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Having Some Fun with Ms. Collins

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This one is for the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest. So, as always, your votes and comments would be appreciated.

Word spreads like wildfire in a tiny little town like Foster’s Creek. So, when word got out that a pretty divorcee had bought old man Johnson’s place, I decided it might be nice to see if I could lend her a hand — as well as check her out for myself.

Seeing as Wilbur Johnson had been dead for over five years, I imagined the place would need a good deal of work done. I also knew for a woman living on her own it would be a pretty big undertaking for her to try and get the place back to its former glory all by herself. Since I knew how to fix almost anything, thanks to my handyman dad, I figured she’d probably appreciate some help.

Holy Shit! As I pulled into her graveled driveway I realized I’d arrived just in the nick of time.

When I looked up and saw her on a ladder struggling to scrape the flaking paint off the old wooden windows all the way up on the second floor, I almost swallowed my freaking tongue! I threw my truck into park and rushed out to steady the ladder, or even to try and catch her if I had to. The way she was precariously leaning over with just one foot barely sitting on a rung, I was afraid she was about to lose her balance and topple right to the ground.

After I’d braced the ladder with one of my booted feet, hanging on tight to the shaky wooden relic with both hands, I called up, “Hey, you okay up there?”

She looked down, and though at first she looked a little startled to see me, finally, seeing that I was only trying to help, she flashed me the prettiest smile I’d ever seen. And I found myself swallowing really hard, because damn, the rumors were true — the woman was an absolute knockout.

Long honey-blonde hair pulled back in a thick pony-tail, that hung halfway down her back, along with eyes just as blue as the sky. Curvy in all the right places, too. And there was just so much of her showing, dressed in a barely there belly-baring pale yellow crop top and a tiny pair of faded denim cut-offs. I was getting hard just from the sight of her pretty round butt cheeks peeking out at the bottom, never mind the curve of her nice full breasts, that I could see from looking up her shirt.

Figured if I offered to give her a hand with the old place, that she’d warm up to me pretty quick. Man, I knew one thing — I just had to get with her.

Being well over six feet tall, with sun-bleached sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a body I take care of, with broad shoulders, a big wide chest and rock hard abs, girls seemed to be into me, and I’ve never had a problem getting laid. Especially in a small place like this, with little else to do but mess around, finding pussy was no challenge.

I called up, “How about I finish that, and you come down and get yourself a drink. It’s such a hot one today, you should probably take a break.”

Her shoulders sagged as she looked up at the flaking paint around the eaves that I could tell she could barely reach without standing on her tiptoes. She nodded her head and wiped the back of her hand across her sweaty brow. “Yeah, I guess I could use a break right about now.”

Once she’d shimmied her tight little ass back down the ladder, making my cock lurch in the process, when we were finally face to face, she smiled into my eyes and extended her hand. “Thanks for offering to help. I’m Ginny Collins.”

Wrapping my big hand around hers, I nodded. “No problem. Pleasure to meet you ma’am. I’m Randy McCoy, and welcome to Foster’s Creek.”

After she’d slowly raked me over from the top of my head to the tips of my boots, flashing a sly little grin, she playfully wiggled her eyebrows, obviously liking what she was seeing.

When I dropped my gaze from her pretty face, to check her out a little more closely, I had to suck in a breath when I spied her nice big nipples that were so hard they were nearly poking holes in her t-shirt, which naturally had my mouth watering for a taste.

Gotta say, my favorite thing in the world, aside from sinking my cock into a nice, warm tight pussy had to be the wonder of exploring a woman’s body with my mouth. Every time felt like a new adventure, since every woman’s body was a little different, and of course a little special. Now that I’d got a peek at her nipples, or at least had an idea how big they were, I could hardly wait to get her naked. So I could not only slide my tongue over every last inch of her sweet little body, and suck those big, hard babies into my mouth, but also show her just how good I could make her feel.

Knowing she was on her own, I imagined from how sexy and inviting she looked that she’d be game for a little fun, especially being without a man for a while, with her being divorced and all.

Lucky for her, I had eight inches of just what she needed, already growing thick and hard in my boxers.

Finally she bit into her lip, and flashed me ankara grup escort a coy little grin. “I think I’ll head inside and get us something cold to drink.”

I nodded and watched her saunter her sweet, tight ass into the house, while I reached down and straightened out my cock, before I headed up the ladder to finish scraping the old paint off the windows.

Thankfully it didn’t take me too long to finish, only a couple hours. Which was just as well, with the way the sun was beating down on me, nearly baking me alive as I stood unprotected on the ladder, with nothing to cover my head or neck. Now I wish I’d worn a baseball cap today, like I normally did, then my bare neck wouldn’t feel like it was on fire.

Once I was done with the last window, and carefully made my way back down the rickety excuse for a ladder, I was glad to get back on solid ground to join her on the covered front porch for a nice, tall frosty glass of lemonade.

As I downed my second glass, the way she was slyly eyeing me, dropping her gaze to the long thick, bulge in my jeans, I just knew she’d be up for some fun.

Not wanting to rush things, because I was hoping for more than just a one-and-done, I asked, “You got anything else needs doing, Ms. Collins?”

She shook her head. “Please, call me Ginny. But before you do anything else, you have to tell me what you charge. I’ve already sunk so much into this place that I’m afraid I can’t afford to pay you very much.”

I smiled back into her pretty pale blue eyes. “Ginny, there’s no need to pay me. I’m just here to help you out, trying to be neighborly. So you just tell me what else I can do for you.”

She gave me a grateful smile, reached out and patted my knee. “Well, thank you, Randy. I really appreciate you stopping by to help out. I’ve just got so much still to do to try and make this place livable.” Then she looked out at a square mound of overturned soil in the middle of the patchy lawn. “Like my little patch out in front, needs taking care of, too. It’s all ready, and now it just needs seeding.”

I cocked an eyebrow, and chuckled as I watched her smirk. From the way she’d worded that, I imagined both of us were thinking about how good it would feel if I got my cock out, pushed into her, gave her a good hard fucking and seeded her.

Truth was I’d love nothing more than to give it to her just the way I liked it; bareback, with no pulling out, no condoms, and no birth control of any kind. Just push into her nice and deep, and give her a good hard pounding, till I had her little pussy full to bursting with a nice heavy load of my seed, hopefully breeding her and getting her belly filled with my spawn in the process.

I imagined from examining her clear, smooth skin, and how toned and fit she was, with no hint of gray in her hair, that she had to be somewhere around her late thirties, maybe forty at the most. Which would make her about fifteen years or so older than me — which also meant that she was still plenty young enough to be bred. And she’d also be my first bonafide cougar. Already I was imagining how much fuller her big luscious breasts would get once I had her nipples dripping with milk; nice and ripe and full, just itching for me to suckle them into my mouth for a taste of that warm, milky sweetness.

The longer I looked her over, thinking about how good it would feel to get her naked with her legs spread, was only getting me harder.

So, deciding I’d better get busy again, before I was tempted to try and get busy with her, I grabbed the packets of seeds from the wicker table that sat between us. And I went to work on seeding her little garden patch that conveniently already had a hoe sitting beside it on the parched lawn.

An hour later, I was still down on my knees, covering the seeds I’d planted with soil. Feeling the heat of the sun beating down hard on my scorched neck, I smiled when I felt Ginny drop a straw hat on my head. “Can’t have you getting burned,” she said with a smile in her voice, before she started to frown when she noticed how red my skin already was. “Oh, it looks like your neck is already burned. Guess you should have worn a hat when you started working on the house.”

“Thanks, I’ll be okay,” I said, as I adjusted the hat to cover my burning neck.

“Well, I’ve got chicken and vegetables roasting in the oven, so you’ll be staying for dinner. I figure the least I can do is feed you, after all you’ve done for me.”

“Sounds, good,” I said, smiling back at her.

“And I’ve also got a spring fed swimming hole out in back of the house. So maybe after we’ve eaten, we could go in for a dip to cool off.”

I looked up at her again and shook my head. “Much as I’d love to go in for a swim, I don’t have a bathing suit. And I’m uh… going commando under my jeans.”

I almost laughed at the way her eyes flared the moment she realized that I was letting my cock fly free, with nothing to hold it back if I unzipped my fly.

Then gümüşhane escort she surprised me when she flashed a little grin and just shrugged. “Well, normally I swim in the buff, since I’m usually on my own with no one around to see me. So, if you wanted, all you’d have to do is get out of your clothes and dive in. It’s just so hot out here today I think we could both use a swim to cool off.”

Once my brain started functioning again, after I realized what she was saying, inviting me to go skinny dipping in her pond with her, which meant both us would be naked as the day we were born, I nodded my head, and said, “Sure, sounds like a plan.”

As I watched the sexy sway of her hips as she wandered back into the house to see to our dinner, I looked down at my twitching cock, that I could feel straining like a bastard to get past my fly, and told it, “Looks like we hit the jackpot, buddy, and hopefully soon you’ll be balls deep in pussy.”

After I’d finished seeding her garden, and went inside and cleaned up, I came up behind her at the counter, nice and close and breathed into her ear, “Anything else you need from me, Ginny?”

Looking over her shoulder, she gave me a sultry smile, that had me wanting to groan when she murmured back, “Maybe later, once we get our clothes off, I’ll think of something.”

I almost shit a brick! The woman was like a dream come true; kind enough to make me dinner, offering to strip off and go skinny dipping with me, and now even hinting that she might be up for a little naked fun later on, too.

Wow. As I took a seat across from her at her little round wooden kitchen table, I could hardly believe this was happening. And all I had to do was show up and let her know that I’d be willing to help her with anything she needed.

Apparently, including getting her pussy plowed.

Dinner was really good; nice, crispy moist, golden brown chicken surrounded with pan-roasted potatoes and veggies, along with some crunchy coleslaw on the side. In addition to being sexy as hell and amazingly pretty, I realized that she was also one hell of a cook.

I also noticed pretty quickly, that she was easy to talk to and a lot of fun. We laughed a lot as we ate, and got to know each other a little better, with her telling me about the horrors she’d had to deal with when she first took over the house. It had been empty for so long that the critters had taken it over. Whole families of squirrels, raccoons and mice had claimed it as their own, and she had quite a time trying to convince them to leave. At least until she called in the exterminators to send them on their way for good.

When she got around to asking if I had any siblings, I took a swallow of beer and nodded. “Yep, I’m one of four brothers. And I’ve got two little sisters that are still in school.”

Her eyes went big. “Wow, that’s a big family nowadays. So, I’m guessing you’re pretty close.”

I smiled, thinking about the bond we shared, especially between my one brother and me. “Yeah, we’re really close.”

After we’d enjoyed the warm peach cobbler she’d made us, with a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream melting on top, I told her, “I just love peach cobbler. It’s my absolute favorite dessert. And yours has got to be the best I’ve ever had.”

She smiled and patted my hand. “Thank you, Randy. Glad you’re enjoying it. And I was thinking, once I’ve cleared away these dishes, we should go in for a swim. It’s still really warm, even here in the house, and it’ll cool us off.”

My cock perked up at the thought of seeing her out of her clothes, obviously in full agreement.

The swimming hole out back was pretty sweet, edged with shale rock with only a few reeds around the far end. The water looked pretty clear, too. And I could hardly wait to get in and cool off.

Never one to be shy, without even thinking, I tugged off my shirt, kicked off my boots, pulled down my fly and tossed my jeans.

Then I looked over at Ginny and tried not to laugh at the way she was staring at me wide-eyed, seeing me without my clothes for the first time. I was already sporting a semi, so she had to know once I was fully erect, she’d really have something to look at — and enjoy.

Then it was my turn to watch her. She grinned, wiggled her eyebrows playfully, tugged her little crop top over her head, held it out with two fingers and let it fall to the grass. Jesus, just seeing her standing there in her short, sassy little daisy dukes, nearly overflowing her white lace bra, had me growing thick and hard in a heartbeat.

As I watched her wiggle out of her shorts, it sounded like someone was growling, deep and hungry. And then I realized it was me. I was just so stoked to finally see her naked, already imagining how good she’d look with those long lean legs of hers spread open wide, or wrapped around my waist as I sunk inside her.

Then she unclipped her bra, but kept it held close to her chest, keeping her breasts hidden. halkalı escort She looked a little uncertain as she confided, “It’s been a long time since a man’s seen me naked.” While I just stared, thinking how sexy she looked in just her tiny lace panties, praying that she’d drop that bra.

“Well, I’d bet my last dime that you’re gorgeous,” I told her, and meant it, too.

I could tell that she had a rocking little body, and once she was finally naked I knew she’d be a dream come true.

Then she drew in a breath, took hold of her bra in two fingers, held it in the air like she’d done with her top, and let it drop to the grass.

And holy crow, I was right, her breasts really were the stuff of dreams. High and full with nice, big hard nipples and dusky pink areolas, and right now they were really starting to heave.

Not sure if she wanted me to walk over and touch her yet, I stayed where I was, till she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and shimmied her tight little ass out of those, too.

Without a stitch on her, she stood looking at me, waiting, I guess to see what I thought.

And what I thought was — she was absolutely gorgeous.

I took a step closer, and swallowed hard. “Damn, Ginny, you are one beautiful, sexy woman.”

Her eyes lit up and she smiled, looking relieved.

Once I’d closed the distance between us, I stroked a finger along her jaw, holding her gaze. As she looked up at me pleadingly with those big blue eyes, I tipped up her face, touched my lips to hers and kissed her.

And I smiled when I felt her hand snake around my cock as I slipped my tongue between her lips, feeling her eager little tongue tangling with mine.

So, to return the favor, as she pumped me in her hand, I slid my hand between her legs, caressed her sex in my palm, and slipped a finger into her juicy pussy.

And damn, she was so wet and warm and snug. All I could think of was bending her over, spreading her legs and sliding into her deep.

“God, you feel good,” I whispered against her mouth.

“Mmm. So do you.” With a happy little smile playing on her lips, she squeezed her hand hard around my cock.

With my balls already feeling ready to explode, glancing around I noticed a picnic table was set up under a big, old leafy oak tree, so with my lips still locked on hers I picked her up and sat her down on the table. Then I grabbed the towels she’d folded on the bench seat for us to dry off later, and spread them out so I could lay her down without her getting any splinters, considering it would be a crying shame for anything to happen to that sweet little ass of hers.

Once I had her on her back with her legs spread, I just to take a moment to admire the view. Because damn, with those big breasts heaving, and her little pink pussy so wet and warm and inviting, I felt myself growing harder by the second, sure that I’d never wanted inside a woman more. Smiling into her eyes, I pushed in two fingers, and really got her making some noise with a nice little finger fuck.

Pressing another kiss to her mouth, I traced a leisurely path down over her body with my tongue, while she softly mewled, tugging at my hair and starting to shiver, as I kept working her cunt, until I felt her come.

Jesus, her tits were amazing, especially with the way she was shivering as she climaxed. When I latched onto a big hard nipple and sucked it backed, she cried out and started thrusting up her hips, obviously needing more. She was getting so worked up from me toying with her tits that I could smell her pussy just dripping with her juice.

And I knew that soon I’d really have her squealing, once I got my head between her legs and had a taste of her.

She was quivering pretty hard when I took hold of her legs and parted her thighs. Up close she just looked so good, that I groaned as I dragged my flattened tongue from her tight little rosebud, all the way up to her swollen clit.

And as I suckled that tender little button, and kept working my fingers inside her, until she felt ready to slide right off the table, I had her shaking so hard, finally she threw back her head and cried out, “Oh, god, I’m coming so damn hard!”

With her whole body starting to quake and shiver, as she came for a second time, she whispered, “Please, Randy.”

I smiled and fisted my cock, knowing just what she needed.

After I’d managed to work the fat mushroom tip past her opening, I told her, “Ginny, you need to relax or I’ll never get inside you.”

When she’d spread her legs open as wide as they could go, I thrust in a little deeper, wondering how the fuck she could be so tight. She was sucking me in though, and it felt so good that I just took my time, pumping in and out a little harder and deeper with each thrust, till I could feel my balls sitting right up against her ass.

And then I really started to ride her.

She was a squealer. And the harder I drove inside her, the louder and sharper she squealed and the harder she tugged at my hair. With her ass clutched tight in my hands, I pulled her against me and used her body to fuck my cock. And damn, my heart was really pounding as I tunneled in and out faster and faster. It just felt good with her — like she was made for me.

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