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Gryphon Breeding

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Gryphon Breeding

Sitting at the small office desk, Bella tapped her hind paw against the floor. She twisted and tugged her black skirt into place, huffing as she adjusted her clothing. Her blouse had shifted over her breasts too and that was always a pain to discreetly fiddle back into position. Why was being female such a chore? The gryphoness leaned back in the swivelling chair and stretched out her feathered arms, brushed amber wings extending on either side of her body. Her wing briefly blocked the path of a scowling weasel with narrow, thoughtless eyes but she thought nothing of the interruption, bobbing her beak politely at her colleague. When he did not respond, Bella sighed and returned to her work with a disgruntled wing flutter that sent a stray feather drifting down to the worn carpet. The pile of paperwork on the right hand side of her desk was, as usual, piled high, the product of a hectic day in which one could see no end. Did these furs not understand how much work she had to do? And yet there was always more to do. No: there was never enough work for the office secretary, or so she was told.

The clock could not tick swiftly enough. Her mate waited at home with a pair of strong, black arms to envelop her, hold her close and breathe in her scent. Kyle would trace his fingers over each and every orange feather in her wings, muzzle brushing over the white primary flights with black tips and down to the secondary flights. She shivered, parting her beak in the fantasy to kiss him as deeply as a beak and wolf muzzle could come together, tongue dominating his through the kiss. A breathy moan just barely escaped her beak, aloud.

“Something on your mind, Bella?”

She jumped and looked over her shoulder, red heat colouring her nares, depicting trademark avian embarrassment. Her direct line manager, a tall, imposing bull, crossed his arms over his broad chest, a frown tugging at his lips.

“No, sir.” She straightened her blouse. “Only taking a moment to collect myself. It’s one of those days.”


He peered down at her, lips twitching.

“I’ll need those files by the end of the day, Bella. Enough daydreaming.”

She bristled at the reprimand but did her best to accept it as her due. A young bird in the office could not expect to make her way too easily. She had not long graduated college and, though she had worked for the bull for a couple of years, she was still seen as the ‘young one’ in her colleagues midst. Bella clicked her beak as the bull walked away, unable to completely conceal her angst. There were interns younger than her now! Did he harry them as much as he chased her to work harder and harder every day? Her work was never late, which was a lot more than what could be said for some of her colleagues.

There was only one difference between her colleagues and herself that she was becoming increasingly aware of, day by day.

She had not told many about the difference in her body when she had started the job as a bright eyed graduate. However word that she was both a hermaphrodite and a cross between a pure bred gryphon and a goshawk spread too swiftly for her liking. There was little animosity towards hybrids these days -it was being dual sexed that caused some concern. The gryphoness shuffled the papers and pulled the mouse closer to her over the desk. Such a stupid name for a device used to control the pointer on her desktop computer. Rodents. Better a mouse that she could eat. She sighed, unable to distract herself from the idea whirling around her mind. It was not as if she flaunted her sex, yet some took offence either way. She could not help how she was born. Was it so wrong? Bella rolled her eyes and tried to refocus on the paperwork, words blurring together into one hideous, snarling mass. Furs, scalies, avians or what have you should learn to be more tolerant.

She ground the edges of her beak together. She would have to review this particular transgression at a later date. Right now, she had a pile of paperwork to deal with and, if what her boss said was to be believed, an urgent report to compile.

Time trickled by until five in the afternoon and office life trickled towards the exit doors. Bella supposed she should be thankful to be in an office that recommended that employees left work on time, but she always felt the eyes of her boss boring into her back when she walked out the door. She knew there was paperwork left on her desk, non-urgent matters that would be fine if left to the following morning. In her eyes, she did not want nothing to do the next day.

She packed up and raced home, ignoring the usual stares as her heart raced. Her wings fluttered the entire drive home – she preferred to drive rather than fly – and her tail ankara eve gelen escort feathers splayed out against the seat, the gryphoness too wound up to sit still upon them. On the steering wheel, her clawed fingertips trembled, dark scutes extending up her forearms like what would be found on the foot and leg of a wild bird, like leathery skin.

She traced her tongue across the edge of her beak and shook her head, fighting to concentrate as traffic and pedestrians danced through her line of sight. It was not easy to work or even do something as simple to her as driving while her body thrummed with heat, anxious breeding energy, and all she craved was her wolf’s arms. Her fire fighting partner was off work at the same time as her that day: a rare occasion indeed. As the traffic lights turned from red to green, her heart skipped a beat.

Maybe today would be the day that he sired a clutch in her belly.

She fumbled with her keys at the front door of the ground floor apartment that the two of them shared. They had plans to expand to a larger place soon, somewhere they could truly make their own. Though it had its own charm with the green front door with peeling paint and the small, ramshackle back yard garden (a luxury in any apartment building, it had to be said). Their jobs brought in enough money for an upgrade and update and, if Bella was to conceive, the duo would need somewhere safer, better contained, to raise their little ones. Bella could almost hear the patter of little paws darting over the floor, their giggles music to her ears.


She finally managed to open the door and peered down the hallway, heart hammering against her ribcage. It should not still give her such a thrill to see her partner after a long day at work, yet butterflies battled within her stomach as if she was looking Kyle in the face again for the very first time.

Halfway down the corridor, Kyle stood in the process of shrugging off his black fire fighting jacket with the yellow bars, caught in the act as if performing a strip show. The black wolf turned towards her, his yellow hard hat clasped in one paw. It wasn’t something he usually brought home with him but Bella was not considering details like that at the present moment. Inwardly, the gryphoness smirked.

“Well, hello there.” She parted her beak in a grin and dropped her smart shoulder bag over the threshold. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“I don’t know where else you would think to see me.”

The black wolf bit back a laugh and met Bella halfway, the door swinging open at her heels. On the street outside, a young otter raced by on a skateboard, his whoop of joy echoing down the hall. She buried her beak in the crook of his neck as he hugged her to his chest, murring softly. His job did a great deal for his physique, she had to admit, and his body rippled with taut, functional muscle. The wolf was in the prime of life and fit to a fault. Licking his lips, he kissed her cheek softly.

“I’ve missed you…” He said, lips brushing over feathers.

“You saw me last night.”

Bella chuckled, amused at how swiftly he seemed to forget their time together. Life was so busy that there was never truly enough of it to spend with one another, one day rolling into the next.

Kyle tightened his arms around the gryphoness as if he was afraid that, if released, she would take wing and fly away. He took her paw in his and wove his fingers between hers, only then stepping away and tugging her down the hall with a wolfish grin.

“We don’t get all that much time together, even if we did pass ways last night. But that’s why we have to make the most of this, hon.”

She cocked her head to one side, showing her goshawk heritage, and then comprehension dawned upon her. Not that the hallway led to many destinations, it had to be said, but it was irrefutably in the direction of the bedroom.

Something pulled at her heart and she leaned back, stopping him with her hesitance and weight in halting.

“Kyle…” She looked down. “I’m not sure about this…”

The wolf raised an eyebrow, blue eyes sparkling. He thought that she was winding him up once again, playing coy and teasing him in one of her games. The dominant gryphoness usually preferred to lead the way to the boudoir and he anticipated that he would soon find himself on his knees with his muzzle buried under the hermaphrodite’s sweet, sweet tail.

“What do you mean?” He queried, gaze sliding away as he did not expect any special answer.

Bella yanked her paw away and flapped her wings, unconsciously making herself appear larger than she was. Did he not take her seriously? Why? Her eyes darkened in anger clouded by frustration and Kyle took a step back, eyes wide.

“We’ve tried and tried and nothing’s happened! What will make this time any different? Tell me – why will this be any different? I will never take!”

“Bella!” He tried to calm her, holding his paws up. “Please, my sweet, it is not so bad. We haven’t been trying for all that gaziantep escort long. Hardly any ladies take quickly, only a certain few. We are normal, very much so.”

“You are more patient than I, in that case,” she huffed, feathers slowly flattening to her body.

Tension crackled in the hallway, near palpable in the air itself. The gryphoness’ green eyes, with an inner circle of yellow, narrowed.

“Do you not want pups? Fledglings?” She demanded.

“Of course I do. Bella…”

Regaining his confidence, the wolf reached out to her, smoothing down the feathers on her neck. She sighed, accepting his touch, and leaned into him, her arms encircling his waist.

“It’s just hard, sweetheart…”

She sniffled, hating the tears that welled up against her will.

“It feels like it will never happen. It’s hard enough for two different species’ to produce offspring, even without me being a hybrid myself. Some say that only an avian or someone close enough would be able to have offspring with me.”

The wolf’s arms tightened around her in silent response. The thought did not bear thinking about.

“Oh come on,” Kyle put on a brave face, smiling as he held his love close. “Why talk like this? It doesn’t do us any good. We won’t have a fledgling or a pup if we do not try. Come with me.”

What could Bella do but follow? Huffing under her breath – why did he not listen to her worries? Yet he only wanted the best for her – she stalked ahead of him, tail feathers twitching. She was not angry: she was furious. And it was that fury that gave her the energy she needed to throw her mate on the bed and cow him into submission, forcing him to suck her pale blue cock until she balanced perfectly on a lustful, feral peak. Her pussy ached for him, heat demanding she be sated by a male’s seed.

Yet, as she pinned her mate to the bed and impaled herself upon his cock, the gryphoness could not help but wonder if she would ever conceive with a canine at all.


Bella was a decision maker and she chose her course of action. There was only one way she could bear offspring: their latest attempts had been for naught. The wolf would have no say in the matter as it did not involve Kyle in any way at all.

A close friend of his, Storm, was a gryphon like her with a wicked yellow beak tipped with black and a red edge where his beak met feathers: a gryphon of the old bloodlines. His blood showed in his height, the gryphon towering over the hen. He even had to stoop to get through the doorways in her house. It was not certain – conceiving was never that simple for any couple – but the probability that she would be able to bear young was significantly higher with another gryphon. She had already made her decision, lying on the bed with her hips elevated to keep in male seed that would never bear fruit in her womb. Storm would sire her young, yet not act as father.

Kyle did not have to know. He would be happy to have a little family to call his own, no matter how it came about.

Washing the grit of the day from her feathers, Bella daydreamed as she showered, beak upturned so that the water ran off over the feathers on her face. Storm was truly the ideal candidate to be the sire to her clutch. Tall and strong, his feathers were as black as her wolf’s fur, allowing for some discrepancy in the colouring of their young, Bella’s young. It would not raise any questions if she laid eggs containing gryphons rather than a hybrid of gryphon and canine – it was to be expected with such a coupling and her strong heritage.

She reached between her thighs, spreading them as her cock grew eagerly into her paw. She could already imagine it. The larger, stronger gryphon pounding into her over and over again, pinning her to the wall so that she would have to take it whether it pleased her or not. And, when he was exhausted, she would ride him on the bed, letting the gryphon sprawl as she raked her talons down his chest, his cum pumping into her over and over again. Oh no, he would not be done until she said he was done. She had more than one dose of feminine charm at her disposal and Storm would succumb just like any other male she had slept with in the past, past partners and liaisons before she had even met Kyle. The gryphoness crooned as she teased her folds, the edges bordered with the tiniest, softest of feathers.

Her beak parted in a smile and Bella thrust two fingers into her sex as her need for orgasm, anticipating the copulation to come, swelled like the rising tide.


It took some time to concoct the perfect excuse to call Storm without Kyle in tow or listening in, though it was worth the effort. Time in which to do the deed was no issue at all, considering Kyle’s odd hours of work, but Storm was subject to the same issue. They were based at the same fire station and worked together sporadically, meaning that Storm was often working when Bella had finished for the day, paws tired form the dreary tread.

Such a plot it had been in the end. She had thought about calling ankara gerçek resimli escort up the poor gryphon and putting on the damsel in distress act, the whole shebang. But she had never had a penchant for the dramatic. In the end, she simply picked up the phone and asked for help, wondering all the while if he would ask why she could not fix the power outage in the apartment herself.

In all honesty, Bella thought herself rather adept at fixing small electrical faults and it ground her gears to pretend to be unable to do it on her own while the male smirked at his assumed ability over her. A typical male in some aspects, Storm puffed up like a peacock at any opportunity to demonstrate his prowess in the home. The gryphon had near enough leapt at the opportunity.

Waiting for him in the nook of the living room windowsill, Bella clucked impatiently, tongue flicking against the inside of her beak. It was perfectly planned. Just before leaving for work, Kyle had spent himself inside her, providing the perfect cover if Bella did indeed conceive an egg with Storm. Her feathers smelled faintly of soap and perfume, a spritz of a light, fruity scent that embodied her youth like a budding flower.

Storm walked in through the unlocked door, hind paws surprisingly light upon the carpet: they barely made any sound at all. Seeing her curled up on the window seat, knees tucked in to her chest, she appeared to be cast in a new light. Had he ever been around the gryphoness without Kyle being present before? He could not recall. The red gleam of sunset caught Bella’s feathers just so, making them tinged with fire. His breath caught and he shook his head to clear it, wings unfolding halfway in friendly greeting.

“Bella, such a pleasure to see you again.”

The gryphon oozed charm. Bella uncurled herself from the window seat, dressed in a flowing, summer dress in simple white, and rose to her bare hind paws. Despite her dress and the connotations she thought it exuded – she had thought something of her literature courses – there was nothing innocent about her. She rested a paw on her hip, tail feathers fanning out behind her.

“The pleasure is all mine, Storm. Thank you for coming at such short notice. You’re a good friend.”

Reaching out to the painted wall at the side of the window, she flipped on the light twitch with a chuckle, eyes dancing. Light spilled into the room and Storm stepped back into the hallway, checking the light switch there too. He returned with a confused wing flutter and rubbed the back of his head.

“Hm?” He blinked. “The electricity’s working again? Did you already fix it? Or perhaps it is on a different circuit. What happened?”

“Nothing at all happened, dear Storm,” she smiled, having the good grace to appear abashed at having dragged him out for ‘no reason’. “The electricity was never faulty or out of service.”

“Then I’m confused.”

The gryphon ruffled his feathers, looking anywhere but directly at Bella. She turned to draw the curtains on the room, shutting them off from the rest of the world. Approaching him slowly, she forced the gryphon to take note of every nuance of her body, the sway of her hips and the way her tail feathers flicked from side to side with a rhythm that could only be deliberate. Placing a clawed hand on his chest, she felt the beat of his heart like a palm tapping out a song’s crescendo on the skin of a drum.

“I needed an excuse to, ah, entice you over here.”

She clacked her beak and leaned into him, lust stirring in the pit of her belly as he, although warily, folded his arms around her. Perhaps he thought she desired comfort? The reason behind his actions was irrelevant to her – she would have him.

“Why did you want me to come over, Bella? You could have simply asked if you wanted some company. Has Kyle been away a lot?”

“If I gave you time to think about it, you would not have come.”

She dropped her paw down his belly until she found the bulge in his loose, grey shorts. She squeezed it lightly and it grew into her paw, cock swelling eagerly from its sheath to leave a defined shape visible through his clothing. Bella licked the edge of her beak. Oh, he was big. Much larger than her husband. Would she be able to take the stretch? Storm’s muscled legs tensed in reaction to her lewd grope, yet he did not pull away.

“I have a wife, Bella.” He shook his head and pulled her closer, her breasts pressing against his chest. “You have a husband.”

She looked up at him, eyes determined.

“Yes, we are both married to other, wonderful furs. That is not going to stop us.”

“I’m not going to go against my mate,” Storm frowned, half-turning away from the gryphoness.

She scowled: she was losing him. Why would he not want to mate with her? Her dominant nature flared and she grabbed the back of his head as he made to turn away, forcing her beak to his. He would not deny her for such a petty reason!

The larger gryphon struggled, albeit feebly for his size, and gave in to the kiss, allowing Bella to turn her beak sideways so they could lock them together, tongues battling. Storm’s hard-on pressed against her stomach, the tip of his purple cock, protruding from the waistband of his trousers. Pre cum drooled from the tip, staining their clothes, but neither noticed, too wrapped up in the unwrapping liaison to care.

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