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Handsome Ch. 14

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A week passed before I saw Lynn again. Of course we were in the middle of finals and that probably kept us from fucking on a daily basis; that and her period. At any rate, we took in a movie on a Friday night during which I fingered her to several rousing orgasms and she blew me as I lay sprawled in my seat in the fourth row of the balcony.

It was on the way home that she mentioned getting it on with Jenny-Mae.

“She really wants you to do her,” Lynn said, waving her hands in the air to emphasize her point.

“She told you this?” I said, suspecting that Lynn wanted me to approach her friend.

“Yes. Yes. Oh, yes!” she replied, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

I had to laugh at her antics. “So, how did this come about?” I asked.

“I told her in detail what you did to me, and before I finished she was masturbating so hard I thought she’d rupture her pussy.” She paused, and appeared to reflect on what she’d just said, and then asked me, “Can you do that?”


“Rupture your pussy.”

“I suppose … but not from masturbating. I mean … if she shoved something huge in there … maybe she could hurt herself, but I really don’t know.”

“Oh … okay.”

We walked another block. My car was being repaired, I’d blown a gasket racing some kid from the next town, and we had to walk three blocks to the bus stop.

“My mother is going to be out most of Sunday,” I said.

“We could use your house?” Lynn said hopefully.

“Yeah, why not?” I said, ever hopeful of another threesome.

“That’d be great! I mean, everything I told her about you happened there. It would be like, déjà vu.”

“Only now there’d be two,” I said trying for a pun and falling short.

“I’ll call her as soon as I get home,” Lynn said.

We hopped in my car and I headed for the local lover’s lane while Lynn reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. I found a secluded spot and parked. Lynn was in the backseat before I could unzip my fly.

She was wet and wild, and I slipped right into her love channel and whispered in her ear for her to practice some kegels. She had been practicing them at home since our first time together at my request. She was getting progressively better at it, and was soon milking my erection with gusto. I wanted to finish quickly, and began lifting her up, holding her waist to accomplish it.

“I’m there!” she gasped a few moments later, and I whispered, “Then cum for me!”

A second later I felt her body quiver as I unloaded a jet of sperm into her cunt.

I drove her home after a second quickie and as she began to walk away to her house, Lynn turned with a surprised look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Aubrey … your stuff … it seems to be running out of me and going down my leg. What’ll I do?”

I handed her my handkerchief and shielded her from the view of anyone inside her house as best I could. She stuck the hanky under her skirt and wiped away at the jizm until satisfied that she could make it into her house without incident.

We kissed goodbye, and vowed to meet at my place on Sunday afternoon.


Just after noon on Sunday, I saw Lynn and Jenny-Mae strolling up my street toward my house from my rocker on the front porch.

I greeted them with a large boner sticking out, straining against the material of my chinos. Even though she was whispering, I could clearly hear each and every word Lynn whispered to Jenny-Mae.

“Look at him! He’s already hard … and look, Jenny-Mae, see how big it is.”

And Jenny-Mae replied, “I didn’t believe you … but now … oh, Gawd … it’s huge!”

Up to then, I hadn’t been sure just who Jenny-Mae was. Now I recognized her as a girl who had been in one of my freshman year classes for a day or two before changing to another class. Then of course, I’d had my accident and hadn’t seen her since. She was very pretty, much more so than Lynn. But Lynn certainly had her beat in the breast department. Both had great legs and nice asses. I started to get anxious about how I was going to fuck them.

The way Jenny-Mae buoyantly skipped over to meet me said everything. Lynn had told her all, and she evidently wanted in on the action.

“Aubrey, this is Jenny-Mae,” Lynn said, performing the introductions, Jenny, this is Aubrey.”

Jenny-Mae’s eyes went from mine directly to my erection. I made my dick lurch in my chinos, and she leaped back, then howled with laughter.

Pointing at my dick, Jenny-Mae shrieked, “He made it jump! My Gawd, he made his thing jump!”

Laughing, Lynn planted a kiss on my mouth and after breaking it off, whispered in my ear, “Kiss her, Aubrey.”

“Let’s go inside, girls, and then I’ll say hello … really say hello, to Jenny-Mae, here.”

The two girls hopped into the living room, and giggling, turned to face me.

“Come over here, Jenny-Mae,” I said. She was nervous, to be sure, but she wanted it and made herself come close to me.

“I’m going to kiss you. Do you have a problem izmir escort with that?”

“Um … no, I don’t think…”

I was kissing her before she’d finished her sentence. Jenny-Mae opened her mouth and pressed against my hardon at the same time. I knew then I would be screwing both their brains out.

I tongued her silly, eventually feeling her legs give way, and she would have collapsed had I not held her up until I was finished kissing her.

Leading her to the couch, I helped her sit and then sat down next to her, waving Lynn over to join us. Lynn, revealing her naiveté, started to scrunch in next to Jenny-Mae.

“No, sit next to me,” I told her. She did, and I placed my hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“Now I’ll kiss you,” I told Lynn, and did.

She tried to climb all over me. I allowed her to paw me some, but had to stop her before she clawed my cock out and made me cum before I was ready too.

“Easy, now,” I said and gently pushed her away. I turned to Jenny-Mae and said, Lynn’s told you what we’ve done hasn’t she?”

Jenny-Mae nodded.

“And you want to do the same things with me?”

Another nod.

“Okay,” I said, “I want you to take off all your clothes. Put them on the chair next to you.”

She found enough voice to ask, “Now?”

“Yes, right now. But only if you want me to fuck you.”

“Yeah … I want that,” she said softly, and raising her arms, pulled her top over her head. She was braless, and had a perfect pair of smallish breasts on her; although they couldn’t compare with Lynn’s bigger set.

Lynn got up and started to undress, but I held up a hand and she stopped.

“Sit down, please, Lynn,” I said.

She sat back down next to me.

“Jenny-Mae, keep going.”

She did, stepping out of her shorts and stood there posing in nothing but her lacy panties.

“Nice,” I told her. “But I want you naked.”

She lost the panties and presented me with a very hairy snatch and a little rose tattoo inches above her pubic hair line.

“That’s a nice tattoo,” I said, and she flushed.

“Are you wet?”

“Um, kinda.”

“Show me.”

“I … I don’t understand,” she said.

Lynn giggled next to me. “He wants you to open it up for him. You know, like at the gynecologist’s office, with the stirrups and all.”

“Oh…” She did exactly that, spreading her legs, and then her labia, revealing the inner pink to me.

“I can see that you’re wet,” I told her, trying to make her a little more comfortable than she was. I took my boner out, and shook it in front of her.

“Ever touch a cock before?”

“Um … I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I mean … uh, yeah.”

“How many?”

“Do I count my baby brother?”

“No, I mean boys your age, or older.”

“Um, two, maybe three.”

“What did you do with them?”

“I … Lynn, this is embarrassing.”

Lynn was giggling harder now; and I repeated my question. “What did you do with them?”

“I … gave two of them blowjobs.”

“And the other?”

“I … I jerked him off.” She said with one hand over her pussy and the other across her breasts.

“Get dressed, you don’t want to get laid,” I said cruelly.

She began to cry. Lynn snapped, “What the fuck? Ain’t you going to do her?”

“She doesn’t want it,” I said to Lynn.

“I do!” Jenny-Mae, sniffled, “but you…”

“Me what? All I asked you to do was strip and show me the pink.

“No…” she stammered, finding her self-respect or a degree of it anyway. “You … You want to know how many penises’ I’ve sucked. And … I told you … and ….”

“Shut up, and suck my dick!”

It was what she wanted to hear. She dropped to her knees and gobbled me into her mouth, sucking voraciously.

Turning to Lynn, I said, “She’s done this before.”

“I told you she had experience,” Lynn replied.

Gently, I pried my dick from between her lips, and with my free hand under her chin, I urged her to stand up. When we were face to face, I kissed her, gently at first, and then with more passion. She responded by grinding her pussy into my groin as our tongues met and fought over the territory of our respective mouths.

I stopped kissing her, and sat down. She was about to sit on my lap, but I told her to just stand there. She gave me a puzzled look.

“I just want to look at your beautiful body. Isn’t she gorgeous, Lynn?”

“Yes, she is,” Lynn agreed.

I studied Jenny-Mae’s still developing breasts, with their creamy brown nipples that balanced perfectly with her tiny waist, and heart-shaped ass.

“Is this what you came for?” I whispered into Jenny-Mae’s ear.


I stood up and circled her, winding up facing her ass. I pressed the head of my cock against the small of her back. Her body jerked. She may have thought I was going to fuck her ass. I don’t know, but she was certainly surprised by my action. Then I realized she had never had a cock actually touch her. She may have alsancak escort blown some guys, but she had held them, they hadn’t touched her anywhere, but her willing mouth.

“You’re to do whatever I say, understand?”

“Yes, I do,” she said nervously.

I rubbed my cock against her back again. This time she didn’t flinch. “That’s my cock you feel. Reach back and take hold of it.”

She did, and gave me a pleasurable squeeze.

“That’s right … that’s good,” I said. “What do you think of it?”

“It’s … bigger than I…”

“And it’s going into your tight little pussy. Maybe all of it’s going to be crammed in there. What do you think about that?”


“Are you afraid?”

“A little … but I want it ….”

I glanced over at Lynn. She had her right hand under her skirt; probably in her panties, fingering herself.

I began rubbing the upper side of my dick against Jenny-Mae’s pussy. The pleasure was intense.

Suddenly, Lynn was tapping my thigh.


“If she can’t take it, I will!”

“I’ll get to you, but remember, you wanted me to fuck her.”

Chagrined at my words, Lynn sat back down. I saw that her nipples had stiffened under her blouse. “Play with yourself,” I told her, and she nodded once, then plucked at her left nipple and sent the other hand back under the skirt.

“Jenny-Mae,” I said softly.

“Yes, Aubrey?”

“Blow me!” and I shoved her cute little head down planting her mouth on me. She started gingerly at first; a little surprised with my force, but got better and better, then even reached a hand up to massage my balls on her own initiative. Actually, she only managed to get half of my dick in her smallish mouth, and I thought, ‘If her mouth is this tight, how great her pussy would feel.’

“Ugh!” I groaned with pleasure, as she hit an erotic spot I hadn’t known was there.

“Do that again!’ I gasped, and she promptly repeated the action until its pleasure-bearing paled.

I looked up from Jenny-Mae’s lovely face wrapped around my dick to the equally lewd sight of Lynn with both hands vigorously working her pussy. I didn’t recall ever seeing her nipples that elongated, and realized that she had been pulling on them, stretching them out. I had two nearly perfect females with me on the couch, and not for the first time did I thank my lucky stars.

I didn’t want to cum right then, and so I pried my dick out of her vise-like lips and kissed her. Jenny-Mae was all for it, and returned my kiss with an aggressiveness that caught me off guard.

Eventually, I maneuvered the both of us back onto the couch, almost squashing poor Lynn who was kind of in her own world at the moment, grunting fiercely as she brought herself off.

Still kissing Jenny-Mae, I worked two fingers into her tight, but very wet, hairy cunt, and heard her growl with delight. I kept at it until she had a mini-orgasm and then turned my attention to Lynn, slapping her face with my hardon. She moaned happily and attempted to capture my cock in her mouth. I prevented her from doing it, and let her lick up and down its length while she cupped and fondled my balls.

“They’re so soft!” she exclaimed; she’d said that before and I was getting used to it.

Jenny-Mae’s hands replaced Lynn’s as I kissed Lynn for a couple minutes.

After that, I decided to push the girls as far as I could. I had Lynn lay on her back, and positioned Jenny-Mae on top of her, chest to chest and face to face. The hard nipples of both girls stabbed into each other, and I could feel the heat growing between them.

I stood over them, pumping my cock, and imagined that they both were thinking, ‘He’s gonna do me now.’

“Join hands, girls,” I said, wondering how far they’d go with me on this. Giggling, they clasped one another’s hands and waited for my next instruction. “Jenny-Mae, I want you to lick Lynn’s face and neck.”

Still giggling, she began an exaggerating licking. Lynn closed her eyes, but giggled along with Jenny-Mae. “Now, kiss her. Be sure to use your tongue.”

“Wha…” Lynn blurted, but Jenny-Mae was kissing her, and stopped Lynn from protesting, at least verbally. She was free, of course, to pull, or shove Jenny-Mae away. But didn’t.

I counted to sixty. By then both girls were into the soul-kissing, their tongues so active that I could see them pushing the others cheeks out as they roamed wildly in each other’s mouth.

All through the kissing I had been stroking myself, and as my balls began to tingle with that signal prefacing the unloading of my sacs, I gently pried the girls apart from their kisses and climbed onto the couch with them; squatting over their curious faces, and let my load blast into their suddenly shocked countenances.

I don’t know how much I spurted, as I was lost in the throes of ecstasy. I do remember moving the head of my cock around to each girl’s face, and even coming in their hair. Both Lynn and Jenny-Mae accepted this without complaint. The closest either came to buca escort rebelling was when Jenny-Mae rubbed her eye, obviously in some discomfort from the semen lodged on her pupil.

Satiated, for the moment, I helped both girls to their feet and herded them over to a long mirror, saying, “Behold the maidens coated with cum.”

That got me a strange, somewhat bewildered look from both of them.

“I thought…” Lynn began, but I interrupted her, saying, “That was kind of an initiation. I won’t do it again unless you ask me too.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Jenny-Mae said, “I won’t.”

Curiously, Lynn remained quiet, even though her hair was disheveled and she had large gobs of semen dripping down her bangs. She would not look me in the face, and kept rubbing at her nose to get the semen out.

“Okay, let’s get you two cleaned up,” I said and took them into the shower just off my bedroom. They got into the shower, and I handed them each a wash-cloth and told them to clean each other off.

This was, by design, a plan to get them used to touching each other and it seemed to work as they were soon giggling and cleaning the others genitals. And, when Jenny-Mae kissed Lynn without prompting, I knew I’d have them licking each other’s pussy before the day was over.

Growing more and more into it, they began exploring the other’s body. Lynn began kneading Jenny-Mae’s ass, and Jenny-Mae sighed loudly and moved her crotch against Lynn’s right thigh and ground her pussy into it.

Seeing that perfect heart shaped ass getting a squeezing restored me in record time, and I felt the beginnings of lust rising up again. And when Jenny-Mae’s hand moved down between Lynn’s legs, a high pitched whine issued from between their tightly sealed lips.

Holding myself in check, I continued to let them explore and titillate each other. Jenny-Mae had Lynn’s ass spread apart and I saw the perfect little asshole as well as her pussy exposed for my viewing pleasure. Unable to resist any longer, I knelt down, and peeled Lynn’s thigh from Jenny-Mae’s pussy and then plunged my tongue into Jenny-Mae’s sweet, wet cunt.

To placate Lynn, I began caressing her soapy, wet body, and then I pulled my tongue from Jenny-Mae’s cunt and spit onto her asshole, and inserted my finger. A jerk and clenching showed her surprise, but she was too far gone to care. And when I attempted to do essentially the same to Lynn, I was stunned to discover that Jenny-Mae’s fingers were already pumping in and out of her cunt.

So I reached under her, and twisted a finger in to Lynn’s ass too. The vice-like tightness of their assholes inflamed me further, and I had to put my cock someplace.

Reaching out, I scooped the both of them up off the ground. I had two writhing young nymphs in my arms, and they continued their kissing and fingering one another … what a memory!

I half-carried, half-stumbled my way back to the bedroom and deposited both on the bed; uncaring about the fact that the three of us were soaking wet. I arranged them to that they were lying on each other in the sixty-nine position, with Jenny-Mae on top, and told them to have at it. They made no protest, but didn’t move until Jenny-Mae gave a tentative lick to Lynn’s cunt. Lynn sighed, and did the same to Jenny-Mae. It was as if they had planned it beforehand, and maybe they had.

Lynn lay back, groaning as Jenny-Mae kissed and sucked at her genitals. Jenny-Mae surprised me by taking her pussy away from Lynn’s searching mouth, and twisting so that she could cup one of Lynn’s breasts, and then sucked hungrily on the nipple as her hands stroked and rubbed Lynn’s hot flesh.

A deep moan came from Lynn’s throat. She rested her legs over Jenny-Mae’s back and raised her hips high off the pillows. Lynn sobbed as Jenny-Mae teased her for a minute. Her wet tongue flicked on both trembling inner thighs, her hands pulled back the flesh of Lynn’s mound to expose her glistening pussy.

Jenny-Mae buried her face against Lynn’s quivering sex, and probed her moist walls with her lashing tongue. I was stroking my dick, waiting for the right moment to stick it into the right orifice.

Jenny-Mae seized Lynn’s swollen clit between her lips and began sucking fiercely.

It was as if an electric shock had torn through Lynn’s body. Jenny-Mae devoured her greedily, giving Lynn a series of near mind-shattering thrills as she sucked gently one moment and savagely the next. I watched as she vibrated her tongue rapidly on the quivering stud with a delirious effect on the orgasming Lynn.

I sat back and watched as Lynn made several feeble attempts to reciprocate.

Jenny-Mae actually had slightly wider hips than Lynn, so I guessed I could penetrate her easier. After several minutes, I rose and moved behind Jenny-Mae. I rubbed her ass a few times, signaling her of my presence and perhaps my intentions. I rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy. She got the message and stopped tonguing Lynn.

Aiming my wet dick carefully, I placed it against her cunt and eased into her. Jenny-Mae moaned. Penetration was easier than expected. Evidently her maidenhead had ruptured some time before, and by this time she was well lubricated for me. I eased into her, and whispered for her to continue eating Lynn’s pussy. She did so, and that got a loud, gratifying moan out of Lynn who I believe was still cumming.

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