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Eva and Daddy Ch. 05

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Hotter and wetter! At least I hope you think so. As before, please vote and comment 🙂


The next day progressed like any other, both father and daughter inwardly dwelling on the events in the bathtub the night before, but outwardly ignoring its existence. Eva’s back and ankle were still sore, the muscles in her lower back spasming whenever she tried to bend down or if she moved too quickly. Consequently, Warren spent most of the day helping her get around, coddling her like he used to when she was still a child. Each contact was fraught with sexual tension, as they both made excuses to delicately rub against each other: Eva would brush her breasts against him or rub his pecs and Warren would briefly fondle her bottom or pinch her nipples as he carried her. By early evening, Eva’s pussy was completely flooded with her juices, soaking the front of her thongs, and Warren had a similarly large stain on his boxers. Inevitably, the sexual tension led them back to the bathroom for her ‘bath time’, both pretending that this was just another chore that had to be done, not something they had both been desiring all day until they were out of their minds.

Casually, Eva suggested that maybe it would be easier in the shower, and just as casually, that maybe her daddy would be more comfortable if he didn’t have to worry about his boxers getting wet. Inwardly thrilled, his cock pulsing with every heartbeat, Warren calmly agreed. Gone were his reservations and qualms, replaced with a blind need to possess his baby girl. Turning on the shower and setting it to the right temperature, he turned first to Eva. Undressing her, he lifted off her nightshirt to reveal her gloriously bare breasts, proud pink nipples already puckered and at attention, as well as the now see-through front of her white thongs, molded to her labia. Dropping to his knees in front of his baby girl, Warren grasped the sides of her thong and slowly peeled them off, revealing her shaved and beautiful pink pussy to his avid gaze. He watched as the cloth resisting peeling off of her cunny, suctioned to her beautiful pink puss by her girly cream, and was mesmerized by the glistening dew that sparkled on her pussy lips. Closing his eyes, he leaned in and inhaled deeply, feeling his cock jerk in response to the heady smell of his daughter’s sex, before standing up and telling Eva to go into the shower first.

Eva thought watching her daddy sniff her pussy was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen. Her cunny had released a fresh gush of cream when he inhaled deeply, and she had wanted to tilt her hips up and press her pussy onto his mouth and nose. She had been held back by the uncertainty that doing so would cause him to stop, and she didn’t want that to happen under any circumstance. In the shower stall, warm water sluicing over her petite 5-foot frame, she turned and stared at her daddy as he undressed. His toned 6’3″ body, firm pecs, and sexy abs had her pussy fluttering, but it was nothing like the torrent of juice that poured out of her little cunny when her haramidere escort daddy pulled off his boxers to reveal his huge cock, pointing towards his belly and proudly jutting outwards from a wiry thatch of dark pubic hair. The ache deep inside her belly intensified, her vaginal walls contracting with the depth of her desire to be completely filled by that magnificent cock. Soon, she promised herself, soon.

Entering the tiny shower stall, Warren was pleased by Eva’s wide-eyed and appreciative gaze as she stared at his body. He felt like a conquering Nordic warrior next to a diminutive pixie, enclosed in a steamy, although somewhat cramped, sexual heaven. Blocking the shower spray with his body, Warren applied some shampoo to his hands, and then to Eva’s hair as she closed her eyes and sagged against the wall. The massage was hypnotic, and rinsing her off even more so as he watched his young goddess of a daughter under the stream of water.

Lathering soap on his hands, Warren started to wash Eva’s body, again beginning with her hands. Slowly, sinuously, sensually, his hands travelled up towards her shoulders, lathering along the way, before they drifted down to cover her breasts. Father and daughter breathed harshly as he stared at his dark hands ‘cleaning’ and caressing her milky skin, and she stared at his face, captivated by the desire she saw in his eyes. Eva gasped with each gentle roll and pinch of her nipples, arching her back in submission and want. Before she was ready, Warren moved on down the flat plane of her abdomen, pausing briefly to tickle her belly button, before moving farther south. Again, he skipped over her needy pussy, re-lathering his hands and starting this time at her toes. He kneaded the arches of her feet to her sighs of pleasure, before moving up to her calves, knees, and thighs. At the juncture of her thighs, to Eva’s infinite frustration, he stopped just shy of touching her flowering pussy and her plump clit, swollen with want. Instead, he pushed her forward and turned her around so that he stood behind her, the spray of water now skimming down the front of her body. In this position, Warren washed her back, his hands lovingly following the sinuous curve of her spine, down to the dimples just above her plump bottom, before gripping each of the globes in his palms, massaging and kneading the firm tissue with his hands.

Eva, eyes closed, abandoned herself to the erotic pleasures her daddy was bestowing upon her tender young body. Leaning back, she rested her head against his pecs, as her daddy fondled her bottom. She moaned, hips jerking in surprise, as she felt one finger slip into the crevice and caress her crinkled rosebud. Gasping and panting, she didn’t resist as she felt her daddy’s right knee slip between her thighs and then lift upwards and outwards, taking her right leg with it, before resting on the shower ledge, opening her up for his exploration. The position placed her back right up flush against the front of her daddy, and she could feel içerenköy escort his glorious cock throbbing and pulsing against the small of his back. Wobbly, she reached up and wound her right hand around his neck, both steadying himself, and pushing her breasts up further for his consideration. This was everything she had been fantasizing about and more for the past week, and she couldn’t believe all of her dreams were about to come true.

Warren gazed down at Eva from the top of her head, to her flushed breasts with her nipples stiff and at attention, to her legs spread out so invitingly below, water cascading down her beautiful young body. With guilty pleasure, he gently nudged his cock against her back, hissing at the pleasure such innocent contact wrought. “One last place to wash, baby…” he whispered thickly in her ear, enjoying her gasp of response, as he soaped up his hands. Reaching around her waist, his right hand quickly delved into her creamy, hidden depths, while his left hand moved upwards to grasp her left tit. As Eva released a strangled moan of pleasure, he probed her sleek pussy with his fingers, briefly rubbing her swollen clit before teasing the edges of her love hole.

“Nnngh…daddy…. Daddy please,” Eva moaned, her head tossing back and forth in frustration.

“Mmmm…” he growled in her ear, “does daddy’s baby girl want him to do this?” as he firmly thrust one finger inside her sopping pussy, teasing her clit with his thumb.

“Yes, mmmggh, oh God daddy, fuck my little virgin pussy with your finger… play with your little girl.”

He didn’t think it was possible, but Warren felt his cock swell even more at Eva’s husky words. Adding a second finger to the first, he marveled at the tightness of his baby girl’s cunt, as she writhed against his body with the additional pressure. Bending his knees, Warren hunched forward until he could firmly embed his raging cock between Eva’s ass cheeks. Lubricated by the shower and his precum, Warren was in heaven as he slid his thick cock up and down between Eva’s clenching buttocks, in time to his fingers plunging inside her tight little pussy and his hand fondling and teasing her nipples. Both of them “mmmh’d” and “aaah’d”, groaning, as the fragrance of their love-making filled the steamy confines of the shower stall, along with the sounds of their slippery bodies rubbing against each other. Tilting her head up towards her daddy, Eva was rewarded with his lips coming down to meet hers, and his tongue soon penetrating the warm and moist cavern of her mouth, just as his fingers were doing below. Indescribably fierce and erotic sensations coursed through her petite body, as a deep pressure starting building in her cunny and radiated outwards throughout her heated skin. Moaning and mewling, her tender body started to shake with the pressure, until she came with a loud wail, her body jerking with each wave of insistent pleasure.

Warren still couldn’t believe he had his baby girls in his arms, with his fingers innovia escort deep inside her pussy, his tongue down her throat, and his cock wedged against her ass. As she came apart in his hands, jiggling and swaying with the force of her orgasm, his manhood became more enflamed and swollen. Helpless to stop and needing to cum, Warren gripped her hips in his hands, pushing her against the wall as he drove his cock up and down between her squeezing butt cheeks. His breathing ragged, he stared down at the bloated head of his cock as it peeked out at him with every thrust. Blatantly rutting against his baby girl, in only minutes he was drowned beneath a sweeping wave of pent-up lust, and he roared as he came, shuddering and quaking with each spurt of cum that exploded from his cock, covering Eva’s back with his seed. Overcome, gasping for breath, he leaned against her when he was done, his softening cock still being massaged by her clenching buttocks.

“Oh my god, daddy, that was amazing,” Eva giggled as she turned around in his arms. Glancing down between them at her daddy’s still-impressive manhood, Eva grasped it with her hands and gently pulled, watching in fascination as her daddy grunted and another small spurt of cum trickled down her hand. “I think this time I should give you a bath.”

Bemused, Warren recuperated and watched his tiny daughter as she bathed him. He loved how she struggled to reach his hair, even while on her tippy toes, and he loved how much she clearly adored his virile body, dreamily rubbing her soapy hands up and down his abs and his buttocks. His breathing quickened when she took his cock between her hands, firmly stroking him back to life and fondling his balls. As his manhood swiftly grew under her tender ministrations, he loved how his baby girl was barely able to grip him completely with her hands. But most of all, he loved when she sucked the head of his rampant cock into her warm mouth, fluttering her tongue against the sensitive underside and provocatively teasing his slit. Eva hummed as she suckled her daddy’s cock, and Warren felt each vibration down to his balls. Gripping her head between his hands, he watched his baby girl with her mouth and hands stuffed full with his cock, and thrust slowly, moaning, “yessss Eva, yess baby girl, suck daddy’s big, fat cock! Mmmm… you love having your mouth stuffed by daddy’s cock, don’t you, daddy’s little cock-slut? Isn’t this what you’ve been dreaming of every time you flashed daddy with your pretty titties and your squishy pink pussy?”

Listening to her daddy’s moans of pleasure, Eva felt a quickening in her creamy wet cunny, and oozed pussy-juice when she heard him call her his cock-slut. Sucking harder, she pumped his cock faster and firmer with her hands, needing to taste his cum. She was soon rewarded for her efforts as Warren moaned louder and started to yell, ‘I’m cumming Eva, oh God, yessss, I’m cumming!” as volley after volley of her daddy’s salty and tasty seed hit her tongue and the back of her throat. As his orgasm eased, Eva continued to milk her daddy’s cock of all it’s tasty cum, before leaning back and giving his softening prick one last kiss before standing up.

“You’re all clean now, daddy,” she giggled.

Warren cracked one eye open, stared as his minx of a daughter, so beautiful, petite, and lush under the cooling shower spray, and smiled. “I am, but you aren’t.”

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