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Healthy Food Ch. 02

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Healthy Food – Part Two

I had given Tabby a tremendous orgasm using the plum/parsnip combination and now it was up to her to return the favour. I watched her stroll over to the table where all of our improvised dildoes were lying and wondered which one she would choose to use on me. I felt aprehensive when she picked up the condom stuffed with haricot beans. It was so fat and knobbly. I felt that it would be much too big to fit inside my pussy as I had never been with a boy and the largest thing ever to enter me down there was the handle of my hairbrush. The condom was at least four times thicker and knobbly! To my relief Tabby put it back on the table and then, to my dismay, picked up my creation – the set of four baby turnips mounted on a wooden skewer.

“This should do I think” she smiled. “You made it so you must have thought that it would be a great thing to pump a pussy with. Now you can find out at first-hand.”

She came back to me and, seeing the trepidation in my eyes she reassured me saying “Don’t worry. I will go very carefully. After all the aim is to give pleasure – not pain. Not much anyway!” She grinned as she said this and I thought that I caught a gleam in her eye that I felt unsure about.

“Come on, you can use the chair this time. I want you to face the back of the chair and kneel on the arms. You can lean over the back and hold on to keep balanced.”

I did as she said as she was in charge this time. I was not uncomfortable, kneeling on the arms, and the back of the chair supported me very well. In addition, the fabric rubbed on my nipples and quickly brought them up really hard. I felt very exposed because my legs were so widely spread that my buttocks were pulled well apart showing my virgin ass-hole to anyone who cared to look and my pussy lips were pulled apart so that I could feel the cool air entering my love tunel. The only problem was, that I had my back to Tabby and so couldn’t see what she was doing. I knew what she was intending to do, but without being able to see it I felt a bit on edge. After a moment I felt her hands rest lightly on my hips and then there was the touch of her lips on my back as she began to kiss down my spine, little pecks alternating with sexy licks. Gradually the kisses moved further down until her lips were at the top of the cleft between my buttocks. Then they moved even lower down and for the first time in my life I felt a tongue delicately lapping at my little brown hole. I shuddered at the unexpected pleasure that coursed through my body and I actually felt my pussy juices start to trickle down the inside of my cunt.

“You like that, don’t you?” said Tabby, moving away for a moment. “There is nothing I like better that a little oral/anal teasing. It really turns me on.” Then her lips came back into contact with me, completely surrounding my bud and then I quivered again as her tongue Mersin Escort not only lapped it but tried to push into me. She kept up a rhythmic movement, lick around and around then push in. I began to whimper as she seemed to go deeper with every stroke. Then she pressed her lips firmly against my ring and began to suck, really hard, and at the same time pushed and pushed and as my hole relaxed I could feel her tongue slide into me. It was an indescribable feeling, so soft but firm and so alive! I couldn’t stop the orgasm that swept through me, making me convulse so that I nearly slipped off the arms of the chair but that would have broken the contact and I wanted it to go one forever!

I moaned as I shuddered and held tightly onto the back of the chair until gradually Tabby’s tongue slowed down and then pulled out. I could feel the sweat trickling down my sides as I came down from the heights of my orgasm.

“That was amazing!” I gasped. “I had no idea that you could cumm from having your ass-hole stimulated. Does it happen to everyone?”

“Only if you are very worked up first, I think.” replied Tabby. “I know that if someone just started licking me or trying to push anything into me it would just be uncomfortable. Just like a good meal, good preparation is essential. And you were well prepared after giving me your undivided attention just now. Giving pleasure is as big a turn-on as receiving it in my experience.”

“I realise that now. I nearly came when I was attending to your cunt but I managed to hold it back. I suppose that’s why I was so quick this time. I never knew that giving someone else an orgasm is almost as good as having one yourself.”

“We all live and learn,” she smiled. “Now, we have some unfinished business to attend to. Are you ready?”

“I’ve never been more ready.” I answered. “My cunt is positively flowing. I can feel my juice trickling down my legs.”

Tabby bent down and looked up between my legs. Then she ran her finger up my left leg, scooping up the juice which she then licked off with relish. Then she did the same with my right leg and, to my surprise, offered her finger to me.

“Taste your pussy, Cathy. It’s wonderfull.” I sucked her finger and the sharp, slightly salty/sweet taste of my juice flooded into my mouth. She was right – it did taste wonderfull! “Make yourself comfortable. I don’t want anything to distract you for the next few minutes.”

I couldn’t help laughing inside at this as Jenny and Sue were squealing and groaning on the othe side of the room as Jenny, kneeling on all-fours with her back to Sue, also on all-fours, pumped Sue’s cunt unmercifully with one end of the cucumber while the other end was rammed deep inside her own pussy. The ‘Slap, slap’ of their buttocks striking each other was a rhythmic counterpoint to their vocal outbursts. ‘Oh yes,’ I thought, ‘Nothing to distract Escort Mersin me here!’

However, I leaned on the back of the chair and braced myself for the onslaught that I knew was coming. And come it did! I felt the cool roundness of the first of the baby turnips press against the lips of my pussy and, twisting back and forth, gradually entering me. It felt huge but I was so wet and worked up that the hugeness seemed to be what my cunt was craving for. As Tabby increased the pressure I felt my lips stretching to their utmost to accommodate the invader and then, it seemed, there was a ‘pop’ and it slipped into me and I felt my lips almost close behind it. Tabby continued the twirling which felt amazing as it stroked the inside of my cunt, sending shivers through me. Then she increased the pressure again and I felt the second turnip push against me. Not as much pressure was required this time as the first one had opened me right up but at the same time the first, big one, slipped further up my cunt, the biggest thing that had ever been that far up. I began to feel the first tremors of an orgasm begin to build in me but I tried to hold it back by concentrating on the purely physical feelings and suppressed the deep emotional ones.

The second one slid easily past the lips of my pussy and I gasped ‘Don’t go so slow. I want them all in as fast as you can!’ Tabby took me at my word and pushed hard and I felt, it seemed like, a double vibration as the last two turninps penetrated my aching pussy. I was amazed, as my lips closed behind the fourth one, that I had taken all of them inside me. When I made it I had thought that it would take a pretty big, loose cunt to accommodate it, but I had done so with (relative) ease! And I was not big or loose. In fact my cunt felt more stretched and full than I had ever known before. It was unbelievable! As Tabby continued the twisting and pushing I could feel the top turnip rubbing against my cervix and the tremors became more violent and the clenching sensation was more extreme than I had ever known before.

The sweat was dripping off my face and the juices were running freely down my legs as I finally succumed to the orgasm which racked my body and made me grunt and groan like an all-in wrestler. And the pressure that I was putting on the back of the chair was almost enough to tear it off! ‘Oh God, oh God, oh God.’ I finally managed to get out ‘Stop pushing – it’s going to come out of my mouth if it goes in any deeper!’

Tabby gave a delighted laugh at this. She eased the pressure on my hand-crafted dildo and cupped my pussy with her hand. ‘There, there.’ she said. ‘Did I do well?’ ‘I have never in my life had a cumm like that.’ I replied. ‘I didn’t know that it was possible to feel it right to the tips of my toes.’ ‘That’s what it’s like when you have had sufficient ‘warming up’ before you get down and dirty.’ she replied. Mersin Bayan Escort ‘As I said before, giving pleasure is almost as good as receiving it, and it gets your body so prepared for sex that it is ten times better than when you just strip off and open your legs. We women get to know this quite early on. That’s why so many of us have lady lovers. We’re not necessarily lesbian but we do appreciate the care that a lady lover gives to her lovemaking.’

This was something that I had never thought about before but, after this experience, I could see the sense in it. ‘So, even if we do this quite a lot, we are not actually lesbians then? We can still get turned on by a handsome cock and enjoy making it with a man?’

‘Too true’ grinned Tabby. ‘We do this three or four times a week but I still thoroughly enjoy going home and getting a good, solid fuck from my boyfriend. Sometimes all a girl needs is a big lump of man-meat inside her.’

By this time my pussy had stopped spasming around the dildo and so I asked Tabby to take it out – gently! I felt that too fast a withdrawal might pull my insides out with it! She gave my pussy a few more gentle strokes, letting her fingers linger over my clit before she resumed the twisting movements and gradually drew the turnips out of me. She did it so slowly that I could feel my pussy lips spreading and closing as each one came out. As the last, and biggest, one emerged it was accompanied by a gush of juice that Tabby siezed upon with delight, leaning forward and catching as much as possible in her mouth. The feeling of her tongue licking around and inside my pussy brought me to another, gentler climax and I felt a few last pulses of juice trickle from my pussy. With a final couple of licks Tabby released me and stood up. She came round to the back of the chair and took my hands and helped me to get down off the arms of the chair. I hadn’t noticed it before, but my thighs were trembling with the strain of supporting my weight while spread so far apart.

‘Thanks Tabby.’ I said, giving her a big hug and a kiss. ‘I would never have known how good it could be if it wasn’t for you.’ ‘Don’t be too sure.’ she twinkled. ‘Sue is just as able as me and Jenny can teach us all a few tricks. You are in good hands now and I hope that you stay with us for a long time.’ ‘Hear, hear’ came a pair of voices from the other side ot the room. I started because I had quite forgotten during this last few minutes that Tabby and I were not alone. I blushed when I realized that I had had an appreciative audience while I was heaving about in that gigantic orgasm and that my ass-hole and pussy had been in full view all the time. I couldn’t help instinctively putting my hands into my crotch to hide myself from these other eyes at which they, all three, burst out laughing.

‘Don’t worry Cathy,’ smiled Jenny. ‘Before the year is out you will know every nook and cranny af the three of us, and we will know you just the same. It’s part of what makes us a good team. And now, enough fun for today, let’s clean up in here, we’ve got a resturant to run!’

More later.

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