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Estranged and then Coming Together

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My upbringing was very strict and my sister and I often felt isolated from other kids. My 1st sexual encounter (or the closest to it) was with my own sister. My sister was 18 months older than me and one day, on the odd occasion we were actually left alone at home, we found my Father’s camera and pretended to take pictures of ourselves on various poses (all fully clothed and more experimentation than anything serious). We were so scared that we might be caught that we practically wrecked the camera to make sure that there was no incriminating evidence. It was some childish fun at the time, but it’s a memory that hasn’t left me. Aside from this, my only focus was my Mother.

I honestly hadn’t given my Mum much thought until my friend Simon invited me around to his house to see his Mum sunbathing in a bikini in the back garden. I remember him saying that he felt that his Mum had bigger tits, but I should take a look and decide for myself! I guess you could say that after that I fixated my mum and as I grew up, probably due to my lack of interaction with other women. I started ogling her tits and fantasising when I hit puberty.

My mum was a stay at home parent and she had a lot of issues with self-esteem, but she was my mum and I always thought she had great legs and a particularly wicked side to her. There was an 11-year age gap between her and my Dad. He died young, basically working himself to death as self-employed contractor. To the best of my knowledge, she never had any other relationships, probably because of her low self-esteem.

I tried lots of different ways to get closer to Mum as I grew up. I used to lay in bed pretending to be asleep with nothing on, waiting for her to open my bedroom door to check on me on her way to bed. One night I fell asleep like this and awoke with a start as I’m sure that someone had held my cock. There was nobody there, and I hoped that it would happen again, but nothing ever did.

When I grew older, I met the woman who would become my wife. My Mum and I argued as I would be etiler escort moving 100 miles away. She refused to visit us, and only came to our starter home when our first son was born. After that she refused to visit again and we had a serious argument and we didn’t talk for years.

Around about 5 years later I was back in my home town visiting a customer and decided to go and see Mum. It had been a long time and I felt it was long past time to make up. I parked my car and walked around to the back door (the family always came into the house via the kitchen). And there was Mum. She became overcome with emotion and rushed across the room, drew me into a tight hug and kissed me, crying and hugging me all the while.

My mum is 5′ 6″ tall and I suppose you’d consider her to be petite. She had always been in great shape, despite a lack of exercise and her diet seemed to consist of chocolate. She always kept her hair short and had let it run grey. She had worn glasses as long as I can remember and always seemed to cover her tits, which we sagging slightly but were a nice 32C cup.

Unsurprisingly, Mum looked older and although she had grown a little thicker around the middle, she still looked great to me. She kissed me all over my face and I was soon doing the same, then we kissed on the lips — a series of quick hot pecks. The next moment our tongues were in each other’s mouth. My cock grew as hard as I had ever felt it, I wanted her, and I wanted her right there and then.

Years of pent-up lust overwhelmed me and I lifted her onto the kitchen worktop. We continued kissing passionately and I lifted her jumper and freed her tits from her bra. I caressed her nipples and felt her push her tongue into my mouth in response. I lowered my mouth to her tits ands and began sucking her nipples as they became hard. First the left nipple and then I moved cross to her right. I wanted to continue kissing her and so I nibbled each nipple and she arched her back in response before I kissed her again whilst eve gelen escort groping her tits and hard wet nipples.

As I kissed her, Mum wrapped her legs around my waist and began thrusting at me — gently at first, but then becoming more aggressive and literally rubbing herself against me though her trousers. I was consumed with lust. All I wanted to do was fuck her and fuck her good. I enjoyed an active sex life with wife and we’d tried a lot of different things from role playing to anal and public sex. I wanted to do all these things with Mum.

I lifted Mum from the kitchen counter and allowed her to slide down my body whilst we still kissing. I was leaning forward as maintained contacted with her body and continued to kiss her. I don’t know what Mum had done before, but I certainly didn’t expect her to be an experienced cocksucker. I pushed her shoulders gently down until she was kneeling on the kitchen floor. “Take my cock in your mouth and suck the tip of it”. With what I can only describe as a wicked smile she licked my cock from the base the head, pushing the tip of her tongue into my japs eye and then slowly took the tip of my cock into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth around my cock was incredible. She didn’t take any more into her mouth or start to move up and down — she just sucked my helmet like was consuming a cough sweet.

My cock was getting harder and harder and my balls were tightening as she started alternating between sucking my head and then licking my cock from its base to the tip. All the time she maintained eye contact with me — I can tell you it was one of the most erotic moments of my life. I had no idea that Mum was so expert at pleasing a man. “We need to be quick before your sister gets here” she whispered in-between slurps and licks.

I was like a man possessed, I pulled my cock from Mum’s mouth and grabbed her jumper and pulled it over her head, followed by her bra which hit the kitchen floor. I pulled her to her feet and kissed hr again whilst fatih escort reaching for her trousers. I unclasped them and Mum let out a satisfied sigh as though she was waiting for this moment. I squatted down and pulled down her trousers and knockers and her grey-haired pussy came into view. Her pubes were soaked and I could smell her sex. I was tempted to bury my face in there, but I was beyond foreplay. I had never felt so aroused, my cock had never felt so hard, and I couldn’t speak — it was just animal instinct. I pulled the clothes over her feet and picked her back up and placed her on the kitchen counter.

I pulled Mum towards me and stood on tip toe so that I was positioned to push myself inside her. Holding her sides, I thrust my cock into her sopping wet pussy. I thought I was going to come instantly, but I somehow managed to hold off and began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy, my full length pushing inside her as I hooked her legs under my arms and started to take her as hard and as fast as I could.

I was grunting with the strain of the rigorous fucking and all I could hear over the noise of the blood pounding my ears was the sound of our bodies slapping together. This wasn’t enough, I wanted her on the floor and to take her from behind. I lifted her off the kitchen counter, and pulled my cock from her pussy.

I can’t tell you how we manoeuvred to be on the floor — it’s a blur. What I remember next is holding her hips as I entered her again. The full length of my cock slipped effortlessly inside her and she grunted as I filled her, and then I began to fuck her hard again. This wasn’t a romantic event; this was pure fucking. She pushed back on my cock and our bodies were now moving faster and faster and I was losing all control.

“Oh god,” I grunted, “I can’t wait to have my cock in your arse”. “You want to bum me?” she replied. Her face was scrunched in disgust. “I want to fuck my cock in and out of you” I yelled in reply. And then my Mum lost it. She was pushed back on the entire length of my cock shouting obscenities: “I want your cock; I want your big fat cock in me!”. The feeling was intense — I had been reunited with Mum and we had bonded in the most intimate way.

I was about to cum, and then my sister worked in through the kitchen door…

Part 2 coming soon!!!

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