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Gone Fishing

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“It’s going to be a nice day,” Carrie said. “We should get some fresh air.”

“Do you want to go to the park?” Mary suggested. “I bet there will be a lot of guys out in Riverside Park. And there are all those wooded areas.”

“Not that I have any problem with wood,” she replied. “But I’m thinking of going a little farther up the river. You know where the dam is, about two miles upstream?”

“Sure,” Mary agreed. “But what’s up there? I thought we were going to… you know… do something fun.”

“The fishing is good up there,” Carrie said. “I’m sure we can find enough candidates for a good game.”

Mary imagined the warm sun on her bare back, the smells of flowers and grass, the gentle breeze coming off the river and brushing her skin…

“Okay,” she agreed. “You’re on. What are the rules this time?”

Carrie thought about it for a moment. “It might be slim pickings. Maybe the first one to get him to finish… and get a picture of him. We’ll probably need to split up, so we’ll definitely need proof for this one.”

“So first one back in the car?”

“Sounds good. I’ll pick you up in a half hour.”

The game was on.

Mary selected a running outfit; she didn’t want to look out of place, out along the river, and there would be brambles and nettles and everything; it would also give her prey a chance to see what they were in for. Besides, she didn’t want to spend her valuable time picking burrs out of her clothing. She wanted to win this one.

She took a quick look at the small notepad she kept in her desk. It didn’t have anything written on the cover; it was intended to look as uninteresting as possible. She flipped past the first few blank pages, until she got to the ones that were filled in. She started counting.

Carrie, four; Mary, two. She couldn’t afford to fall behind.

The first one hadn’t been fair, of course. Carrie had thought up the game, suggested it there at the nightclub before Mary really had time to think about it. Besides, she had been a little drunk. She barely got her guy into the bathroom stall before Carrie came looking for her. It had taken Carrie maybe five minutes to find a guy, take him into a corner, and blow him. She had given herself a headstart, really, by picking her guy out before even suggesting the game to Mary.

The second game had gone to Mary, though. The crowded coffee shop was her turf, and Carrie had made a huge mistake in suggesting masturbation, Mary’s specialty. She had had two orgasms under the table before Carrie got her hand into her panties.

The third game went to Mary, too. They crashed a Christmas party together, and the challenge was to get oral from someone there. Carrie thought she was being clever, not mentioning that they could pick a man or a woman as their prey, and she had gone for the most obvious dyke in the room. But Mary had lucked out, found a horny guy off by himself who would have done anything for a little attention. She was having a deep, moaning orgasm while Carrie was still trying to get the lesbian to take her bra off. Lesbians liked to talk.

The rest had all gone to Carrie. She had become focused and determined. Mary tried too hard to enjoy herself — why bother playing the game if you weren’t going to enjoy the fucking? — and it slowed her down.

Not this time.

She checked the mirror; the spandex running shorts clung to her thighs, all the way around, and the bright green trim on the back highlighted her nice, smooth ass cheeks. She gave them a little slap, just for the little thrill. The running top hugged her close, too, and it rubbed her just right, making her nipples stand out, nice and sharp — unmissable.

Her phone rang. “I’m outside,” Carrie said. She was early — part of her plan, no doubt.

“Be right down,” Mary said, just fixing her hair one last time. She was ready.

Carrie had opted for an outfit similar to Mary’s, knee-length running shorts and a running top. Carrie had gone for a looser top, though — and Mary figured she knew why. No bra. She wanted maximum jiggle. Well, it made sense; she wouldn’t be wearing the outfit for very long.

“So whenever we’re done, we’ll text,” Carrie said, pulling away from Mary’s building. “If you hear me text you, you’ll know I’m done and you can finish up at your leisure. Don’t worry, I’ll wait in the car for you.”

Mary laughed. “You just wait, bitch. This one is mine.”

“We’ll see.”

It was only about ten minutes’ drive to the parking lot. “My brothers used to fish here when we were kids,” that 90s show izle Carrie said. “On a nice day like today, there should be plenty of guys around. Remember, though, it’s first back to the car. And with photographic proof.”

“So you know where all the best fishing holes are around here, then? No fair.”

“Fishing holes aren’t what you should be worried about,” Carrie said with a grin. “Anyhow, it’s been years since I was here.” She turned the car off. “I’ll leave it unlocked.” She smiled. “Not that you’ll be back here first.”

“You’ll see.”

“You do look delicious,” Carrie said, eyeing Mary critically. “This might be the end of my streak.”

Feeling her eyes on her body made Mary tingle. She couldn’t wait to get out there. “Well, let’s get it on.”

Carrie was out of the car and gone.

Mary decided to go in the opposite direction from Carrie; Carrie had a head start anyway. Mary quickly found the path running along the river. She could just see the water sparkling a few yards away, between leafy trees and tall, swaying grass.

She started jogging, taking an easy pace; she didn’t want to run right past a potential prey without seeing him. She couldn’t afford to miss an opportunity.

But she was running for about five minutes before she found anyone; she stopped when she heard a masculine voice and found the little clearing by the riverside.

The guy was older than she liked, easily in his sixties. He wore a hat with a bunch of lures and hooks in it, and one of those vests that fishing guys seemed to like. Worse yet, he was flanked y a couple of boys, neither more than about eight years old.

Still, she couldn’t be picky; she had a game to win. “Hiya!” she said in her best bubbly blonde voice. “How’s it going?”

He turned and looked at her, and she was pleased to see him take his time, drinking her in. “Well hello there,” he said. “Billy, Cohen, say hello.”

“Hi,” the two boys said in unison.

Well, this wasn’t going to work. No way she would be able to separate him from the two boys for long enough. Best to be moving on as quickly as possibe. “Hey,” she said, “You haven’t seen anyone else fishing along here, have you? A guy — on his own?”

“There was one young feller who came by here a little while ago,” the guy said, and pointed further up the path. “Pretty sure he went that way.”

Young feller. Not too young, she prayed. “Young like these two?” she asked.

“No, round about your age, I’d guess.”

Perfect. “That’s great,” she said. “I’ll go see if I can find him.”


The old man turned back to the river. Rude. If he’d only known what he could’ve had… well, his loss, right?

She almost missed the little path, only a couple of hundred yards further up the river. It was barely wide enough for her to slip her slim frame through without getting snagged on the branches that hung low over it. But she could see someone in there, just barely, just a glimpse of a flannel shirt and short, sandy hair.

The guy leapt to his feet as she made her way through to his little clearing. “Wow, hi,” he said. “I–“

He could see all of her now, and he seemed to have lost his power of speech. [QQQ start] That was fine, of course; Mary didn’t have time for talk.

“Listen,” she said. “I’m looking for a good, fast fuck. Right now. No strings attached, just your cock and your cum and that’s it. Okay?”

“I don’t–I’m sorry, you must–uh–“

In another situation, she might have found his stuttering confusion a little sweet; it was a luxury she couldn’t afford today, though. She pulled up her top, letting her tits fall free. She dropped it by her side. “You know how to fuck, right?” she said. “Please don’t tell me you’ve never had a woman before.”

“I–sure–” His mouth kept working but nothing was coming out. Great–if this kept up, soon he’d be communicating in grunts and clicks. Well, she didn’t need much from him anyhow.

She kicked her shoes off. “You’re going to start fucking me very soon,” she said, “or you’re going to miss out on the chance of a lifetime.” She stepped in front of him and placed her hand firmly but gently on the crotch of his shorts.

Wow, yes, he was getting ready. She had begun to worry the guy was gay or something, but no, he was packing a nice, healthy erection already. Yes, this was looking good.

He still wasn’t making a move, though. Was she going to have to do everything? Was he going to want to cuddle afterwards, the 1619 project izle too? “Let’s get this started,” she said, kneeling down and tugging his shorts open.

He licked his lips and cast one last, desperate glance past her, at the path where she had entered. Then he pushed his shorts down over his thighs.

She had been right–he was definitely ready for her. His cock, freed from the shorts and boxers, stuck out at an eager angle, quivering slightly. Mary settled in, and gave the large purple head a long, slow circle with her tongue. He gasped as she ran her tongue along the sensitive spot, right at the bottom of the head. Yes, he was ready. But it was a great cock, truly one of the best she’d seen in a long time. Long, yes, but thick, too, with a nice, firm head. She would get him ready with her mouth, but no matter what, she was taking this cock in her pussy.

She wrapped her lips around the girth of it, and pushed her mouth down the shaft as far as she could. She released him, not too fast, and then pushed again, and finally, finally, felt his hands on the back of her head. She let go of him and looked up, into his eyes.

There it was, that animal look that Mary loved to see from a man. She grabbed the shaft with one hand and stroked it a a couple of times, two or three good firm pumps. “How’s that, then?” she said. “You into this now?”

“Oh, god,” he gasped, and threw his head back. “That’s so–“

She guided the thick, throbbing cock back between her lips, and cradled his balls in her hand, soft and warm and downy, yielding to her grasp. She ran her other hand around behind him and gripped his ass cheek. He clenched it suddenly, and his cock moved into her, fast, deep in her warm, waiting mouth. Yes.

“I’m–I’m–” he said.

Wow, this was going to be quick after all. She moved back, letting his cock swing free again. “Don’t you dare. I want that cock inside me.”

She put one hand down her shorts, feeling the spandex flex and tighten against the smooth, bare skin of her lips. Her fingers reached down and found her moist, warm pussy. It must have been the sight of that cock, the thought of it pushing deep inside her. She was ready too, ready right now.

She pulled the shorts off and let them fall wherever they wanted–she’d find them later–and dropped to her knees again, facing him. “Are you ready to fuck me?” she asked, leaning back and spreading her thighs nice and wide. She played one of her fingers over her swelling clit, spreading her juices on it, loving the slick, smooth slide. “Come on,” she said. “Fuck me. Now.”

He scowled at her. “Turn over,” he ordered, a surprisingly commanding tone entering his voice. “I’m going to fuck you from behind.”

He advanced on her, his cock looking even more massive as he approached, and Mary scrambled to turn over. “Come on,” she said. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard–“

He was on her quickly, all over her, like an animal, grabbing her hips tightly in his hands. She instinctively struggled, and felt a little jolt of pleasure when she found it was fruitless. He had her.

“Now…” she breathed.

He lanced into her, the full length of his shaft running up her waiting cunt, so deep it rattled her teeth. He grunted with the effort, and at first he didn’t move, just stayed there buried inside her, further than she could have thought possible. She wiggled a little, loving the feel of the rigid shaft resisting her.

“Come on,” she said, not bothering to look back, bracing herself for the next stroke. “Fuck me. Fuck–“

WHACK. A blow landed on her left ass cheek, heavy and sharp, leaving a delightful tingle after the initial shock of it. WHACK, again, this time her right cheek, the flesh quivering with aftershocks. The sparks of pain and pleasure danced around her, into her, carrying on up along his shaft and deep inside.

“Yess…” She hissed through gritted teeth. Please, please, one more, one more…

But he was moving again, pulling his cock almost free, each millimetre making itself felt along the rim of her labia. Just when he was almost out–no, no, she thought, don’t stop now–he was plunging deep inside her again, a rush of force and strength that made her almost buckle.

His pace increased suddenly and sharply, his hips pounding against her ass in a furious frenzy, his balls swinging against her with each powerful stroke. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as his pelvis smacked her and his member burrowed deeper, deeper, finding the 7 lives of lea izle the very depth of her.

His hands suddenly clutched her waist and his back arched so hard that she felt like were being lifted off the ground, supported only by his raging erection. He held her there, and time stopped–she panted, waiting for it, waiting for him to–

“Aaaaaaahh–” he said, a long grunt coming from deep inside him, and then she felt it, the jet of hot cum spraying inside her, then another and another–

She let her own orgasm take over, washing out every sense except the feel of that hot cock filling her pussy. She revelled in the weight of him as he slowly sank down, his body releasing him and letting him come to rest on top of her.

She drew a long, deep breath.

“That was great,” he murmured, running his hands up her hips and sides and back down again. “That was just…”

Shit–the contest. Thank god this guy was fast. Mary wriggled out from under him and scrambled to find the clothing she’d discarded in the clearing. Her phone–was it in her shorts pocket?

The guy lay back against a small hump of earth, his cock still almost completely erect. “You okay?” he said.

“My phone,” Mary answered. There–under his shirt. When had she dropped it?

“Do you want–“

“No, I got it.” She turned it on and selected the camera before she wheeled around and pointed it at him. “Smile,” she suggested before taking a pic.

“What the–“

She grabbed the shorts, handing on the branch of a low bush. Thank god she’d worn the black ones, she thought, as a thin trickle of moisture began to run down her leg. She wriggled in and sat down to pull her shoes on.

“So–what, I’m like some kind of trophy?” he demanded, sitting up now. “This is some kind of game?”

“Exactly.” Mary bounced to her feet and stuffed the phone into her waistband. “Don’t feel bad–you played well.” A little aftershock hit her, the mere memory of his hard, fast penetration bringing back just a breeze of her gale-force orgasm. “Very, very well,” she added.

He lay back again. “I guess I can live with that,” he said, a little smile appearing on his lips.

Mary blew him a little kiss and clambered through the bushes and back on the path.

She saw the car and Carrie at the same time, and felt a slight relief; Carrie was only a little closer to the car than she was. She might be a speed demon with a cock, but she was a slow-ass runner. Mary stepped up her pace just a bit and reached the car with a few seconds to spare.

She leaned on the hood, realizing that her legs were about to give out from the exertions of the day. Carrie stopped beside her, giving her a little smack on the ass. “You bitch!” she said, with a smile. “You’d better have some proof.”

Mary pulled her phone out and opened the pic she’d snapped: the long, lean, muscled body of the guy, his cock still tall and proud in front of him. A little trick of the light made it seem to glisten and shine, even on the small screen of the phone.

Carrie stared at the pic, wide-eyed. “Wow. I should’ve gone that way. he’s gorgeous.”

“He knew how to use it, too,” Mary said. It wasn’t quite true, but she liked letting Carrie know that she’d had a good time. She had come, too, after all.

“You fucked him?” Carrie exclaimed.


“Huh.” She peered at the photo again. “That was fast.”

“He was. What about you?”

“I didn’t have time to take a picture,” she said.

“So no proof?”

Carrie stood up straight, waiting, and Mary turned to her, wondering what she was going to do. Without a word, Carrie pulled the neck of her tank top down, exposing her cinnamon-tanned tits to the sunlight.

“Well?” Mary asked.

“Look closer.”

Mary bent towards her, then ran a finger down her cleavage. Yes–her skin was slick with moisture, with the jizz of some lucky guy.

“I was worried I would soak it all up in my top, getting back here,” Carrie said, lifting the fabric back up over her tits. “But it didn’t matter anyway.”

She opened the car door and Mary went around the other side, grateful to sink into the deep passenger seat. “This was fun,” she said. “We shoud go fishing more often.”

“It’s always fun when they’re biting,” Carrie agreed.

She started the car and peeled out of the parking lot. Mary felt every shudder, every vibration, coursing through her body. God, she was still that sensitive.

“So that makes it four to three,” Carrie remarked.

“Mm-hm,” Mary said. She was tired, suddenly, a calming wave of sleepiness drifting placidly over her.

“I’m thinking about our next game,” she said. “I don’t think it should be so easy for you next time.”

“Wasn’t easy, really–“

Mary looked over in time to see a devilish little grin curl Carrie’s lips. “Just you wait,” she said. “You wait.”

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