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High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 12

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As I drove keeping my attention to traffic Francine seemed to fidget in her seat quite often.

“You okay?” I finally asked.

She giggled and replied. “Those two martinis must have gone straight to my bladder. I really gotta go pee.”

“Want me to stop babe.” I asked.

“No I’ll just have to use your potty as soon as we get there.” Francine replied.

“Be there in five.” I answered.

I made the left turn into the lot and guided my car into my reserved space. I stepped out expecting to get one more glance at Francine’s creamy white thighs but she was already out and grabbed her VS shopping bag from the back seat.

“I’m on the 12th floor baby.” I said as we walked across the lobby toward the elevator.

Francine giggled and said. “Glad we don’t have to use the stairs I’d probably pee my self.”

The elevator glided to a stop at 12 and the doors slowly slide open. “Just down the hall.” I said.

She smiled and took my arm as we exited the elevator. I inserted my key and unlocked the door. Pushing the door open I said. “Here we go.”

Francine stepped in first and I followed closing the door and turning the dead bolt.

“Bath room is right there.” I said pointing toward the first door down the short hall to my bed room.

“Thank you so much.” Francine said as she quickly made her way to my bath. She was carrying her VS shopping bag with her.

I tossed my keys on the table beside the door and slipped off my suit coat and loosened my neck tie.

It was nearly three thirty and I wondered how much time Francine would have before I’d have to drive her back to the mall for her car.

While Francine was in the bath room I walked across the living room and turned the handle on my verticals opening them to allow more light inside. The afternoon sun now behind my building shined brightly on the high rise across the street but my balcony was completely in shadow.

I considered opening the sliders to let the air flow through but decided to crank up the air conditioning instead. As I returned to the door and adjusted the thermostat Francine stepped out of my bath room.

She smiled brightly at me then said. “Whew that almost felt as good a sex.”

Walking toward me her hips moved more seductively then ever before. The tight stove pipe skirt stretching taut with each step.

“So will you show me around your place?” She asked.

I smiled and said. “It’s only a twenty five cent tour it’s not a very big place.

“I love your living room.” She remarked.

Taking her hand I lead her to the kitchen door. “Small but efficient kitchen.” I said.

We turned and I walked past the bath. “Very clean in there.” Francine remarked.

At the end of the hall I pushed the door open to my bed room. “My bed room.” I remarked.

Francine slid past me into the room. “I like it.” She said. Big enough to have some fun in but small enough that I won’t have to chase your around for long.” She added.

“Chase me around?” I asked.

“Yea when we’re playing mattress tag.” Francine said with a giggle and a flashy smile.

She moved close to me and placed her small hands on my hips. Looking up into my eyes she batted her eye lashes and whispered. “Is this where you’re going to fuck me silly or do you have a second bed room reserved for fucking?”

I smiled not taking my eyes off those intoxicating blue eyes of hers and said. There is another bed room but that one’s empty.”

Francine side stepped me and in an instant was back out in the hall. “Show me.” She asked to see my second bed room.

I followed her back out into the living room and pointed to the door to my spare bedroom. “That’s it.” I said not understanding why she’d want to see an empty bed room.

She stepped inside and turned around once she was in the middle of the room. I leaned against the door jam watching her.

“It has potential.” Francine said.

“Potential?” I asked.

She smiled and said. “I see a big hook in the ceiling and a sex sling hanging from it. One small dresser to store sex toys in and a tiny lamp for lighting. Could be a room to have lots of fun in.

I suspected the martinis were still having an affect on her and I just let it go for now.

“Come on out here and we can get comfortable in the living room.” I suggested since I didn’t have any sex toys to use in the spare room.

I turned and walked around my sectional sofa and as I was sitting down Francine closed the door to my spare room and walked across the room to my balcony.

“I love this.” She remarked as she turned to face me her back against my vertical blinds.

Not knowing how much time we had I suggested. “Come sit over here it’s getting late.”

She smiled and said. “I called Jim while I was in the bath room. Told him I was going shopping after work and I’d be home late. He has a bowling league meeting tonight and after the meeting he always stays for a couple beers so actually wednesday izle we have all night.”

I assumed Jim was her husband and that at some point that evening I’d be driving my hard cock into his wife’s steamy pussy. I relaxed a little knowing there was no rush for either Francine or me to begin the seduction.

Francine stayed by the sliders and I stayed on the sofa.

“So Francine…..” I began to say but she interrupted me. “Allen can you call me Fran please.”

“Sure I’d be happy to.” I continued. “I noticed you took your VS shopping bag with you to the bath room. You gonna show or tell me what you bought?”

“Soon enough.” Fran replied.

Fran took a step or two toward me then stopped. I was quickly noticing that she loved to move seductively then stop and pose for me and I liked that.

I smiled and said. “Maybe I should get a brass stripper pole for that spare bedroom.”

“Oh could you baby.” Fran replied instantly realizing I was on to her method of seduction.

I sat forward and reached for one of the remotes on my coffee table. Pressing the on button the room was filled with soft jazz from my favorite station.

Hearing the music Fran started swaying to the beat. “I love dancing.” She said.

I grinned and replied. “Can I assume you love dancing alone?”

Her hips moved almost effortlessly and she began turning and letting me watch her dance from behind as well as in front.

I sat back and crossed my legs expecting her slow seductive dance to last quite awhile.

While she was moving to the music and when she had turned to face me I suggested. “Loose the blazer.”

Fran reached up and unbuttoned the jacket’s one button but then lifted one slim sexy index finger to her lips letting me know that I shouldn’t coach or even speak to her while she worked her body for me.

Her hands move nearly as seductively as her hips and legs touching herself sensuously. She ran her hands slowly up the front of her blazer which swung open and closed as she moved. Her hands slid up to her neck and around to gather her shoulder length raven colored hair lifting it off her neck to show me how sensual she looked with her hair pulled up.

Her slim fingers tipped with pink nails moved down over her breasts and opened the front of her blazer for a moment moving the fabric almost as if it were a vale of seduction keeping me from viewing the soft swaying tits it covered.

Rather then removing the jacket Fran slowly unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse exposing milky white cleavage to my unwavering stare.

My cock began to harden as she slipped one hand inside to tweak what I supposed was a very taut nipple. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back as her body reacted to her own touch.

I shifted my hips and quickly repositioned my growing cock so as it grew it wouldn’t be trapped down my leg.

Fran swayed seductively as one soft jazz tune faded into the next and moved her other hand to pleasure the opposite nipple.

I was quickly learning that this minx was well skilled in the sensual art of seduction and my anticipation of viewing her fully exposed tits would have to wait.

She continued moving her hips while slowly spinning around on her heels occasionally spreading her leg to pull the fabric of her stove pipe skirt tight against what I already knew are extremely shapely legs.

My cock swollen and erect began to ache and I moved my hand down to give it a quick rub.

Fran saw me touch myself and smiled widely shaking her hair about her shoulders and lovely face.

She swayed seductively to and fro and occasionally bent at the waist while facing me letting the fabric covering her breasts fall further and further open.

Not a word was spoken since the jazz began and I just sat there fidgeting to help reposition my hard erection.

I wanted to urge her on but she had requested my silence earlier and I wasn’t about to ignore her request. She must have seen something in my face my eyes or my body language that conveyed that message because she turned her back to me and began pulling her pure white silk blouse from the waist of her skirt.

Before she turned to face me she gathered up the loose ends of her blouse and tied them in a knot just above her waist.

As Fran turned I could see that the silk fabric was now pulled tightly down forming a vee over her breasts giving me a sensual view of succulent milky white cleavage showing in that sexy vee.

Her wide smile announced to me that she was pleased with her seduction so far and she moved her hips from side to side as she ever so slowly peeled the blazer off her shoulders.

Dropping if off one arm she moved the other to discard the jacket off to one side. Her full breasts filled the cups of silk material she had tied just moments before the slinky fabric pulled tight over very hard nipples.

One hand moved up to pinch a taut nipple first weekend family izle then slowly she moved the other hand to her second breast while dropping the first. She again ran her fingers up into her hair and pulled it back exposing that sexy neck. When she lifted her arms this time her full breasts lifted with them and I thought for a moment one could slip from its silky confine.

She shook her head again this time more violently then before causing her hair to cascade around front and frame her absolutely lovely face. She was now dancing only facing me and her eyes, those incredible sparkling blue eyes stared intently at me as I watched her dance of seduction.

Moving her hips very slowly from side to side Fran finally spoke. “Do you want to see my tits?”

Remembering her request for silence I just nodded yes.

She smiled again and continued the seductive gyrations of her hips turning around to face away from me. Her hands slid back and with pink tipped fingernails spread wide she ran her hands slowly over her ass. Even after I had asked to see her lush tits this incredible seductress continued to tease and make me wait.

But I was enjoying his dance of lust and knew I could wait until she felt it was the perfect time to expose more of her sensuous body. I wasn’t sure my throbbing erection held the same belief as it screamed to be released from its confines.

Fran turned to again face me continuing to move her hips and sexy legs to the soft beat of jazz. She smiled widely letting me know it was time. Time for me to view her milky breasts fully.

She slowly slipped one hand inside her silk blouse and used the other to pull the tight fabric down lifting one full tit from its silky cup her hand moved over the naked flesh palm covering what I expected to be an absolutely perfect nipple. As she moved her hand away my expectations were realized. Fran’s nipple was perfectly round. A hard nub of taut pink flesh surrounded by equally pink areola. Her hands preformed the same magical movement with the other breasts and both full orbs of tit flesh were now exposed to my lustful stare.

With both tits and their perfect nipples exposed Fran placed her delicate hands on her hips and slowly shook her shoulders. The milky orbs of pleasure swung seductively from side to side her hips moving one way while her tits swayed the other.

I had to resist the urge to stand and capture her beautiful tits in my hands and touch the perfect nipples for the first time.

Fran didn’t have to ask my expression confirmed that I loved her tits. Their milky white flesh accentuated the pale pink color of her nipples and areola. Her hips never stopped moving while she bent slightly at the waist and those beautiful orbs swung away from her body. I was certain Fran was showing me how incredible it was going to be when I finally was able to press those tits around my throbbing cock.

Her hands moved to one heaving breast and lifted it toward her lips. She extended her tongue and soulfully licked at the hard nipple that tipped the full tit. Of course she released that one and gave the other the same treatment. All the while she was licking her nipples her eyes were glued to mine letting me know that soon enough it would be my tongue licking those hard pink nipples.

She turned again to face away from me but this time looked back over her shoulder and again spoke. “Do you want to see more?” A brilliant wide smile on her lips.

I broke silence and uttered one word. “Please.”

Fran kept her back to me and slowly moved her hands around to her ass. Her slim fingers spread apart and moved down over the tight material of her stove pipe skirt toward the tops of her thighs. She bent slightly at the waist and moved her feet further apart. Her ass swayed slowly side to side as her hands returned to the waist band of her skirt and the tiny tab that held the zipper in place.

She straightened up and tossed her hair to one side looking back over the other shoulder to make sure I was watching. Slowly the tiny tab was pulled down by her slim nimble fingers. The zipper opened completely but the tight fabric still clung to her ass. Her pink tipped digits worked their way back to to the waist band and after hooking under the material Fran slowly began rocking her hips back and forth and peeling the skirt off her hips each time she rocked forward a little more milky white flesh was exposed and each time she rocked back the remaining material was stretched over her beautiful ass.

Ever so slowly the tight skirt was peeled away and finally it fell to the floor ringing her high heels. She worn a black lace thong with straps so thin they were almost undetectable. I knew instantly that she had purchased this thong earlier in the day while shopping at Victoria Secret and that the purchase was made to enhance this very moment of her sensual seduction.

Fran stepped out of the ring of fabric around her shoes and spread her legs welcome to chippendales izle even wider, in fact wider then she’d been able to spread them before. Her creamy white ass and thighs framed perfectly by the tops of her thigh high stockings and the thin band of black lace that rose from her ass crack and rode high over her hips.

She turned to look at me over her shoulder as again she bent over at the waist to run her lovely hands over her ass and down the back of her thighs. Once she reached the tops of her stockings she pulled them up tightly over her thighs again and then slid her hands up to stretch the straps of her lacy thong even higher on her hips.

Fran could now move her ass along with her hips and as she turned to again face me the full affect of that black lace thong came into view. Her clean shaven pussy and it’s milky white flesh showed through the flimsy lace of the triangle that covered her. She looked absolutely incredible and I moaned seeing her nearly completely naked.

As the soft jazz music continued uninterrupted Fran began dancing closer and closer to where I had been enjoying her strip tease. As she reached the corner of the coffee table I lifted one leg and pressed my foot against the table pushing it away from me giving her more room to move between it and me.

Fran smiled a brilliant white smile at me her sparkling blue eyes filled with lust. My raging erection tented the front of my slacks and I thought for a moment about unzipping my pants and bringing the throbbing mass out for her to see.

She moved sideways along the coffee table until she was dancing slowly between my legs. Her fingers moved up and slowly untied the knot that held her silk blouse tight around her body and as it fell open she moved her hands up to cup both tits and lift them for my closer inspection.

She finally spoke again. “Do you like my breasts?”

I no longer cared about keeping my silence and replied. “Fran they are the most perfect breasts I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Fran need no more encouragement and slowly slid the silk blouse off her shoulders and let it fall the the table behind her.

Finally naked from the waist up I surveyed her beautiful body from head to toe. Her raven colored hair silky smooth and still wavy cascaded down to and around her shoulders. It framed her beautiful facial features and made her sparkling sensuous blue eyes jump out at me. Her brilliant white smile and perfectly straight teeth were framed by full pouty lips which she skillfully applied pale pink lip gloss to.

“Just absolutely beautiful.” I remarked.

Fran’s complexion was creamy almost milk white not a single tan line could be seen and I suspected that with her very light skin she seldom spent time sunning her sensual body.

“Are you going to make love with me?” Fran asked as her hips continued to sway side to side and her full luscious tits moved opposite of her hips.

I smiled and answered her almost silly question. “I’m going to make sweet passionate love with you.”

I wanted to reach up and touch her perfect tits I wanted to gently pinch the circular areola between my fingers and tweak her taut nipples but I resisted the urge until Fran offered them to me. She moved slowly side to side and to and fro keeping her hips constantly in motion the entire time. Slowly she turned and allowed me a close view of her creamy white ass and her incredible shapely legs.

Again Fran flipped her raven hair around and looked over the other shoulder. “I want you to keep your hands perfectly still. You mustn’t touch my body until I give you permission.” She asked.

My brain nodded its agreement but I wasn’t sure my sexual instincts would be kept under control.

Fran smiled and slowly dance backward until her legs were almost touching the couch. She bent slightly at the waist and knees at the same time and slowly lowered her incredible ass toward my lap.

She was going to make me en dour a slow sensual lap dance on top of the incredible strip tease she had just preformed for me. I smiled widely as her creamy white ass made first contact with my fabric covered erection.

She moved her ass back and forth touching only occasionally her hand resting on my knees. I moaned soulfully as the pressure increased slightly and her ass slid over my lap and the surging bulge in my pants.

Finally Fran allowed her full weight to come down on my lap pressing against my rock hard cock and rubbing it with that incredible soft ass.

She spoke again. “Its so hard.”

Fran stood up and turned to face me her sparkling blue eyes now filled with the lust of a wanton woman. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she gave in to her own urges and unleashed my surging cock to her lustful eyes.

She slowly hooked two fingers over the thin lacy straps high on her hips and again moving her hips back and forth peeled the black lace thong off her hips. It dropped to the floor where Fran easily stepped out of it. One long sexy silk covered leg lifted over mine then the other until she stood before me spread wide open to my intense stare. Slowly Fran brought her legs closer together drawing my own legs together as she did. She moved forward then mounted my lap once more this time her full ripe tits and those beautiful pink nipples directly in front of my eyes.

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