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Friday Night Delight

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Big Dicks

My husband is home with the kids and thinks I’m on an overnight work trip. He doesn’t know I’m really two hours from home pulling into your driveway, eager to explore our new relationship even further. Even though you’re three years younger than me you’ve done a lot of living in your 32 years and have much to teach me.

It’s late when you meet me at your front door. You have been waiting for me to arrive, and you want to waste no time on small talk.

You take my hand and pull me in from the wind and rain. I barely have time to remove my coat and hang it on your coat tree before you pull me down the hall. We met online in a kink chat room, and this is my third visit to your home.

We go past your bedroom, where we have ended up on our two previous encounters. You take me into your guest room. I’ve never been this far into your home before, but I know from previous conversation that your guest room is hardly used.

As we enter I notice it’s fairly empty and really cold. A bed, a dresser, and a bookshelf headboard. Some candles are lit on the dresser, and they provide the only light in the room.

You shed your robe and I notice that you’re wearing only a choker. I hastily undress as you climb onto the bed, letting my clothes fall into a neat pile on the floor.

I shiver in the cold air and feel my nipples constrict as I notice that the king sized bed is made up with what appears to be a white comforter, and on top of that is a sleeping bag. I see you push your feet down inside the bag and motion me to join you. I climb in and you pull the zipper up, creating a snug cocoon in the cold room.

I hear a sudden howl of winter wind and realize that you have the window open in this bedroom. The sleeping bag suddenly feels even more cozy as I hear the sounds of the promised winter storm begin outside.

I move in for a tender kiss, but you aggressively push me down and straddle me. I realize that whatever lust you’re feeling hasn’t left you feeling tender, but needful instead. In the almost complete darkness I feel your hot skin against mine and our stiff nipples press into each other as we embrace.

“I need you to accept me tonight,” you whisper into my ear. Your hot breath arouses me even more, and I push up against you as you wrap your legs around me.

“Of course.” I reply

“I need you to understand…..I don’t just want you to accept me….I need….really NEED….for you to accept me tonight….right now….all of me….will you do that?” You continue to whisper to me, and your words pierce into my thoughts, and cause me to wonder what exactly you mean.

I hesitate before answering, sure that somehow your words mean something that I’m not yet understanding or expecting.

But so far in our relationship you have received so much pleasure from my tongue and fingers and have returned so much erotic ecstasy back to me in our encounters that I know that anything you want or anything you need in order to feel pleasure is something I’ll happily participate in.

“Yes,” I reply “your orgasms and arousal mean so much to me that I’ll do anything you want…..anything you need….”

Your fingers touch my cheeks, as if you intend to hold my face while kissing me. Looking me deep in my eyes in the dim and dancing light from the candles I feel a surge of lust as your fingers open my mouth, and you lean forward on top of me, not for a kiss, but to open your mouth and spit a slippery string of your saliva onto my lips and tongue.

I had no idea it was coming, but my senses are suddenly on fire as I taste YOU from your own mouth. My arms wrap around you and I pull you closer, savoring my mouthful of your hot spit without swallowing it. I feel one of your Ankara escort hands in my hair as you begin to slowly grind against my body and you moan quietly as your other hand goes to my throat.

Sensing what you want I do my best to record your taste to my sense memory and I swallow your spit.

As your hand feels my throat taking your spit deep into me your mouth finds mine and you spit again. I’m surprised to be enjoying something so intensely that I’d never even contemplated before.

I’m even more surprised by how empowered I suddenly feel to be receiving such intense pleasure from an act that is so degrading. I feel so beloved and unworthy at the same time to take something from you that arouses me so much.

With your spit still in my mouth you spit again, this time onto my face and without planning to I start groaning with pleasure.

In a frenzy to reciprocate some of the arousal I’m feeling I slip my hand between our bodies and push it down between your legs. The heat coming through your vulva makes my heart pound, and my fingers probe the silky smooth skin to find your slippery hole.

You push your mouth against mine and push another serving of spit against my lips with your tongue as I thrust a finger into your pussy. You whimper into my mouth I begin to finger fuck you while sucking on your wet mouth.

I feel your hips begin to move and I change the angle of my arm so I can get my thumb onto your clitoris.

With a sudden gasp you clench up and stop moving.

“What?!? Did I hurt you?” I ask.

“No….I just…..I’m full. I’m full for you.” You whisper this response with your mouth against mine.

As I begin to register what you have just told me your tongue pushes another mouthful of spit against my lips. I attempt to pull it into my mouth with my own tongue but you suck it back from me, and raising your head you part your lips and drool a long hot string of your sweet spit onto my lips, my chin, my cheeks, and into my mouth.

I realize suddenly what you’d meant by ‘full’.

Your bladder.

After the first time we made love we’d showered together. As we’d stepped into the hot flow of water you pushed me against the wall and began to passionately kiss me. As our tongues danced together it took me a moment to connect your sudden moaning with the feeling of your hot piss cascading out of you and down my legs.

I’ll remember forever the intoxicating taste of my cum on your lips coupled with the feeling of your hot liquid pouring onto my body.

The next time we showered together we’d just returned to your home after a night of drinking and dancing. You lit candles in the bathroom as we stripped, and you wouldn’t let me pee before we stepped into the tub.

You stood behind me and reached around and caressed my nipple with one hand and cupped my pussy in the other. I stood under the hot water with my eyes closed feeling the pressure in my bladder build and build as I savored the growing intensity. When it was too much to bear I let out a low moan and felt my flow of hot piss gush forth as I felt your teeth bite into my shoulder.

The physical relief I felt turned to burning arousal as I realized you were peeing also, with your body pressed against mine and your teeth flaring erotic pain into my shoulder.

So I suddenly realized that when I tried to change my position so I could reach your clit my arm had pressed against your belly, and with a full bladder you would have lost control right there inside that sleeping bag with me if you hadn’t stopped and clenched.

And then a second realization hit me. You brought your full bladder into this sleeping bag with me, and a bolt of lust coursed through me as if Ankara escort bayan I’d been struck by lightening.

“It’s okay,” I whisper, taking a fistful of your hair and pulling your ear to my mouth. “If you want to hold it I’ll be very careful and help you hold. But if you need to pee for me, or on me, right here and right now I’ll love every moment of it.”

Your voice breaks the silence, “I need to go….bad….but it will become even better if I wait….can you….can you distract me?”

Your tone is equal parts begging and commanding. Even if I hadn’t wanted to I’d feel almost no other option than to comply. However, in this moment, doing what you need is the ONLY thing I want to do.

Wordlessly I sit up, still under you, and grab your hips and pull them towards me, so that when I lay back down you’re hovering right over my face, with your top half outside the warmth of the sleeping bag.

I wrap my arms around your thighs and in a fit of passion I raise my mouth to your hole and push my tongue in as deep as I can, before swirling my tongue around your clitoris and feeling you squirm with delight. Clenching your thighs even tighter I poke my tongue deep into your pussy again and drink your sweet wetness.

You taste so fucking good that I moan deep in my chest and with a growl I attack your clit again.

Using my tongue, I lick that tiny button as slowly as I can stand to. Clockwise, counting my laps around your stiff bud to myself.











I continue that clockwise direction until I complete a tenth lap. Then I begin licking left to right.











Now I begin licking from bottom to top, starting each rotation by darting my tongue into your dripping hole and then dragging it slowly all the way up past your hard little clitoris into the strip of pubic hair you keep there.











I savor your reaction, as you fight a constant battle to keep your bladder clenched while your body surges with waves of relaxing pleasure.

I begin teasing you with short bursts of intense attention on your clit before backing away and circling around it again starting with the clockwise circles, but this time only counting to five. I methodically keep my own lust in check as I work through five side to side licks, and then five bottom to top licks.

For five full seconds I suck your clit as if my life depended upon it.

And then I go back to the clockwise circles for another ten count. And then ten more side to side licks. Followed by ten long and slow slurps from your slippery hole to your strip of pubes.

And again counting to five.

And again counting to four.

I suck your clit as hard as I can and then rotate through pleasuring you again for a count of three.

And again for two.

And again for ten.

Then again for two.

This whole time you are gasping for breath and moaning. I can’t make out what you’re saying, but the erotic pleading tone makes my own cunt spasm with pure lust and need.

You lean forward to grasp the headboard, supporting yourself with your arms and trying to fight my grip on your thighs so you can speed up your pleasure.

I know your body is fighting to see which can hold out the longest, your clit which is holding back an intense orgasm or your bladder which is holding Escort Ankara back a flood of its own.

I start just licking from your hole to your clit, sliding my tongue through your slippery arousal as quick as I can.




And Again.

Every five licks I suck your clit hard and at the end of the next five I kiss it softly.

Suddenly your hand is in my hair, pain lancing through my scalp as you jerk my head and cause me to loosen my hold on your thighs.

“Fuck! FUCK! OH FUCK MAKE ME! MAKE ME!” you scream and whimper. I take my hands and grasp your hips.

“I’m so fucking close….” you whisper. Pressing your knees against my shoulders you give into the pleasure you’re feeling and you begin to rapidly slide your pussy back and forth across my mouth, grunting each time my tongue comes in contact with your clit.

I tease you a bit more by wrapping my arms around your thighs again, this time hard enough to leave bruises. I lick all around your wet hole, tasting your arousal on your swollen lips.

I release your thighs and grab your hips again, pinching you hard enough to get your attention. You look down at me in the flickering candlelight as your hips begin to move back and forth again.

I slide towards the headboard a few inches and open my mouth while pushing my fingers into your throbbing hole. With a sob of pure lust you spit again, the hot liquid hitting my face and causing me to zero back in on your swollen clit. I lick and lap at you with pure joy and lust, pushing my fingers in and out of you and feeling your passion build and build and build until you can no longer hold back your orgasm.

You grind your pussy on my chin as your clit passes back and forth over my lips and tongue as you explode, gasping for air and flooding my face with your delicious aroused juice.

You scream “NOW! FUCK NOW!” as your orgasm bursts and crests and then bursts again. You suddenly slide down my body and my fingers find your spasming clit as you wrap your legs around mine and weep with pleasure.

Your tongue finds mine and we kiss passionately as your cunt spasms again and your bladder lets go.

I feel your hot shower of piss on my pussy, stomach and legs, as we kiss inside that hot sleeping bag and the wind howls through the window. Your hand plunges down my body and as soon as your fingers touch my clit I scream along with you as a spasm of pure energy causes me to lose control and orgasm as your piss continues to run onto me.

I spasm on your fingers.

You clench on mine.

I gasp for breath.

You growl in pure pleasure.

I feel another string of spit hit my face as your piss slows to a dribble.

My cunt throbs through an orgasm that goes on and on and is so intense that I lose complete track of where I am and who I’m with.

Your mouth returns and this time we kiss tenderly. The room spins and the wind howls and the candles flicker while our thudding hearts slow. Our mouths move together gently and tenderly as if we’re each afraid of hurting the other.

It seems like forever that we stay like that, silent and soft, relaxed and warm, soaked and sated inside that small sleeping bag atop that great big bed.

When I realize I have to pee I do nothing other than to just let it surge out. You still have your legs wrapped around mine and your only respond to my sudden spill of hot liquid is to suck my neck and moan quietly as we feel my hot piss join yours.

Eventually you stir and kiss me again.

“We made a mess,” I whisper.

“Why do you think I keep waterproof sheets on this bed?” you ask as you teasingly grind yourself against me.

I smile in the dark room, glad to be wrapped in this wet cocoon with you. “At least you had a plan.”

“Had?” you ask softly. I can feel you smiling at me in the dark. “I drank a lot of water today. You don’t think we’re done yet do you?”

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