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First Meeting

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It is a warm summer night. We go down to your room in the basement where it is cooler. No one is home just us. I am wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt. You are dressed in a low cut black lacy top with a black knee length skirt.

I pull you closer to me and give you a full hard kiss. You don’t resist. Our mouths are so hungry for each other. Our tongues touch and it sends a warm wave of lust through our bodies. You lead me to your bed and slowly undo my jeans. You whisper in my ear that you want to taste every inch of me as I do so. Your little red clit is as swollen as my cock. Slowly, you take off my jeans and lean your mouth down and lightly run your tongue across my penis.

I move my hands down to your thighs. Slowly you are spreading your legs for me to slide my fingers between them. You moan as I push your tiny damp panties aside so I can slip a finger into your moist pussy. You push your body down to get more of my finger to fill you. You slide all the down until your on your knees in front me. You sit up so to have better access to my hard cock .Teasing the head with your tongue so slow, you look me directly at me, you slide the offer izle my cock into your mouth. I moan as the warmth of mouth makes my cock leak.

You pull your mouth off and take your hand and slowly work it up and down my hard cock. You open your mouth and show me it is full of my pre-cum. I grab a handful of your hair and force my tongue into your mouth. I tell you to keep suck on me. Your other hand is playing with my balls. You start licking up and down the shaft. I stand up and tell you to open as wide as you can and put my ball sac into your mouth. I can feel the light kisses and tiny bites you are giving them. I take a hold of my cock head and start fucking your beautiful mouth. I see that you have been teasing your cunt. I tell you to take those wet fingers and taste yourself. Grabbing your hair, I tell you to stand up. You undo the pin holding your skirt on and it falls to the floor. You take a step back to show me your sheer purple panties. You gladly let me rip them off you so I can see the fine red hair covering your pussy. Taking two fingers, you push them deep inside of you and then slide them my mouth to the old man izle show me how good you taste. You start fucking my mouth with your fingers while playing with my balls.

My hand moves down to your very soaked pussy. I slide some fingers in and you moan. This makes me even harder knowing you enjoy me finger~fucking you. I can tell you want more though. I take off your top and find a see through lace bra the same color as your panties. You take it off for me in one smooth move.

You are hungry for me taste your nipples and you pull my head down and take them into my mouth using my tongue to get them hard. You let out a loud moan. Your hand is now working on my enormous cock. We are both starting to breath heavier. I tell you I want to fuck you. You reply that you want me to fuck you. I slowly lay down on the bed.

You get on top of me and thrust yourself on me. I gasp as your pussy slowly swallows me. You start fucking me hard while holding my hands above me so you have all control. You keep kissing me so passionately that I can’t speak or catch my breath.

You flip me over to be on top the passage izle and tell me to you fuck you hard and fast. I move my head so I can suck on your nipples. You are moaning so loud now. I am getting close now to cumming. You stop me. You get on your hands and knees and tell me to fuck you like this. I push my cock into your red haired wet cunt. I rub and pull on your breasts and hard horny nipples that are so hard. You tell me to go harder and deeper. I push my middle finger into your mouth and you suck on it as if it was a cock. Taking my wet finger, I sink it slowly deep into your ass. You are moaning and moving your ass to get more of my finger into you. I yell that I want to cum. You pull yourself off my cock just before I cum. You flip me on my back and thrust your hard clit into my mouth. You tell me to suck you as I feel your fingers rubbing all over my cock. You can feel me pulsating in your hand.

You move your pussy back a bit so I can lick your ass. You taste so good with my juices all over you. You ass fuck my mouth while holding my hair. I feel you getting more wet as I slide my thumb over your red clit hard and feel that last pulse before you push yourself up and let out a loud moan as you cum and spray in my mouth. I lick it all up and swallow it all.

We both collapse on the bed in each other’s arms. You kiss me ever so softly on the lips and reach down to see if I have cum yet. I haven’t. You smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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