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Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 02

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The bite marks faded as the week went by. It was kind of a blur now. The passing days did that to the brain. At night her mind called forth that one glorious evening and she always woke aching.

He was out of town for a family thing and though they had each others’ numbers, she hadn’t texted. She tried but couldn’t make anything come out correctly. But then neither had he and that just pissed her off completely. Unable to keep her mind on work, she slipped away quietly and sat at the back of the building and tried to breathe deep, calm herself. She watched the wind rustle the trees as she felt her phone buzz in her palm.

Heya. It said. Her head buzzed instantly, it was HIM.

Hi. She replied back.

You look tense. He responded.

She heard movement coming up beside her and her body tightened instantly.

She texted back, Yea well hard to top that nite with just my hands.

He sat close beside her ad took a long pull on a vape. The smell of cherry cotton candy floated by and she smiled but she still wouldn’t look at him. That would be her undoing.

“You’ve not been able to at all?” He asked softly.

She sighed deeply. “No.”

“Hmmm.” Was all he said.

She turned and glared at him. “Is that all you can say, Hmm?” She growled. She stood up and walked to the end of the back lot, pacing.

He crossed the lot to her and pulled on his vape again. “My apologies doll.”

She turned and stared at him. Anger, lust and something else seethed through her at his apology. “I have to close tonight.” She said and walked away.

Vasili watched her walk, remembering how those hips moved and pushed back at him. He hardened instantly. He supposed she had a right to be angry. They had a fantastic night together then he left to attend to family matters without so much as a goodbye. Some days it was hard to think of others feelings but this one… This woman who had writhed under him, begged him, bit him was a lot more than just a good time. She was… dangerous.

Asi closed the shop as the last technician left for the night. It was eerie to be here by herself but she just steeled her nerves and locked the main doors and turned to her car.


She sighed deeply and studied him as he leaned against the door waiting for her. He was dressed in all black, black coat, shitkickers, and a tshirt of some band she’d never heard of. He was so very different from her but she couldn’t help the attraction. He was VERY male, and what he could do to her, even before they had fucked each other brains out was something no man had ever done in her life.

She walked slowly to her car, watching his expression change from neutral to stony. She half grinned to herself as she figured he was turned on but not going to show it.

Keys out, she stopped in front of him. It was late on a Friday and absolutely no one was around.

“You need to be careful coming out this late at night.” He murmured as he captured her gaze.

She blushed and cleared her throat. “Done it before, I can take care of myself.”

“Evidently not if your own hands won’t give you any relief.” He said as he cracked a grin and pulled on his vape.

“You really had to go there. Feel happy I can’t get off unless you do it? Make you feel like a big man?!” She shouted at him as her hands flew around in wild gestures.

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her an inch from his face and stared her in the eyes. “No. It doesn’t. That wasn’t my intention when we had fun but now…” He pulled her head back a bit, making her take a half step back. “Now, I think I want all of murder under the friday night lights izle you. Everything and you’re going to give it to me.” He leaned forward and pressed his face to her neck, inhaling deeply. He moved slowly up to her ear. “But I only take what’s given freely so if you’re still mad, that’s a no.”

Asi felt her body tighten hard. She had to clear her throat before she could speak. THIS is what she wanted, she wanted to be claimed, used so thoroughly. For someone, namely him to shred that box of hidden desires and pull every fiber of her true self out and set her free.

“Yes. Yes…” She sighed.

He pressed his body to hers and his lips to her ear and whispered, “Yes what?” His hand slid down her back to her buttocks and pushed her hips into his, making her feel his body respond to hers. She sucked in a gasp, eyes wide.

“Yes Daddy. Take me, take everything. Use me, free me… pleaseeeeee…” She whimpered.

He plucked the keys from her fingers and pulled her to him, tucking her head against her chest. His arms held her tight as his fingers played gently over her back. “Yes, my beautiful fuck doll. I will.” He felt her shiver which made his cock jump at the feeling. “I’ll drive.” He pulled back and keyfobbed the car. He walked her around to the passenger side, opened the door and let her settle in.

Asi watched dazedly as he sped through town in her little car, amazed that it could such speeds. He didn’t speak on the drive to her place but stared ahead and drove. She wanted to say something but her need overrode any and all language so she sat very still and watched those amazing hands and fingers grip the wheel. She couldn’t help but squirm in her seat at the memory of where those hands had been on and in her body.

He pulled up to her little house, got out and opened up her door. She slid out on shaky legs as they walked side by side up the steps. He opened her door and let her inside.

She waited as he locked the door and turned to her, staring. Finally words came to her. “Say something.” She whispered. She couldn’t take the silence anymore and felt as if she was under a microscope as he stared. He didn’t speak though. “FINE!” She yelled and stomped into her bathroom and slammed the door shut. She leaned down and took deep breaths.

“Asi, open the door.” His voice came from the other side.

“No.” She growled back.

“Asi. Open. The. Door. Now.” He said loudly.

She whirled to the door. “Why the fuck should i? So you can tease me and clam the hell up again? Hot and cold with you. One minute yes, the other you’re granite and I can’t figure you out and frankly I can’t take that kind of shit in my life. Either leave now or take all of me. All or nothing!” she yelled.

When she started ranting, he slammed the door open making her jump back. Two steps and he was in front of her. And silenced her by pushing her up against the wall and kissed her deeply. Hard. He let her feel everything.

Asi groaned as she melted against him, her body so heavy with need she shook.

He pulled his mouth from hers and let his lips trail to her ear as one hand slipped up and gripped her hair.

“You don’t get to yell at me. I understand you’re frustrated. I can taste it on you.” He moved down to her neck and nipped softly. Asi jerked hard against him. “You think it’s that easy? That it’s just one or the other. There are things in my life that make me the way I am. Now there’s you with the fire, attitude, and passion and that doesn’t fit into my life murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle anywhere and I…” He inhaled deeply against her neck. “I will not leave you unattended again.” He murmured and bit her. Her arms wrapped around him tight as he bit, feeling so very close to the edge.

Tears flowed down her cheeks as she nodded. She cleared her throat. “Ok, but don’t fucking shut me out. Tell me when you have an inside of your head day and I will understand, trust me on that. I have tons of shit days myself.”

Vasili leaned in and kissed her softly. “I can only promise to try. But for now, does my little fuck doll need some release?”

Asi groaned deeply in response. “Say it. Yes or No.” He murmured against her lips.

“Yes godammit, YES!” She whispered hotly. He pulled back and flipped her against the wall. His knee separated her legs as he leaned against her. She was trembling with the need to be claimed and he felt himself harden even further at knowing he could use her, handle her hard, possibly even torture her if he wanted to and she wanted it all.

His hands skimmed down her sides, smiling when he found she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “No underwear at work? Were you expecting someone to fuck you?” He whispered as he pulled her dress up and gripped her hips.

“J-Just you,” she stammered. Her heart was racing so hard she could barely keep breath with it. She tensed as his hands ran up her thighs and gripped her flesh. “Please…” She begged softly.

Vasili pressed fully against her, pinning her to the wall. “Please what?” He asked.

“P-please daddy.” She whined.

He went completely still. “That’s not asking doll.”

Asi swallowed loudly and nodded. Her brain was a haze of lust and need but forced the words out. “Please daddy. Fuck me. So hard… so hard…”

“Good girl,” he replied and pulled her away from the wall walking her the bed with his hand in her hair. He gently pushed her head down and kicked her legs open. “Stay.” He stepped back and pulled her dress up her back, smiling at the stunning display. He undressed quickly, palming his cock as he stepped forward again.

Legs shaking, Asi waited as she heard shoes, clothes and shivered at the sound of a zipper. Her core tightened hard at the thought of what he was doing then felt light fingers touch her thighs and she couldn’t help but shiver in response.

“Good. My girl needs my cock?” He asked. It was a bit crude for him to speak that way but she was so responsive to the words that he went along and frankly it was a turn on to use such a proper woman this way.

Uh huh,” she muffled into the pillow.

He slapped her lightly. “Uh huh what?” He demanded quietly.

“Yes pleaseeeeeeeee…” She moaned. Vasili smiled and pushed her back down making her hips arch up a bit. Oh he wanted to fuck her alright, hard and fast but first…

He slid his hands down the backs of her thighs, watching the goosebumps rise. Something in him stirred at the thought of this woman- proper, sweet, responsible, generous wanted to be used as a little fuck toy. By him. He growled low in his throat as his fingers pushed into her lips and felt just how wet, swollen and ready she was.

Asi gasped and pushed against him instinctively. She was already on fire and so close to coming just the mere touch of him. She felt his fingertips graze over her clit and she jerked hard.

“Good girl.” He said softly and moved his cock to her core. He pushed the tip in just my dad the bounty hunter izle a bit and had to bite back a moan at how hot she felt. He gripped her hips and shoved in deep, yanking her back against him.

“Shit!!” She wailed as her hands clawed the bed. Vasili smiled as her pussy gripped him spasmodically. He pulled back a bit then hammered into her hard, keeping his grip as he fucked her as hard as he dared, groaned as he felt her body respond and climax around him. “Oh god daddy… please fuck me… fuck your dirty little girl…” She ground out as her body exploded in pure release.

He groaned at the feel of her muscles gripping him, milking his cock. He wouldn’t last long this way but there was plenty of time tonight for more. He fucked her hard, fingers digging into her flesh as he ground himself into her, hitting bottom. He knew that hurt but all she did was groan, gush on his cock and grip him tight. But he didn’t want to spoil the fun yet so he pulled out and yanked her up by her hair.

“Swallow. Now.” He commanded as she dropped to her knees and took him down her throat. He pushed her head forward, not caring if she could breathe or not and came hard, deep, groaning out his pleasure.

Asi couldn’t move as he unloaded down her throat, couldn’t breathe either but she really didn’t care. She took all of him. Just as she was seeing spots in her vision he pulled back enough to let her breathe, cough and taste him on her tongue.

Vasili loosened his grip on her hair enough that he could ride the last of his orgasm on her tongue before he became too sensitive and pulled completely out. He watched as she wiped her lips and eyes and stared up at him through a glazed haze. “Lay down babygirl.”

Asi scrambled onto the bed and settled on her back. He felt his bones rattle into place after the absolutely amazing feeling of coming down that lovely throat. He moved on top of her and kissed her deeply. He didn’t mind the taste of himself.

She groaned and pushed against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in deep. She felt his hands roam over her, making her body shiver cause she wasn’t nearly done with him and winced as his fingers found a hard nipple and pinched it. She groaned into his mouth and pushed her hips against him.

He let go of her nipple and stroked the soft flesh of her breast, kneading it, gripping it hard and felt her almost lose control and bite his tongue. He broke the kiss and stared at her as his hand traveled down her skin. She opened her legs in a silent plea. He never broke the stare as his fingers slid over her mound, skimming her clit. He slipped down further and smiled at how wet she was and pushed three fingers inside, curling the tips.

Asi thought she was going to come apart at the seams. He knew just where to find that spot and damned if he didn’t zoom in on it and push hard. She couldn’t break eye contact if she wanted to. It was a drug to watch his eyes as his hands worked her over. He shifted his fingers a bit then felt as his thumb mash against her clit, simultaneously rubbing that lovely hidden spot and mashing her clit. He kept increasing pressure and she groaned loudly.

“Come my little fuck doll. Come for me and watch me as you do. Now.” He commanded as his fingers thrusted into her. She whimpered as her body took over and came on his fingers. She felt something deep shift within her and suddenly realized he was pushing another spot and she gushed over his hands and fingers and came hard, deep, so long she thought she would lose consciousness but didn’t break eye contact.

He watched as she came unglued under his hand, her eyes showing every emotion and feeling that coursed through her. His hand was soaked and found he truly liked it. He slowed a bit then stopped as he could tell she was starting to lose herself. He broke eye contact and kissed her lightly. “My pet better now?” She only nodded as he felt her relax completely and sigh. He moved her so she faced away and settled in behind her, pulling her to him. He felt her wiggle then still, breathing become even and finally let himself nod off. To be continued…

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