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Happy Birthday, Bitch

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Warning: This story contains nonconsensual sex between twin brothers as well as words and other situations that some may find offensive. While I do not condone the nonconsensual sex depicted in this story, I do believe that a fictional setting is the proper place to explore the fantasy of loss of control. In real life, consent does not mean the absence of a no. Consent is the ongoing, unambiguous expression of yes. Behave accordingly.


I entered the apartment I shared with my twin brother, Robert, and was on my way to my room when he stepped out of it wearing only a pair of jeans, his usual attire around the place. I was about to ask why he had been in there but thought better of it upon seeing the look on his face and rolled my eyes recognizing immediately that he was in another of his moods. We might have been twins but we were very different people. I, Roger, was gay, friendly and outgoing while he was straight, moody and reserved. My brother, for as much as I loved him, was an asshole at the best of times and an evil bastard the rest of the time. Despite that, I harbored a secret crush on him.

Like me, he was an athletic five feet eleven inches tall with green-hazel eyes. After that, our appearances differed. The dark brown hair that we each had was styled in a medium length, conservative cut on my head, while his hung just below his shoulders when not pulled up in a tight topknot. Each of his arms were covered with a sleeve of colorful tattoos and there were a few others on his chest and legs while my body was ink free. I kept my angular face clean-shaven while he sported a thick beard that hung down a few inches from his jaw line. We might have been twins but I thought Rob with his rough, hipster look was so much hotter than I was. He was the bad boy to my boy next door, and frequently the literal devil to my angel.

As I neared him, I stepped to one side to allow him to pass but he angled toward me. Trying again, I moved to the other side of the hall but he followed.

“What the fuck, Rob?” I all but yelled as he checked me hard with his shoulder.

I thought that would be the end of it, but he turned and fixed his narrowed eyes on me. Not afraid of a fight, I stood my ground as he stepped into my space. Even though we were brothers and each other’s best friend, we were no strangers to throwing fists at each other and as he glared at me, I balled my hands, prepared to raise them. Instead, he grabbed my wrists and used his body to push me against the wall. Pressed between his hard form and the sheetrock behind me I was too busy fighting against him to realize until after a few moments that he was gently humping his crotch against me. I tried to raise my hands to push him away but he easily held them down.

“What is wrong with you? What the fuck are you doing?” I asked as I struggled against him. Despite having a similar build, his surprise attack and the shock of his grinding had given him the upper hand and I couldn’t successfully fight him off as my mind struggled to make sense of what he was doing. “Rob? Come on, man. This isn’t funny.”

No response came.

I redoubled my struggles but it only succeeded in making my brother drive his hips harder against me. His chin moved to rest on my shoulder and I could hear and feel his hot breath against the side of my head. It was heavy and left him in a surprisingly slow regularity compared to my own short, shallow breathing. Zoning out slightly, I focused on his breathing to try to calm myself and think, however the only thing that ran through my mind was the fact that my brother, my twin brother, obviously had a purpose in mind that didn’t require my consent.

With no warning, he pulled me away from the wall and effortlessly rotated his body around me before pressing my face against the opposite wall in the hall. He held me there with one hand around my neck while I heard him opening his jeans behind me. I probably could have gotten away during that moment but I didn’t move both from shock and fear. Rob was they type of guy who didn’t let things go. If he wanted something, he’d get it. Part of me worried that he would follow me to even more violently finish the job, but a larger part of me feared that he would lie in wait until he could take me when I wasn’t on my guard, as he was doing now. The thought that I would have to live in a constant state of terror in my own home because of my brother’s desire saddened me.

I barely registered him spitting into his hand to lube his length just before he lowered my basketball shorts and boxers and pressed his cock against my hole. “Rob, man, not like this! Please!”

After lining himself up, his cock hurt like hell when it punched into me. I let out a groan from both the physical and emotional pain and my eyes watered as he pushed all the way into me without stopping. We had often talked to each other about sex so I knew his cock matched my own dimensions at a decent eight inches long with a girth that left a pussy gaping every bit as much as mine wrecked a sphincter. gaziemir escort The pain of his fairly dry entry was compounded and prolonged as he immediately pulled back to start his fuck.

Again resting his chin on my shoulder, his breathing was slightly faster than before yet still infuriatingly calm against the side of my face as he thrust into me with only one purpose. He moved the hand on my neck around to the front and squeezed lightly in a show of dominance while his other wrapped tightly around my waist, owning me completely.

Still unable to fathom what possessed him to do this, I was at my brother’s mercy as he fucked me against the wall. Silent tears left my eyes from the discomfort in my ass as well as from the sadness at the fact that my twin brother was raping me. As I held back the emotion that threatened to take hold as best I could, I made no other sound in response to his purposeful thrusting. The sharp pain that continued to radiate out of my unprepared ass failed to elicit a response. And because of the way he had wrapped himself around me and because of the speed of his hips, even if I wanted to enjoy this and wanted to thrust back against him from even a minor amount of pleasure, I couldn’t. He had total control of me and I was at his mercy.

A prolonged, rumbling grunt was the first sound I’d heard from him and the only warning I received before I felt the warmth of his first shot enter me at the end of an especially hard thrust. Three more slams into me followed in quick succession before he buried himself and held still. I could feel his cock pulsing inside my passage as the warmth of his load spread through me. Rob remained inside me for some time catching his breath while I tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

My own brother, my twin, my best friend had just raped me. I didn’t know what I’d do next or where I’d go. I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else but couldn’t stay here with him. Would he do it again? Or would he pretend it never happened? I didn’t know how I’d trust him or even look at him again. There was no way I could meet his eyes and see in them either the dismissiveness of what just happened or the desire for it to happen again. The sadness and fear I had initially felt had disappeared and was replaced with numbness as I remained pressed between Rob and the wall just staring off into space comtemplating my future.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke his first words since I entered our apartment.

“Happy birthday, bitch.”

It took a moment for me to register the words. Slowly, my face twisted as I tried to understand what his raping me had to do with our birthday. Yes, our twenty-third birthday was the next day and we had planned to have a party that night to celebrate, but I couldn’t follow the logic. “Huh?”

Instead of answering, he pulled out and wiped his slimy cock on my ass before going to turn on the TV in the living room as if his fucking me against the wall and against my will were a normal, everyday occurrence.

Out of sorts and with my ass sore, I pulled up my own shorts and continued my interrupted journey to my room. As I stepped through the door, I saw that my journal was lying open on my bed. I went over intending to close it but as soon as I saw the entry, it all made sense.

15 March, 20xx

I came home early and saw Roger fucking his girlfriend against the wall in the kitchen. They didn’t see me so I stood and watched. I know he’s my twin brother but the guy is seriously hot. I can still see his hard bubble butt clenching and his big balls swinging between his legs with each thrust. He used her so hard. If I hadn’t heard them in his room before and hadn’t known that she was a screamer, I would have thought he was raping her from all the noise she made. Fuck, I wouldn’t mind him raping me with that big dick of his. I want him to use me just like that, make me his bitch. Just walk up to me one day, push me against the wall then fuck me without saying a word. Or come into my room one night after he gets home frustrated and horny and just pound me into the mattress. He’s always complaining that she won’t put out as much as he wants. If only he knew that he had someone willing to satisfy him in the room next to his.

I know it makes me a perv for thinking that, but I’d never actually try to mess around with him. I mean, for as long as I’ve thought about dropping to my knees for him and sucking his balls dry, I’d never do it. He’d probably kick my ass before I got my mouth on him. He’s open-minded, but I’m sure even he has his boundaries. All I can do is keep stroking my dick while he’s in his room fucking her imagining him on top of me. Maybe one day I’ll find a guy like him and be happy. But until then, I’ll just have to settle for my imagination.

“You fucking read my journal?” I yelled to Rob feeling more violated by that than by what he had done to me in the hall.

“Calm down.”

Startled, I turned to see him standing just inside my door. The karabağlar escort waistband of his jeans was still open though he had partly raised the zipper allowing some of his untrimmed bush to be visible. Even through my emotions, I recognized how hot he was.

He continued, “Why do you think I wasn’t surprised when you came out? I’ve been reading that thing for years.”

I became fully pissed hearing that so I didn’t realize the importance of his admission. “And that makes it better?”

“I think it’s better than perving out over your brother,” he said with his infuriatingly calm voice sounding almost amused.

“It’s not as bad as fucking raping me, asshole!” I was slowly starting to feel all of my emotions and was going to blow spectacularly once the lingering numbness wore off.

Rob smirked as he slowly stepped toward me with his eyes locked onto and holding mine.

I shivered with the feeling of being stalked by an apex predator, and, despite my anger and lingering distress, I found it kind of sexy.

“What’s the saying? ‘You can’t rape the willing…'” His voice was still quiet but now held a husky tone that I’d heard him use on a number of girls over the years.

Unable to say anything to counter his statement, I bit my lips and blushed with embarrassment. His words also instantaneously diffused the unrestrained emotional outburst that had been building.

He gave a single nod seeing that he had me. “That’s what I thought. Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?”

“That you wanna be my bitch.” There was an edge to the smoothness of his voice that raised the hair on the back of my neck yet caused my dick to stir.

I glanced down as he moved a hand to palm his crotch. Through the denim it was obvious his dick was still slightly swollen. If he hadn’t just fucked me, I would’ve thought he was messing with me. His tone and the horny, slightly hopeful look on his face indicated that he was sincere. However, because I was still more than a little pissed by his violating me, both by raping me and reading my journal, I said, “Maybe at one time I did, but not anymore.”

“Come on, bro. You know you liked it.” He closed the remaining distance between us and placed his hands around my waist to pull me against him. His nose nuzzled my neck before he barely whispered, “You’ve been wanting this for years. That doesn’t just stop.”

I didn’t know how to respond and couldn’t even if I had the words as I felt him begin to grind is crotch against me. Despite the fact that he’d fucked me less than ten minutes ago, I could feel him hardening again. My mind ran a mile a minute as I processed everything. My twin brother had raped me because he had read my journal and knew that I wanted him and was now offering himself to me. I quickly corrected myself. Rob wasn’t offering himself to me, he was too alpha for that. He was putting the moves on me like I was already his bitch so he could get his cock serviced. As if to prove the point, I soon felt him move a hand to my shoulder and push down on it. I didn’t resist him, but trying to hide how much I actually wanted it, I slowly got to my knees and pulled down his zipper. As I began to reach into his fly to pull out his dick, he pushed me away making me fall onto my ass. The smug look on his face told me everything I needed to know before he said it.

“You sick son of a bitch. You fucking claim to be upset about me fucking your ass but dive right back in to get a mouthful of my dick. You know I own your ass now, right?”

Feeling understandably embarrassed, I nodded. I watched him pull out his half-hard dick expecting to be teased or even forced onto it so I was surprised when a stream of pungent piss hit me in the face. I sputtered and turned away. “What the fuck? Stop!”

Rob stopped his flow then walked over to me. Once within reach, he grabbed a fistful of my hair with one hand and yanked my head back so I was facing upward at him, then the other hand quickly slapped my face. The contact was not hard enough to hurt but had enough force to get my attention. He then hurled out a glob of spit that impacted me on my top lip and ran into my mouth. Quietly but with authority, he said, “You seem to be forgetting that I’ve read your journals. I know every single depraved thing you’ve thought about me doing to you. I love you, bro, but some of that shit was really fucked up. Some of it was interesting and I tried it with a few chicks. Most of them weren’t into that stuff but, lucky for you, I found out that I was. So, shut the fuck up and be the sick fuck you are. Own that shit.”

With my secrets exposed and feeling ashamed, I didn’t fight him when he aimed his dick at my face again and resumed emptying his bladder.

“Stop wasting my piss and drink it,” he ordered. “And look at me while you do it.”

Humiliated, I met his eyes as I opened my mouth and began to drink his piss. It was the first time I had ever intentionally had piss in my mouth and I swallowed hesitantly feeling thoroughly kemalpaşa escort disgusted yet fearful of what he might do if I didn’t. However, the more I drank, the more I realized that my brother was right. If he was going to make me live out my journaled fantasies for his pleasure, there was no need for me to be shy about it, he already knew them. I needed to own it. Indeed, when his stream began to subside, I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked it dry of urine while I met his eyes without shame. I kept my lips on him and soon he was fully erect and thrusting into my mouth.

“Fuck, yeah. Suck my dick, you sick piece of shit. Perving out over your own goddamn brother. It was one thing to read about that shit but it’s another to find out that you really are a disgusting, incest-loving, cocksucker. Calm the fuck down with all that noise,” he yelled as he slapped my face again.

Rob had set up a fast pace fucking my face and was going deeper than I could comfortably accommodate him causing me to gag and choke. I made various sounds of protest as I tried to free myself but it only seemed to annoy him further and make him drive his hips harder and faster.

“I said shut the fuck up! Better get used to my dick ’cause I’m gonna use the fuck out of you, fucking faggot.”

Any other time I would have been offended by the term. However, on my knees being face fucked by my brother, I let out a moan of arousal knowing Rob was anything but homophobic. Not only had he come to my defense over the years, but he’d acted as protector for kids he didn’t even know when they were being bullied for being gay. I knew he used the epithet only because I had written more than once about wanting to be called that by him while he fucked me hard. Even as I fought against him, I hoped he’d say it more.

Rob was anything but gentle as he fucked my mouth, channeling the many entries in my journal. He seemed to revel in the sound of my gagging and more than once spit on my face as he slapped it with his hand or hard length. Even after the fact that he had literally raped me, I was surprised by the violence and vitriol he spewed and how naturally it came to him.

“You wanna choke on my dick, Roger? You fucking wrote about it enough, that is when you weren’t talking about all the guys you sucked off and wanted to suck off in school, fucking cocksucker. Any of them give it to you like you wanted? Probably not. They weren’t your twin brother, you sick fuck! But that’s okay. It might have taken me a few years to get here, but I’ll fucking choke you, motherfucker. Fucking shove my dick right down your throat.” He pulled out then hocked a thick loogie onto my face before ramming his cock back inside my mouth as if he could force it into my stomach. When I flailed my arms and pushed against him from the pain in my throat and being unable to breathe, he smacked my face but didn’t let up. “That’s what you want, isn’t? You like that, bitch boy? Ya know what? I really don’t give a shit. I love it. Go ahead and turn blue, faggot. I hope you pass the fuck out so I can fuck your throat without all this noise.”

Even though I fought against him, I was beginning to appreciate that he knew the contents of my journal as he degraded me. I’d fantasized about being used roughly for some time, by anyone as well as by him, but because I generally topped, I had yet to meet a partner who I thought would be effective at it, let alone one I was comfortable enough with to allow me to make the admission. It took me a bit to recognize that my brother was giving me the opportunity to explore this side of myself in a safe space, even though his words and actions could inflict some serious physical and psychological damage. It might have been just a blowjob, but he exceeded my expectations. He used a seemingly unending stream of fuck words and insults as he used my mouth. I loved that I could feel the wetness of our spit dripping off my face. There was a decent amount of pain in my head from how tightly he gripped my hair and from how hard he abused the inside and outside of my mouth with his dick. It all went to my own neglected dick making me harder than I’d been in ages.

“Oh, shit. Gonna come. Gonna fucking cum.” His thrusting grew even more rough as he moved toward his orgasm.

I prepared myself as best I could to swallow his load, expecting him to shove his cock back down my throat when the time came. Instead, just as the first spurt left him, he pulled out and, without touching it himself, let his cock shoot onto my face. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of his hot ball juice where it landed on my face.

“What the fuck are you doing, cocksucker?” he yelled. “Get that shit! Eat my fucking cum!”

I stuck out my tongue and angled my head trying to catch his load as he continued to hold my hair keeping me just far enough away from touching his dick. I succeeded in catching some of it on my tongue but most of it ended up on my face, trailed down his cock, or ended up on one of his feet. When he finally stopped pushing out cum, I surveyed what I could of the scene and was surprised by how large his load was considering he had cum in my ass less than an hour before. Thinking we were finished, I lowered my head as I prepared to stand, but he yanked my hair back hard forcing my face upward again so he could spit on me.

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