment.’

When he returned Laura was examining some of his lighting equipment.

‘You’ve got some very expensive kit for an amateur.’

‘Well I do take quite a lot of photographs of my wife. I’ll show you some if you like. It will give you some idea of the sort of photos I take.’

He produced an album and passed it to Laura to examine while he went out to the kitchen to make coffee. When he returned she laid the album aside.

‘You have a very beautiful wife with a great figure. Was she a professional model?’

‘Oh no, but when she was younger she did some nude work for the local camera club a few times. Her modelling for the camera club was rather more decorous than when she was posing for me’, he said with a grin.

‘OK, I’m ready to start any time. Have you got anything planned out?’

‘Well as you have seen from my photos I don’t want you to wear very much. I’d like to start with some shots in here. That stone fireplace will make a nice background. I’d also like to take some photos outside in the garden. It’s completely private, we are not overlooked at all; also some bedroom shots and perhaps a few in the kitchen.’

‘In the kitchen!’ she said with surprise

‘Yes we’ve got a very nice new kitchen and I think it will make a nice background.’ Graham put his coffee cup down and stood up. ‘You can use the dining room for changing? I’ll just close the curtains in there.’

‘That will be fine’, she said. She opened her case and spilled out some of her lingerie onto the couch. ‘Would you like to choose something for me to wear to start with?’

Graham noticed that her lingerie was more expensive and less tarty than the stuff he normally purchased for Beverley. He selected a white basque, white stockings, yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle a white bikini brief and black four inch stilettos from her wardrobe.

‘Can we start with these’, he said. He carried her bag into the dining room.

‘There’s no mirror in here’ she noticed immediately.

‘There’s one in the hall, if you open the dining room door and stand well back you should be able to view yourself full length’, he suggested.

Graham returned to the lounge and closed the front curtains. There was plenty of light flooding in from the garden windows but he began to adjust his lighting for optimum effect. He turned round as Laura entered the room. She looked delectable. Her dark black hair and vivid red lipstick perfectly complimented her white lingerie. She looked so young, fresh and virginal. He quickly obtained numerous shots of her standing sitting and lying on the large stone fireplace and then led her to the kitchen for a variety of poses on the kitchen fittings. They returned to the dining room where he made a fresh selection from her lingerie. This time he chose a black half cup bra with matching mini briefs and black stockings and suspenders. Then he changed his mind.

‘Actually just black stockings and suspenders, if that’s OK’

‘No problem if that’s what you want’, she replied.

He left her to change and returned to the lounge. He was beginning to feel rather horny.

‘How’s that then?’

She was standing in the doorway of the room virtually naked. Her beautiful breasts stood out firmly without the restraint of her bra; she had beautiful hips a shaven pubis and long elegant shapely legs. God how he wanted to fuck her! He excused himself and went upstairs to the bedroom, unzipped his trousers and quickly masturbated to an ejaculation. He waited for his penis to subside, adjusted his clothing and went back downstairs. Temporarily at least his lust was under control. He began photographing her again as she struck various poses. Without waiting to be asked she spread her legs wide to display her vagina for him using her fingers to ensure it was open. Now he suggested they go up to the bedroom where he took a further series of provocative photographs of her lying and kneeling on the bed. Finally he asked her to remove her stockings and suspenders and photographed her nude. He was beginning to fell horny again; she looked so desirable lying on his bed.

‘Let’s go out in the garden’, he suggested; at least there the provocation would be diminished. In the garden she posed on the lawn, sitting on the patio and in amongst the shrubbery. He looked at his watch; he had already been photographing her for over an hour.

‘Let’s take a break’ he suggested, ‘I’ll pay you for a second hour.’

She agreed to his offer of a glass of wine and, once she had slipped on her dressing gown she joined him in the kitchen.

‘I hope you’ll email me a few of your photographs, I like to know what’s in circulation about me. Are you planning on putting them out on the internet?’

Graham shook his head. ‘No, it’s just for private use; I might show them to a friend of mine, that’s all.’

‘But not your wife’ she said with a smile.

‘No probably not. Although she did get involved in a porn film last week, well not exactly in it but doing what I believe they call fluffing.’

‘Don’t you mind?’ she enquired.

‘No not really, I’m a bit of a voyeur and I find it a bit of a turn on actually.’

‘So, what are we going to do for the next hour?’ she enquired as she sipped her wine.

Graham hesitated to reply; he knew exactly what he wanted to do but thought it was probably not something she would agree to.

‘I’d like to do some time delayed shots so that I can be in the picture with you’, he finally said.

There was a pause before she replied.

‘I take you would be naked?’

Graham nodded.

‘And also erect?’


She paused again.

‘Do you want to fuck me? She asked calmly.

‘Of course I do’, he replied.

‘It’ll cost you another sixty quid.’

‘That’s OK.’

‘And you’ll have to pay the full rate of £70 for the second hour.’

‘OK, I agree, I’ll give you a cheque for £130 plus your travelling expenses. Why don’t you take your drink up to the bedroom while I get the camera?’

By the time Graham returned to the bedroom Laura was lying naked on the bed. She watched as he undressed.

‘I think I’ll leave the photographs for the time being’, he said and joined her on the bed. He couldn’t remember the last time he had experienced such fierce sexual desire. But then he hadn’t had the opportunity to fuck a beautiful nineteen year old women before. Beverley had been nearly twenty-one the first time he had her. He began to fondle her beautiful compliant body.

‘How would you like me?’ she asked quietly.

‘Why don’t you straddle me so that I can play with your beautiful tits while you are fucking me’, he replied.

She swiftly coiled her lithe body across his torso and lowered her cunt down on to his cock. It felt beautifully tight and juicy inside her cunt. She began to ride him, wriggling sexily from side to side. He reached up and gently squeezed her beautiful globular breasts.

‘God, you’ve got the most perfect tits a man could desire!’

He managed to last just over five minutes before having a very pleasurable orgasm; afterwards they lay together side by side.

‘How often do you do this?’ Graham enquired.

‘Have a man fuck me do you mean?’ she asked.


‘Once or twice a month I suppose. I don’t let all my clients fuck me; I have to fancy them a bit before I let that happen.’

She began to play with his cock which began to stir into life. Soon he was fully erect again.

‘Would you like me to suck you off?’

Graham stood up while Laura knelt down in front of him.

‘Let me know when you’re about to come, I like to be prepared. Would you like me to keep your cum in my mouth so that you can see it or shall I swallow it?’

‘Keep it in your mouth, I’d like a ‘cum kiss’ when it’s over.’

Her mouth felt warm and inviting as she took four inches of his erection into her mouth. A tense erotic silence ensued as she busily sucked his cock.

‘OK I’m going to come now!’ he shouted tensely as he pulsed vigorously into her mouth. He helped her to her feet before poking his tongue in her mouth and kissing her on her lips which were hot and sticky with his semen.

‘Was that OK?’ she enquired as they moved apart.

‘Absolutely wonderful’ Graham murmured appreciatively.

Laura lay down on the bed and stretched out languorously.

‘Do you want to fuck me again? If not I’d like to take a shower.’

‘Yes I would but I need ten minutes to recharge my libido. Would you like another glass of wine in the meantime?’

They descended naked together to the kitchen. Graham filled her glass and watched as she casually leaned against the breakfast bar sipping her drink. His cock was stirring into life again. She put down her drink as he walked towards her.

‘Why don’t you lean down over the breakfast bar and I’ll fuck you from the rear.’

Laura obediently bent forward over the table and spread her legs. By now Graham was ramrod stiff again and eagerly eased his cock up her cunt. He was more under control now and fucked her steadily for more than ten minutes. Before he ejaculated he felt her orgasmic spasms gripping his cock. He lay resting on top of her for a few moments before withdrawing.

‘Thanks Laura, that was great. You can take a shower now or would you like a bath?’

Graham left her to her toilet in the bathroom while he dressed himself in the bedroom. Fifteen minutes later she reappeared downstairs looking elegant and demure; Graham marvelled at her unconcerned self possession.

Back at Milton Keynes station he bade her farewell.

‘Thanks I’d like to do that again some time.’

‘Why don’t you come up to London for the day next time? I can recommend a very nice hotel.’

‘Yes I just might do that; goodbye.’

Graham watched as she strolled away unconcernedly down to the platform.

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