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From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 21

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Chapter 21 Finishing What Was Started

Things seemed just great, and I felt in love as I had never truly felt before, even with Lori, I realized now. I had one lingering anxiety, and just didn’t know how to broach the subject to Daddy in a way that wouldn’t poison the well.

For a while, I had felt that I needed to finish my surgery, to be fully a woman. Daddy, always called me his special sissy girl, and other similar terms, but I wondered if he wasn’t missing something by not having a complete woman (that is, with a vagina), or if he specifically wanted me to remain in this limbo state forever.

If I asked him directly, I felt he would leave it up to me, and then I wouldn’t know how he actually felt. And if he told me how he felt and it wasn’t what I wanted, I would feel compelled to fulfill his wishes. Though the sense of his ownership of me had not changed. Our relationship had. He was much more solicitous of my needs since I had become his fiancée. It was an interesting paradox to be completely submissive and an equal partner.

The only person I thought I could speak to about it was, unfortunately, Dr. Harris. I did a really inappropriate thing and made an appointment to see him without telling Daddy. I made it under Jayse Kunt, so he would know what it was about and (hopefully) not rat me out.

I took a morning off work and went to see him. I again had that “happy” experience of zoning out in the waiting room while a new receptionist ran around calling out “Jay’s Cunt, Jay’s Cunt, is Jay’s Cunt here?” I’m sure both Harris and Daddy would have a good laugh.

When I finally realized it was me, I looked up and said, “it’s pronounced Jāze Küunt.”

“So, what brings you in today, Ms. Cunt.” Dr. Harris said still within earshot of the receptionist who had escorted me in.

“It’s pronounced Küu…” She walked away and I didn’t finish the sentence; he was cracking up.

“Dr. Harris, this is a professional call. I need your medical advice.”

“Does JJ know you’re here today, sweetie?”

“No, I didn’t tell him, and you’re not going to either.”

“Well, my dear, silence has a price, if you can be discreet so can I.” He leaned in while reaching for my breasts. I slapped his hand away mildly.

“I think the price is called doctor/patient confidentially. Dr. Harold Harris!”

“Do you think using my full name is supposed to intimidate me, Ms. Cunt?”

“Look, here, Harry. Do you want to fuck up again with my fiancé and lose what few places you have left stick your fat dick into?”

“Okay, you make a fair point… doctor/patient confidentiality is important. What is your concern?”

“Thank you, Harry, you know I can have Daddy invite you over, if you play nice, we don’t have be at odds.”

“Okay, but it’s still Dr. Harris to you don’t get sassy, sissy. What do you want to talk about?”

“I have been thinking about finishing the job… you know.”

“Sure, that makes some sense. Have you talked to JJ about it? What does he want?”

“See that’s the sticking point. I think I want to, but I’m not sure. If I ask him now, he’s going to agree, but I won’t be sure if it is really what he wants. It seems crazy for a Dom, but our relationship has gotten really complicated–I flashed the enormous diamond engagement ring, Daddy had given me as proof. What do you think I should do?”

“Well that really is a conundrum, sissy. I’ll take you up on your offer. Get me invited over, make sure it’s a night when Vera is there, and I will broach the topic in a casual way, so he’s not suspicious. Would you like me to… hmm…examine you to see how you’re progressing and what next steps might be pursued.”

“Are you going to behave yourself, or are you just looking for trouble?”

“Both. But I should take a look, see what the options are, and I’ll try to behave myself. How about just a little kiss, sissy, I’m sure JJ wouldn’t begrudge me a little kiss among friends.” I let him kiss me, I really enjoyed his kisses, and he was right, Daddy wouldn’t begrudge him a kiss, I just had to be careful not to let him do more. I was already treading dangerous waters.

I disrobed and he got me up on the examination table. He spread the legs apart and was looking at my taint with a giant magnifying glass.

“This healed very nicely. When I did this, I folded the flaps of the scrotum in so that if you did make this choice there would be extra skin to create the vagina. I would just make an incision right down the midline here, unfold the skin and create the outer and inner labia of your new vagina.”

“Well, that sounds… erm… comforting. Would this vagina work just like a real one?”

“Of course, what do you take me for? I make the best vaginas in the business, sissy. My vaginas are world renown.”

“Okay, okay. But you know he’s really big, and so are you, would it stand up to the kind of abuse you two dish out.”

“Just like a biological one; mine, by the way, are just as real as a biological one.”

“What about bahis siteleri sensitivity?”

“Well, fortunately, there is a lot very sensitive tissue with many nerve endings down there that will allow you similar sensation to a biological woman, plus the hormones help. I will also be shaving off a little of what’s left of your old penis–that ring is going to have to go. I will turn what remains of your foreskin into a hood for your new clit. That’s about it; we’ve done most of the hard part already.

“Okay, I think I do want it, but I have to know what he wants first.” We finished the medical exam, but he tried a few things before letting me leave. It would have been flattering the way he was after me, if I didn’t know he was such a horndog. Finally, I let him kiss me again, while he fingered me and jerked off. He knew I couldn’t come without Daddy’s permission, so I told him he had to come fast.

He did come pretty quickly and only had two fingers up my ass. He tried to get me to eat his cum, but I put him off. I would probably get in trouble for what I had already done, but that was a step too far.

I felt lucky to get out of there for such a small price. I should have known better; and I should have known not to trust Dr. Harris. When I got home from work that evening, he and Daddy (who had been away a couple of days tending to out of town ‘business’) were in the living room drinks in hand.

I knew I was in trouble, as soon as I walked in. “Michelle, would you please join us?” Daddy said. Like, Lori, whenever he used my name, I knew it was serious. He mostly called me Sissy as if it was my name or all other manner of names for me, from the lurid to cutesy. When he called me Michelle it was either a romantic gesture, or I was in deep trouble. I was sure it was the latter this time.

“Yes, Daddy.” I went right over and sat next to him. I tried to kiss him, but he would only allow peck, then nudged me away.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I went to see Dr. Harris today because I had a question about proceeding with surgery. I think I want it, but I didn’t know how to bring up to you to get your true feelings on the matter.” Harris had been winking and making faces, but once I had launched, I had to get it out.

“Hmm! You went to see Dr. Harris without telling me? And, you Harry? You knew about this?”

“Yeah, JJ is like the sissy said. She came to see today about finishing her surgery. I had to observe patient/doctor confidentiality JJ. I am a professional, after all.”

“Sure, sure, did he try anything, Sissy?”

“No, Daddy I just let him give me one little kiss. It was nothing.” I lied, but I was really trying to cover for Dr. Harris, who I assumed had not tattled on me, after all.

“Okay, Michelle, so you want to finish the surgery and you want to know how I truly feel about it?”

“Yes, that’s about it. If you want me to stay like this, I will. But I feel like you would be cheated marrying half a woman and not having access to that part of me.”

“Sissy, I do see your dilemma, but you should have come to me instead of sneaking off to see Dr. Hornold Harris, here. I am going to have to punish you for that, you understand?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. I am so sorry. You are right I should have just come to you no matter what. I want you to punish me for that, but what do you think about the rest?”

“Sissy, I think you are pretty much perfect as you are. I don’t feel cheated by your not having a pussy; I have plenty of pussy available. But I would not feel bad if you had the surgery. It would not take anything away from me, and it would definitely add something. Go ahead and have the surgery, if that’s what you want, honey.”

“Oh, Daddy, you are so generous to me. I love you!” I hugged and kissed him passionately despite his protestations and evasions. Dr. Harris came over and got me to kiss him too, first just a peck, but then he started tongue fucking my mouth. Daddy put an end to that with a snap of his fingers.

And Hornhold, was suddenly professional again, “when would you like to get started, it would be three to six months before your new pussy is ready for ‘action’?” He asked in his most officious tone.

“Okay, we should start right away then. I want to be ready for Daddy on our wedding night.”

“I’ll make you an appointment next week.”

“Can it be under my real name this time. I’m tired of being Jay’s Cunt, without actually having one.” Daddy laughed at my joke, which made me feel happy because I knew he was still in a great mood even after my transgression.

“So, is Vera here?” Dr. Harris asked hopefully.

“Actually, she will be here soon, she’s making us dinner tonight. She and Bernie should be here any minute with the groceries.”

“How is Vera these days?”

“Ah, Harry, do you want to stay for dinner? I’m sure we can have Vera make enough for all of us.”

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind, if it’s no trouble JJ. Her cooking is so divine.”

“Yeah, right, the cooking that’s what you are looking forward to.” And they canlı bahis siteleri guffawed, like the old friends they were. I offered to refresh their drinks, and just then the buzzer sounded; it was Bernie and Vera downstairs. I had the doorman send them up refreshed the drinks and went to my bedroom to freshen up.

We had a wonderful dinner; Vera’s cooking truly was divine. We all sat around eating together and chatting casually, even Bernie, whose voice I had hardly ever heard, chimed in on the conversation. After dinner, Vera and I cleared the table and cleaned up, while the men went on chatting about sports and politics or whatever else, fulfilling gender roles despite status.

Bernie, it turned out, was a huge pothead, which everyone knew, except me apparently. He pulled out a big fat joint and the boys stayed in the dining area, while Vera and I made trips back forth sometimes getting puffs here and there.

When we were all done cleaning up, the whole troupe moved into the playroom, which was that big room at the end of the hallway where I had witness that scene years ago. Obviously, I was much more familiar with it these days.

It was a smaller, less industrial version of Bob and Angel’s, well-appointed, with an en-suite bathroom, and sound-proofing. All of this work had been done, after I had witnessed that scene; then it had just been one of the apartments nine bedrooms. There were all sorts of tech and non-tech equipment. There was very large screen monitor mounted flat onto a wall. There were hooks hanging from the ceiling, there were two sex swings a few platforms of varying sizes, a large X with restraints attached and in the center of the room a square version of the Bellini at Bob and Angel’s.

When we all came into the room, the first step was to deal with Bernie. Vera took care of that. Normally, we didn’t hear a peep out of him, but today he was voluble and seemed to want some kind of attention. Vera came to us two to three times a week, often with Bernie in tow, mostly she would just sit him in a corner and he would stay put quietly. The only time he was restrained was when Daddy chose to use Vera, which was about a third of the time.

She was currently making Bernie take off his clothes and he was acting like a petulant child. Normally, he would be restrained in a kneeling position, folded up with his hands behind his back and his collar chained to his knees, with enough room so he could see what was happening to his wife, and be totally forgotten. But tonight, he seemed to want more.

She was trying to get him locked into position, but he was squirming and wriggling. Finally, she smacked him hard across the face. “You fucking pencil dick faggot, what is your problem?” She motioned Daddy and Dr. Harris over with her head. They came over to see what the commotion was about.

“What’s going on Bernie? Do you need to be disciplined, tonight, faggot?” Dr. Harris asked almost kindly.

“Yes, Sir, please.” He sounded desperate; then it occurred to me that it probably had to do with Dr. Harris being there. Since he had lost privileges to Vera, he was not really interacting with Bernie. He was, after all, Dr. Harris’s original cuck and submissive; that’s a strong bond, and he wasn’t really getting any attention from Daddy, he was left mostly forlorn in a corner. Speaking from experience, the cuckold/cuckolder relationship is a delicate eco-system, that can go horrible wrong with small changes.

They strapped him up to the X-frame. I had never seen Bernie disciplined in any way; he seemed so obedient, almost like a half-life. Once they had him bound, Dr. Harris asked, “How long has it been since you have been allowed to come, Bernie?”

“Oh, I don’t remember, exactly, Sir. Must be about six months, I think, Sir.” Vera agreed, it was at Bob’s with Larry and Alex who were having some “fun” with him. Dr. Harris looked over at Daddy with chagrin.

“JJ, you are not really caring for my cuck very well; you know, he’s part of the package. It’s not just Vera. If you don’t mind JJ, I will tend to Bernie tonight.”

“Sure,” Daddy responded. Dr. Harris removed Bernie’s cock cage and his shriveled penis dribbled out like. Bernie’s face relaxed into a sad smile and he turned back into his usual placid self.

“Faggot, I am going to have to punish you for the mischief earlier, but I am going to give a treat afterward. Beg me to punish you now, faggot.”

“Yes, Sir, please punish me. I need it bad, Sir. I want to feel your touch, Sir, I need to be struck, please.”

“As you wish, cucky faggot.” He picked up a whip from the nearby rack of torture instruments and began methodically whipping Bernie down his front. He gave quite a bit of attention to Bernie’s small (but still bigger than mine) penis. At one point, he brought Vera over and had her suck his tiny penis hard so that he could whip it. Satisfied with the front he flipped him over and restrained him, facing the X and whipped his backside just as methodically, while Bernie grunted loudly from canlı bahis the pain.

When he was done, Bernie thanked him profusely for being whipped so thoroughly. He positioned Bernie on his back on top of the square Bellini and Vera on all fours over him, in the sixty-nine position. He picked a smallish butt plug from cabinet, and poured lube all over it and jammed it into Bernie’s ass, without much prep. Bernie groaned as his ass accepted the intruder, and then thanked Dr. Harris for providing it.

Then he pushed Vera large ass down so that her big pussy would engulf Bernie’s face. Meanwhile, on the other end Vera was sort of sucking Bernie’s little pecker. She was putting it in her mouth and “smacking” her lips on and off over it.

“Open up slut!” Dr. Harris said. Vera pulled her cheeks apart, and he shoved his whole big fat cock in her ass. She groaned, but ground up her splayed ass with his crotch, and then came back down on Bernie’s face. Daddy had taken up a position by her face and she was sucking his cock earnestly, while moaning.

She was getting pumped front and back at a grueling pace. They didn’t seem to be pacing themselves but where fucking full bore into Vera’s holes. I was just a spectator in awe of her strength and sturdiness, when Dr. Harris made eye contact with me and guided my focus to her open cunt. “Sissy, slide your hand in there,” I did, slowly at first. I formed all five fingers into a small cone and pushed in. Then he shouted to get on with it and I shoved my whole small hand in.

There was some resistance, but that gave way pretty quickly, and it was really soggy in there. As I was fisting her, I noticed that she was using her muscles to suck my hand into her. It was a really fascinating feeling.

I looked over at Dr. Harris and nodded toward her pussy, quizzically. I was curious if my impending pussy would be able to handle something like this. He caught my meaning, and just shook his head. “But, then again, most bio pussies couldn’t handle what Vera’s does,” he grunted as he continued pounding her other hole.

With my fist added to mix, Vera was on the verge, and the men were there too. It was only a few more minutes before Vera was bucking and groaning and finally begging to come. “Go ahead, whore,” I heard Daddy shout, taking over Dr. Harris’s command. “Faggot, you can come when she comes.

“Oh, thank you, Sir,” Bernie said barely audible through Vera’s cunt and my fist fucking it. On the other end Daddy was fucking Bernie’s ass with the buttplug.

Vera was coming hard now; I could feel her pussy spasming on my hand. She was shuddering and moaning around Daddy’s cock. The men were on their last thrusts; Dr. Harris pushed in balls deep and held it there with his legs bandying around and his hips gyrating spasmodically.

On the other end, Daddy was doing a similar move, but when he started coming he pulled his cock all the way and flooded Bernie’s tiny dick with massive amounts of cum. When he was done, he pushed Vera’s face back down to Bernie and she sucked up the sperm covering him.

Meantime, Dr. Harris had me take my hand out of Vera, worked his cock out her ass, and slowly worked his cum out of her hole, down her pussy and into Bernie’s waiting mouth. As the spunk began to hit his lips, Bernie started coming. He was grunting and moaning, Vera ate the cum around his dick. He came on the side of her face; it wasn’t the same volume as the other guys, but it was respectable load.

I had moved over to clean up Daddy’s cock; when I was done, I turned and saw Vera’s face covered in her husband’s cum. I was curious, so I licked her face. I don’t know why this was so, but Bernie’s cum tasted horribly. I had now sampled a fair share of cum, some bitter, some sweet, like Daddy’s and a lot in between. But Bernie’s was some nasty shit. The best I can do for description is something like milk and orange just left out to spoil for some days.

I tried to kiss, Vera to get some of Daddy’s cum to kill the taste, but she must have known all about it because she wouldn’t let me. And she finally wiped off what was left on her cheek without trying to lick it off. I moved back to Dr. Harris, who had much more pleasant tasting cum and cleaned off his cock, but Bernie’s taste persisted on my tongue.

When the fireworks were done. They put Bernie into this cage; I had seen it in the corner, but couldn’t imagine how it would be used exactly. It was basically a square wire crate about two feet square, but three feet tall. I was open on the top. Vera put a leather cock ring with a loop around his dicklet and balls; they had Bernie squat into it, then attached a small chain from the bottom of the crate to the loop on the cock ring and pulled it taut.

Then they attached his collar to one of the ceiling chains. They raised the chain just high enough that he had to maintain a balance between pulling on the harness holding his testicles or choking himself, in a half squat/ half-crouch position… and left him there.

When he was tucked into his cage, suddenly they turned toward me, and I felt an icy chill down my spine and my heart beat much faster. I knew Daddy was ready to punish me for my imprudence in going to see Dr. Harris without his permission.

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