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Her Grandmother’s Belongings

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This story takes place in a sleepy rural area of upstate New York and involves two people – a most oddly matched pair you might say – who come together for a rather unpleasant reason. While they couldn’t be more different from each other in the more obvious ways, they did have something in common besides Marie Comstock.

Marie Comstock had passed away a few months earlier, the victim of a heart attack. She was the grandmother of Judy, the 18 year old student who found herself with the unenviable task of going through Marie’s belongings, searching for anything of sentimental value.

Steve Harkin was 18 once. 45 years earlier, to be precise, and was Marie’s boyfriend for the previous 4 years until her untimely death. The two widowers had enjoyed each other’s company so much that they had chosen to live together for the last 3 years; “shacked up” as Marie would say with a devilish grin to those who asked, in Steve’s modest house way out in the boondocks on Neversink Road.

Now Steve’s house was just as empty and depressing as it had been in the years between his wife’s death and his meeting Marie. The arrival of Judy was a welcome change in the monotony of Steve’s life, but he had no idea how much of a change was coming until after she arrived.

Chapter One: Dumped.

To say that Judy was not a very attractive girl would be putting it mildly and charitably, Steve thought as he watched the young woman come up the path to the porch of his house. A thin wisp of a girl, Judy couldn’t be much more than five foot tall, and while it was tough to guess at her weight because of the drab and loose fitting clothing she wore, suffice it to say that she wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

Her hair was reddish brown and cut very short, and she had freckles around her nose, which was a little Streisand-ish in size and appearance. Add the glasses perched on the bridge of that proboscis, along with the overbite that accentuated her lack of a substantial chin, and you had a total package that was not exactly supermodel material.

Steve liked her a lot, although that might have been more of a reaction due to his dislike of her parents, a couple of self-centered yuppies who Steve had always been cordial to for Marie’s sake. Judy was the youngest of their three children, and it seemed to Steve that they resented Judy’s presence in their lives. It was almost as if she was an unplanned and unwanted addition that was in the way more often than not, and maybe that was why Steve was fond of her.

This “dumping” of Judy at Steve’s place was an example of the way they seemed to treat the teenager. After the funeral, Judy’s parents had come over to take a look at what Marie had in the way of belongings. They had done so almost contemptuously, as if they were offended that Marie had left them so little in the way of valuables.

After a preliminary perusal, the two of them threw up their hands and declared that they didn’t have time to go through the boxes of stuff Marie had accumulated over the years, much of which she had never even gotten to unpack when she had moved in. She was a collector of stuff, that was for sure, but since none of it was worth much financially, they determined that they would send up one of their children in a few months to go through the stuff to see if any of it was worth keeping.

Steve figured that the phrase “one of their kids” meant that it would be Judy, and he wasn’t surprised when his prediction came true. Judy trudged along behind them as they headed up the steps, probably less than thrilled at the prospect of spending a few days in the sticks with an old man she hardly knew.

“Remember what we said,” her mother cautioned Judy before they left to head back home. “We can only fit so much in the car, so whatever you take, make sure it’s something worthwhile. The rest of the stuff… I guess you can just dump, right Steve?”

“I’ll take care of it,” Steve said, nodding at the woman, who had already turned her back on the two of them and was halfway back to the car, eager to get back home to their pool and golf clubs.

“Sorry,” Judy said, frowning as she watched her parents depart.

“Sorry about what, honey?” Steve asked.

“You getting stuck with me like this,” Judy shrugged.

“I’m not stuck, honey,” Steve assured her. “It’s not fair that you get to have to do this thankless task all by yourself. I thought maybe they would want to help, seeing as how they know more about the family things than you might.”

“They aren’t much interested in Grandma’s part of the family,” Judy said with a grimace. “No money or status here.”

“Sorry,” Judy said quickly. “I didn’t mean anything bad by that. It’s just that they seem to be more interested in the other side of the family.”

“No offense taken,” Steve assured her. “Your Grandma didn’t have very much left after paying off the medical bills from your grandfather’s last hospital stay. Neither of us had very much financially, but we had each other, casino siteleri for a little while at least.”

“That’s more than a lot of people have,” Judy said morbidly as she watched her parents’ car fly down the road at top speed, and Steve smiled at that, for some reason enjoying the fact that he at least had met his match in cryptic comments.

Chapter Two: Watching Judy.

For the rest of that first day, Steve helped Judy organize the dozens of boxes that Marie had stored in their basement, so that Judy could begin tackling them one at a time.

Steve was happy that he had managed to keep the basement neat over the years, so that it was a fairy comfortable atmosphere for Judy to navigate around in. The basement area Marie had stored her things had been where Steve had his workbench and tools, from back in the day when he used to tinker around with various projects, but the other end was a cozy little spot where they could escape the heat of the summer.

It was so cool down here no matter what the temperature was outside, that he had brought down a convertible sofa as well as an old TV, and many was the hot August evening that he and Marie had come down there to spend the evening.

“I know it’s not much,” Steve said apologetically, “but you can bring the boxes over here and sit on the couch while you go through the stuff. The stuff you don’t want, you can just leave in the boxes and I’ll bring them up through the storm doors.”

“Okay,” Judy said. “I can bring them up the steps if you want.”

“Maybe we’ll do it as a team,” Steve thought aloud, looking at the number of boxes involved and multiplying that by the six steps up and down. “Seems like just yesterday I brought all this stuff down here.”

“I know,” Judy said, and to Steve’s surprise she put her arm around him and gave me a little hug. “Too bad you guys didn’t have more time together.”

While he was surprised at the comment and the emotion it was delivered with from the usually quiet and meek Judy, Steve nodded and enjoyed the affection.

“If I knew what you were looking for, I could help,” Steve suggested.

“That’s the problem,” Judy said as she carried a box over to the coffee table. “I don’t even know what’s important. Most of the people in these pictures are… who knows who they are? Grandma didn’t write names on the back of a lot of these photos.”

“I suppose your Mom and Dad would have had a better idea about that,” Steve mentioned.

“Well, as you could tell, there was no way they were going to spend their time doing that,” Judy snapped. “If it was up to them they would have just stuck you with it all. I owe Grandma this much at least.”

Judy pulled her sweatshirt up over her head, and Steve averted his eyes when he saw the T-shirt underneath ride up a little, exposing a very pale and trim stomach, and he found himself looking at the young woman in a way that bothered him.

“She could have been my granddaughter, or step-granddaughter, if there even is such a thing,” Steve mumbled to himself as he walked back upstairs, wondering why that thought even went through his head.

Chapter Three: Judy’s research.

Steve went back downstairs around dinner time and saw Judy still hard at work. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t even hear him approach her from behind, and she jumped when he appeared at her side.

“Sorry,” Steve said as he saw Judy’s startled reaction. “Should have made a little noise on my way down.”

“No, I guess I was just zoned out down here,” Judy said, and gave a wave to the four boxes piled by the storm door. “Not getting very far. At this rate it’s going to take forever.”

“How about a dinner break?” Steve suggested. “I was thinking that maybe we could cook some burgers out on the grill, or we could go into town. There’s a diner there.”

“No, a burger sounds good,” Judy said. “I’ll go wash up and help you.”

Steve followed Judy up the stairs to the kitchen, his eyes shamelessly looking at her tiny butt as it bounced in front of his eyes. As Judy went down the hall to the bathroom, Steve shook his head as if to get the perverse thoughts out of his mind.

“The girl is only 18, for crying out loud,” Steve thought, but it came out in a whisper.

Talking to yourself is probably a sure sign that you are losing it, Steve thought, and this time managed to remain silent while thinking. Besides, it’s not like the girl was a raving beauty or anything.

Was he that lonely? Could that be it? Had his present life and future prospects made him become reduced to preying on a skinny, homely innocent girl who probably had never even been out on a date in her life?

What would it be like? To be with an 18 year old girl again? He hadn’t been with an 18 year old girl since… hell, since he was 18. But what would a girl that young want with a 63 year old guy, even if she was no Paris Hilton?

“Not that bad looking, for a guy my age,” Steve muttered aloud as he looked at the faint slot oyna reflection in the sliding glass door he had been staring out of, sucking his gut in and posing.

“You talking to me, Mr. Harkin?” Judy said as she came around the corner, causing Steve to come out of his trance.

“Uh no, just thinking out loud,” he said, trying to act anything like the pervert he felt like. “And we already discussed the Mr. Harkin part. Makes me feel even older than I am.”

“Okay. Sorry, Steve,” Judy said with a smile. “Aren’t you only as old as you feel? Something like that.”

“So I’ve heard, but that’s not to my advantage much of the time either,” Steve said, trying to keep the sight of the bulge in his trousers out of Judy’s view.

What Judy was wearing wasn’t helping any either, he mused, even though the plain white short sleeved blouse was far from revealing. It did give a better view of her body, and Steve noticed for the first time that she had a perky little pair of titties on her, even though they were hidden inside of a bra.

Judy’s arms caught his attention as well. The slender and pale limbs were dusted with a coating of long downy hairs from just above her wrists up to just below her bicep, where the shirt cut off his view. The reddish-brown fur looked so soft and inviting to Steve. Was it as soft and silky as it appeared to be?

Get a grip, Steve. He found it best to keep telling himself that all the while they prepared dinner out on the deck. He even managed to brush into Judy’s arm with his own, causing him to shudder a bit when the hairs on his arm brushed through hers. Judy seemed not to notice, which Steve was grateful for, and they enjoyed their burgers as the sun began to set over the hills behind the house.

Judy had moved over toward Steve after they finished eating so she could enjoy the sunset along with him, sliding her chair over to his side as the sun began to disappear, the reddish glow of the sky creating a gorgeous view that she seemed to really enjoy watching.

She was prettier when she smiled, Steve noted. He hadn’t really noticed before, but maybe that was because she hadn’t smiled when her folks were around. Maybe it was the beautiful sunset, or maybe it was the fact that she was becoming used to being around him as the day went on, but Judy had begun getting more comfortable.

Maybe it was because they were both pretty much outcasts, Steve figured. Judy; a plain and introverted girl who seemed to be an afterthought to her parents, and himself, a lonely and broken old man who had managed to outlive two women he had loved with all of his heart.

“I could look at this forever,” Judy said, raising her arm and cupping her hand over her eyes so she could see the horizon better.

Chapter Four: The View.

“So could I,” Steve said a minute later, when he managed to find his voice.

Steve had glanced over to Judy after she spoke, getting ready to nod and agree, but when he did, his attention became totally diverted when his eyes went over to her.

With her arm upraised, the baggy sleeve of Judy’s blouse hung down, affording Steve a totally unfettered view of Judy’s armpit. An armpit which was richly endowed with long reddish brown hair that hadn’t seen a razor in a long, long time. The hair sprouted up the inside of her arm and down to almost where her bra came around her.

Steve stared open-mouthed at the sight which brought back so many memories from the distant past. It was Randall’s Island down around N.Y.C. back in 1968 and he was at an all-day concert with Yes and a bunch of other groups he couldn’t remember. He would always remember the girl in the tie-dyed tank-top with the funny laugh, bra-less breasts and the furry armpits. Her name was Carol Anderson, and that wild-eyed and crazy girl would become Carol Harkin in a few years, and was with him for 31 years until her untimely death back in 2000.

Steve suddenly realized that Judy had glanced over in his direction during the time he had been strolling alone down memory lane, and when Steve realized Judy must have seen where he was staring he felt his face redden as he turned his head away.

Judy didn’t say anything, however, and didn’t lower her arm for another minute either. After his embarrassment eased, Steve looked back toward Judy again, who was almost inviting him to look some more.

Maybe that was Judy’s way of trying to discourage him from making any lecherous advances, but if that was her intent she was very mistaken, Steve mused. It was likely to just be an attempt to humor an old pervert, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the view a little more before Judy finally lowered her arm.

“You’ve got a great spot out here for spectacular views, Steve,” Judy mentioned.

“Yes. Me and your grandmother – we used to come out here whenever it was nice enough,” Steve told her.

“It’s really something to see,” Judy said before rising to pick up the plates and clear the table.

“It sure was,” Steve agreed, helping Judy with the canlı casino siteleri mess, trying not to let her see the damp spot in the front of his trousers as he did so.

Chapter Five: Reflections.

After they watched a little TV, Judy went to her bedroom for a second and then emerged, standing at the top of the stairs before telling Steve that she was going to go back downstairs and try to make some more progress in the mountain of her Grandma’s stuff.

“You don’t want to be stuck with me all summer,” Judy said, pausing for a few seconds before going down the stairs.

Did she want me to go downstairs with her? Steve wasn’t sure. Not a good idea though. Judy had taken off her jeans and was now wearing just a white nightshirt. The blouse was pretty long, but still exposed a lot of her legs, which were pale and skinny.

And being stuck with Judy for a long time might not be a good idea for either of them, he surmised. It was certainly a tonic for him, as he was now in the possession of his third erection of the day, which was three more than he had achieved since Marie got sick.

Steve turned off the TV and went to the bathroom before going to his bedroom and getting undressed. He paused before climbing into bed, and for whatever reason went over toward the dresser. His hand undid the snap in his boxer shorts and he let them fall to the floor.

Peeling back the foreskin of his cock, Steve took his cock in his right fist and began slowly pumping his member while kneading his balls with his left hand, all the while thinking of Judy. Thinking about what he had seen.

Now his reality became fantasy, and as his fist moved up and down his cock faster, he imagined that he was climbing into bed with Judy. Taking off her bra and reaching down under the the elastic of her panties. Did she have a lot of hair down there? Taking into account how exceptionally furry she was in other places, Steve suspected that was the case. Probably a big beautiful bush with the hair silky smooth, and when he pictured his fingers sliding through it he could almost smell the pungent aroma of her sex.

Suddenly, Steve’s eyes opened and he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He wasn’t a teen-aged boy with an overactive imagination and an unlimited sex-drive. He was a frumpy old man with his cock in his hand and dirty thoughts in his mind.

Standing there like that, a thought went through his mind. Not that he was all that spiritual or religious, but just suppose that Marie was up in heaven, looking down at him as he thought these perverted things about her granddaughter? What would she think of her man now?

Thankfully, he was pretty sure that wasn’t the case, and even if it was, he sure wouldn’t be going in that direction to have to explain his actions. Steve bent down and pulled his boxer shorts back up, his erection fading in shame at what he was doing and over what he had been thinking, and climbed into bed where he belonged.

Chapter Six: Nature calls.

Steve dropped off for a little bit, but woke up soon afterward, and after staring at the ceiling for a bit, heard the call of nature and went down the hall to the bathroom. After relieving himself, Steve went past Judy’s room. The door was open and when he peeked in, he saw the bed was empty, meaning Judy was still downstairs.

Steve made a couple of false starts in the hallway, making short steps in both directions. First back to his bedroom and then towards the cellar, he danced back and forth like a puppet before deciding to check and see how Judy was doing.

As quietly as he could, Steve made his way down the steps. The light was still on at the other end of the cellar, and Judy was apparently still hard at work. She was reading something, and Steve was about to turn around and go back upstairs when he saw what Judy was doing.

She had a magazine in her left hand, and her right hand was… well, it was down between her legs. Fascinated by what he was seeing, Steve moved closer, and was stunned when he saw what she was looking at. It was a Playboy magazine. Steve had subscribed to it for a time but had never really cared much for it besides the interviews, and they had eventually ended up stuck in a corner. A corner that Judy had apparently found.

Suddenly Judy noticed Steve approaching. She pulled her hand out from under her blouse but didn’t make any attempt to hide what she was looking at.

“Sorry,” Steve said softly.

“Caught me looking at your secret stash,” Judy said, holding up the magazine that was open to a very revealing picture of Rachel Hunter.

“Not all that secret,” Steve said in embarrassment. “I really just got it for the interviews.

“Ha!” Judy said.

Steve moved around the couch and sat next to Judy, who had pulled the blouse down to cover her lap but not much else, and Steve had to make a conscious effort not to look down.

“No, really,” Steve said. “Guess I’m not much for the women of today. I’m stuck back in prehistoric times, when women weren’t so artifically enhanced.”

Steve breathed in deeply, smelling the faint scent he was looking for, and the aroma made him bolder. Besides, the sight of Judy looking at other girls was very erotic for some reason.

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