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Fun with the Temp

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A few months ago the firm I work for hired a temp secretary to pick up the extra work that we had fallen behind with from several large contracts.

Although she did not work directly with my department I had seen Michaela around and spoken to her in the canteen, a little shy at first we soon became friends. She is witty; we both share a keen eye when it comes to ‘people watching’ and the same wicked way of describing some of the less desirable characters at work.

With long dark hair and a sexy body that draws admiring glances, her tight round ass is almost hypnotic in the way that it sways when she walks, she has flawless lightly tanned skin that speaks of her Mediterranean heritage, (her Father is English, her Mother Spanish) she has the posture of a dancer, very upright holding her shoulders back, this and her preference for sheer blouses matched with lacy half cut bras tend to draw the eye to her firm breasts.

Younger than me at 33 we shared the same sense of humour that made chatting easy, we spent a lot of time making fun of the mundane complaints that most of the office seemed to share about their lives and when she laughed she would rest her head against my shoulder, the light musky scent of her perfume filling my nostrils, she was a very ‘touchy’ sort of person, resting her hand lightly on my arm as we talked, slipping an arm around the shoulder when she brought a coffee into my office, harmless little gestures that were often misread by the young bucks as a sign of something more, it was amusing in a cruel sort of way when she put them in their place when they became overfriendly.

Lads being lads as each of them failed to make an impression they decided that she was either a lesbian or a cock tease and soon began to ignore her.

The truth was that she had been in a relationship for the past year and had no interest in any of them.

We both shared the same sense of fun and found the chat in the canteen mostly dreary and boring, we liked to send e-mails back and forth in the afternoon about whatever gossip was doing the rounds, making up little scenarios describing our version of events, mostly cruel and defiantly not pc, it was fun and harmless mainly because neither of us ever shared our jokes with the rest of the office, it was our own private little thing.

It was during one of these exchanges that I was suddenly called out of the office on an urgent matter, I forgot that Michaela would be bringing my afternoon coffee and in my rush had left my personal lap top on the desk open at the web site Jules had been posting pictures on, she had rang me earlier to say our latest pictures were on the site and not wanting to wait until I got home I had checked them out on my own computer, (using the works pc to view naked ladies would have brought down the wrath of the IT department and with it unemployment).

As soon as I walked back to my office I could see her poised over my desk and realised what she was looking at, sheepishly I opened the door.

Michaela never moved from my desk.

“Is that your wife in the pictures?” She asked.

I replied that they were and to my surprise she then said.

“Can we look at them together later, after work?”

She made it clear that she want offended by what she had seen and was just a little curios, promising that she would not tell a soul. A little mystified I agreed to stay behind with her after the rest of the staff had left that evening on the pretext of catching up with an account.

As she turned to leave the office I took a chance and passed Michaela the lap top telling her to find somewhere quiet and log on to Literotica.

I spelt it out for her along with my member name, telling her that it was an erotic story site and reading the stories we had submitted might go some way to explaining what she had seen, puzzled she took my pc and said she would see me later.

By 5:30, everyone had left; I was sitting at my desk trying to work out what Michaela would be asking and what she would think of our stories when I heard a light knock on my door, as she walked in there was a huge grin on her face, pulling up a chair selling the hamptons izle alongside my desk she sat as close as she could get, crossed her gorgeous legs at the ankles, smoothed her short dark skirt as she settled back.

“Alone at last, I thought they would never go.”

She gestured toward my computer.

“So, are you going to just sit there or show me the pictures you were looking at earlier, I’ve never seen anything like that on the internet before.”

“What, Pornography?” I asked while logging on to my account.

“No silly, everyone who has ever logged on has looked at porn,”

“I meant the site where people can post their own pictures.”

As I pulled up the amateur site where Jules had been posting her pictures I felt my cock begin to stiffen, I quickly opened the profile that we had created. With a click of the mouse I pulled up the first set of pictures we had posted, nothing hard-core just a few underwear shots, some topless and a few of her ass.

After five minutes or so of looking through the submissions of ‘soft’ pictures Michaela took control of the mouse and pulled up the most recent file.

This was the one from our group photo shoot where our friends Jake and Terry had taken the photos with much ‘harder’ content.

These were the first fully nude pictures that we had submitted along with some pretty graphic close-ups of the guys playing with Jules and cuming on her tits.

Not knowing how Michaela would react to them I stayed quiet as she browsed through the pictures; she uttered the occasional “wow” as she scrolled through about twenty shots.

Sitting in close proximity to a gorgeous young woman looking through photos of one of the most erotic adventures Jules and I had experienced so far brought my dick to full attention, luckily Michaela was too engrossed in the pictures to notice the bulge in my pants.

She finished looking through our submissions then asked if we had sent any video clips and was surprisingly disappointed when I said no.

“These pictures are really wild, are they from one of the stories you told me to look at?” I told her that they were.

She squirmed in her chair, her leg brushed against mine.

“And all of the stories are true?”

“Pretty much, yes, some of the names have been changed just to be fair to the people involved but Jules and I have a good relationship and enjoy the excitement of her exhibitionist side, although some people think it’s wrong.”

She bit her lip and swung back and forth in the chair.

“I don’t think its wrong I think it’s a big turn on to be able to share something like that, having sex where you might be seen has always been one of my fantasies.”

“Is it just Jules who has the adventures or do you have some fun of your own?”

She ran the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip, there was no doubt that she had been turned on by the pictures.

“We usually like to experience new things together, but if the mood is right and the opportunity is there we are free to enjoy ourselves, as long as we stick to a few rules and are honest with each other.”

Seemingly satisfied with my answers she turned her attention back to the web page and continued browsing the site, flicking through pictures sent by other members.

“It’s a pity you have no videos on here, I would love to see some cock shots and blowjobs, its funny but I have never really been into the idea of having someone cum on me, but seeing the pictures of Jules being covered in it has made me curious.”

I laughed and said.

“There are plenty of videos of blowjobs on the site, type it in search and off you go.”

Michaela smiled and turned her seat so we were face to face, then shocked me by dropping her hand lightly in my lap and giving my cock a quick squeeze through my trousers. “This is the one I wanted to see, would you mind?”

Would I mind? Given the bulge in my trousers it was a pretty silly question.

“If you do that again I’m going to shoot a load in my pants.” I said.

She rubbed her palm over my crotch.

“How sense8 izle does this work? Do you have to get permission before anything can happen or can I just, you know, touch it and have you touch me?”

“Its fine, do whatever you want.” I said. “As long as you tell me what you want and understand it’s just a bit of fun anything goes.”

She pulled my seat round so that I was facing her then quickly unzipped my pants, gently eased out my penis, the head was swollen and oozing pre-cum.

“He looks like he’s about ready to explode.” She smiled.

“Let him do it on me like in the pictures.”

There was going to be no argument from me as I watched her slid her hand up the length of my cock to the head, give a gentle squeeze to release a drop of clear fluid from the tip, swirl her thumb through the juice, spread it down my cock, repeating the action until my shaft was nice and slick, all the while looking straight into my eyes.

She slowly pumped her hand up and down the length of my cock, circling her fingers very lightly around the shaft so as not to stimulate me too much, with her other hand she fondled and cupped my balls.

Giving the head a squeeze, she dipped her head and took me into her mouth causing me to shiver as she swirled her tongue over the end.

“Pre-cum tastes so sweet.” she said licking her bottom lip.

Letting go of my cock she stood up.

“I don’t want any mess on my clothes so we need to get naked.” She said. Unbuttoning her blouse and tossing it to one side she giggled as she undid her bra, and exposed her firm breasts. Next she unbuttoned her skirt letting it slip down over her tan legs, wasting no time in removing her thong panties, tossing them to one side with a flourish and standing hands on hip, completely nude except for high heels.

Pulling off my shoes and socks I quickly kicked my trousers and boxers off from where they had pooled at my feet and discarded my shirt.

“This is so hot.” Michaela said breathlessly. “Let me do you first.”

My cock was rigid and quivering as she reached out and cupped my balls gently tickling them with her fingers, she took my shaft in her other hand, jerking it hard as she moved close, the tip brushed her lower belly as she brought her lips to mine in a long passionate kiss, our tongues entwined, tasting one another until she pulled away.

Squeezing the head of my dick between finger and thumb she said.

“How about we do this like in the pictures? You cum on me, then I cum for you.”

She ran her hand up and down over the length of my cock, my breath quickened as with every stroke of her palm my cock throbbed, straining toward ejaculation.

She began to work her hand up and down my member more urgently, faster and faster, squeezing the head as she pulled the foreskin up over it, her fingers travelling from base to tip in a blur, totally focused on making me cum.

Wave after waves of pleasure washed over me and I tensed, sensing I was close she gripped my cock hard, pulling me with her as she sat back down, reclining the chair just as thick, hot spurts of cum shot from the tip of my cock, the first shot landed on Michaela’s neck, she adjusted her grip so the rest splashed onto her tits and belly, I strained against her hand with each jet of hot cum, lost in the pleasure of release.

She continued to rub my cock slowly as it deflated eventually letting it drop to my thigh, a thin line of cum dribbled from its slit and she leaned forward kissing the mess from the tip.

She trailed her fingers through the wet patches on her neck, tits and belly massaging it into her skin, her mouth quickly turned to a wide smile and she casually brought a finger to her mouth and sucked on it, tasting my cum.

She gave one of her boobs a gentle squeeze, rubbing her thumb over the hard nipple and grinned. “I’m so horny right now… your turn to please me mister.”

Kneeling between her open legs her vagina was right in front of my face, it was one of the most enticing sights I have ever seen. Her damp lips were completely bald, pink and puffy with excitement, a very sewer divers izle neat closely trimmed ‘landing strip’ ran upwards from the top of her slit and I could tell that it had been recently waxed.

She was pretty wet already and let her head fall back, closing her eyes with a faint sigh as I slipped my fingers through her lips, stroking with a slow even movement, careful to just tease without pushing my fingers into her dampness.

She let out a little moan as I caressed her warm pussy, occasionally letting a finger slip between the neat folds.

With my other hand I circled my fingers over her lower belly, tickling the soft skin there only stopping when the tip of my index finger rested on her swollen clit.

Michaela groaned and lifted her ass off the chair slipping forward trying to increase the contact with my teasing fingers, she widened her legs and her lips spread as I pushed first two and then three fingers into her vagina.

Easing slowly in up to the first knuckle I wiggled them, caressing the silky walls in rhythm with the finger stroking her clit, her breathing quickened and she rolled her hips, making little moaning noises, I could tell she’d gone past the point of no return and increased the pressure on her clit rubbing it with quick little flicks.

Soon she gripped my hand holding it hard against her as she shuddered to a climax letting out a cry and arching her back, driving her body up in the chair.

She bit her lip and tossed her head from side to side gasping as she came, losing all control as her orgasm took over. Sticky juices flooded over my hand as I worked my fingers in and out, slowing as her orgasm subsided, gasping she slumped back in the chair and didn’t move for maybe 20 seconds as she came down from her high.

We sat, in complete silence, for what seemed minutes, her eyes eventually opened and a huge grin spread across her face.

She sat up and looked down at herself.

Her body was covered in a thin film of sweat and sticky spots where I’d cum on her.

“Wow I can understand why Jules likes this so much; it’s so exciting being naked somewhere you shouldn’t be; I might have to try some of the other things in Jules got up to in the stories.”

Her left hand gently settled in her lap on top of her pussy, she curled her fingers over her damp lips and her gaze fell on my lap top, she chewed her bottom lip then said.

“Look I love the guy I’m with but he’s pretty conservative you know?

“To be honest we only have any fun once or twice in a month and he has never brought me to orgasm. Everything else is fine but I would like explore and experiment a little like Jules, has the problem is if he knew what had just happened or how I feel about experimenting sexually we would be over in a heartbeat.”

She sighed.

“I would love to post some pictures on that site and keep it as my own sexy little secret; the only problem is I am scared someone who knows me might see them.”

Taking her hand in mine I said.

“I told you that the best way to approach things is to just have fun, obviously there has to be some kind of attraction but if the opportunity and the desire are there then there’s nothing wrong in seizing the moment, why should you miss out? Just be discreet, be careful and don’t brag to your friends, not everyone is as open to new things.”

Gesturing towards the computer I said.

“And as for taking photos there are lots of shots on this site from Woman who don’t want to be known, either because of a partner or the nature of the job they have, even so plenty of poses look sexy as hell without the face being in shot.”

To illustrate the pint I pulled up a few of the more discreet photos, her eyes lit up.

“Would you take some pictures of me to post on the site?”

She looked around the office.

“In here, one night this week, please, it would be so damn sexy.”

My heart raced at the thought of posing her and taking her picture, my cock began to twitch into a semi erect state.

“Ok, how about Friday, the office shuts early; the cleaners aren’t in until Saturday morning so we will have plenty of time.” I suggested.

She jumped off her seat and hugged me.

“That would be great.” She said.

Reaching between us she gave a playful tug on my penis

“Next time though I will need some cock.”

She whispered in my ear, “If that’s allowed?”


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