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Fantasies Of You Ch. 02

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Chapter Two Three-Peat


“So, what?”

“So, did I get off or not? In your story.”

“Hell, I don’t know. These are my fantasies so I only concentrate on my satisfaction. Get your own fantasies.”

“I DO have my own fantasies and you know one of them is making love in the back of your four-by-four,” you say, with some animation.

“Why don’t you write them down?”

“Maybe I will, Anyway, I loved your story. I love that image of you thrusting your hard cock into my mouth and cuming with a big squirt. And I love the taste of your cum.”

“Geez, you’re giving me a hard on just thinking about that.”

“So, do you want to slip out to the parking lot and do something about it?”

“Oh gawd, I’d love to. But don’t you want to hear about my second fantasy, which as it turns out is also about blow jobs?”

“I’m thinking you’ve got a one track mind. Hmmmmm, I like that. Okay, what’s your second fantasy.”

“Well, in this one you give me nothing but oral sex, one after another after another, more or less.”

You reach over and touch my hand. “That’s very ambitious, sweetie. Do tell.”


Someone once said, a guy obviously, there’s no such thing as a bad blow job. Which is probably true. But there are certainly such things as great blow jobs, and I’ve had a great many from you. Whenever you take my cock in your mouth – which, happily, is often – you seem to do so with the expectation, perhaps even the hope, that this very unselfish sexual act will most certainly end with my ejaculating in your mouth.

Which is why I’m not surprised – although very definitely delighted – when you announce across the restaurant table that, strictly as a scientific test of course, you want to see how many times in one evening you could get me to cum in your mouth.

This offer didn’t come completely out of the blue. We have been talking over dinner about some porn star in the U.S. who had recently set a somewhat dubious Guinness record for having sex with more than 1,000 guys over a 15-hour period. The previous record, apparently, had been six hundred or something. To count a guy had to cum. Most did so in her vagina; a handful in her hand and about 100 in her mouth.

From there the conversation drifted, as our conversations often do, to ways in which we could satisfy each moon knight izle other.

“Sweetie, I’m ready to try anything for science, most especially if it involves your lips and tongue being wrapped around my cock. How long will this experiment go on?”

“Oh, I don’t know. What do you say, maybe five minutes.” You laugh at the disappointment on my face. “No, no. Let’s say from the time we get home until 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“I’d say, let’s go home right now.”

On the drive back to your place you outline the rules. It would be almost 10 p.m. by the time we got there. Starting at 10 you’d do the first one and thereafter would continue as often as I could get it up and get it off, until the alarm went at 6. Eight hours of fabulous, continuous oral sex.

“It sounds, ah, rather clinical, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I suppose, but I thought you said that didn’t matter – that there was no such thing as a bad blow job.” Your laugh signals you are teasing. “Sweetie, I think we’ll find a way to make this as pleasant as possible.” More laughter. “Besides, I’m curious myself.”

“What about you, though? You’re not getting much out of this.”

“You mean besides a whole bunch of your tasty cum. Well, perhaps while you’re testing you could find some way to make my happy.”

Yes, I rather suppose I could, I think to myself as I turn into your driveway. The clock on the dash reads 9:53. You hustle me into your house and into the bedroom with an order to make myself comfortable, which I interpret as meaning get naked. At 10 o’clock precisely you return and quickly remove your own clothing.

The sheer audacity of what we’re about to do has already hardened my cock. But the sight of you undressing, of your large, perky breasts, your round bottom, your strong, smooth thighs and little tuft of reddish pubic hair between them always sends it soaring. And it does again now. A droplet of precum forms on the tip of my cock.

You sprawl on the bed beside me, head close to my erection. You spot the precum droplet and swish it away with your tongue.

“You might want to time this first one,” you say, giggling. “I don’t think it’s going to take very long.”

It won’t. Or, rather, doesn’t. I feel my balls growing even before your lips wrap around my shaft. mrs fletcher izle And when they do it is sheer delight. Your tongue swirls around the tip, licks the length of the shaft all the way down and all the way up. Then you take me deep into your throat. Once, twice, three times. I hear myself groan a warning and then I’m pumping my seed into your mouth.

All over in less than three minutes.

“Why don’t we go and watch TV while you rest up,” you suggest, climbing out of bed and grabbing your robe.

“Can’t I lick you first?”

“Later, sweetie. You need to rest first.”

We settle on the couch to watch a pay-to-view movie, a restricted little number that promises nudity, coarse language and sexual content. I lean against the arm rest with my feet stretched out. You lean against me with your legs draped over mine. This arrangement offers ample opportunity to fondle your breasts and even to finger your pussy. It also allows you to test how responsive my cock is because you are more or less sitting on it. And when, at some length and after considerable French kissing and breast fondling you feel it starting to grow, you turn around and kneel between my legs so you can test its hardness more directly.

In fact, a few long slurps with that marvelous mouth of yours has the little fellow up and ready again well before midnight.

“I think we should make this one last,” you say looking up at me from between my legs. “Really slow and easy.” As you speak you punctuate the words with your hand, stroking the saliva-slicked extended length of my erection from top to bottom and back again. Even I can’t masturbate myself as skillfully and sensuously as you are now doing.

“Oh yes, sweetie,” I say, although it’s more like a croak. You smile and take me deep into your mouth again.

We’ve lost all interest in the movie now. Instead my total focus has shifted to the six inches of blood engorged skin and tissue between my legs that seems to also have your complete attention. I begin to thrust in time to the up-and-down movement of your mouth and hands, a clear signal I’m gearing up for another orgasm.

At that point you lift your head although you continue to stroke me with your hand. “I think we should go into the bedroom to finish this off in comfort.”

“Oh murder in big horn izle jeez, I was getting to so close, too. You had just the perfect rhythm.”

I pull you up for a deep French kiss. Your robe has fallen open, as has mine, and your pussy rubs across my cock.

“Would it be cheating if I put you inside me for just a minute,” you say, doing so even before I can answer. Your pussy is steamy hot and soaking wet. I grab the cheeks of your ass to pull you tight as you rock against me, very horny and moaning quietly. I feel my balls begin to churn as my own arousal starts to peak once more.

“You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop,” I warn.

“No, no, don’t cum yet. I want that in my mouth.”

“Oh fuck, baby, stop then. I’m gonna cum.”

You quickly slip off and dive to my crotch. Your mouth engulfs me as your hand jacks a wad of cum down your throat.

“That’s two,” you say after a few minutes. “Care to try for three?”

“Not for a little while. I want to lick you now.”

After we move back in the bedroom you lie across the bed with your legs over the side as I kneel on the floor between them. I’m at the perfect height to give your pussy a good licking and for the next half hour that’s what I do, pushing you to two noisy orgasms as my tongue flicks over your clit and my fingers probe your pussy and anus.

Then I climb onto the bed and into a sixty-nine position with each of us on our side.

“Do you think you can cum again?” you ask, noting my placid penis.

“No, but I want to feel you mouth on me anyway.” As my head goes back between your legs your mouth is once more on my cock – and once more it is growing.

But it wouldn’t cum again, despite our best efforts which including a long and raunchy sixty-nine session that got you off again and an even longer session of straight sex in at least half-a-dozen different positions. Somewhere around 3 a.m. we decide to go to sleep.

I awaken at 5:25 needing to pee.. Still groggy I stumble to the bathroom and then slip back into bed against your warm, naked body. You turn to face me and as I wrap you in my arms you roll on top.

“We’ve got half an hour,” you say, sliding down my body. “I think we should try one more time.”

Ah the rejuvenative powers of sleep. My cock grows quickly as you suck it and when you begin to stroke it as well I know there’s at least a chance. Just before the alarm goes at 6 I discharge a final, weak shot of semen into your mouth.

“Three-peat,” I cry as I cum, raising my arms.

Baby, they say there’s no such thing as a bad blow job but let me say, my love, that yours are the absolute greatest.

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