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Her Station: Conclusion

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Her Station – Closure
(Conclusion to Her Station)

Lying next to him she felt herself rise to his touch. His long slow index finger began to withdraw from her opening. A brief feeling of abandonment echoed through her. “More” Rachel her herself plead in a voiceless whisper. Glen looked down at this woman that lay beside him craving his touch. She was still an attractive woman, in good shape like most women on the land, capable of enduring days of total isolation out here on the large station. However tonight she needed company – tonight she couldn’t be alone – she hungered for him. This mentally tough woman tonight needed to be pampered. Who was he to deny her?

As Glen’s finger eased back into her hunger, a chill shot down her back. Primitive groans was all she was capable of. Glen’s thumb drew small circles on her swollen button and her passion liquored his fingers.

Glen was responding to this beautiful naked woman in the natural way. By now his erection was pressing at the front of his jeans. Without her noticing – she was so absorbed in his magically touch – he undid his jeans and wriggled free of the faded denim. His satin boxers strained to retain his pulsing tool. Kissing her mouth, he covered her small hand with topkapı escort his and guided her delicate fingers to the cool satin. Rachel regained some self-alertness and opened her eyes. Again, words were unnecessary as the flirtatious smile lit up her face. She rolled towards him slightly and kissed his chest. Her small fingers crept under the elastic and inched closer.

Her fingers swept through his course brown hair until she touched the hardness of his penis. The radiant heat impressed her. She knew her husband could get this hard when they were younger, but it had been too long. As she felt her wrist slip under the smooth material her hand formed a cup and she felt her small fingers close around his throbbing hardness. Glen jumped a little. Her hand was so soft yet so strong. Could he get any harder than this? Slowly she began to massage his hard cock with her experienced hand. Glen’s right hand returned the favour, delivering to her the touch she ached for. A long slow kiss, gently flicking tongues, allowed them to share this moment.

Glen felt his passion building, and wanted so much to explore every part of this woman he had so closely synchronised with. He new his taste for her passion would be unquenchable. He had to fatih escort drink from her cup. But even as he made slight movements in that direction, she held him tight. “I need to have you now” she whispered – her need to feel him within her could no longer be denied. Glen positioned his muscled torso over her naked body and quickly moved into position. Again he almost jumped as he felt her small hand guide his enlarged and sensitive penis to her dampness. Now the head of his manhood rested against her wet, hungry lips. A final look between the two lovers sealed their fate. This was so right, so necessary, so overdue. Glen’s mouth covered Rachel’s as they shared the lover’s kiss.

In one smooth movement she spread her shapely legs and engulfed his manhood with her hunger. He felt his shaft push into her as her feet rested on his strong back. In the half light he could see their matted and moist her tangle together. Simultaneously they groaned. He withdrew from her and felt the tip of his cock touch her lips again, his shaft glistening in her juices. Again she did not want to be left alone. Not yet. He pushed into her, this time a little faster with his wet penis. A little further. Their eyes locked. This is what she had desired for so eyüp escort many years. He was amazed by her lust. Again the pace increased as he slid his hand down to massage her clit. They were no longer just kissing; it was more a case of entering each others mouth as deeply as they could.

He felt himself reaching closer to the final stroke. He wanted this to last for so much longer and was concerned he may disappoint her. However he new the passion was too intense to delay his climax for much longer. She also began to ride his thrusts with more urgency. Thrusting into her savagely, he knew the next move would finish him. “Come with me” Rachel moaned. This simple request was too much for Glen. He pulled out her aching opening and even as he pushed the tip of his cock back onto her wet lips he exploded. His cum splashed against her opening as he drove the rest of his semen deep into her waiting pussy. Rachel felt the hot fluid deep within her and spilling down her moist slit. She now was starting her series of violent explosions that rocked her body. She drew him in deeper by gripping hard onto his embedded cock. Her release was as intense as she could ever remember. He pulled her closer to him as kissed her open mouth. Their eyes smiled at each other as they basked in the after glow.

Would this be enough for her to return to her normal life?

Let me know if you think Rachel should /could return to her day to day life or should her adventures continue?

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