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Family Advocate

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Short description: Rivalry erupted among Leonard’s seven emotions when the family advocate visits.


Category: Erotic couplings.


TAGS: Cheating Husband; Creampie; Cunnilingus; Emotion infighting; Fellatio; Lawyer; Surprise; Unexpected; Wife’s friend

This story plays off in South Africa and was inspired by a 2007 Afrikaans online story in. The story below is my own, although similarities with the original story in the plot, style and ad-hoc situations would be noticeable.


I would like to thank kenjisato for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own. He should also be credited for the idea to restrict the main character’s emotions to seven, similar to the seven dwarfs in the ‘Snow White’ story. I am sure that the effort was much larger than what he volunteered for.


Leonard considered going straight through the traffic light as he approached. ‘You are tired and do not feel like people.’ It was Grumpy talking to him. The day was long and difficult, and to top it all, he missed lunch because he had to sign papers regarding the final maintenance provisions for his five-year-old son, Leon, at the family advocate’s office.

Tired heard his name and thought that Leonard called him. Unsure as to why, he merely echoed Grumpy’s thoughts. ‘You’re wasted pal, you need a rest.’

Leonard was relieved that the divorce settlement between Maureen and himself was finalized. He hated the visits to Sharon, the divorce court’s designated family advocate, as he sensed her antagonism against him throughout the process, trying to find any excuse to reduce his visiting rights to Leon and to increase the maintenance payable to Maureen.

Witty came along to make him feel better, reminding him of a poster on the notice board in the passage near Sharon’s office. It gave a definition for ‘Maintenance’. The definition read: ‘MAINTENANCE: The screw you get for the screw you’ve got!’

Leonard smiled, thinking longingly to the extramarital screws he got, which had led to the crumbling of his marriage and eventual divorce.

Although he felt satisfied with the deal, and that he wasn’t screwed too badly, mostly because he had to fight for every minute and every cent (Rand). It helped his cause that Maureen, a successful pharmaceutical rep, had week-long out-of-town commitments at the beginning of each month.

‘You sure she didn’t screw someone behind your back when she was out of town?’ It was Curious who left the question hanging. The suggestion left Leonard thinking, Leon mentioned during his last stay, that Maureen was relieved that he was visiting Leonard as she would have a weekend guest!

Hungry, by way of a growling stomach, distracted his thoughts and convinced Leonard to turn into the center’s parking area when the traffic light turned green. He easily found a parking space near the grouping of take-away restaurants, and under the encouragement of Hungry, scanned for a restaurant with a short queue.

‘The house is going to smell of fish and chips for the entire weekend,’ Grumpy murmured again, when Leonard walked into Fish-a-ways, but Hungry won the battle, telling Leonard that he could enjoy his meal at the tables provided on the restaurant’s porch. Leonard ordered a hake and chips, and sat on the porch which Fish-a-ways shared with the Steers take-away, and ate the meal while the red sun dipped below the distant horizon.

A group of late teens walked past his table, and Leonard picked up a hint of jasmine. Randy came jogging closer to see what was going on, he was conditioned to think of wild sex when the scent of jasmine was hanging in the air.

Grumpy intervened, he didn’t want Leonard to think back to this phase of his life, but maybe he was just trying to regain some control over Leonard, after the bloody nose he got from Hungry. Grumpy won the altercation with Leonard bundling up his meal’s wrapper on the tray and dumping it into the nearby trash bin.

A faint red glow still colored the scattered clouds towards the west when Leonard arrived at his house and pulled his car into the garage. It seemed as if Jimmy, the neighbors’ son, was trying to get his attention but Grumpy made enough noise that he ignored Jimmy. Bored, he walked through the empty, quiet house. Since Maureen and her furniture were out of the house, it no longer felt like a home.

Exhausted after the difficult day, he sat down on the single lounge chair that was left and picked up a ‘Popular Mechanics’, which he had left earlier in the week on the ground next to the chair. The chair was positioned under a wall light so that he could read in the evenings, as that the large screen TV was also gone. He had already read the interesting articles and it wasn’t long before he returned the magazine to the floor; none of the remaining almanbahis articles interested him. On top of that, the dim light, which he removed from the outside fitting, when the previous one above his chair blew, was not conducive to reading. He made a mental note to buy a few brighter replacement bulbs, preferably the new ‘green’ LED types.

Encouraged by the fact that Leonard was no longer among people, Grumpy nudged Leonard on, ‘Take a shower, get into bed and relax in front of the TV.’

Tired added his penny’s worth. ‘Grumpy is right, this whole divorce story was eating your nerves, you’ll feel so much better after a good night’s sleep.’

After showering, Leonard scanned listlessly through the TV channels and decided to watch a light romantic comedy although it was already twenty minutes into the movie, hoping that he wouldn’t have to put in an effort to follow the storyline.

He caught the story where the lead male character, Anthony — a plumber; was finishing off a job in an office block. Anthony had grime and dirt on his overalls, grease on his hands, dust and oil patches on his cheeks and forehead, and didn’t make a good impression. The scene soon moved over to the lead female character, Anastasia – in formal, neat business attire; clearing her desk and looking anxiously at the clock on her desk, before leaving for the weekend. Anastasia left her office and arrived at the sole lift, where Anthony hogged the lift with his toolbox, ladder and other equipment. Anastasia was clearly in a hurry, looking at her watch, then at the small space left next to Anthony, back at her watch. She took a deep breath before she, reluctantly, stepped into the lift, trying to maximize the clearance between herself and Anthony. It was clear that she tried to hold her breath all the way down to the ground floor. Leonard chuckled when she, as he suspected, finally exhaled and started breathing while working her nose into her blouse’s collar.

Leonard woke up startled. On the TV, Anthony and Anastasia were arguing over the last open parking space in a busy parking lot. Leonard couldn’t predict how the two would reconcile and considered watching to see the plot unfold. Tired told Leonard that he needed rest, and that he wasn’t watching the movie anyway. He told Leonard that the movie will be screened again, and he could always record the full movie and watch it later. This convinced Leonard to turn the TV and bedside lamp off, surprised to see that it wasn’t even eight o’clock.

Then he heard the doorbell ring. ‘Ignore it!’ The command came from Grumpy. The door bell sounded again and Leonard pulled the pillow over his head as Grumpy suggested. It seemed as if the scoundrel at the door left, or that the pillow was working because the doorbell had gone silent.

Then, *Ding-Dong* he heard it again through the pillow. ‘You don’t want to see people, it can only be Jimmy, he wants to sell his school fair tickets.’ It came from Grumpy. *Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong* it rang again. ‘Ignore the kid, no one else knows you’re home.’

The bell rang again, this time with a long break between the *Ding* and the *Dong*. ‘Go and see, whomever it is knows you’re here,’ Curious whispered to him, careful to keep his presence under Grumpy’s radar. ‘They saw you turn off the light, and it’s just good manners.’ Leonard relented and turned his bedside lamp back on in search of his dressing gown. He found it in the bathroom where he had left it in the morning.

*Ding … Dong.* It echoed through the almost-empty house. This was the last straw for Grumpy. ‘There you have it! The whole world now knows you’re home. Sort the bastard out so he would stay away for the whole weekend.’

Leonard walked through the dark house while putting his dressing gown on. He had just started tying the belt, when he arrived at the front door. He paused for a while to secure the belt, but before he could tighten the bow, the bell *Ding-Donged* again. ‘Sort the scoundrel out!’ Grumpy got another blow in, upset because he wasn’t in the mood for company, especially Jimmy’s.

Angrily, Leonard opened the door. “Listen here, you scoun—” he began, but stopped mid-sentence. In front of him, in the dark, the silhouette of a woman started to take shape. A sweet-perfumed scent with a prominent jasmine component hung in the air. Randy came running by to see what was going on. Leonard’s throat felt dry and he swallowed before he could speak. He flicked the outside light’s switch on to have a better view, but it remained dark. He really must remember to buy new light bulbs.

Grumpy pushed Randy aside “What are you doing here? This is none of your business.” Another day this might have worked, but Randy wasn’t a pushover when he smelt jasmine, and while Grumpy tried to work up Leonard’s rage, Randy went to pluck Leonard’s sex muscle inside his almanbahis giriş loose boxers, which responded with an excited twitch. Randy knew, the smell of jasmine meant that marvelous wild sex was on its way…

More detail in the silhouette became visible, as Leonard’s eyes grew accustomed to the dark. The woman was wearing a dress with a low neckline. The dark dress contrasted against her light complexion, except where it blended in with the long shadow of her cleavage. Something about the woman seemed familiar, but Leonard couldn’t make the connection. Again, the scent of jasmine filled his sinuses, this time unambiguously, and Randy gave another pluck on Leonard’s sex muscle. While Grumpy went to sort Randy out at the sex muscle, Curious got a chance to guide Leonard’s gaze lower, so that the petrified man could further inspect the jasmine angel with the low neckline.

Leonard’s gaze dropped to take in her waist and hips, only to see that she was wearing a mini dress—a very short one—which hugged tightly around her waist. The goddess held something in her hand, like a file. Grumpy saw an opportunity to settle the matter. ‘She’s a door-to-door saleswoman, send her away.’

Leonard, ready to send the woman away, became aware of a new whiff of jasmine and looked up. His eyes latched onto the low neckline of the woman in front of him, and he wished he could make out more detail. He considered inviting the woman in even if she was a door-to-door saleswoman, just to satisfy his curiosity.

Grumpy sensed that he was losing ground, enlisted the help of Careful. He knew from experience, that he was in a race against time and if he couldn’t persuade Leonard soon to send the troublesome seductress with the jasmine scent away, there would be trouble.

Curious sneakily slipped around Grumpy’s back to pat Leonard on his shoulder for answering the doorbell. Curious stuck his tongue out at Grumpy when he was eventually spotted. Careful, who shared Grumpy’s urgency, started to switch on Leonard’s alarm bell because he, too, was acutely aware of jasmine-scented women and trouble.

Careful, to emphasize the heightened level of alarm, got drumsticks from somewhere and hit the bell to make extra noise. He, too, knew from experience that Randy could become very dominant when he sensed the smell of jasmine in the air, and every bit of alertness would be welcomed.


It was Maureen, who conditioned Randy to associate jasmine with wonderful sex. It must have worked for Maureen because the couple had the most pleasing and extended sex sessions when Maureen indulged in ‘jasmine therapy’, with Leonard, an extremely willing victim. He often successfully hinted at wonderful sex by strategically ‘planting’ jasmine oil in the house himself, and was delighted when Maureen acted on those hints.

Then, in her obsession to boast about her success with ‘aromatherapy’, Maureen bragged to her friend, Ria, after she (Ria) complained about the sexual drought she experienced at home. Maureen elaborated about how much energy and stamina she and Leonard had in bed when she bathed in jasmine oil. About how briskly her husband’s well-to-do sex organ would jump to attention with the slightest hint of jasmine in the air.

The news motivated Ria, who was sexually neglected by her husband, to check out Maureen’s claims. She arranged for an ‘investigation’ into the allegations at a time when her husband, Mark, was ‘working overtime’ and Maureen was out of town on one of her rep rounds. The ‘test’ nicely broke the drought she experienced at home due to Mark’s constant ‘overtime’.

‘Isn’t it a coincidence that Mark’s overtime often overlapped with Maureen’s out-of-town commitments?’ It was Curious who stirred Leonard’s suspicions.

Ria couldn’t keep her findings to herself and shared the news with Amelia, a single mother and mutual friend. Amelia started experimenting with jasmine therapy herself, and liked the preliminary results so much, that she followed it up with more ‘in-depth’ experiments in order to investigate the allegations from ‘all angles’. Amelia had more opportunities than Ria to conduct these tests, and began to investigate the allegations on a regular basis. She blatantly used her single-parent status to manipulate things so that Maureen sent Leonard to her home for minor errands. She once asked Maureen to send Leonard over to ‘drill a hole’ in her bedroom while Maureen was home. Similar requests got more frequent over time.

It was after one of these visits that Leonard came home with the smell of jasmine, that Maureen got suspicious and they were eventually caught.


“Leonard … Leonard!” Leonard woke up from his thoughts and looked in the direction of the woman in front of him. “It’s me, Sharon, the family advocate.” Sharon’s voice was unmistakable despite almanbahis yeni giriş being softer than the sharp, authoritative tone he’d become accustomed to over the past few months.

Curious ran closer, interested to see how Sharon looked when not in her formal lawyer attire. “See, she isn’t a door-to-door saleswoman.” Grumpy wasn’t impressed and ran closer to shoulder Curious away from Leonard’s ear.

A breeze swept another whiff of jasmine into Leonard’s nose, which encouraged Randy to give Leonard’s sex muscle another good tug. Careful decided to restrain Randy, but Randy saw him coming and took the opportunity to silence the unguarded alarm. When Careful finally caught up with Randy, who blocked access the alarm’s switches, Randy confiscated the drumsticks and ran back to Leonard’s sex muscle to hammer it with the drumsticks. With the alarm bells unguarded, Careful reactivated the switch and, getting Grumpy to join him, set off to get the dangerous drumsticks from Randy.

“You didn’t sign the maintenance settlement form. It was at the back of the file, along with the other documents, which you signed before the court case. I guess that is the reason why you didn’t notice it.” Leonard remained petrified. “Can I come in so you can sign, then I can proceed and finalize the agreement to report back to the family court, first thing Monday. Or would you prefer to come to my office on Monday to sign?” She took a step closer.

Grumpy was suddenly unsure. He was in no mood for people, but he was similarly not excited about the prospect of sacrificing Monday’s dinner again. Curious used Grumpy’s lapse in concentration, and headed towards Leonard’s shoulder, switching the alarm bell off along the way. He wanted to see what the advocate looked like in the light. Grumpy’s head oscillated between Curious, who was whispering into Leonard’s ear, and Randy, who kept on drumming Leonard’s sex muscle, in spite of Careful’s attempts to grab the drumsticks. It was as if Grumpy was watching the ball in a tennis match.

“It’s just for an in and out, I only need your signature on one document.”

Curious exploited Grumpy’s indecision to nudge Leonard along, while Careful tried to double task between getting Grumpy focused and switching the alarm bell back on.

Randy’s antics at Leonard’s sex muscle started to gain momentum. This snapped Grumpy’s focus back on, he knew what was best. He would rather sacrifice Monday dinner, than deal with the current jasmine situation. He was sure that Sharon wouldn’t have jasmine-scented perfume on Monday, her office perfume was rose! He better go and help Careful at the bell, so they could team up to overpower Randy.

Curious, however, won the round; he told Leonard that he wanted to get the ordeal behind him as soon as possible.

“Come on in,” Leonard’s voice came out clumsily. He closed the door behind Sharon, and was surprised that Sharon put so much effort into a silly form. Sharon remained standing at the door, as he walked to the armchair in the dark room and turned the wall light on. The sudden light blinded him, and he had to blink a few times before he got used to it.

‘What a transformation’, Leonard thought when he could finally keep his eyes open and saw Sharon for the first time in more than the outdoor stray light. The deep-brown, wavy hair that now hung over her shoulders had been hours before, still tied up in a tight, ‘no-nonsense’ bun, high up on her head. Her blue-green eyes would have hypnotized him, if her well-endowed breasts did not distract his attention continuously.

The dress’s tight fit lifted her breasts to the point where they threatened to escape out of the low neckline, from their bounce with every step she took. Breast tissue spilled over her tight dress, like rising dough which climbed over the edge of a pan, into a quad-boob. The dress, which stopped not far beyond the curvature of her hips, tightened around her waist and emphasized her 36-28-38 figure. Her athletic legs seemed to have no end—from the hem of the dress, which sat at a dangerous, almost-slutty, height—they extended in long, shapely curves down to the ground, to where they flowed into fine high-heeled, kick-out sandals.

It was unusual to see her in clothes other than the stately gray waistcoat over a white blouse which hid her neck and seductive breasts, as if she was a nun. Leonard couldn’t understand why she, daily, hid her attractive legs under long skirts or in long, loose trousers. He couldn’t recall any time that he had ever seen her beautiful fine ankles, let alone her shapely calves before.

Randy gave a hard pull on Leonard’s sex muscle, causing it to press against his boxers. The dressing gown also couldn’t hide much and Leonard became self-conscious, “Excuse what I look like. I didn’t expect a guest.”

Sharon looked around as if she didn’t notice, and was actually looking for a place to sit. Leonard offered the armchair, as if there were other options available. Sharon came walking in his direction and rocked her hips like the models do on Fashion TV. Her breasts bounced delightfully with every step.

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