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Getting to Know Laura Better Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

When I stationed back east about 10 years ago I worked with a young woman named Laura. She had spent some time working before going to college and was in her late 20s when she started working for us. Laura made a striking first impression, with long dark hair, dark eyes, pretty face and great smile. But what was really impressive was her figure. She was fairly short at just over five feet tall with a great ass and huge tits. Her tits were a full D cup and still quite firm.

When she first started working with us, she would often wear short skirts and tight low cut tops that showed a lot of cleavage. We found out later that these were outfits she wore out to clubs, but she didn’t have any other clothes for a while. All the guys were disappointed when she swapped her clothes for more professional attire after a few weeks.

We also found out later that she has work at hooters for a few years after high school to earn money for college and I remember often fantasizing about her in a hooters outfit 🙂 Her low blouses were particularly distracting to me and she caught me staring at her gorgeous tits on a few occasions. She would always just smile and keep the conversation professional. We did flirt with each other a bit, but nothing serious in the office.

After she had been there a few months, we got scheduled to go on a trip to San Diego together with our boss. Our boss ended up having to cancel at the last minute so it ended up being just the two of us on the trip. We flew into CA around dinner, so we stopped at a restaurant on the way to the hotel.

Laura had never been to CA before and was excited about the trip and getting to see the Pacific Ocean. During dinner, she mentioned wanting to swim in the ocean and that she had brought along a new swimsuit. I told her the ocean was too cold to swim in, but hopefully we’d have time to visit a beach on the last day of our meetings. I told her the hotel had a great pool that I used to swim laps when I was there. She liked to swim laps as well and said she’d come join me after we checked in. We decided to meet at the pool about 30 minutes after we checked in, so I got changed and headed down there.

I was very pleased to find the pool empty, so I jumped in and started to swim laps. I had been swimming about 15 mins when Laura came into the pool area. I stopped to chat as she took off the shorts and top she had over her swimsuit. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed to see the suit. It was a fairly conservative light yellow one piece. Her tits did look great in it and her nipples were sticking out a bit when she got in the water. She told me she had bought the suit to swim laps and was glad the hotel had such a nice pool.

I swam laps for about 15 more minutes with her then got out of the pool. She swam a bit longer then got out as well. As she was emerging from the pool I noticed the conservative swimsuit she was wearing had become very sheer when wet. The outline of her nipples were clearly visible through the suit as was a nice strip of dark pubic hair running up her crotch. The pubs were barely visible thru the suit, so it was somewhat lined in that area but the top didn’t seem to have any lining at all and you could easily see the outline and color of her nipples.

Her areolas were huge…several inches wide and almost covering the entire top of her breast and two big nipples were poking out the middle of each. I had never seen areolas so big and could feel my cock getting hard looking at them. She came over to dry off and said the suit was great, but was disappointed in the material…she was looking down at her tits and could see how see through it was. I told her it looked great to me and she gave me a big smile.

She was sort of trying to cover herself with the towel, but didn’t seem to be trying very hard to hide her tits and I caught her glance at the bulge in my shorts.

She said, “Well at least it covers a lot more than the thong my old boyfriend bought for me to wear.”

“Did you ever wear it in public?” I asked.

She laugh and said, “I did a couple of times, but only after a couple of screw drivers.”

“Did you like wearing it?” I immediately wished I hadn’t right after it came out of my mouth.

To my surprises, she didn’t seem to mind answering and said, “I didn’t mind when there were only adults around but I was a bit uncomfortable around families with my naked ass exposed. I probably erzincan escort would have been more comfortable completely naked at a nude beach. At least everyone else would be naked with me.”

She was standing with the towel wrapped around her waist as we talked, her big tits clearly visible to me and I could tell she had no problem with me staring at them.

I decided to take the flirting up a level. “You know, there is a nude beach just down the road from the hotel that I visited on my last trip out here.”

I could tell that she was surprised I had been to a nude beach. “Did you go nude there?”

“Absolutely, it is a nude beach after all.” I kind of chuckled. “I have been to a few of them, this was is great. You should try it sometime.”

She smiled and said, “That would definitely take a few screw drivers.”

I decided to press my luck a bit further. “I’m sure we can find a few of those for you and I’ll even buy.”

I still wasn’t sure how she’d react to this new level of flight, but was presently surprised when she said, “OK, I might take you up on that…as they say what goes on TDY stays TDY right?”

“Yes, that is definitely true. It will be our little secret Laura.”

We had meetings scheduled until the early afternoon the next day. I had a very difficult time focusing on the meeting topics, but did my best to make sure we stayed on schedule. Laura had on a very professional business suit that did a fairly good job at hiding her big tits, but I kept staring at them during in the meeting, thinking about how those big areolas were going to look naked.

She caught me staring at them a few times and gave me a knowing smile when we made eye contact. I could tell she was thinking about our plans as well and we both spent a lot of time ignoring the briefings.

The day finally ended and I asked her if she still wanted to go to the beach on our way back to the hotel.

She said, “Yes, but I am bit nervous. I have been thinking about it all day and will go if you’re still buying.”

“Well, I am definitely still buying. Make sure you wear some sturdy hiking shoes for the hike down and let’s meet in the bar after we change.”

She showed up at the bar in some exercise clothes…sneakers, shorts and an exercise tank top. That top was earning every penny she paid for it holding in her huge tits in :-).

We sat down and ordered two drinks…there was definitely a lot of nervous sexual tension between us as we waited for the drinks. The waiter brought us two screw drivers and she raised her glass and toasted to new adventures. She drank her first drink in about 4 gulps and I asked the waiter to bring another.

About halfway through her second I asked if she wanted me to order her another one and she said two would be fine. I could tell she was starting to relax now.

We finished our drinks and got in the car to head to the beach. My heart was beating like crazy as we drove to the beach and started down the trail. The trail down was kind of steep with direct sun so we were fairly hot when we got to the beach. The beach was quite long and you could walk in either direction at the bottom of the trail. There were a couple dozen folks naked in both directions…nice mixture of singles and couples.

I told her I normally walk down toward the dunes on the right side about a half a mile down the beach. There were a few folks naked right near the trail head.

She said, “OK, sounds good is it OK if I take off my top while we walk.”

“Of course Laura. You can take all your clothes off if you want.”

“Just the top for now, it was kind of hot on the way down.”

She pull it off with one motion and out flopped her huge tits. I was amazed how big they looked without anything holding them back. They hung a little due to their size, but were fairly firm and had a great shape. The areolas were even bigger than they looked in the suit and did cover almost the entire front of her breast and her nipples were firm from the excitement and about as big as my thumb.

She said, “Wow this is fun.” as we started to walk down the beach, her big tits swaying as she walked. We could see several folks just down the beach walking in both directions…all of them were naked.

She noticed them as well and stopped after a few more steps. “I guess we should join them” she said as she leaned against me a bit erzurum escort to keep her balance and she took off her shorts and undies along with her shoes.

I took off my shorts and shoes as well and put all our clothes in my backpack. We were now both completely naked and facing each other just a foot or so a part. I don’t normally get excited at a nude beach, but the sight of my sexy, big breasted coworker made my cock throb and it was about half hard and getting harder.

She looked at it with a smile and said, “Maybe we should go dip our feet in the cold water before we keep walking.”

I watched her gorgeous naked ass wiggle away from me as she headed toward the water. The cold water helped get my hardon under control enough to continue walking down the beach without being too embarrassed. We past several couples and a few single men walking down the beach and I could see them all giving Laura’s big tits a look. They were by far the best set on the beach and I could see she was enjoying showing them off. She said hello to everyone that walked by and gave them a big smile.

We walked toward the dunes and past a couple lying beside each other making out. They were doing some minor petting and obviously enjoying being naked in public together.

Laura glanced at them as we walked past and seemed to approve. “This place is great, thank you so much for bringing me.”

We laid our towels out in front of some dunes a couple hundred feet past the other couple. They were grabbing their towels and heading over the dune when we sat down.

Laura smiled and kind of look longingly at them as they walked over the dune. “I bet I know what they are doing.”

I pulled out some sun screen and ask if she wanted some. She said sure and laid on her stomach for me to put it on her back. I was surprised she didn’t take it from me to apply herself but was thrilled to touch her naked body. I started with her feet and worked my way up her legs. She was a bit ticklish and giggled when I touched her feet, but settled down quickly when I worked my way up her legs toward her ass. I worked slowly up her thighs, slowly separating them to give me a better view of her ass and pussy and she seemed to open her legs more to give me a better view.

Her tits were so distracting I hadn’t spent much time looking at her pussy, other than for the nice dark stripe of pubs. She had a pretty light pink colored pussy that was shaved other than for the stripe on top. The shaving gave me a great view from the back and I could see her pink lips opening and shutting a bit when I moved her thighs in and out.

I could feel her shiver a bit when I finally touched her ass and I spent a lot of time rubbing the sun screen in…slowly separating the cheeks to get a good look at her tight asshole and pussy. She was breathing harder now and I could see pussy juices starting to flow…glistening in the sun. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum juices as I finished her back.

She flipped over on her back and said, “OK now do the front for me.” She gave my big hard cock a look and said, “Boy I really wish you weren’t married right now.”

I started to work my way up the front on her legs, slowly rubbing the inside of her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. She took turns watching my hands rubbing her body and looking at my big cock. Several people walked by us and a few slowed down to watch me rub her for a while. She seemed to enjoy being watched and she was opening her legs wider and wider as I moved up her thighs.

She was definitely a natural exhibitionist. The juices were really flowing from her pussy now and were dripping down her ass as my fingers brushed by her lips. I worked my way up the inside of her crotch slightly touching each lip and finally brushing her clit with my fingers. Her breath was coming quickly now and she had her legs spread wide. A couple was walking past and pretty much stopped to watch. She just laid there with her legs spread showing off her pussy as I worked my way up her stomach to her big hanging tits.

I put on quite a bit of lotion on my hands and grabbed them both at the same time as she let out a little squeal. The feeling was amazing! The soft flesh flowed around my hands as I rubbed the lotion in. Her nipples were sticking strait up and her huge areolas were engorged and puffy. I could have just rubbed those sexy big tits for esat escort hours and she was obviously enjoying it.

She finally said, “I know you’re married and all but wouldn’t it be OK to play around if we didn’t actually have intercourse.”

I said, “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“You know these tits can be used for more than just squeezing.”

I knew she was talking about a tit fuck which I really wanted to try, but was worried about pleasing her as well. “I would love to fuck your gorgeous tits, but what about you?” I asked.

I could tell she was very excited and said, “Don’t worry, I loved to have them fucked. They are super sensitive and I can use my fingers to help. I do this all the time with my boyfriend…trust me, I will have fun.”

We grabbed our towels and went behind the dunes. She laid down on her towel with her legs spread wide and started to rub her clit. She let out a moan as soon as she touched it and reached down with her other hand and slide in two fingers.

She said, “My god I am so fucking wet.”

I stroked my cock a few times taking in the sexy sight of her laying there masturbating.

She said, “Get down here, my tits really want to be fucked.”

I straddled my legs across her body and slipped my hard cock between her big tits. They had kind of flopped to the side of her body so I grabbed them and squeezed them together around my cock. The feeling was amazing, they were incredibly soft and hot against my hard cock.

I began to slide my cock back and forth in a fucking motion as I squeezed her tits a bit harder. She seemed to like that and let out a big moan as I stroked my cock between her tits…it felt way better than I ever imagined. I looked behind me and saw her hands busily working on her pussy…she had two fingers of one hand in her hole while she worked her clit with the other.

She said, “Move a little bit forward so I can get your cock in my mouth.”

I moved my hips forward until she had the head of my cock in her mouth and she began to move her head back and forth as I fucked both her tits and mouth at the same time. She was moaning loudly now and her body was shaking as she sucked my cock. I squeezed her big nipples harder with my hands and she moaned even louder as I continued to tit fuck her. The feeling was incredible and being outside in the sun made it even better.

She was now slurping loudly on my cock and I could hear her fingers sloshing in and out of her wet cunt. I told her I was about ready to cum and she took my cock deeper in her mouth. She also took her two fingers out of her pussy and pressed them against my lips.

Wow, what a turn on that was…I sucked them in…the wonderful taste of her pussy made me cum as soon as her fingers were in my mouth. She swallowed every drop as I continued to clean off her fingers. I sucked off every drop of her pussy juice as she sucked me dry.

I laid beside her after we were done and told her how great that was and how much I liked cleaning her fingers.

She smiled and said, “It is only fair that you get to taste me while I’m tasting you.”

I realized I had never kissed her this entire time and leaned over and gave her a big kiss. The tastes of both our juices mixing together as we made out on the beach was amazing. I wanted to eat her pussy, but she told me she had cum three times already.

She said, “I told you my tits were sensitive and I loved to be tit fucked.”

I was surprised how dirty she was talking to me already and realized I had a very kinky women on my hands.

I said, “I would like to get a better taste of your pussy though.”

She said, “Oh, you will. Just wait until our next trip. I am good for now.”

We went back over the dune and hung out at the beach for a few hours. Laura really did enjoy showing off and spent the most of the time facing the water with her legs spread. The beach was more crowded now and she was getting a lot of attention from everyone that passed by.

When it was time to leave, she walked back to the trail and part way up completely naked…only putting her clothes on when we got within view of the parking lot. I really did have a true exhibitionist on my hands and she would demonstrate that for me several times over the next few years.

I wanted to spend the night with her and fuck her brains out, but we just kissed at her door and I went back to my room. We had both agreed to the no intercourse rule. Our flight was mid-morning the next day so we agreed to meet for breakfast.

I was already thinking about what she would be wearing when she met me for breakfast…but that is another story 🙂

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