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Harlina: The Sexy Malay Beauty

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That night Aunty Sutinah, Julianah, and Harlina sat together at the dining table after dinner and talked all about their family. Aunty Sutinah spoke about life in Australia while Harlina talked about her work. They spent some time looking at photo albums and aunty Sutinah showed the picture of her friend Rohaiyah to Reymon.

“Vow what a classy beautiful woman, her looks makes my cock hard” Reymon said looking at the picture of beautiful Rohaiyah. “And who is this sexy and hot babe” Reymon asked pointing at a photo.

“That’s my friend Nadirah,” said Julianah.

Reymon looked at the photo of Nadirah for a few minutes. “Hey she looks hot when she laughs showing all her teeth” said Reymon.

“She is a mix between Malay and Indian, she is of my age” replied Julianah.

“You want to fuck her too?” asked Harlina. Reymon smiled and pinched Harlina on her arm.

Being very tired after a row of nice fucking aunty Sutinah went to bed. Julianah too went to her room saying she has to wake up early tomorrow to attend a seminar at her college. It was Harlina and Reymon at the table looking at the photos for a few more minutes.

He immediately pulled Harlina to him, making her sit on his lap and kissed her thick sexy lips and licked her face.

“Do you like it Harlina?” asked Reymon.

“You are just great, I loved the way you fucked aunty Sutinah and would like to see how you fuck my friend Suzannah and also aunty Sutinah’s friend Rohaiyah” Harlina said as she was kissed all over her face.

The thought of Reymon’s monster cock fucking aunty Sutinah made her horny again. Both of them immediately removed their dresses. Reymon dimmed the lights and made the nude Harlina lie on the dinning table and clasped her legs together and kept them straight pointing towards the ceiling. He pushed his cock deep into her hairy cunt; in this position Harlina’s cunt was much tighter and she felt that her cunt walls being fully stretched by his rock hard cock. Holding her legs he began fucking Harlina with hard strokes and his cock moved in and out of her hairy cunt like a well oiled piston.

Continuing to fuck her hard on the table he suddenly inserted his middle finger into her dark anal hole. Harlina was squealing with desire as she felt herself about to cum and the feeling of an orgasm approaching with both her holes being plugged.

She was in waves of pleasure and wailed zeytin ağacı izle loudly, “AAMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OOOOOOOUUUUUUIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and her erotic voice echoed all over the house.

He pulled his hard and wet cock out of her cunt and carried her to the couch. He made Harlina lie on her belly and rise up her sweet and firm ass. Holding her fair complexioned sexy and firm ass he pushed his cock into her wet cunt from behind and began fucking her hard. As he went on fucking, he massaged her butt and slapped her cunt lips. Harlina was wailing in pleasure as her cunt lips pulsated with orgasm after orgasm. Her horny voice and her fair complexioned naked buttocks made Reymon crazy like hell and he fucked her harder and harder until he shot his load inside her wet hairy cunt. He hugged her and kissed her sweet butt and licked the crevice that ran between her firm butt cheeks. He teased her anal opening and licked it until it became wet.

Harlina grabbed her clothes and went to her room kissing him good night. The sight of her nice butt turned Reymon again and he grabbed her and kissed her thick red lips.

“I am not going to leave you Harlina, I am going to fuck you again” he said squeezing her ass cheeks.

They moved to the couch and he made Harlina lie on her back with her legs spread wide. Her thick pussy hair was wet. Reymon rose up, mounting Harlina and aimed his throbbing cock at her wet pussy opening. Slowly he pushed his cock head into her gooey pussy hole. Harlina’s pussy was wet and sucked in his cock like quick sand. Inch by inch the pussy drill of Reymon was boring into the fuck hole of the sweet Singapore Malay women Harlina. He stroked her erect clit as he pushed his cock into her slippery fuck hole. Harlina became horny again in no time.

“Fuck me Reymon, don’t stop fuck me harder” she panted

Reymon sprawled on top of this naked Malay beauty, crushing her tits under his chest. Harlina shuddered, feeling the tremendous fuck pole stabbing to the hilt in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back, humping fast and hard. Reymon met her rhythm, fucking his huge cock in and out of her hairy cunt. Harlina’s cunt now clung to his stroking cock with a special tightness, nursing around every inch of his cock shaft. Harlina’s pussy was so horny and itchy that she couldn’t think of anything else. Harlina needed a long, violent the terminal list izle fucking, so she could relieve herself with a shattering and prolonged orgasm.

Harlina moaned heavily and bounced her firm butt frantically off the couch positioning her tight and throbbing pussy onto his prick as fast as she could.

“Do you like it my sexy Harlina?” he asked licking her cheeks

“Yeah I love this…fuck me even harder Reymon” Harlina cooed

Henry fucked this sexy Singaporean Malay hottie relentlessly spearing his huge fuck shaft into the gushing depths of her pussy. Her husky voice turned him on more and more. Soon he was stuffing her pussy as fast and deep as he could, utterly reaming her fuck channel with every skewering stroke of his cock.

“Yeah…my baby Harlina…you are such a wonderful fuck…Yes baby Harlina” Reymon kept chanting as he kept up his pace.

The loud grunts of Harlina indicated that she was nearing her orgasm. Hugging her tightly and kissing her thick lips Reymon ploughed her pussy as hard as he could. Harlina bucked up her ass to meet his deep thrust and she exploded to a shattering orgasm in no time.

She yelled loudly and twisted her body as she reached her orgasm. Her wet, hairy pussy spewed her juices onto Reymon’s cock, milking its stiffness. Reymon did not want to stop he kept ramming his cock in and out of her cunt as she in throes of orgasm after orgasm. He grabbed her butt cheeks and continued to fuck the sexy Harlina taking her to the peak of orgasm. Harlina’s dark anus throbbed as her pussy spewed around his cock.

“Harlina let me fuck you doggie…yeah baby that will be lovely” Reymon said and pulled his stiff cock out of her wet cunt.

Harlina stared at the giant cock as it came out from her furry clinging pussy. The cock head was hard and dripping with her cunt cream. Her anus tingled as she imagined getting such a huge horse dick stuffed in her cunt from behind…DOGGIE. Harlina and Reymon moved over to the dinning table and she sprawled on her belly. Reymon kissed her fine ass cheeks and spread them open. He got on top of her holding his huge cock in his hand and placed its head on her cunt lips. Holding her hips tightly he shoved it in her cunt slowly and gently. Reymon placed his hips in the best position to drill his huge cock into Harlina’s pussy to the hilt.

He felt the traitors izle that Harlina’s cunt was much tighter in this position and slowly began to fuck her. Gradually he settled into a steady fucking rhythm.

“Yeah…that’s it Reymon…It’s lovely…aaaaaa…uuunngggg” Harlina moaned.

Harlina enjoyed his move and rocked her butt to his cock. Reymon lunged down hard, packing every inch of his big cock into the sucking tightness of Harlina’s hairy pussy. For several seconds he lay still, letting his cock soak in the tightness of her cunt. Then he pulled out slowly, withdrawing until the tip of his cock. Harlina gasped with pleasure as Reymon again nailed his huge cock into the welcoming tightness of her cunt.

Reymon started giving the sexy Harlina the violent, hard fucking she needed. In and out his big cock sawed, fucking trough the gripping, rubbery tightness of her fuck channel. Reymon panted on her shoulders and licked her lovely cheeks and kissed her ears. Licking her cheeks he fucked the sexy Malay babe harder and harder ramming his cock through the sucking grip of her hairy cunt.

Harlina kept moaning and grunting loudly. Her husky voice was extremely erotic and turned Reymon more and more. He squeezed her fine ass cheeks. He thrust both hands under her soft belly, groping through her juice matted pussy curls until he found her swollen clit. He rubbed the tingling bud as he kept fucking her. Reymon thrust harder and harder, until he was doggie fucking this sexy Harlina with all his strength. Furiously he stabbed his cock into her slippery cunt feeling the stretched thick pussy lips clinging to his cock with each stroke.

His cock was getting even stiffer, and Harlina sensed that he would soon be showering her cunt with his load. Reymon replaced his hand with Harlina’s on her clit and asked her to jerk. Harlina rubbed her clit in a frenzy of fuck passion, frantically fucking her cunt onto his steel hard cock.

She too was nearing her orgasm and moaned loudly and rocked her butt. “Aaaaa…uuunngg… aaaaa..uuuunnnnaaaaaaaaaa” Harlina screamed when she climaxed to an orgasm.

Her cunt throbbed continuously. Reymon collapsed on her back slamming his cock as far up her stretched cunt as it would go. The white milky juice spewed out of his hard cock, flooding Harlina’s hairy cunt. Harlina felt the creamy load spilling out of her cunt and running down to her dark anus.

Harlina flexed her cunt and legs around his cock helping him shoot out every drop. Hugging her tight he kissed her cheeks. He pulled his limp cock out of her tight cunt. He flipped her over and sucked her sexy lips for a long time. Before Harlina could retire to her bedroom Reymon told her about his wish to fuck her friends. Harlina agreed to it.

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