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Happy Hour and Graduate Studies

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We were sitting in a college bar called Ozzie’s enjoying happy hour with some of her graduate student friends.

“You know what happens when I drink,” she smiled during a moment we had alone as the others had gone to the bar.

“Yes, I do. I’m counting on it. I let my fingers trace up her thigh under the table and kissed her neck softly. She shivered slightly.

After some laughs and three or four rounds of drinks we were on our way home.

“I’m so horny right now,” she whispered in my ear as we walked along toward our apartment, which was in a large house that had been divided into four flats — two up and two down. Two upstairs and two down. We lived downstairs.

I turned her and kissed her deeply as she got her key to the door. This kind of thing in even a semi-public place like the entryway to our home would have been embarrassing to her if not for the impact of the bourbon and cola.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly as my hands reached down and squeezed her butt cheeks. “You’re being a very naughty boy,” she giggled.

“I plan to get a whole lot naughtier.”

“You better.”

Susan’s early sexual experiences were, to say the least, bad. The say the most, they probably met the definition of date rape. She found it hard to relax in sexual situations since then. She had a tendency to tense up and end her pleasure just when her climax was approaching. It only changed when alcohol was added to mix and she was with someone she trusted, if not loved. She had gone six years between sex partners. It was honor, if that’s the right word, to be the one who had made it past her walls.

Most saw her has the buxom (40DD) brunette whose hair was a little out of style. She was probably carrying 30 pounds too many, but most of those extra pounds seemed to find the top and bottom of her hour glass shape. She was a graduate student who most thought was five years older than she was. Her demeanor was professional, but friendly. She was, as mean it might sound, one of those kinds of people you wouldn’t notice in a crowd. People were shocked when she began seeing me. An 18-year old freshman.

We reached the small bedroom at the back of our apartment.

” I feel like a bitch in heat,” she said. I was only slightly taken aback by her coarseness. Booze didn’t make her want to make love, or fool around, or have sex. It set her loose to be wild and wanton and the opposite of what anyone but me suspected, let alone knew. She the sandman izle loved to fuck when the mood was right.

She looked to me with her smoldering green eyes that seemed sightly glazed and somehow still bright and full of desire. She licked her lips slightly and and began to unbutton her blouse.

“Is this old,” I asked as I trace my fingers along her collar bones and the hint of her cleavage.

“Yes, it’s about ready for the trash, actu —”

I grabbed both lapels of it and ripped it wide open and buried my face in her breasts.

“OHHHH fuckkkk….” She murmered and pulled my head closer to her ample breasts. I kissed and licked and inhaled the smell of the Obsession perfume she had misted over them hours ago. It took my breath away as I kissed the warm creamy skin.

My hands moved up her hips, under her ruined blouse in the back and unhooked her bra. She sighed at the release. I kissed her hard and deep, our tongues slightly teasing as her bra was moved out of the way and blouse found its way to the floor. I kissed her again….sucking softly at her lower lip and then lower. To her neck, her throat.

I could feel her hands working at my pants and shirt as my kissed found her shoulder…I ran my tongue down the inside of her arm and back.

Her fingers found my cock and began to stroke me. I kicked my pants to the side and she unzipped her skirt as my I began to trace her sweet full breasts with the tip of my tongue.

MMmmmm, I heard as my tongue found her hardening nipples. I sucked gently, then she pushed my head to her tits hard. “Suck them, lick them”

I complied and sucked her nipples harder and deeper. They were always a hot button for her. I’d heard that ladies with larger breasts had less sensitive nipples, but not Susan. I tugged slightly. “Ohhh yess. Yess. bite them.” I teased using the lightest pressure from the edge of my teeth on those hard pink caps

Her fingers were rubbing just behind my balls teasing me as I continued kissing down her body. Her chest, hips, ribs, my tongue trailing her curves and feeling her shudder in anticipation.

I pushed her back to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor in front of her. She laid back and began to set her glasses on the night stand.

“No,” I said. “Keep them on. I want you to be able to see it all.” She smiled as I ran my tongue from the inside of her knee up her thigh. My hands the snow girl izle were under her knees, and I lifted her legs over my shoulders and plunged my tongue into her pussy with no warning.

She gasped hard and I kissed her sweet wetness fully, deeply, sucking the essence of her want.

“Your pussy taste so sweet,” Susan.”


I pushed my face deeper into her sucking, licking, swirling my tongue over the petals of her pussy. I sucked softly at her clit and let my tongue massage along the hood and sides over and over, changed the rhythm to match her hips.

My hands moved up and I fondled those full, wonderful tits, pinching her nipples as I tongue fucked her. I loved the dampness of the v-shaped curls near her pussy. I lapped harder and faster and moved a hand, sliding a finger inside her.

Her hips trembled and she pushed my hand away, replacing it with her own. It was her way. Her early experiences had made it too hard to let go and leave the moment of her climax to anyone else. She needed the control, but I could surely help. My tongue moved faster as she fingered herself.

“Gnhhhhhhh. Yesss. Yessss. mmmmm. Ohhhh.” I could feel her pussy begin to gush and her hips tremble. I reached up and rolled her nipples lightly as she worked her pussy.

“Yesss. Ohhhhhh God, Ohhh yes yesssssssss. FUCKKKKKKK . Her hips began to convulse and she came hard and long, trembling on the bed, giggling, almost crying at time, panting hard.

“That is the most beautiful thing to see in this world,” I said. “I love to watch you cum.”

“I want you in me,” She said. Her eyes even more sultry than before.

I began to go to the dresser for a condom.

“No. I should be good for another week. I want to feel you, just you, in me.”

This was rare, but I was too horny to say no. And, she was a woman blessed with a virtual clock like cycle.

“Come here and fuck me,” she whispered.

I smiled. “Still feel like a bitch in heat?” I asked. Her earlier comment stuck in my mind.

She nodded and scooted to the edge of the bed and began stroking me. “You have such a nice cock,”

“I’m going to fuck you like you’re a bitch in heat,”

“Ohhhhh. yeah,” she teased me. “Do it big boy.”

I pushed her back on to the bed. She was on her back and began to spread her legs.

“No baby,” I said. “On your hands and knees. “I told you. I’m the spencer sisters izle going to fuck you like you were a bitch in heat.”

She gasped slightly as I ran the head of my hard cock up and down the lips of her pussy. I felt her push back, and began to sink inside her warm wetness. We both moaned softly. I moved forward, her back. I could feel her heat travel up my hard shaft until I was buried inside her. My hips firmly against her big heart shaped ass.

“Ohhhhh. I can feel you squeezing me,” I whispered.

“I can feel you so deep in me, baby.”

I ground myself against her and let my hands move under hear, cupping her full breasts, fondling them as I began slow shallow strokes into her. I could feel her nipples harden and heard her low soft moans begin to turn to almost grunts with each stroke. I began to tease her nipples a little more roughly.

“Mmmmmm. yes. yessssss, baby, yesss,” she purrred. “Pump my pussy. Fill me…fuck me.” She pushed back to me, but I teased her by almost pulling all the way out.

My arms reached out and placed her hands on the head board of bed.

“Are you ready for this, Susan?”

“For what?” I told her to hold on to the head board tightly, and I felt her tremble in desire. My hands held her wonderful tits.

I pinched her nipples hard and arched back, driving deep in her at the same time.

“Ohhhhh uhhhhh. Ohhh Fuccccccck,” she nearly screamed. I pulled back. “Again?” I asked.

“Oh God yes, pleeeeeeeaseee. Do it. Fuck me baby. Fuck me.”

I needed no more encouragement. The sights and sounds were overwhelming. I thrust deep into her fast and hard, adjusting to her movements, doing what I could to give her what she needed and wanted.

“I’m so deep in your sweet pussy, baby,” I hissed. She reached back and began to tease herself as I was inside her, thrusting, I could feel her gripping me.

“Yes. Yes. Yessss,” she whispered over and over. I did so, “Don’t stop, don’t stop… Fuck me. Pump me. FIll me up. Do it, do it.”

” I could feel the quivering of her pussy from the inside. She’d never cum with me inside her, and it made me that much more aroused.

“Cum with me, she whispered, almost crying. “Cum in my pussy. Don’t you dare pull out of me.” CUM CUMMM CUMMMMMMING” I could feel her wetness gush over me, the wet sounds of her aroused self mixing as I groaned and felt jet after jet of hot semen leaving me and going deep into her.

I collapsed on top of her, still thrusting into her welcoming pussy. The wetness covering my cock, balls and thighs. We were both gasping for breath, and she was almost crying almost laughing.

“I’m so happy I came with you inside me,” she said. We held one another tightly for hours, falling asleep without even cleaning up.

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