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You came and picked me up and we headed south to our destination. The drive took us a few hours and for most of it we talked about inconsequential things. After we had left the city and were cruising down the highway, I lent over and rested my hand on your pants above your cock. We’d talked about this and you knew what I wanted to do, I could see the grin of anticipation on your face as you quickly glanced at me.

I immediately felt you become hard and I unzipped your jeans, letting your hard cock free. I traced the tip of the head with my finger tips, then traced them down your shaft, wrapping my fingers around you and applying a little pressure as I slid my hand back up your cock. You let out an appreciative moan. I continue using my hand, applying different pressures, sometimes my fingertips, sometimes lightly using my nails, sometimes my full hand.

You’re beginning to breathe slightly heavier as I lean down and place my head in your lap. You adjust your hands on the steering wheel so that I have easier access. I’m staring at your hard, fat cock and as I poke out my tongue and lick the tip of you I feel you shudder. I continue to lick the tip of you, flicking my tongue over the ridge of the head of your cock. I know you like this.

I kiss the tip of you, then continue kissing down your long, hard length to the base, sliding my tongue back up and over your length. I blow lightly on the moisture left by my tongue, causing you to shiver with the cold sensation. I again kiss the tip, this time wrapping my fingers around your base and fluttering my tongue over your opening, then sliding my mouth over the head of your cock. I use the flat of my tongue to stroke the head of your cock and move my hand in a very slow pumping action up and down the length of your shaft.

I take the tip back to my lips before sliding your hard cock back into my mouth this time taking not just the head of you but part of your shaft as well. I continue doing this, each time taking you slightly deeper into my throat. I want to be able to take all of your hard cock into my mouth, down my throat.

I start pumping your cock with my mouth and hand, I feel you hitting the back of my throat, my other hand is touching and gently squeezing your balls, my tongue stroking you. The speed picks up and I feel your hand rest on my head, your hips thrusting your cock deeper into my throat. Then I feel you tense, your cock gets thicker and I feel the convulsions of your balls as you spurt your cum into my mouth and throat. You’re applying pressure to my head making sure I swallow every last drop of your hot, salty cum. I continue pumping my hand, milking every last drop of cum from you.

You relax and release the pressure on my head, allowing me to breathe deeply before I clean your cock with my tongue. As I sit back in my seat you smile to yourself thinking how the driver in the truck you just passed must have enjoyed that little show, probably wishing he was in your place.

You then tell me to place one foot up on the dash board, to unzip my fly and to play with myself while you watch and tell me about some of the things you are going to do to me during this weekend. A truck pulls up beside us and I stop and go to cover myself. You tell me No, I am to keep going, and you begin to tell me what the driver of the truck might be thinking, that I’m a dirty, horny, slut, that can’t even go a few hours without wanting to be fucked. You torment me with your words but sensing my rising excitement, tell me to stop, denying my release. I moan in frustration, though knowing that when you do allow my release it will be so much more intense.

We arrive at our destination and check into our hotel, dumping our gear. You kiss me, hard, then tell me we’re going shopping. My eyes light up and you tell me with a smirk that we’re shopping for groceries. Seeing me frown with disappointment you laugh before adding “…and toys”.

We go for toys first, so our cold groceries won’t get warm. You hold my hand as we look at the variety of items, every now and then you whisper how you would use a certain item in a certain way. You know your comments are getting me excited. You know I am becoming increasingly wetter between my legs, listening to your words. At one point you lean down and tell me that you can smell how excited I am. As you chose the items we will take home to play with you hand them to me to carry, knowing that though excited, I am also slightly embarrassed, thinking that the other customers must be wondering about me. You whisper to me that they, like the truck drivers, are thinking that I’m a dirty little whore, and that seeing as it is the truth, I shouldn’t worry about it.

We go to the counter to pay for the items. A large rubber dildo, long and wide, you’ve told me how its going to stretch me so wide, stretching my pussy lips open, that it will border on hurting but I’ll love it and beg for more; A small pencil vibrator that you’ll use on my nipples, against my clit and in my ass and will possibly allow me to use on you; leather cuffs so you can tie me spread open for your pleasure izmit escort on the bed; A mask, so I don’t know what’s coming to me or when, that I don’t know what you are doing or where you are; and clamps that attach to the nipples and clit for the pleasure-pain that you know I am going to beg for. The sales person winks at you as he finishes, telling you to have a good day. I blush, you laugh. The groceries we pick up, so that we don’t need to leave our room unless we want to for the remainder of the weekend.

Returning to the room, as you close the door you tell me to go and take off my clothes. As of now, unless we leave the room, clothes are unnecessary. You put the groceries away and begin to wonder why it’s taking me so long. You go to check on me and find me lying on the bed naked, with my eyes closed playing with my clit. You watch quietly as I slide a finger inside my pussy then bring it up to my lips to taste my own juices. You approach me quietly, I don’t hear you as I’m so centred on the pleasure that I’m giving myself, you bend down and whisper “Dirty Slut.”. I jump, seeing you, I grin. The grin slips as I look at your face, you don’t look impressed. I tell you I was just about to come out to you, you interrupt me saying it looked more like I was going to cum without you…that I need to be taught a lesson…that my body and it’s functions are yours, like I promised you a while back.

You go to the toy bag and you take out the restraints. I whimper, in anticipation as much as fear. You come back to the bed and tell me to lie on my stomach, while placing pillows under my belly so that my ass is raised up in the air. You put the cuffs around my ankles and tie one leg to one corner of the bed, then cuffing and tying the wrist on the same side. As you move to the other leg and tie it to the opposite corner, spreading me wide open, I start to struggle. You grab my last wrist and tie it to the remaining corner. You can hear me panting, I feel so exposed, I didn’t know it would feel like this, I want to cover myself.

You laugh and stand back to admire your handiwork, seeing the glistening of wetness between my legs, you lean forward sliding your finger along my cleft then sticking it my mouth. “Dirty slut, you like this, taste how wet you are”. I suck on your finger, trying to show you I want more, the look in my eyes pleading with you to let me suck your cock, let me suck it after you have shoved it deep in my pussy. You take your finger from my mouth, run it over my cleft, flicking my clit then placing it in your own mouth knowing I’m watching your every move.

You move back to the toy bag and take out the blindfold then walk back towards me, while feeling the satin on your skin. As you near me I again start to struggle but the bonds hold me tight. You lift my face and kiss my lips. As I start to respond to your kiss you pull away, grabbing my hair and slipping the blindfold over my eyes, blinding me to you and what you are doing. “You’ve been a bad girl. Bad girls get spanked.” I tense up waiting for it. I can’t see you, I can’t feel you and I can’t hear where you are. You’re watching me and after a while you see me start to relax at which point you swing your hand down, hard and fast, connecting with the soft tissue of my ass cheeks. I cry out in shock and pain, and you gently massage the now red handprint left on my ass cheek. I begin to moan with the pleasure of feeling your hand massage my ass and you slap it again, hard. I squeal.

You tell me that although you love to hear the sounds I make, you don’t think our neighbours would appreciate it very much. That I am to control my sound to a reasonable level or you’ll make this punishment harder, “Understand?” I nod my head and with my nod you again slap my ass, this time you add another two for good measure. “That makes five. You were very bad. Do you think you need more?” I don’t know how to answer, my ass is stinging and I am certain it’s a bright shade of red, but at the same time the wetness between my legs is continuing to increase as my juices build.

I take to long to think and you slap my ass again “Well?” I want you to continue, but I don’t want to say so. I feel the pressure on the bed where you were kneeling disappear and you leave the bed telling me that as I obviously need time to think about it, you will give me that time, but that until I give my answer you won’t touch me. I hear you turn the television on, and I hear the sounds of a porno movie start.

The sounds together with my imagination increase my need. I imagine you sitting on the couch wanking to the porno, while I lay frustrated, not being able to help myself, upon the bed. It seems like hours before you return, it is in fact only ten minutes. “Well?” though my need is great, I still can’t say that I want you to slap my ass hard. You come over and remove the blindfold, but don’t touch me in any other way. Now I watch you return to the couch and the porno. I’m watching you wank and I’m watching what they’re doing on the screen.

“…please…” I beg. You turn to me, one eyebrow raised.

“Sorry? kadıköy escort I didn’t hear you.”

“…Please…” I say louder.

“Please what?” I sob, knowing you want me to beg.

“…Please…spank my ass…”

You stand up and walk towards me. Your stiff cock pointing straight at me. “You want me to slap your ass? You want me to make it hurt? You want it because you’re a dirty slut that gets off on being treated rough?” “Yes, yes, yes” I beg you. Again that cruel grin and you continue my spanking, while watching my juices slide down my thighs, with your cock in one hand and the other hand whacking my ass, you wank yourself and shoot your cum all over my ass. You use your cock to smear cum all over my ass then you bend down and begin to lick it off.

The licking then extends down to my pussy and you suck and lick my juices from my thighs and outer lips, nibbling on my clit. You slip a finger in my pussy, then two, caressing my g-spot. I’m moaning in pleasure and trying to get your fingers deeper inside me. “More…” I beg. You slip a third finger in, then a fourth stretching me. I feel your thumb moving on my clit, then move off it to join your other fingers. I gasp as you begin pushing your whole hand into my cunt. “You’re a filthy slut!” you tell me. “Only sluts want a whole hand to fuck them in their cunt!”

I’m so wet as you push your hand further inside me and begin to curl your fingers into a fist. “Hows that whore? You’re now being fist fucked for the first time.” You begin to twist your hand back and fourth and then I feel your mouth at my ass. Your tongue slides down my crack and then circles my ass hole before you poke just the tip of it in. Your other hand plays with my clit, being covered in my wetness, you take it and stick your thumb straight into my ass causing my instantaneous orgasm. You feel my muscles gripping your fist and thumb in a pulsing rhythm as I cum all over your hand.

As my contractions decrease you slide your hand out of my pussy and again bend to lick my cum. You offer me your hand to lick, which I do eagerly, then the other hand telling me to suck your thumb. I look into your eyes as I do this. You kiss me, or I kiss you, perhaps both. You smile and begin to untie me, the clock shows that it’s very late, “Dinner time!” you say. After dinner we lie together on the bed, snuggling and I fall asleep in your arms.

You wake me up with a mouth on my nipples and a finger sliding into my pussy. “Time for breakfast then a shower babe.” I giggle as you move down my body kissing, licking and nibbling as you go. It appears you are going to eat me for breakfast, and I moan in appreciation as your talented tongue and mouth begins doing exactly that bringing me to orgasm quickly. You stand up and head towards the kitchen, I stare at your raging hard on. You bring back toast and juice and as we eat I ask you, with a grin, why you haven’t used your gorgeous tool this morning. “Saving it for later.” Is your reply.

I finish quickly and move into the bathroom, you follow me. “We’ll empty our bowels, but no peeing yet.” You say. I start on myself and you come towards me. “Me too, babe.” I take hold of your cock and I kiss it, and then slide my mouth around it, licking and sucking.

After only a short time you pull away, I tell you to turn around and present your ass to me. You lean over the basin and I can see your face in the mirror. I trace my hands over your ass, my finger down your crack, around your tight ring. I place a generous amount of lube around your hole and on my finger before I penetrate you, sliding my finger in and out a few times. I can see the enjoyment on your face and I watch you as I add another finger, but I remember your teasing yesterday and decide on a little pay back. I remove my finger quickly, and just as quickly insert the enema before you can tell me to keep going. “Ten minutes, and you’ll feel the urge” I grin as I finish myself and move towards the shower watching you scowl at me.

You join me in the shower, your scowl of before is now an evil little grin, I bite my lip wondering what I got myself in for with my little game. We kiss, and begin to soap each other up, playing the game; making sure each others body parts are completely clean. I giggle as I slide my hands over your ass and slip my finger in your hole “All clean?” You reciprocate by putting a finger in my ass “As clean as you!”

All this water is making me need to pee, you turn the shower head so it doesn’t drown us then slide down the shower so you are sitting on the shower floor. “Go ahead” you grin. I’m nervous to start with, again this is another first for me, I straddle you sitting with my legs spread and my ass on your tummy, my back leaning against your legs. I try and let go, you moan as you feel the first warm drops trickle over your belly.

You watch me peeing. You take your hand and caress my ass, your other hand sliding into my moist pussy. You lift me slightly, feeling my piss slide down your cock , then position your hard cock at my opening kahramanmaraş escort before thrusting your hips up and pulling me down to impale me on your shaft. This sudden penetration causes me to stop peeing and you slide me up and down your length before taking your cock out and positioning it at my ass hole.

As I slowly relax I feel you slide deep inside my ass, your fingers come to my cunt and slip inside, your thumb on my clit. You tell me to squeeze my nipples, hard, and to keep peeing. My warm piss spills over your hand, belly and balls and you begin thrusting deep inside my ass. I moan with pleasure, both at what you’re doing and the relief as my bladder empties. Just as I run out of piss I feel you grow larger and you shoot your cum deep inside my ass. You turn me around and watch your cum drip from my ass, down my thighs, you stand up and you assist by washing it off with your own hot piss. You piss all over my back, into my hair, you aim at my open ass and also onto my cunt. My fingers have gone to my clit and the combined sensations cause me to orgasm, you watch as spurts of my cum leak from my cunt.

You help me up and we complete our shower. I think to myself…Saturday morning, we have an entire weekend and we still have the rest of the toys to play with!

We dry off and you lift me up, taking me back to bed. I raise my eyebrows, surely you’re not up for this again so soon! You tell me to lie on my back with my legs spread. You retrieve the cuffs and cuff my ankles to the bed, to prevent my legs from closing themselves you say. You walk back to the bathroom and when you return you’re carrying a bowl with warm water, towel, a shaver and shaving foam. “Ever seen a furless pussy?” you laughingly ask me as you settle down to the task of shaving me.

I raise myself up onto a couple of pillows so I can watch as you position yourself in between my legs. You spurt the shaving foam onto my pubic hair and I reach down getting some on the tip of my finger which I promptly spot on your nose. I really shouldn’t torment you when I’m at a disadvantage already. As payback you cuff my wrists together and fasten them to the top of the bed. You begin to shave me, and you do it so slowly. I can feel the razor moving over my lips and I can feel myself beginning to get wet from the sensations. You wipe off the hair and foam, with the warm water and pat me dry, noticing that not all of the moisture is from the water.

I watch as you then run your fingers over my bare mound and lower your head. As your mouth and tongue begin to stroke my bare skin, I moan. My awareness of what you are doing is so much greater without any hair. You continue kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling occasionally adding a nip of my now highly sensitized clit.

Your tongue slides into my cunt and you begin to tongue fuck me, my juices dribbling over your chin. Your hand now joins your mouth and I feel you slide a finger into me, then add another, circling them inside me before moving them down my slit and over my ass, circling my own juices around my hole, lubricating me. Your mouth still sucking and licking my clit, your thumb slides into my cunt and I feel you slide one of your fingers into my ass. I’m bucking against you begging you to keep going don’t stop, I’m so close. As you add another finger into my ass you feel my muscles spasm in orgasm. You continue finger fucking me, sucking hard on my clit, prolonging the orgasm until I beg you to stop, the intense contractions of my orgasm quickly tiring me.

You remove your fingers and as I calm down you proceed to clean me of my juices with your tongue, Sliding up and kissing me deeply when your done so that I can taste myself.

You kneel straddling over me and untie me. I can see that all of this has made you rock hard again and my hands slip to encircle your cock. Your kneeling places you so that I can just reach your cock with my tongue. You turn around so that you are now facing my feet. Your cock pushing against my mouth. My eyes are looking directly at your balls and ass. I open my mouth and feel you slip your cock inside, I hear you moan in pleasure as my tongue begins to stroke you.

My hand reaches up to gently squeeze your balls and trace a line up your crack and over your ass cheeks. You start moving your cock in my and out of my mouth and I reach for the lube and the pencil vibrator that rest on the bedside table. I take my mouth away from your cock but you try to force it back in, but you feel my tongue now licking your balls, taking them into my mouth individually to suck on them before flicking and stroking my tongue across your perineum and over the bud of your ass.

You gasp and tense slightly as you feel my tongue circling your tight bud but soon you relax slightly and I take advantage of this to poke my pointy little tongue into your dark hole. While I’m licking you I squeeze a generous amount of lube onto my finger tips and replace my tongue with my finger. You notice the change when you feel my mouth take your balls, yet know you are still being penetrated. I wiggle my finger stretching you a little wider so I can keep slipping more of my finger in. You’re enjoying this invasion and so I add another finger, not quite as slowly as the first. My other hand has now grabbed the pencil vibrator and you feel me lubing it on your ass, but just think it is another of my fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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