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He and She

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Likes to wear skin tight jeans with thongs underneath.

Feeling her lower body being,

tightly wrapped and held,

First by a tight strap stretched

from her waist band down

between her ass and

up over her soft lips.

Then by,

a form fitting denim sheath.

Like auto erotic adornments

Fashioned to accentuate

Her curvaceous ass and hips.


Has seen her in the hallways before

Only this time her presence

Was irresistibly demanding.

Its not uncommon for a woman to glow.

To radiate a sexual beauty that

Beckons a man’s deepest call.

She can do this without knowing,

Or she can know

this is

what she’s doing.

When she shows this


cannot resist.

And today, when she slid her tight jeans on over her fine feminine form

She definitely

Had him in mind.


Looked up from his book

As she intentionally strutted by.

She glanced quickly to see

If his eyes were following.

He confirmed with a smile

And a stare.

By now, he became

Energized by

her delicate And seductive display

He felt intense desire

Swelling inside.

With no words needed

He reached for her hand

Leading her down the hall,

To a darkened back room office.

When she stepped through the door,

She felt a tingle move

through her body

From her nipples down

To her clit.

He locked the door behind her.

She walked over to a window

And looked down toward the street,

Though, all of her attention

Was still in the room.

Without contemplation,

He approached her from behind

He the undeclared war izle pressed his hard bulging front

Into the center

Of her jean wrapped ass.

He gently moved her hair to one side

To expose that sensual curve

From her shoulder to her chin.

He leaned in to her

To touch his lips

To her skin.

She turned her head

Towards his kiss

And braced her self on the window

With both hands.

He slowly kissed his way

Up to her lips.

She welcomed his arrival

And exhaled a sigh of release.————

She felt his hand land near

Her right hip

And continue its inward approach.

Near the middle of her belly

He paused

Too soon to go down


He moved upward and under her top

Over her soft abdomen

To the underside

Of her voluptuous breast.

With his fingers he could feel

Her bra was sheer.

Her curve filled his hand

He clenched her gently and slid

His hand upwards

Passing over her nipple erect.

A nipple touched

In the right moment

Sent ripples of yearning

Throughout her body.

Her pussy swelled and moistened.

He retracted his hand from her chest

Lifted her top

And removed her bra.

Now her boobs rested


onto her chest.

With both hands

he revisited her breast.

This time,

the weight and sensuality were true.

Her breath grew heavy

As he clenched both hard nipples


two fingers on each hand.

She arched her back

Pressing her ass into his hardness.


He the watcher izle slid his hands down

Her bare torso

To the button of her jeans

Now unbuttoned and unzipped,

He lowered her jeans

To display the start

Of her black thong panties.

He grabbed each hip firmly

Spinning her round til

Her eyes met his.

She unbuttoned his shirt

To get skin to skin.

As they kissed again,

He could feel her nipples

Pressed into him.

Removing her jeans

Was now an urgent affair.

It’s possible that she,

Is unaware of the intensity

Of his sensual delight

Attained while unwrapping her body.

Naked down to her panties.

He lifted her

with two hands placed

under her ass.

She wrapped her legs around him

As he carried her to a corner

And set her down on the edge

Of a large desk.

She positioned both feet

On the edge of the desk

Her legs spread open

As she laid her body back

onto the desk.

The sight of her body spread to receive

Charged him with exhilaration

And a pounding chest.

He removed the rest of his clothes

To expose

his rock hard dick.

With his hands

He grabbed each of her ankles

Rested them on his shoulders

And reached up to remove

Her panties

Fully naked and spread upon the desk

He paused for a moment

To draw her beautiful body

in through his eyes.

He closed the gap between them

Leaned over her

And Rested his weight onto her body.

He kissed her passionately

And pressed his dick

Onto the watchful eye izle the outer lips

Of her swollen pussy.

He could feel her wetness

Transfer to his skin.

He hovered over her

And kissed his way

To a hard nipple.

She exhaled a moan

As he clenched it gently

Between his teeth

Then Forced its release

with quick tongue flicks.

Almost without choice,

She began gyrating her hips

Imagining him deep inside

She rocked her wet lips up,

then down his hard cock.

He let her play for a moment then

Pulled away.

He put a hand on each inner thigh

And spread her legs

until her lips spread too.

Holding her legs back

He dropped to his knees

Leaned in to begin

Tasting her sweet juice.

With his lips and tongue

He explored her contours and curves

From her navel down to her tight ass.

Using her subtle cues

Her quivers and moans

he moved in sync with her

And carried her excitement to the brink.

He stood up

Slid his hands up her legs

To the backs of her knees

And Pushed her legs open wide.

With her juice still fresh on his lips

He leaned over to kiss her.

She raised her hips toward him,

He matched her with a firm press.

As his hard tip entered her lips,

She exhaled a deep breath.

He pushed himself deeper

Into her warm reception.

She felt her walls stretch pleasantly,

As she enveloped

his entire member.

He paused in her depth,


Recoiled to the tip.

He re-entered her

With a firm thrust deeply

She vocalized her breath

As his pelvis landed

Like a hammer against her bottom

Sending a wave of pleasure

Up through her body.

She closed her eyes,

Turned her head to the side

And moaned deeply

As he repetitiously thrust

Himself again and again

He clutched each breast firmly

And her body begged for more.

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