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Her Name Was Lanita Grey

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Her name was Lanita Grey. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my whole life; at age 43 she was my dream. At age 30 I started working for a mid-sized upscale hotel in suburban New Jersey. I was maintenance/shuttle driver/security at night times. I’m a nicely built 6 foot 2 inch man and around 210 pounds and kept myself up with fresh hair cuts and nice clothes. Ms. Grey was my floor supervising manager; she was 5 foot 10 or 11, around 170 pounds and a very sophisticated look. Ms. Grey had a cocoa complexion, short very precise hair always cut perfectly, beautiful straight white teeth, followed by naturally pink full heart shaped lips and a killer smile that would make a man melt. Lanita Grey’s body was just as beautiful as her smile, a tall curvy woman: she had full breasts, a nice round butt that was still in shape; she wore expensive skirts and silk blouses most of the time with a hint of perfume everywhere she was; her nails were always done and she never had on any make up. Her toes were just as perfect; she wore opened toe shoes in the spring and summer time.

I’ve been watching her ever since I started working at the hotel, and thought she never noticed me. Ms. Grey was a grown woman, not a young girl, but a beautiful elegant and sensual woman. One night at dinner break she must have been working late and she came into the employees’ cafeteria. There were only a few of us there that night and I was sitting alone reading a magazine, “NFL Weekly;” as I looked up Ms. Grey was right in my face smiling with that smile of hers and asked if she could share the table with me because no one else was around.

I gladly said yes and stood up to pull her chair from the table as she touched my hand and said “No, no baby that’s okay, an old lady can still manage”. She giggled and sat down as I returned to my chair with my heart pumping. “So Troy how’s the job, I’ve been watching you and have been getting good reports on you.”

“Very good Ms. Grey, I’m loving this job, I get plenty of hours and the pay is good.” She immediately said to not call her Ms. Grey anymore because it makes her feel old, but to call her Nita when it was just us and Lanita on the floor. “Okay Nita,” I replied with a smile and asked her why she was still in the hotel so late; she said she was doing some work for a big conference next week and was running late. Nita had some chicken soup with some crackers and a diet Pepsi, as she blew the hot soup I could see her beautiful lips, and thought out loud, “How beautiful. Uhh, sorry Nita I didn’t mean you to hear that.”

She replied “Thanks for the compliment but I didn’t think that younger men found me attractive.”

I said, “Are you kidding me? You’re absolutely beautiful and it’s an honor being at the same table talking with you.”

Nita blushed, and said, “Thank you, I’m old enough to be your big sister.”

I said “I hope you would be a step sister from a divorced marriage, so I could take you dancing.” We both laughed, and she told me to stop because she may take me seriously. Could she really be taking me serious? Wow, she would definitely be the best thing I ever had. We talked for a while with a level of flirting and it was time to go back to work; Nita said thanks for the great dinner date and to make sure I dropped in the office more often because I was definitely a gentleman. She didn’t have to say anymore, the next day I sent a single long stem pink rose to her office signed from step brother and a smile.

Later that day I was returning from an airport run and she was pulling out in her Benz, I thought very classy and pulled up so I could block her. Nita looked with a frown, then when she saw it was me a big smile went across her face. We both let the windows down in our vehicles and I said, “Hi step sis.”

She laughed and picked up the rose I sent her and said, “Your too much Troy, I was the talk of the office today and thank you.”

“No problem Nita, you deserve it.”

She said, “How about a real dinner sometime and I’ll cook.”

Did I believe my ears right? I said anytime, I mean anytime. I backed up the van and let her out, she waved goodbye and pulled off. Could this be for real? Did she actually give me an invitation to have dinner at her house? To say least I had a great night of work. One of the security guards Brian shook his head as I walked in the hotel, “Did I just hear what I herd?”

I said with a smile, “I don’t know, but I did,” we both laughed as I entered the building.

For the next week and a half I was disappointed for I have not casino siteleri heard from Lanita. I saw her on the floor occasionally but no more sparks, and I thought should I send her another rose or maybe a dozen; no that would be too pushy and with a woman like her and I didn’t want to clown myself. It was Wednesday night and I noticed I was off on Friday, so I planned to go to a club with some of my friends to get my mind off of Nita. Hell I was young good looking and had some chicks wanting to date me, so I figured I should just go on and forget about dreaming about Ms. Lanita Grey. Thursday morning while I was in room 423 fixing a broken lamp, my walkie-talkie went off, it was my supervisor saying I would be getting a call from management and to pick up the phone. “Hello,” it was Lanita Grey. As she spoke my heart jumped again: “Hi there Troy it’s your step sister” and she laughed. “Did you notice you’re off tomorrow?”

“Yes I did.”

“I did that, and I want to make you dinner tomorrow and maybe a movie if you’re good.”

I smiled and laughed and gladly accepted, “Well tomorrow at 6:30, see ya then.” She did it again, just melted my heart in a matter of a few seconds. What was wrong with me, how could she do that? I was the man around any other woman but when it came to her I just fell apart.

That night was the longest I’ve worked at the hotel; the minutes moved like months and the hours moved like years. I was finally off, on my way home. I thought about what should I get her for tomorrow, noting too outlandish to insult her, and nothing too cheap to embarrass myself. Hell, I’ll just decided bring two pink roses and two chocolate kisses in the box. Friday was finally here and it was 5 pm, I was getting dressed for the dinner, Nita left her address on my voice mail and she was about 45 minutes away so I would leave in about a half hour. Earlier I got a hair cut and her roses, I also just got her a big chocolate kiss instead of the two little ones; I grabbed the goodies and went about my way. On the drive over I noticed she lived in a very upscale neighborhood and wondered if she had a husband. She could afford to live there because she was senior member of the hotel with her salary, but she was a real knock out. As I pulled up to her drive way I noticed her Benz and an Expedition; wow, she was living good.

I parked and walked up to her house and rang the door bell. Nita answered the door, and said “On time, I like that, come on in step brother,” and smiled. As I walked in I handed her the two pink roses with the chocolate kiss in it, and she really liked it. “A chocolate kiss?” That’s so sweet, I love those. Come on out back I got some stuff on the grill.” I thought that this couldn’t be real. As she showed me out to her back yard I saw a pool with a Jacuzzi, a nice well maintained lawn with a garden, an open tent for sitting outside, a basketball hoop and her huge grill.

“Nita this is beautiful, I really like this.”

She thanked me and asked if I wanted something to drink, “I have some Heinekens, some scotch maybe some gin, I don’t know my brother keeps the bar stocked.” I asked if he lived here also. “No, but he comes over quite often, but go ahead get what you want and please bring me a white wine, in the house to the left and keep going you can’t miss it”.

How can I refuse? “Okay I’ll be right back,” I said. Returning from the house noticing all of her Egyptian statues and paintings, I knew she was a very well rounded woman; I entered the back yard with her wine and my scotch on the rocks. “So what ya grilling there Nita?” I asked.

She invited me to look myself; she had some salmon, shrimp, two steaks and some corn grilling. “Everything is just about done, do you like any salad, I have macaroni salad, seafood salad and some potato salad.”

I replied “Seafood is great for me Nita and can I help?” She told me I could take the food off the grill and put it in the plate then bring it in the house. As I walked into her dining room I passed threw the kitchen and she was preparing the salad, she had on a tight exercise type shirt flaunting her nice breast, a pair of tight shorts and some sandals. Her body was beautiful, I thought, and her legs were thick and athletic; she must work out often. As we sat down she told me to help myself and while she refreshed our drinks. I had some salmon, a couple of shrimp, a piece of steak, and a bit of her seafood salad. As we sat and ate we talked about the job, her ex-husband and her son that was in the military; apparently her ex-husband was a lawyer slot oyna from New York and she has been divorced for 4 years.

We both were finished eating and were just sitting around the table talking and drinking our drinks laughing and flirting with each other. “Let me clean this stuff up, you go in the living room and turn on the radio,” she said.

“No I replied, let me help it’s the least I can do.” She agreed and we cleaned up the table and was putting things away in her kitchen; putting the rest of the food in her refrigerator I noticed she was having trouble stacking some dishes in her cabinet, so I quickly went over to her and from behind grabbed the plates and pushed them back in the cabinet. Our bodies touched for the first time and we both froze. I ran my hand gently down her arm to her shoulder and gave her a kiss on her neck.

“You’re okay now,” she moaned lightly and thanked me. We both noticed what just happened and she turned around blushing and told me to follow her into the living room. There she put a CD on and sat down next to me. Anita Baker was playing and it was really comfortable. Nita asked me where my lady friend was, I explained that I had a few of female acquaintances I was going out with but nothing serious; she asked me why.

“You’re a nice looking man and very helpful,” she said.

I replied, “I’m looking for the perfect one.”

The CD shifted and Marvin Gaye came on over the speakers, and she said “I believe you said you would take me dancing how about now?” I finished my glass of scotch and we began dancing; as she put her arms around my shoulders I put my hands around her waist, she was just about 2 or 3 inches shorter than me so we measured up nicely; Nita rested her head on my shoulder as our pelvis bones began to grind against each other. Slow dancing and grinding now listening to Luther Vandross I began sucking her neck, followed by her ear lobe, she moaned and started grinding harder; we began to kiss, first slowly then more passionately, my hands began caressing her butt and pulling her on my erect penis; she began running her hands up my shirt and massaging my back, she whispered I wanted you for about six months now, when we talked in the cafeteria I wanted to just bite you, I’m glad you’re here. Nita reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me; she started kissing my neck and down my chest, she lightly licked both my nipples and my penis grew hard and strong. “Will you stay the night Troy?”

“Definitely,” I replied. Nita poured herself another white wine and I made a double scotch; Nita said lets take this somewhere more personal, and followed her as she led me up to her room.

When we entered her bedroom it was just as I would think, big king sized mattress, huge walk in closet a nice entertainment system, beautiful pictures of everything, a love seat, a computer, and some scented candles which she lit up, then turned off the lights. Nita went into her closet and told me she would be right back as she vanished into the bathroom; I sat on her love seat with no shirt on drinking my scotch and in Lanita’s house. The whole thing was unbelievable.

Five or ten minutes later Nita returned with a silk two piece and underneath black silk panties and sat next to me. “So Mr. Troy are you pleased with me?”

I said, “Without any doubt of mind,” as she took my finger and began to suck on it. I was already fully erect and she asked me if I wanted to dance again, this time take your pants off, shoes and socks. Nita picked up a remote control and put on some Teddy Pendagrass, “turn off the lights, and light a candle,” the speakers sang. As I took off my things and left my silk boxers on, she walked over to me and grabbed my hands then turned around and pushed her butt against my swollen member. Nita began Moving up and down my entire shaft all the way so my member would go up her entire behind, then back up again so it would go down it also; I fully enveloped her nice round breasts gently pinching her nipples; they were so hard and nice and big, I couldn’t wait to put them in my mouth. Nita turned around and started kissing me, her tongue found mine and we sensually kissed as her hands ran down my silk boxers and found the opening to my member.

She reached in and pulled it out, “Ooh my Troy, what do we have here? I like this,” as she slowly stroked me. I began feeling her wet spot and pushed her panties to the side and felt her wet pussy lips; she was shaved except for a patch; she moaned and stroked me faster. I told her to take her things off and canlı casino siteleri lay down; she replied and laid down on her bed. “Troy, take those boxers off and let me see it.” I pulled off my boxers and got into the bed with her. As I lay next to her kissing she gently stroked me and I spread her legs to expose her lips, playing with her clit she began to get very wet and aroused; I slipped first one then two fingers in her, she was very tight and she was moaning loudly; “I want to do something if you don’t mind.”

“What,” I replied.

“I want to put you in my mouth and I want you to taste me.”

“A 69?” I asked.

She blushed, saying “Only if you want to she said.”

“I would love it,” I said as she got up and straddled my face. Nita was the best I thought, as I spread her ass cheeks and began playing with her clit with my tongue; she enveloped my member slow and surely; she deep throated my pole and massaged my balls. I licked her pussy feverishly plunging my tongue deep in her wet canal. As she began to climax I spread her cheeks further apart and ran my tongue around her asshole, then put my tongue deep inside.

Nita shook like a earth quake, she yelled my name “Troy, Troy, yes, yes!”

Fully sucking me with passion now I began to feel that surge of semen flowing threw my balls, I said “Nita, Nita, I’m–” and she quickened the pace. She swallowed every bit and I now was a part of that earth quake. She rose up off my face and laid down next to me, we kissed and she told me that was incredible as she slowly massaged my member again. A few minutes of this and I was aroused again.

“Well Troy you’re something else,” she said and laughed. She reached over to her dresser drawer and tossed me a condom, saying “Put it on and come here baby,” I put the condom on and placed myself on top of her and between her legs; she grabbed my pole and guided it into her pussy. “Slowly baby, it’s been sometime.”

“Yes baby,” I replied, as I began to enter her wet pussy. At first she was tight, until her juices began to flow, then I began to put myself fully inside her and pumping with authority.

“Troy, Troy give it to me baby harder,” as she gripped my ass I spread her legs with my arms and began a fast rhythm inside her, putting her legs over my shoulders she whimpered and gasped as my balls slapped off her asshole. She began scratching my back and biting my ear; as I started giving it to her harder and harder; suddenly I stopped and told her to get on top.

“I want to see your face when I come, Nita.”

Nita said, “First I want to do it from behind can you give it to me like that?” Who am I to tell a beautiful woman no? Nita got up and turned around and placed her pillows under her chest. On all fours I entered her from behind; as I entered her, she lowered herself so that her nipples were gently brushing up against her satin sheet. That made her aroused and she began pushing back against my 10 inch member. Giving it to her doggie style she reached behind me and grabbed my hand and put one of my fingers in her asshole. “Gently baby, then put your manhood inside. I just love good anal sex.” I couldn’t believe my ears, but I put my middle finger inside her asshole and began to slowly put it deeper and faster; Nita began to orgasm all over from her pussy and ass. “Put it in, put it in now,” as I entered her asshole she pulled the silk sheets and moaned loudly, “Oooh, oooh.” Slowly I worked myself inside her and she started taking every inch, “Ooh Nita, yes baby your so tight,” as I back doored the most beautiful woman in my life.

I took myself out of her and stood up. She asked “What’s wrong Troy?”

“I’m about to cum and I want to see your face,” I replied, “And where are your condoms?”

“In the drawer right there.” I put another condom on and laid back in the bed. Nita said, “Most men would of just came right there, you’re really really something special Troy.”

As she got on top of me I sucked on her nipples and spanked her ass a few times, I said “One more time Nita, I’ll wait for you”. Nita began to ride me faster and I grabbed her head and began to kisser passionately; we began to cum together and she began to cry as we did. I asked “What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing, your just so unselfish and considerate I don’t want this to ever end!”

“Nita it doesn’t, I want us to be together, can that happen?”

“Nita said that is a definite request I can do Troy, my sweet heart.” I wiped the tears from her cheeks and kissed her gently, then brought her to my chest; we fell asleep in each others arms, and I finally got the woman of my dreams. The age difference meant no difference to us, we listened to the oldies and R& B, surprisingly she actually likes rap too. I believe I found my soul mate.

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