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Giving Into Temptation

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Nick and Lydia had been playing the flirting and teasing game for a couple of months now. They had met on a kink website and started chatting due to some mutual experiences. She had left the site but he had kept in touch. They were both lonely and enjoyed each other’s company. They talked art, performances, music, films and occasionally Pokemon. He found her incredibly sensual and alluring. Her flame-filled hair and stunning petite form was something out of his fantasies or one of Rossetti’s paintings.

As they chatted he found he connected with her on a deeper level than his normal conversations. She was reluctant to take things further than flirting and teasing and he could respect that even if it drove him wild occasionally imagining all that could be possible. One night, after a day full of chatting and a particularly low point for him he asked if he could have a hug! She had been down a few weeks before and he had given her a hug; she had told him then that he gave good cuddles. (Nick gave good cuddles).

Lydia had enjoyed a couple of drinks and after a little bit of considering agreed to let him come round. Though she didn’t live very far, Nick wasted no time. He was in the car and round at her house in a couple of minutes. She opened the door – all wrapped up and warm but still radiant in her beauty and let him inside. They didn’t get past the entry way before she was in his arms.

They sought the solace of human contact to cheer them both up and as they hugged and he felt her warmth against him, he knew how special she was and all that he wanted to do for herThey stood there embracing each other for a few minutes. That contact bringing them back into the light, lifting them from the darkness that occasionally seemed to fill them. The smell of her hair and the softness of her against him stirred Nick in other ways and before it became too obvious Nick suggested sitting down.

Lydia led him through to the front room and showed him the DVD she had put on. It was Moulin Rouge – one of her favourites and something she insisted he had to watch. Nick declined the drink she offered, but she fixed herself one before joining him on the sofa and pushing play on the film. Nick pulled her legs up across his lap and caressed her calves as the movie began to play. She was so beautiful. He caught bits of the movie but was more interested in her.

He leaned in and hugged her again. Her head tilted up invitingly. Nick hesitated. It was a line they hadn’t crossed, but everything in him cried out to follow his instincts. He leaned down and kissed her. She tasted of the drink she had been sipping and something else undefinable. Her kisses were like a fire that warmed him. The sadness and loneliness and frustration that had assailed him for months melted away with those soft kisses and her in his arms. His hands slid over her thighs and calves as his kissed her – the tender kisses also tinged with the need he had for this physical contact with her. He felt himself harden against her legs across his lap and wondered if she noticed.

They continued for sometime, watching the movie, cuddling, kissing, talking about nothing much but enjoying every word and the warmth of each other’s company. He felt his arousal growing with every kiss and decided he had probably better leave before things went too far. Holding her tightly and kissing her one stonehouse izle last time before he had to go he made his apologies and stood slowly, terribly aware of how hard he was now. She stood with him to show him out and they walked through to the entrance hall where he had hugged her that night first. Taking her in his arms again he held her tight and kissed her one last time, trying to fight the urges that burned through him

The feel of her body against his was driving him wild. Screw it, he thought, as he pressed her up against the wall facing away from him. His fingers were in her hair, her back to his chest as he swept her hair to one side to kiss her neck. She was so beautiful, so kind and compassionate, and he needed her. His kisses grew more fierce as he felt himself succumb. She was pinned, helpless, his arousal was mounting. He ground his hard shaft against her ass as his hand slipped lower to rub between her legs through the material of her pants. Hearing the soft moan escape her lips was his final undoing – she was enjoying this as much as him, her kisses reflected that need back to him.

Spinning her round his hands slid down and gripped her hips. Pinned between him and the wall, she lifted her supple legs and wrapped them around his waist as he ground himself against her. Their kisses fierce and needy now as he imagined ripping her clothes apart and taking her like this. Some small sense prevailed. That would all be for his pleasure. Nick wanted to make it about both of them. Carrying her small form back through to the lounge he laid her back on the sofa and kissed her softly before unfastening her jacket and slipping it off her. He knelt on the floor, a supplicant to his goddess and muse and as her fingers ran through his soft hair he slowly undid her pants, slipping off her shoes and pulling down her pants.

She froze but for a moment before wriggling her ass to let him take them off her.Gently spreading her beautiful legs he lifted one calf and starting just above the ankle and kissed his way up the inside of her leg. His breath was warm and his kisses soft and teasing as he made his way up her calf, past the knee and up the inside of her thigh. He stopped before reaching the apex and repeated the actions with her other leg, kissing and caressing those amazing limbs that had been wrapped around him. The red boyshorts she was wearing hid her secret from his eyes but he was too far gone now to return and he slid his warm, firm hands up the outsides of her thighs and hooked the tips of his fingers into the elastic before slowly drawing them down her thighs.

She was as smooth as he had ever seen and beautiful. Kissing the insides of her thighs, he pulled her down the sofa fractionally. Drawing her closer to him as the warmth of his kisses teased her lips. Hesitantly, waiting for any sign that she didn’t truly want this, he ran the tip of his tongue across her slit. She whimpered. Her hips bucking up towards his teasing mouth. With purpose, he slid his tongue between the folds and quickly found her clit. He circled it gently with his tongue, his hands gripping her hips firmly, pinning her in place as he teased and tasted her for the first time.She was as perfect as he had dreamed, and he couldn’t get enough of her. He devoured her, tasting and pleasuring her -getting as much enjoyment super junior the last man standing izle out of giving her pleasure as he had ever had taking his pleasure from others. Her every moan was music to his ears and he quickly learned how to play that music to a growing crescendo. Her cries rose with every skilled stroke of his tongue, soft moans filled the room with every swirl, gasps and muttered prayers with every flick. He was a maestro playing her, she was the willing orchestra. Her finale did not take as long as he thought it might – a testament to his skill and her craving need. As she came hard for him, her thighs tightened round him, and she cried out her climax to walls, the movie forgotten as the two characters sang about love and it’s fools.

As she lay there, he slid up onto the sofa and gathered her half naked body into his arms, his embrace gentle and protective as she came back to the world. His kissed her fiercely as he felt her hand slide down over his clothing and hips to press against his aching shaft.


His only word to her but filled meaning and need beyond comprehension. Her fingers tightened momentarily before seeking the buckle of his belt. Holding and kissing her as she carefully loosened the belt and opened his pants he let out his own soft sigh as her dainty fingers slipped inside his pants and boxers to grip his thick shaft; her small hands struggling to encircle his girth as she explored him without seeing. She traced his length and slipped him through the front of his boxers. Her thumb gently rubbed across the head of his shaft, spreading the slickness around the head of his cock.He lifted his hips, allowing her to pull his jeans and boxers down. She rose from where she had been curled in his embrace to look upon him for the first time. He saw the flicker of lust and need fill her eyes as she gripped his length and gently stroked him. This time it was her turn to kneel.

Without hesitation, she slid to the floor between his legs and pulled his pants all the way down and off as he kicked his shoes free. He stared down at her, his shaft twitching in her grip as she repeated his actions back upon him. Her kisses up the inside of his thighs were torture as he swayed in front of her. The tip of her tongue ran over his smooth balls and he groaned. His fingers gripped the fur throw that covered the sofa, tightening convulsively. Her kisses teased up the length of his shaft, then making eye contact with him that neither of them could have broken if they tried, she took him into her mouth for the first time.He couldn’t breath, couldn’t think, felt like his heart would stop as that moment in time stopped forever.

His goddess, his muse, the fantasy that had driven his thoughts and actions for months had her perfect lips wrapped around his length. Time started again, and her head bobbed on his shaft. Her tongue swirled on the underside of his cock. Her hands stroked the length as her head moved up and down. He reached down to caress her hair as she gave him such incredible pleasure.

“Oh Goddess…” Was his only whispered words.

The teasing and flirting of months, the caresses and kisses of this evening had driven him to this point, he was on the edge, quicker than normal but unstoppable super league the war for football izle now he looked down at his muse and tried to warn her of the impending explosion. Her only response was to lift off slightly, furiously stroke his shaft into her waiting mouth. Crying out his release to the room, his climax burst forth. The blasts of his seed jetting from his cock with every stroke of her hand as she milked him into her mouth. She took his full load and swallowed it down. Nick collapsed back onto the sofa, limp and momentarily spent as Lydia slid up beside him and under his arm.

As she lay next to him on the sofa, curled under his arm he became aware of her wriggling movements and looked down to she her sliding out of her top and bra. Sitting up, Nick slid his shirt of and then pulled her next to him. His arms curled around her, holding her tight to his chest. His lips found hers as they kissed. The feel of her skin against him was magical. Their naked bodies against each other was driving back the darkness. Slowly his fingers traced across her skin, caressing and teasing is smooth softness as his fingers slipped down between her legs.

Gently he parted her and slid the tip of one finger inside. He caressed her wetness, finding that little button and slowly circling it. He teased her, listening to her slow breathing change as he excited her again. Her fingers dug into his arms. Gripping him tightly as he added a second finger to her wet opening. He could tell how her arousal was building and he could feel himself coming rapidly back to life.Moving swiftly he pushed her onto her back on the sofa, sliding between her thighs he felt the slick wetness of her pussy against his cock.

He looked down into her eyes and seeing only need and desire and permission in them he began to inch his way inside her. She was beautiful and perfect and as he entered her he kissed her over and over. Her lips, her forehead, the tip of her nose. Her mouth opened in silent shock as his thickness spread her and filled her. Her nails dug into his back as he slowly stopped, joined and full. She was incredible and he slowly slid back before thrusting deep inside her. Their combined need was in control now as he powered himself deep inside her.Her legs wrapped around his waist before he grabbed them and lifted them to his shoulders. Her body was pinned under him now, almost bent in half as he filled her over and over.

He kissed her when he could, but focused on driving himself in and out of her. In the same way he had learned her secrets with his tongue he played with the angle of his penetration. He learned quickly where was the best place to aim for inside her and loved the widening of her eyes everytime be hit a certain spot inside her. One hand twisted itself in her hair, the other gripped her hip as he felt every slick inch of her wrapped around his shaft.

Closer and closer to the edge he leaned, his body driving him forward with that primal urge to fill her, to make her his, to take her and pleasure her. His kisses were hard and fierce, his thrusts almost brutally hard now as her fingers scratched him. This time her orgasm was screamed as she came to the pounding sensations of his shaft. The sight of her pleasure was all Nick could take and he buried his full length into her and cried out his own climax. With ever pulse of cum that blasted forth he thrust himself in and out, fucking her beautiful pussy full.

Exhausted and sated for the moment he let her legs slide from his shoulders. His kisses were slow and soft now as he checked for reassurance that she was okay. He stroked her flame-filled hair and gathered her into his arms. His shaft still hard inside her as he held her submissive body close and they took their comfort from each other.

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