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Good Morning

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I walk into your bedroom as you sleep. You are wearing panties and a loose fitting t-shirt. I have on a pair of black boxer briefs.

I approach your bed and peel back your covers carefully, so I don’t wake you up. I admire your sleeping form. You are sleeping on your side. One arm curled up beneath your breast. The other arm is supporting your beautiful face on your pillow.

I reach out my hand tentatively and caress your cheek. Your skin is soft and smooth. I trail my hand down your sleeping body, over your breast and onto your stomach. I lean over you and softly press my lips to your ear. I kiss you again on your cheek. You begin to stir awake and I press my lips to your mouth.

I pull my head back and watch your eyes slowly open. Your beautiful eyes slowly focus on my face. I smile, “wake up, Baby. It’s morning and we are all alone”.

You roll onto your back and reach an arm up and around my head. You pull me in and return my kiss. We kiss softly a few more times as you begin to fully wake up.

I sit down on the edge of your bed. I notice a desire begin to grow in your eyes, and you sit up to kiss me again. This kiss is more passionate. Your tongue presses against mine, our lips pressed together.

I end our kiss after a full minute has gone by. I kiss slowly down your neck onto your chest. I release your right breast from your shirt, sucking part into my mouth. Then I do the same to the left.

I pull the ark izle you towards me and kiss your mouth again. My hand travels from your neck, down your back, and to the top of your soft ass.

I pull you tightly to my body and stand up, picking you up off your bed. I stand you on your feet. Our lips meet yet again, this time I feel your hand snake down between our bodies and over my underwear. You can feel my growing erection.

At last my tongue trails over your slit. I lick over your mound a second, slower time. I lean my head back and watch as your arousal increases. Your pussy lips spread open, and your clit begins to poke up.

I run a hand up the inside of your thigh and watch a shiver go through your body. I press my lips to your clit and begin to suck on it.

I slide one finger slowly along your pussy beneath my mouth. Your pussy begins to leak as your arousal increases. As I kiss and suck more on your clit I can feel your wetness begin to flow out onto my finger.

I lean my head back, and watch my finger slide into your beautiful vagina. I begin to stroke slowly in and out.

I reach out with my other hand and start to stroke your clit. My hands slowly speed up as I feel your excitement increase. You begin to moan softly. I push a second finger into your pussy, and bring my mouth again to your clit.

Then I replace my fingers with my tongue. I lick as deeply the catch izle between the folds of your young pussy as I can, thrusting my tongue in and out. Your moaning gets louder.

I slide a finger in beside my tongue. Your moans turn into small groans of pleasure, “I’m cumming,” you whisper to me.

I mash my mouth against your clit and slam two fingers into your pussy. Your legs clamp onto my head and you writhe around. My hand comes free of your pussy as you move.

At last your orgasm comes to an end and you release my head from between your legs. I crawl over your body at look at your face. You smile at me, and I kiss your mouth. You suck all of your pussy juices from around my mouth.

Your hand reaches down between us and finds my cock. You rub your hand up and down the shaft slowly. I leak precum onto your smooth stomach. Your strokes slowly speed up. My cock begins to ache, I know I need to fuck you soon.

You slide your fingers into your pussy and then run your lubricant coated hand along my shaft. I begin to thrust slowly into your hand. Then you position the tip of my cock into the opening of your hot sex.

I push slowly into you until my cock is buried to the hilt. I stay there as a pleasurable feeling washes over me. I almost lose my control and begin cumming, but I don’t.

After the feeling of that first penetration subsides I slowly slide my cock the chemistry of death izle out, until just the tip is left inside. I slide into your pussy again, this time a little faster. Then I slide in and out again, then again, then again. Until I am slowly fucking you. I look down and see your lovely breasts slowly roll up and down with each thrust. Moans begin to escape your mouth again.

I speed up and slam into you harder. Our thighs making a slapping sound with each thrust. After fucking you like this for a while I stop. You say to me with a smile, “I want to be on top”.

I pull my cock out of your pussy, then I roll off of your body. You climb on, straddling my cock. You are facing me. You reach down and slide my cock into your hungry slit.

I reach up with my hands and grab a tit with each one. I pinch and pull them lightly.

You begin to rock up and down my cock. I raise my hips slightly to meet you as you come down. I release your tits and watch as they bounce up and down as we fuck harder and harder.

I can feel myself getting close to cumming, and I let you know. You don’t stop, you want me to cum inside of you. I can tell that you are also close to a second orgasm.

You slam onto my cock as hard as you can, pushing it as deep as it can go. Your pussy clamps onto my cock as your orgasm begins. I lose control completely and begin to shoot strings of sticky cum deep into your pussy. I feel your vagina milking my cock for every last drop of cum as your orgasm continue.

After you finally stop cumming you lean down onto my body without letting my cock come out. You kiss me letting me know that I did a good job. You lay in my arms as my cock slowly shrinks down after our orgasms. You kiss me again softly.

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