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Grace Ch. 01

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Grace is possibly the dumbest young woman I have ever met. I spent a frustrating semester last fall trying to teach her ANYTHING about Law and Government, but could not find a way. I watched her read every day, her succulent lips moving slowly as she sounded out the words, a furrow of concentration between her sculpted eyebrows. Day after day she tried, and day after day she failed the most basic open-book tests. An old saying flashed through my mind a lot as I worked with her or read her responses: “It’s a good thing she’s pretty!”

That seems like a good place to begin: she IS pretty. She is about 5’6″ tall, with straight brown hair that falls below her shoulders. Her eyes are green, she has a button nose, and a Cupid’s-bow mouth that is both virginal and inviting. Unfortunately, she’s always a little too tan–that’s clearly a priority with her–and she tries a little too hard with the makeup. Most importantly, her body is a lush teenage dream. She plays soccer, so her legs are toned and silky smooth. Her breasts are firm C-cups that strain beautifully against whatever top she wears. Her belly is flat and her ass is perfectly heart-shaped, drawing my eyes whenever she walks across the classroom; there’s something in the way she walks that makes her perfect little backside twitch provocatively from side to side and it makes me want to groan with pleasure!

Anyway, she didn’t pass. Since my class is required, she had to take it again this spring in order to graduate. Not long after the semester began, I got an email from Grace’s mom asking if I could meet with her to help her since I wasn’t her teacher anymore. Something about the tone of the email was irritating, and I was pretty done with the girl at that point, so I sent back a “yes, but” email saying I’d have to charge $150 an hour to make it worthwhile. I thought that would be a deal-breaker. To my dismay, I got an email 10 minutes later saying, “Thanks so much, could you please meet with Grace and figure out when to start?” I face-palmed myself for thinking that would scare her away–this was a wealthy town, after all!

Anyway, I ran into Grace the next day in the cafeteria. She was all smiles and asked me if I was going to help her pass Law & Government again. I didn’t flinch at the “again” part–I just smiled and nodded and thought about the money.

“What days are good for you?” I asked her.

“Any day. Soccer is finished, so all I’m doing after school is college apps.”

I winced internally at the idea of Grace failing out of college before Halloween.

“How about Wednesday?” I managed to say.

“Okay!” she chirped. “Is that tomorrow?”

Another internal wince. “No…today is Monday. Wednesday is the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay!” again. “See you after school!”

To my disgust, I echoed “Okay!” as a response and walked away, wondering what I had gotten myself into. I couldn’t teach her the first time–how was this going to be any easier? Then I thought about the hundreds of dollars I would make before her mom gave up on me and sighed.

Just before I went to bed that night, I checked my email one last time. Aside from the usual school junk, there was an external message that I clicked open reluctantly.

Hi Steve, (it read)

Thanks for agreeing to work with Grace. I know she was tough last semester,

But she really wants to do better. If it’s okay, I’d like to chat for a few minutes

Before you two start work tomorrow. Could you come at 2:45? The address

Is below.



That seemed pretty normal–after all, I was a strange man coming to the house to work 1-on-1 with her darling daughter. I typed a quick and professional response and agreed to be there. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Because I was meeting a new (and potentially lucrative) customer, I dressed a little better than usual on Wednesday: crisp slim-fit grey pants, a dress shirt that actually fit well, new socks with pale gray squares, and black slip-on shoes. I even shaved extra carefully to make a good impression. God, what a suck-up!

The house, unsurprisingly, was enormous. Their driveway curved through at least 2 acres of immaculately groomed front yard. To the left of the house was a 3-car garage with guest parking spaces alongside. I pulled into one of those, grabbed my portfolio, and braced myself for the parent chat and then an hour with Grace. One hundred and fifty dollars an hour, I said to myself as I walked along the wide flagstones of the entrance.

There was a long pause after I rang the doorbell, then I heard the clack of heels on a hard surface. The door swung open and revealed a smiling woman in her 40’s. Her straight brown hair was cut shorter than Grace’s and had very professional highlights, but there was a definite resemblance. She, too, had an expensive-looking tan in the middle of winter.

“Hi, Steve!” she chirped in a very familiar way. That’s where Grace learned it, I told myself.

“Hi, Lindsey–it’s nice to meet you 1xbet yeni giriş officially. Parents’ Night is always such a blur!”

“I know–I feel like all we do is rush from room to room and then buy stuff!”

“Sounds about right.”

“Come in, please. Can I get you a bottle of water or something?”

“Actually,” I replied, “a bottle of water would be great. The heating always dries me out at school, and I left my water bottle on my desk today.”

“Follow me,” she said briskly as she turned to shut the door behind me. “We can talk in here.”

“Here” turned out to be their fantasy kitchen. It filled the whole back part of the house and opened onto a wide patio overlooking the backyard. And the pond. Of course they had a pond. Inside was just as nice. There was a double-width refrigerator, a 6-burner Viking stove, and acres of brilliantly covered marble with accent lighting. The eat-in part featured a massive island with 4 stools and a wide-board kitchen table. To one side was a deep, comfortable couch and a reading chair. I gawked a little enviously as Lindsey opened the fridge and extracted two bottles of LifeWater. I also gawked a little enviously at her slender form. She was wearing dark leggings that hugged her well-toned hips and a soft cashmere sweater that floated along her trim sides. She turned around with a smile and gestured across the open space between us.

“Let’s sit here,” she said as she set the bottles on the low coffee table in front of the couch.

I laid my portfolio aside and sat at one end. Sharing a couch seemed a little awkward, so I stayed on the edge of my cushion and leaned forward to open the water bottle while she opened hers and sat at the other end. I took a sip and waited for her to start.

“So Grace really liked your class last semester,” she said with a level gaze.

I was stunned, but recovered quickly. “She tried really hard,” I responded. “I’m sure we all were hoping for a better outcome, but that’s a really tough class, even for seniors.” That was laying it on a bit, but no harm in being diplomatic, right?

“Thanks for saying that,” she replied evenly. She paused, looking at me thoughtfully, then nodded to herself. “She really needs to pass this semester to make everything work out.”

“Well,” I said in reassuring tones, “I’m happy to work with her and see if we can’t get her through this time. Even though I’m not in charge of her grades this semester, I know the course and I know the expectations, so I push her as hard as I need to to pass.”

“That’s great,” she said quietly. “It doesn’t go well if I’m the one pushing her,” she admitted. “All I can do is make whatever arrangements I can to help her.”

She looked oddly nervous and reached for her own water bottle at that point. She looked away as she took two small sips, and I admired the fine line of her jaw and the rich glow of her tan. My eyes returned to hers just in time as she turned back toward me.

“As long as Grace is willing to do the work,” I continued, “I’ll be here every week to help her.”

“She’s willing,” she said more confidently. “She knows how desperately she needs to pass, and she finally admitted that she’ll do whatever she has to.”

Suppressing my smirk, I nodded wisely and said, “That’s a good place to start.”

“I feel the same way,” Lindsey continued.

Uncrossing her ankles, she pivoted to the table beside her and picked up a check. She glanced at it and then held it out wordlessly across the space between us. I smiled a little and took it. I don’t think my eyes popped, but I was taken aback. The check was made out to me for $1500. This was definitely not normal procedure!

“Lindsey…” I began.

She was watching my reaction and smiled a little bit. Then she slid down toward me on the couch until our knees nearly touched.

“I wanted to pay you up front for 10 sessions so you know that I’m serious, too.”

“I know you are,” said reassuringly, puzzled by her movement.

“No, you don’t,” she said. “I’ll do whatever I have to to help her get out of high school and into college. If that means paying you to help her, I’m all in. If that means getting out of the way so you two can work, that’s fine. She’s my only daughter and I know she’s not the best student in the world, but I’m here for her!”

Before I could reply, her hand bridged the space between us and came to rest on my wrist.

“I’m also here to…keep YOU motivated and willing to help her” she said in a rush.

Once those words were out, she pivoted quickly, dropping to her knees in front of the couch and pushing my knees apart to make room for herself. Her hands rested on my thighs as she looked up at me expectantly. A slight flush tinted her cheeks and her lips parted.

“Lindsey…” I stammered. “You don’t have to…you’re paying me already…”

She grinned more confidently at my discomfiture. “I know how to keep a man motivated!” she said in a low voice. Her hands slid higher until her thumbs 1xbet giriş encountered the bulge in my pants.

Please understand…I was thrown off by the suddenness of her approach, but I was more than happy to take advantage of her offer! Now that I knew where this was headed, I jumped in with both feet, so to speak. I set the check aside and leaned back against the soft plush of the cushion.

“Show me!” I urged, holding her eyes with mine.

Her lips parted even more, but her eyes sparkled and her hands got busy. Impatiently, she yanked my shirt out of my pants. She deftly whipped the end of my belt out of its loop and through the buckle in just a few seconds, tugged the front of my pants together to open the top and then rested one palm on my growing cock while the other slid the zipped down all the way.

“Good start!” I murmured, smiling at the intent look on her face.

She grinned in response, then squeezed my package firmly. “Very good!” she echoed.

Leaning forward a bit, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and began to pull them down. The elastic caught the tip of my cock and pulled it vertical, forming an obscene tent. I lifted my hips to hurry the process along and she managed to slide my pants and boxers lower at the same time. My cock was fully engorged at that point and almost painfully angled downward as she exposed me slowly. Finally, with a gratifying thwack, the elastic slipped off the head of my cock and it smacked back into position against my stomach. Her hand went right to the base and her thumb caressed the underside while her fingers curled around the girth.

Just as she pulled my cock to point straight up, a horrible thought crossed my mind.

“What about Grace?” I asked grudgingly, sitting up slightly and glancing around.

“She’s out with friends,” Lindsey replied with a grin. “I told her you’d be here tomorrow!”

Fuck. Tomorrow, too? I hadn’t planned on that, so I was a little irritated.

“That’s going to take some serious motivation!” I growled, my eyes dancing.

“I told you…” she said seriously, “that I would do ANYTHING to help her!”

“I’m all yours!” I said as I leaned back again.

“So kind…” she murmured as her head bowed over my lap.

The first contact of her tongue with the sensitive flesh of my cock brought a gasp from my lips. The tiny tip flicked up and down my frenulum while her thumb continued to stroke the thick vein it lay upon. The surge of excitement I felt brought a rush of precum from deep inside me and suddenly the head of my cock was slick and glistening.

Without a word, Lindsey moved forward and wrapped her lips around the tip. She sucked hard and swirled her tongue around, moaning softly to herself as the flavor filled her senses. My head sank deeper into the couch cushion. My hands came up of their own accord to hold her head gently, my fingers twining themselves into her silky hair.

With the easy confidence of an experienced fellatrix, Lindsey took me deeply into her mouth. Her tongue danced along my shaft and her lips maintained a tight seal as she descended, moving her thumb out of the way. When more than half of my cock was engulfed, she paused to let me enjoy the feeling. I moved my fingers in tiny circles on her scalp and lifted my hips slightly, wanting more. I swear I felt her chuckle, but then she took a deep breath through her nose and eased her head forward and down even further. The last few inches of my cock slipped easily into her throat and her tongue flicked back and forth across the wide base. She held me there easily for a long moment, then slowly worked her way back up, sucking voraciously and squeezing my shaft again once her lips were high enough.

After a long, exquisite suck on the crown of my cock, she let her lips pop off and looked up at me impishly. My shaft was slick with precum and saliva and her hand traveled smoothly up and down as she smirked up at me.

“Feeling motivated?” she asked innocently.

I raised my eyebrows at her hubris. “After five seconds?” I asked in an incredulous voice. “I’m just starting to enjoy things and you stop for a review?” Since I couldn’t keep a straight face, it was pretty clear that I was entirely happy with the situation.

“Right…” she drawled. “I’m paying you $150 an hour AND doing this and you’re gonna criticize?”

“Not hardly,” I said with a smirk. “Now get back to work!”

One giggle escaped her mock-serious features before she lowered her head again.

Whatever my impression was of Lindsey, she was a talented cock-sucker and a very attractive woman. She set up a steady rhythm for a while, taking me deep quickly and then easing her way back up while her hand stroked me. I lay back contentedly and let her work, loving every minute.

After a good long while, she released me from the heat of her mouth and sat back on her heels. My hands fell to my sides and I looked down at her to see what was up.

“I’m getting hot!” she said 1xbet güvenilirmi impatiently.

With a quick motion, her hands crossed in front of her and she whipped the sweater up and over her head. She was wearing a nude bra that lifted her C-cup breasts into an inviting valley of cleavage. With a grin at my wide-eyed admiration, she stood up and brought her hands up teasingly along her stomach to cup her breasts.

“You like?” she asked.

“They’re beautiful!” I assured her.

Her fingers met in the middle and released the closure so that the cups fell away. Standing straight up, she put her shoulders back and the straps fell down along her arms and onto the floor behind her. Her small, dusky nipples tightened at the sudden change in temperature and her breasts stood firm and proud above me.

“Not too small for you?”

“Perfect. They’re just perfect!”

“Good answer,” she said smugly, reaching forward with both hands.

I grasped her slim hands with my own and waited to see what she would do. With firm pressure, she tugged me forward to the edge of the couch. I shifted my hips to comply and ended up with my nose inches from her cleavage.

“Kiss them,” she whispered.

I moved forward again more eagerly, wrapping one hand around the slim, smooth skin of her waist to pull her closer while the other rose up to encompass one breast. My thumb slid from the crease at the bottom up and over her nipple while my lips closed onto the other with relish. Her arms came up to cradle my head and her hair fell forward to brush my scalp. Remembering how well she had been treating me earlier, I sucked firmly and let my tongue lash back and forth across the firm tip for a minute, then reversed my hands and switched sides. She moaned happily and rocked her hips against my chest. I grinned to myself when I felt her mound bump me as her thighs tensed and relaxed. I swear I could feel the heat from her core radiating toward me with each motion!

Since this was clearly more than a motivational blowjob, I didn’t hesitate to move things along once her other nipple had received its due treatment. I kissed each one again, then kissed the warm, tan skin of her breastbone. She sighed again and kissed the top of my head. My hands rested naturally at her waist for a moment, but as I began to kiss lower, I moved them down to caress her firm little ass, pulling her subtly against me at the same time.

By the time I reached her navel and dipped my tongue into it, she was clutching my head and moaning steadily. I pulled her harder against me and grabbed her ass fully, letting my fingers curl beneath her to brush her crotch. Her fingers knotted in my hair and held me in place as my lips brushed the soft skin of her firm, tan belly. When I reached the waistband of her leggings, I released her ass reluctantly and slipped my fingers between the fabric and her hips on either side. With firm pressure, I dragged them down and inch and kissed along the crescent of newly revealed skin. My fingertips felt the top of her panties and I burrowed them in to catch that waistband as well, then tugged again. This time, I licked and kissed along a horizontal line.

The angle grew awkward, so I used my hold on her waistband to push her back a step. Then I slid off the couch and knelt in front of her, resting my head for a moment against her belly.

“Oh, fuck…don’t stop now!” she hissed.

Settling myself a little lower, I pulled down again on her leggings and panties. The swell of her mound came into view and I kissed it hungrily, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy against my chin. With a final tug, the fabric slipped over the curve of her ass and caught at the top of her thighs. The slender gusset of her planties clung for a moment and then dropped away as well, revealing smooth labia parted by a shadowy crevice. I was thrilled by the sight and lunged into her, sending my tongue as far as I could reach to trace that beckoning line.

Lindsey’s groan was louder now, impatient for more stimulation, but her pants were a problem. I pulled my head back and yanked them down to her calves. Her hands found my shoulder and she obligingly balanced herself to lift one leg and then the other as I pulled them off entirely. She stood above me wearing only a pair of fluffy socks and I grinned up at her ravenous expression.

“Now THAT is a motivating sight!” I said mischievously.

She giggled in response, but before she could speak, I swung her around and pulled her down into a sitting position. She was startled, but when I turned to face her, she parted her legs invitingly and laid back in the same posture I had been in before. After a quick pause to push the coffee table back with my foot, I bent to my work again.

This time I could reach everything I wanted easily. My thumbs caressed her labia and parted them so my tongue could slip a little deeper inside her. I traced the delicate edges of her inner lips, avoiding her clit at the top of each little journey and returning down again. After a few trips, I flattened my tongue and lapped at her opening, spreading her wide and tasting the sweet tang of her juices fully. Her fingers returned to knot in my hair again and her belly tightened as she groaned.

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