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Forbidden Attraction Ch. 02

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Weeks had gone by since their first liaison. Amanda and AJ had spoken several times via phone and had gone out to lunch twice. They tried to keep the conversations light and tried to avoid taking about what happened to them that night and the feelings that they had uncovered. But every time they saw or spoke to each other, it was there, under the surface. They both wanted the chance to hold the other close.

The time for that was near. Amanda’s husband was leaving on a business trip for 3 days and she had invited AJ over for dinner, drink and a movie. AJ had happily accepted.

The anticipation was almost uncontrollable as the clock on the wall of AJ’s office crawled by. Tick tick tick. The closer it got to PM, the higher her heart rate would race and her face was a little flushed. Finally! AJ grabs her bag and jacket, almost literally runs out of the building. Jumps in her car, speeds out of the lot and into the rush hour traffic. While sitting at a stop light, AJ calls her husband and reminds him that she is going to eat and watch movies at Amanda’s. He bids her a good night and an I love you as she sped ever closer to the inevitable.

She finally pulls up at the grand two story Victorian house Amanda calls home. AJ grabs her purse and over night bag and hurriedly walks up the path to the back door. She is met there by a smiling Amanda, who is holding a glass of wine our for her. Putting her bags down, taking the glass, they embrace each other.

“Hungry? asks Amanda. We are having extreme salads with homemade bread sticks .

As if on cue, the timer goes off. AJ sits at the table and watches Amanda as she works to finish the meal. It is all AJ can do not to go up behind Amanda and take her into her arms and never let go.

The Ankara bayan escort sun is beginning to hide behind the mountains outside. AJ lights the candles that sit on the table.

The food is great as they chat lightly, catching each other up with their days adventures. Each seeing the desire in the others eyes. They still sit at the table after finishing eating, sipping wine.

Amanda takes AJ’s hand and kisses her palm. “I have missed you”, she tells AJ.

“And I you” as AJ leans over and kisses her lightly on the lips. They both smile.

“Before we watch the movie. I need to get the work feeling off of me. Do you mind if I take a shower? AJ asks.

“Come, I will get everything ready for you”. With that said Amanda takes AJ by the hand and leads her to the bathroom. Amanda turns the hot water on, pours in the bubble bath and fills the tub. But not too hot..but just enough to make her sweat. she takes her shirt and bra off then her jeans and finally her black and purple thongs. She steps over the edge…and slowly oh so slowly lowers herself into the hot and bubbly waters. AJ joins Amanda in the hot tub. They cross their legs over the others hips. Sponges are used to wash arms, legs, chest and the neck of the other. As the hot water runs all over their skin, hands replace sponges caressing all the soft areas of skin. Nipples slide between fingers. Amanda uses her tongue to lick the water off AJ’s other taught nipple.

Amanda continues licking up the collar bone onto the neck, all while the other hand, soap held tight, runs down her leg until she reaches the soft well trimmed fuzz between her thighs. Her fingers dance in the hair. She kisses the contour of AJ’s neck and gently bites on the lob of her ear.

Finally, Escort bayan Ankara they kiss. Small at first, only lips. AJ sticks her tongue to Amanda’s lips and teases then to open. Their tongues dance together. AJ has a tongue ring the stud is hard. Amanda likes the way it feels as it moves around her own tongue. The kiss ends as AJ licks Amanda from neck to nipple and circles the hard taught nipple with her tongue stud. Circling again and again as she gently sucks. AJ’s fingers are play in the triangle of hair under the waters surface and her finger tips begin to move further down. AJ begins sliding her index finger between the two flaps and she rubs over Amanda’s clit and begins to massage it gently, easily and caringly. AJ, taking a deep breathe in..goes under. Pushing the flaps back with her fingers., she licks Amanda’s clit and pushes her tongue into Amanda as far as she can.

AJ comes up for air but she does not remove her fingers from within Amanda but continues to move them around. Llicking Amanda’s tits and fingering her as the hot soapy water running down her body.

AJ must have more. She stands and steps out of the tub, holding her hand out to help Amanda arise out of the water also. They towel each other off sensually. AJ taking Amanda by the hand, she leads her to the bed room. She lays Amanda on the bed in front of her with her legs hang off the edge.

AJ spreads Amanda’s legs and stands between them. AJ runs both hands down her chest to her stomach and then onto legs. AJ bends Amanda’s knees up and spreads them open wide and pushes her thumbs in to open her. AJ drops to her knees and leans forward and flicks the tip of Amanda’s clit with her tongue.

Amanda gasps. AJ slips fingers in and out as her stud does laps around Bayan escort Ankara the tip of the clit. Doing this brings shivers to Amanda’s body. AJ licks harder and the faster she slides her fingers in and out. He can taste the bitter sweetness of her lover. Amanda shakes and shivers under the touch of AJ’s lips. She moans and calls AJ’s name.

Loving the power, she pinches the tip of the clit between her teeth until Amanda gives a sound of pleasured pain and still deeper AJ moves her fingers. With two fingers in and her thumbs framing the clit, it is now so sensitive that it is standing straight up. AJ licks and sucks on it more and more.

Amanda screams with passion as her body quivers more violently. AJ pushes on. The ripples of orgasm make Amanda’s clit jump up into AJ’s mouth. She licks and sucks as it jumps and throbs.

Moan. Amanda pulls her hair, making her lick and finger and suck even faster and harder.

ooohhhh ooohhhh, yeessss is all AJ hears. Still she goes deeper. Amanda is cuming harder now as AJ’s tongue and fingers move in unison ever faster and harder, until Amanda is over powered by the climax.

Amanda’s body shakes, legs twitch and tears of pleasure roll from her eyes. Moaning sobs. AJ takes all of Amanda in, as her cum is released. AJ laps it up and drinks it down. AJ keeps her fingers in Amanda as she places kissed up her stomach, over her breasts and up to her neck and on to her lovers lips.

With her free hand, AJ wipes away Amanda’s last tear and kisses her once again.

After Amanda has time to catch her breath, she moves and starts kissing AJ’s body. Moving ever so close to the inner thigh area.

It is now Amanda’s turn to have the power. And as she opens up AJ’s legs and lowers her head between them…we step back and watch the act repeat itself

The night was long and the passion was high. Amanda and AJ made love to each other well into the early morning hours. Each taking turns giving pleasure and getting pleasure in return.

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