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Ghost Hands Ch. 05

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Once again he is gone. Still in the glow of climax, and evidence of his orgasm on her still upon her backside. She was surprised that he did not clean her up as he had before, until she removed her mask. A nice small towel lay on the floor near her with a daisy and once again one of his notes.

“Did I tell you how amazing your body is? Your kisses are soul filling. Your energy is intoxicating. I thank you for sharing yourself with me, and letting me help you find pleasure filled release.”

Once again if you want to play more just text me. This time I want you to say what your libido needs most to get there.”

After reading that, her thoughts were of how in the world could she come up with anything when he surprises her each time.

Cleaning up, followed by getting dressed, she took a look in the mirror of the bathroom just off the bedroom. A noticeable glow flushed her cheeks. She sniffed the flower and headed out.

Sitting on her couch knowing that work was the next day was not her idea of a good bedtime story. Nothing on the TV was of interest. She turned it off and looked across the room at the two daisies in a glass on the table. This did make her feel flush. Her mind flowed through the ideas of each encounter, and the fact she had no idea who he was. Things he did surprised her how much they turned her on.

She readied herself for bed. This time she decided to put on a light tank top and shorts pj set she had. Laying there her mind kept going over it all. She found that a couple of things were shining through. His voice and smell were first to come up, followed by how he seemed to know exactly how to rub and tease her clit. His tongue on her sensitive places was pretty high up there. The kisses were toe curling, but what was really surprising was three things. His spanks, how they turned her on more than she had ever thought it could. The illicit sensation of his playing with her backside. The feeling of pleasure mixed with thoughts of it being taboo. Then the most arousing by far is his cum on her skin. She had no idea that being painted would be so erotic. Just the thought of it hitting her skin made her so incredibly slick.

The thinking about this as she lays in bed was not a good combination. The security of the bed had her reaching into her shorts to feel her shaved smooth sex. The cleft was already slick. A decision to opt for a toy this time instead of her fingers. The toys had not been out for quite a while. The fact her libido had been taking a back seat for a while didn’t help. She reaches for a leopard print pillow on her bed. It was a decoy, inside it was a few toys that she had for a while. Finding the one that she knew would do the trick. It was a small vibrator, simple adjustment, still took batteries. Turning the end on it started the process. A light hum to at first. Slipping it under her loose shorts and began to rub the lips. The sensation was pleasant. Pressing it a little harder, her lubrication let it ease to her button. This made it much better. Small rubs and the vibration helped. Slowly her excitement grew. Turning it up felt better, the waves of buzzing having its desired effect. Pressure over motion was getting her there faster. The final turn up and it felt wonderful, closer and closer she got, right on the edge and then nothing. Nothing at all, the little fucker died on her. Her frustration abounded. She twisted and smacked at the toy but nothing. So mad she flung it across the room. Laying there she was horny but defeated. She finally rubbed it the rest of the way but it was mechanical, not as enjoyable as she hoped.

Laying there slightly pissed off she looked through her phone one last time. Then she did it, she texted him.

“Sex toys.”

Now being late thinking he would not answer back, she was startled when he did.

“Toys huh?” He replies

“Yeah mine just died and I was almost there.” She pouted

“What kind?” He asks

“Wait take a picture of all of your toys.” He says

“Seriously you want me to take a picture of all my toys?” special forces worlds toughest test izle She asks

“Yes.” Was all he said

She gets up and dumps the contents of her pillow and restreves the culprit, and lays them on her bed. Takes the picture and sends it.

“Well let’s see here, I see what looks like a couple small vibrators, a bottle of lube, and what is that little tin?” He asks.

“They are blowjob mints.” Is her answer.

“Which one is the offending party?” He inquires

“The little blue one.” She says back.

“So would you like to meet tomorrow night? I will bring you a couple of new toys, oh and a new bottle of lube.” He says

“Sure, do you want me to bring cash to pay for them?” She asks.

“No, just be open minded.” Was his answer.

“Text me when you will be free tomorrow night and I will tell you where.” He instructs

“Ok I will, what do you want me to text you?” She asks but doesn’t get a response.

The next day started with anticipation. Her mind was on what he was going to get and what he was going to do. An all day arousal. She was horny when she got up, horny on the drive to work, horny at work, horny at lunch, horny on the drive home. Her libido got the best of her at lunch, she had to rub her pussy in the bathroom at work for some relief.

Once home she texted him.

“Fucking Horny!”

“That’s good. Are you ready for your instructions?” He replied

“Yes.” Was her answer.

“Good, this is what you need to do.”

Go to this address,

7588 rigid lane

Park in the driveway and go in.

Once in go to the kitchen, you will see two shots of tequila, drink both, then go to the master bedroom.

Take off all of your clothes and get in the hot tub just outside. You will find a new blindfold on the bed, put it on after you get in the tub.

She took no time to discard work attire and put on something comfortable. Her usual yoga pants and sweatshirt. With that she was out of the door.

Getting there did not take any time. It was a nice house. Not vacant like the last one. Nicely furnished. As she reached the kitchen, there were two shots like the instructions said along with a single daisy. She downed the shots and headed to the bedroom. On the bed was a satin black scarf laid out covering something. She pulled the scarf off to to find three sex toys and a bottle of lube. One was a vibrator that looked like it would fit well in her hand. Next to that was a purple silicone dildo that was realistically shaped, but a size that seemed similar to his. The last made her most curious but hesitant at the same time. It was a red silicone anal toy. It wasn’t very big, but it was intimidating, mainly from the fact she had only had a little bit of his finger there so far.

Off the bedroom through a set of french doors was a hot tub, open and waiting for her. She got out of her clothes and set them on a chair. Opening the door, the cool night air on her body gave her a chill. She instantly noticed that her nipples were hard and her pussy was slick. Easing into the warm tub was welcome. She could feel herself relax as the water enveloped her. As instructed the blindfold is put in place. The tub was obscured from view, the only way anyone would see is if they looked down from above.

The door opens, causing her senses to heighten. The sound of two hard things being set down on the tub caught her attention. Followed by quiet, then the feeling of his hand on her head.

“Sit up in the water till your breasts are out.” Was the command

She did as instructed. The hand moved to the back of her head, then gripped her hair pulling her head back. His lips met hers for one of the kisses she loved. The kiss broke for a moment then was returned, but this time it was followed by tequila pouring from his lips. Her mind went blank, a rush of pure lust shot through her. After finishing the booze laden kiss, he did it all over again. Her squid game izle thought as they started to come back how fucking hot that was. Releasing his grip he moves to get into the tub. The gentle waves of warm water move over her as he gets in.

Moving to her, pulling their bodies tight together, his kisses start again. The movements and caresses are soft and slow, they are very teasing. Each time he gets close to a sensual spot he stops and moves away. She does every effort to get him to touch those places, by moving to his hand. Sensing her impatients with him, he finally takes one ass cheek in one hand and her sex in the other. His finger mercifully goes between her lips. Her hips rock to feel it on her clit.

“Fuck my hand.” He says in her ear.

She does just that. She rocks back and forth on his fingers. Making sure her clit is touched. He kneads her ass, going cheek to cheek. Riding his fingers feels wonderful.

“Please press harder.” She moans

He does as instructed, this causes her climax to race to the top. In his arms she shakes from the pleasure.

His hand leaves her pussy, then returns with the vibrator. Turning it on under water, the sound is muffled. It finds a place between her lips. He moves her till he is directly behind. The spooning of bodies feels perfect. He leans back, allowing her to lay upon him. Opening her legs as wide as she can to give him full access. The vibration was a perfect feel. It rode through her body. She could feel his hard cock on her back. She moved till it was between her cheeks, there she moved her hips to feel the shaft on her backdoor. The toy increases, this begins to ramp her up faster. The toy increases once more causing her to orgasm again. She loves being in his arms, letting everything go and being his challenge to help cum.

He eases her up then stands next to her. His hands once again on her head. He gently rocks her head back, leaving one hand there and the other he uses to rub the head of his cock on her face softly, tracing her jawline, over her cheeks, then on her lips. She moves to take him in, but he just traces her lips and tongue. He finally let’s her take it in. She sucks him wantonly, moving him in and out greedily. She so wants to pay him back for what he has done. She breaks her task just long enough to lustfully say.

“I want to taste you, don’t pull out please.”

Then back to work she goes, bobbing and licking, trying to both make it feel good and put on a little bit of a show. It seems to work as he quickly reaches orgasm. His cum shoots into her mouth as she keeps working. His taste is what she expected, but she did not expect to enjoy it as much as she does. She sucks the last of his cum out, then moves her face up as if she was looking up at him and smiles.

“I hope you enjoyed that.” She says

“Oh I enjoy all of it with you.” He returns.

He gets out of the tub and shortly comes back with a towel. Guiding her out, he wraps her up with it and kisses her deep in the embrace. Leading her to the bed he lays her down gently. He then dries himself and closes the door. Opening her towel he climbs on her. She wraps her legs around him to feel him close. In her ear he asks.

“Do you trust me not to hurt you?”

“Yes I do.” She purrs back at him.

“Good, if you need to stop or slow down let me know.” He says

“Well I might want you to hurt me a little.” She teasingly says to him.

“Oh really?” He inquires.

“Well I do kinda enjoy the spanks.” She says back biting her lip.

He stops the conversation by kissing her hard.

His kiss is broken by his movement down her body. She knows what is coming and is eager for it. His attention to her responses and his smooth shaved face on her sex makes it incredibly sensual. Everytime his lips meet those lips she can’t help but to move to the feeling. He starts slow licking from the bottom to the top, just the edge of her cleft. This is repeated a few times before his tongue parts it’s way in to caress the star trek picard izle sensuous inner skin. Proceeding slowly, careful not to touch her clit. The anticipation this creates is electrifying, she moves when he gets close, but he always avoids it till she can’t stand it. Then melts into his mouth when it happens. He builds her up with slow motions, only to go in for the finish.

The first one from his lips flowed through her. A feeling that is always welcome. He keeps licking but away from her sensitive button. She eases down before focusing on it again. As he works, he incorporates a finger. It teases the lips, then slides in. It reaches the g-spot and slowly starts to rub. He matches the motions. The stimulation that this provides sends waves through her. This puts her climax on overdrive. Her pussy throbs as she boils over. This combination is intense. As this peak subsides he asks,

“Do you trust me?”

Breathlessly she moans out,

“Yes, yes I trust you.”

She can feel his hands moving as he goes back to licking. This time she feels something else there. Something broader, thicker. It’s just a little cool, and slick. She believes it is the dildo with lube. At this point she doesn’t care, all she wants is to cum, and have him help that happen. It slips in smoothly as he continues. Then in and out with long slow strokes. The sensation of being licked and fucked at the same time is incredible.

“This is what it must feel like. Those videos on the porn sites of threesomes of a girl eating another girl while she is being filled were so hot.” Goes through her head.

The thinking doesn’t last long as the pleasure of it is intoxicating. Slow strokes and increasingly faster licks is too much. The shaking starts before it hits. The intensity is overwhelming. Shoving him away is her only defense against over stimulus. He removed the toy as he backed off watching her shake a moan.

In a burst of movement, she finds herself rolled over ass up and two very deliciously stinging spanks across her bare ass. Then there are two more, then two more. She can feel how warm her backside is, it feels amazing. Firmly gripping her hips, he pulls her towards his cock. He guides himself in. Keeping the theme of slow pleasure, the motion is steady and perfect. Her over stimulation makes the next orgasm hit her quickly. Her cheek on the sheet as she is worked perfectly. She grips the bedclothes in an unconscious means to hang on. Then another not long after.

His hands gripping her hips and ass feel powerful and controlling. She feels like she is just along for the ride of his lust, and loving the benefit of her pleasure. One of his hands moves and she feels his thumb on her other entrance. It was still slick, the product of his oral ministrations. He starts with light rubs, the presses in a bit as he thrusts in and out. The sensation is wonderful and illicit at the same time. The deeper it goes the better it feels.

“You had three toys on the bed when I got here, and you have only used two.” She says with a playful tone.

“You’re correct in that, I was only going to use it if you asked.” Is his return

“I think I want to try it, as long as you’re gentle.” She purrs

His motions stop, he moves to the side, yet doesn’t pull out. The feeling of a cool slick thing touching her backside gives her a chill. He begins to make short thrusts with his cock and the tip of the toy eases in with the motion. Slowly he goes deeper in both places. Like before the deeper it goes the better it feels, yet this time it gets wider the deeper it’s inserted. Surprised at how much she is enjoying it leads to the lustful feeling of hoping it will help her climax. The in and out has her on a cloud ready to orgasm. Just as she peaks he eases it in the rest of the way. The sensation of it going from small to pleasantly thicker to quickly small again as it is finally in all the way rocks her hard. He keeps thrusting but leaving the toy there. The pressure against it with each thrust is amazing, keeping her climactic spasms right there boiling through her. The sounds of the bliss she is having makes him lose control. The feeling of flooding warmth fills her. He leans down to wrap his arms around her. He pulls her to her side and spoons her while both his cock and toy are still in her.

A whisper floats in her ear.

“Should I stay longer this time or would you like me to go?”

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