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Amy and Max enter the front door, laden with grocery bags and videos. It’s dark and chilly. Max turns on lights, revealing pieces of the wide open floor plan with each.

Flick – gleaming oak floors beneath a floating oak staircase. Flick – a large wooden dining room table under a hanging light. Flick, a sunken sitting area focused on a flagged stone fireplace. Flick – an open kitchen with a bar to sit at. The back wall of the room is made entirely of large plate glass windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling.

“It’s forever wild back there. No one can develop it. It backs right on to the park” He says it casually as they put down their bags.

“It’s a beautiful house!”

“Yeah,” Max sounds sad. Amy knows why. It’s her house.

“She’s an idiot,” Amy says

“It’s just hard…” Max trails off.

“I know. Why did you agree to sit the place? I don’t think I could handle it,”

“I’m still friends with her mom and brother. They wanted me to. Besides, it buys us a night alone together,” Max is smiling down at her, trying to hide the hurt unsuccessfully.

Amy wraps her arms around his waist and pulls him in for a kiss. He returns it, warm but distracted. She makes idle chit chat: work, school, movies, friends. Max listens and responds but is a little distant. His replies come at a delay.

They arrange their take out dinners on plates in the kitchen area and bring it over to the coffee table in the sitting area, picnic style. He pops in a silly movie that he’d wanted her to see. She retrieves the bottle of vodka and jug orange juice that he purchased with two glasses.

They eat and watch in silence. Neither of them are really paying much attention to it. Max’s eyes catch on places around the open space. Amy’s follow them. He’s remembering, she thinks. She feels so sad for him. She knows exactly how he feels. Scooped out and hollow. Empty. Not real.

It’s written on his face as much as it is on hers. They seem to be the only ones that recognize it in each other. They both mention their friends’ helpful comments ruefully. Max’s least favorite is, “Still?” Amy’s is “You’re doing so well!” They agree that people can be really stupid sometimes.

Max mixes two drinks and hands one to her. He sips absently. He hasn’t touched much of his food. He looks lost and far away. Amy takes a big gulp and decides she’s going to make him feel better.

Amy pushes the coffee table back and kneels before him. Max starts to speak, probably to tell her she doesn’t have to. He always says that. He is so kind. She shakes her head and smiles at him.

Her hands glide up his thighs to his belt. She undoes the buckle deliberately. Slowly she unsnaps and unzips him, gingerly pulling everything down. He’s completely hard, the anticipation was enough.

Max shifts slightly to aid her progress but makes no other move. His hands are on either side of him; bracing himself. His breath comes fast and he shuts his eyes.

Amy licks, playful and light, tracing the tip with her tongue. Her hand grazes his balls and he groans. She smiles and continues. She takes her time.

She licks every inch without taking him entirely in her mouth, gently caressing with her hand all the while. She’s learned by now that he likes to be teased.

Max’s hands grip the sofa cushions, twisting and kneading the upholstery. When she feels she’s done enough preliminarily, she gobbles him up swiftly till he reaches the back of her throat. His body goes as rigid as his sex, poised for more.

Max becomes more vocal. Complimenting, urging her on, he moans out “Oh God you’re so good!”

Amy sucks and licks with broad, forceful strokes. She’s done teasing him and is settling to the task in earnest. Her head works up and down upon him furiously. In very little time her mouth fills with the hot, salty fluid as he yells out his last.

Amy rises from him with a little satisfied smile. She took his mind off it for a while, anyway. He looks spent, relaxed and grateful. This is first time the tension has left him since he picked her up tonight.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to…” smiling down at her

“You never make me feel like I have to. It’s not your style.” Amy smiles back at him.

“Can I do anything for you?”

“In a bit.”

Max rearranges his clothes, zipping back up. Once he sits back down Amy gets up and kneels on the couch next to him, perched slightly above. She opens her arms to him and he leans in.

He places his head on her breast and his arms wrap around her, clasping her to him. She strokes his hair and kisses the top of his head. They rock slowly together.

The voices from the movie echo through the cavernous downstairs. They don’t pay attention. Max’s eyes are closed. Amy’s are on his face, it’s drawn with pain again. She comforts him as best she can. Its no more that what he’s done for her. They’ve been consoling one another since they began this, whatever it is. They take turns.

Max’s hands start love never lies poland izle to roam. His face turns up to hers and he smiles at her, leering a bit. He’s ready for more. Amy smiles back, wickedly.

He peels her shirt up off of her and tosses it lightly aside. She holds his gaze and takes off her bra, throwing it on top of the shirt he just dropped. His smile hasn’t wavered and his face is still level with her breasts. He pulls her into him and suckles lightly, gently.

Max’s mouth is on one breast, sucking and pulling on her nipple lightly with his teeth. His hand is on the other handling her expertly, pinching, rolling, kneading. He sends chills shooting through her. His touch makes her arch her back and suck in her breath. The warm, familiar wetness is upon her. She spreads her knees apart, hoping he’ll caress her.

He stops and pulls her to her feet. He begins to undress and she follows suit. They stand before each other, completely naked. She moves in and kisses him. His lips are insistent, kissing her hard and taking her breath away.

His hand pushes into the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. The other runs over the length of her body, up and down, front and back. Her skin feels sweetly burned with the impression of it.

His skin feels soft over his hard body. She presses in to him, her breasts rub up against his chest, the sensitive nipples aching for him to touch her again. His rigid, thickness pokes into her belly, nudging her.

Max takes Amy up in his arms; one arm under her back, one beneath her knees. She twines her arms around his neck and they kiss deeply and slowly. He lays her out on the couch and continues what he started.

Max kneels beside her, burning her up with his languid kisses. His hands are strong and large. They move confidently over her, spreading her legs apart. His fingers toy with her delicately, slow and light.

She arches up moving with him to increase the speed and pressure. She is hungry for him and not in control of herself. He is far more self possessed although his arousal is obvious.

He moves his hand downward, tickling her inner thigh with his fingertips and looks down at her, grinning. She lets out a little mew of disappointment.

“Something wrong?” Max’s voice comes in a low rumble, the usual tone he adopts at these times. His smile is devilish, his eyes are warm.

“You’re such a tease!” Amy pants out in an exasperated whisper.

“You seem to enjoy it,” Het lets the tips of his fingers run slowly back up and just stops short, “but if you want me to stop…” Max trails off.

“Please don’t stop, I need you,” Amy moans it out.

“Alright,” he resumes kissing and caressing her at the same time. Not as voraciously as the pace she tried to set but harder and faster than he was moments ago. She struggles not to rush him. She knows he likes to take his time, knows she likes it more when he does but it’s very difficult to hold back in the moment. She thought she didn’t have much left to learn. She was wrong.

His fingers slip from her clit down far inside of her and back up again; manipulating her with precision and strength. He keeps alternating, giving her clit most of the attention but thrusting deeper every time he moves downward into her.

His fingers glide across her ever-increasing wetness. His lips slide down her neck to her breast, licking and sucking in time to his fingers. Every time he thrusts in to her, he sucks so hard, it almost hurts. Her body jolts with pleasure each time he does, locking and releasing involuntarily.

“You know just how to touch me,” Amy moans out to him.

He stops and moves up to her lips, giving her a gentle kiss. “Thank you.” His voice is soft and grateful. He smiles down at her, sweetly

“Please don’t stop.” she whispers quickly.

Max’s smile turns impish again and he resumes to her great relief. All too soon she is coming, she’s been coming all along, she realizes, she’s just reached the point where it’s too much clitoral stimulation. She wants him inside her now. He stops and gazes down at her, satisfied with his work.

“Do you need a min…”

“Fuck me!” she cuts him off and pulls him toward her.

Max laughs softly and kisses her, matching her urgency. One hand rummages for the condom in his discarded pants, the other parts her soothingly. He stops to put it on and then rises above her.

He enters her slowly, deliberately and she cries out pulling him into her. The friction is scrumptious. He spreads her open and withdraws again and again. Calling his name she thrusts up and hurries the pace. This time he does not stop her but pushes into her hard, matching her rhythm. He’s let the rein slip on his control and strokes in and out of her, powerfully, concerned as much with his own pleasure as hers.

She contracts up against him, feeling her climax build again, deeper, more full bodied than the first. Her love off the grid izle blood pounds in every inch of her as she grips and releases him deep inside herself. With a final thrust he moans out and falls upon her exhausted.

After a time he pushes up off of her, looking down at her, smiling fondly. She smiles back.

“We missed the movie,” Amy teases.

“That seems to happen a lot when you’re around, not that I’m complaining.”

They get up and clean off. They laugh as they search all over the room for clothing that was flung away in the moment.

“How did that end up over there?” she asks, embarrassed that she has to walk naked halfway across the open and unfamiliar room.

“Well, you see, I was removing it when…” Max begins in his professorial tone. He’s staring at her.

“Oh, shut up, I know how,” she giggles shyly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I enjoy the view. Why are you covering up?” he asks, seriously.

“I don’t know,” she mumbles, blushing. She’s not so comfortable in her own skin when there is a lack of action anymore. She’s shy with him. She doesn’t know why but she is.

She starts to pull her panties on hurriedly and scrambles for her shirt. She keeps dressing but he doesn’t. He just scoops up his clothes and their bags.

“Well, I’m going to bed. I’m awfully tired.”

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

“Why? I don’t like to sleep with clothes on and you don’t seem to either.”

“Good point.” She whips the shirt off, shimmies out of her panties and gathers her clothes. He smiles approvingly and heads toward the floating staircase. She follows.

“I’m glad I don’t have to take you home at two, we can actually sleep together the whole night.”

A little shock trickles through her, like ice water springing up from her belly. It’s what she had been thinking since he suggested it. She dared not say it for fear of scaring him off. She’s surprised and pleased that he said it.

He leads her to a dark room near the staircase and flicks on the lights.

“Oh God! Not another waterbed.” She groans and laughs at the same time. She’s been a good sport about the one at his house but she never really liked it.

“Waterbeds are great!” he says, dropping their things on the floor at the end of it.

“It’s hard to get, uh, traction.” she counters, slyly.

“You seem to manage just fine,” he purrs, slipping up behind her. His arms twine up and around her. His hands cup her breasts, tugging and twisting the nipples. His lips are on her neck, languid and wet.

Amy pulls in a sharp breath of surprise and delight. Max continues to kiss her and one of his hands moves downward, gently exploring the slick flesh. She raises her arm above her head, like a ballerina, to stroke the hair on the back of his neck.

“Are you ready again?” she asks, incredulous and breathy.

“No, but you are.” he breathes the words out warmly on the back of her neck and resumes kissing her.

His fingers move across her and inside of her dexterously. He’s not teasing this time, he’s fast and deep and she’s grateful that he can read what she needs so well.

His thumb rubs her clit wildly as his forefingers plunge in and out of her. Her other arm slides up and she links her hands behind his neck, reclining back into him, swimming in sensation.

“Oh God!” she whimpers in a high pitch, coming again.

Her legs buckle and he catches her up as she falters, laughing softly, “You ok?”

“Much better than ok,” she exhales, standing back up.

He embraces her, kissing her neck and walks her over to the bed, lifting the covers for her. Once she’s in, he climbs in beside her and holds her snugly, rocking her slightly.

She molds her body to his cozily on her side, pillowing her head on his chest. She looks up at him, he smiles drowsily and gives her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Go to sleep,” Max murmurs.

Amy does, fitfully, aware of his presence. She shifts with him to remain in his arms. He wakes periodically to kiss her gently on the lips.

At some point she decides she no longer wants to sleep and starts kissing him back in earnest. He responds, kissing her deeply, taking her breath away.

Amy slips her hand down his chest and belly, reaching down for his already stiffening member. She plays with him, tugging gently but rapidly and soon he is fully aroused. He tries to reciprocate but she pushes his hands away. It’s not his fingers she wants this time.

With her other arm she pulls him around, trying to maneuver him on top of her. He complies without words and enters her swiftly. They usually aren’t so careless but it seems so natural, inevitable. They move together rhythmically, slowly.

Max’s kisses move from her lips to her neck and he pumps in and out of her, deliberate and slow. Amy’s legs rise up higher and higher with each thrust, grinding back into him, swiveling her hips to madoff the monster of wall street izle feel him all throughout her. She locks her legs around him and pushes back, squeezing him as tight as she can.

She sucks on his neck and he keeps going. His delicious motion rocks her pelvis back and forth, making her come with gasping, gulping breaths and moans. He shudders to his climax as well, his body locking up tense and hard and then releasing into sweet softness and embraces.

“We seem to have forgotten something,” he says, coyly.

“I’m on the pill,” she replies, not concerned.

“But you usually want me to wear…”

“Yeah, I do but it was fine this time.”

“Just fine.”

“Much better than fine,” she replies, squeezing him from within. He closes his eyes and shudders again.

Max withdraws from her and they resume their places in each other’s arms. She cradled in the nook of his shoulder and chest, one arm around his belly. He with his lips against her head and his arms wrapped around her. They warm each other with their shared body heat.

Amy drowses for a bit and wakes up an undetermined time later. They shifted into a spooning position at some point. He must have woken before her.

Max’s hands are at her breasts and his lips are on the back of her neck. No words pass between them this time. None seem to be needed. His penis is poking rigidly into her buttock and she slides up along him, making him moan and pinch her nipples in return.

He frees a hand and clasps her around the waist, drawing her tighter to him. She rocks her hips, moving against him for an exquisite interval while his fingers explore her again, rubbing her clit with precision and rapidity. The warm liquid sensation envelops her.

Amy gently pushes him on to his back. Max moves his hands away from her aching breast and clit to position himself behind her, inside of her. She rides him atop and backwards, sliding up and down upon him. He fills her up and stretches her apart and it feels so good.

His fingers return to their work, making her cry out and tense up around him, increasing their friction and pleasure. He is immobilized, she is in control of their motion and his moans tell her she’s doing well.

She rocks up and down, impaling herself upon him. From this position he reaches up so far inside. For a dizzying moment her body goes rigid with sensation and pleasure and then relaxes to feel him, still hard within her.

Amy pulls up off of him and he whimpers. She turns to face him and guides him back in to her, they can move together this way. She bends down to give him a penetrating kiss and at the same time grinds herself in a slow rotation.

Max moans into her mouth and then pulls back, hands on her hips, grasping her. His hot sweet breath escalates, burning her skin as he rocks her back and forth, directing her, pulling her closer. She tightens up around him and he groans loud and long, wrapping his arms around her back. They fall away from each other and go back to sleep.

This time when she wakes, feeble winter light is straining through the windows. She is slightly sore but a little hungry for more. She looks over at him. One arm is draped loosely around her shoulders, the other rests across his eyes. His chest rises and falls regularly, he is still asleep.

Amy nuzzles his neck and kisses him there. His arm comes down to embrace her and he turns so they are lying face to face. He kisses her lips softly and looks at her bleary eyed.

“Good morning,” Max says.

“Good morning,” Amy replies.

“Sleep well?” he asks, coyly.

“Not at all,” she laughs back and pulls him close to her, wriggling up on him suggestively.

“Oh my God, you’re going to kill me,” he laughs in disbelief but kisses her anyway. Their hands roam each other’s bodies sleepily. She closes her eyes and buries her face in his chest, kissing him there.

Max’s large hands stroke her back and sides. He kisses her hair and they doze, caressing each other lazily. The smell of his skin and their sex fills her up. It is sweet and musky. Amy tilts her face up and kisses him, softly but exploring.

His tongue meets hers delicately. They kiss and embrace and she feels the sticky warmth from her center as well as she can feel his hardness poking into her thigh. Gently he moves her on to her back and begins to make love to her again.

There is a little pain but more than that, a warmth and a tenderness that makes her want to cry. His kisses and his movements within her are so kind and strong and careful with her, like the rest of him.

This act is not so much carnal as comforting. Balm for her wounded spirit and at that moment she loves him for it. He finishes and withdraws from her.

“OK, um, this was amazing but it IS actually starting to hurt a little,” Max says, sheepishly.

Amy bursts in to laughter, “I was thinking the same thing!”

Max laughs with her and gives her a bear hug. “You make me laugh!” he says, joyfully.

“Gee thanks” she responds, smiling.

“You know what I mean.”

“I do. I love being with you.”

It’s the closest she’s come to saying she loves him. She’s not sure how she feels about him long range, but she knows that right here and right now he’s the one she wants to be with.

“I love being with you too,” he replies, holding her fast again.

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