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Erica’s Man: Student Teacher

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“Well, congratulations Cally! You’re officially a qualified teacher!”

Cally smiled at me as I handed her the papers. “Thank you so much. Honestly it’s been amazing these last ten weeks. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I was so worried about teaching this year group but you’ve been amazing, helping with everything and giving up so much time to sit and plan things with me!”

I merely grinned and replied, “The pleasure’s been all mine.”

It really had. Cally was not only the best student teacher I’d ever mentored, but she was also incredibly hot. She had long blonde hair, slightly above average sized chest, a lovely pert bottom and legs that went on for days. At just twenty years old she was twelve years my junior, and her body was very toned and tight, too, so it had been a genuine pleasure to watch her teach. On more than one occasion I’d found myself staring a little too long at her perfect arse, mainly when she was teaching PE, wearing skin-tight leggings and a gym top which was just low cut enough to tantalise my imagination.

Today, however, she looked just genuinely beautiful. She was very pretty, as well as having an incredible body, and today her summery pale blue dress showed a tiny bit of cleavage while the bottom, with a flower pattern, was more floaty.

She smiled again. “Thanks for this as well. I know it’s the last day of term and you would have been wanting to get straight off home, but my tutor really needed the paperwork sorting. I can’t believe she lost the copies we sent through. Thanks for printing them all again.”

“Honestly not a problem, Cally. Is there anything else you need before you go? It’s not an issue – I have the keys to lock up school so there’s nobody waiting on us.”

“Nothing else I need… erm…” Cally looked slightly uncomfortable for a couple of seconds, clearly debating with herself whether to ask for something else. “No,” she continued, seeming to decide, “Nothing else I need.”

“You don’t seem sure!” I laughed. “Ok, how about anything else you want. I can do anything you want, so make sure you make the most of it before you leave. Last day remember!”

The thoughtful look came back over her face and she paused for a few seconds, clearly thinking. “Are you sure there’s nobody waiting for us to leave?”

“Nobody else in the building. Last day of term – everyone’s gone home and I’m locking up.”

“Well, there’s nothing else I need, but there’s something I would like.”

“Honestly, anything at all.”

With that, Cally stepped forwards quickly and kissed me. Her lips locked onto mine and for a second, I considered resisting, but only for a second. I kissed her back and she wrapped her arms junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle around my neck, pulling me closer so I could feel the warmth of her body press up against me. I placed my hands on her waist and enjoyed the feel of her lips on mine.

I pulled her body against me as she began to kiss harder, with more urgency, and I felt her tongue begin to explore my mouth, meeting mine as my erection began to grow against her belly. My hands lowered to caress her perfect arse, and I slowly drew her dress up, bunching it up at the back so I could explore the pert cheeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find her cheeks were bare, with just a lacy thong between them. Her bottom was perfectly toned and pert, and my erection reached full mast quickly, pressing against her stomach.

Cally moaned with need as I caressed her bum and moved my kisses from her mouth to her neck. Nibbling slightly on her collarbone, I brought my right hand up to slide the strap of her dress off her shoulder. Bending slightly now, this allowed me to trail kisses down the top of her chest to her breast, as I reached the same hand around to slip the back of her dress down slightly and unhook her bra.

Another small moan escaped Cally’s lips as my kisses reached the very top of the front of her dress and I slowly, painstakingly kissed along her breasts. I swapped hands, my right now returning to caress her pert cheeks as my left reached up to remove the strap from her other shoulder. Stepping back slightly now, I used both hands to slowly peel the straps down her arms, revealing more of her chest, then her white strapless bra with a lacy fringe, and then her perfectly toned stomach.

As the straps cleared her arms and I let them go, Cally reached up and threw away her bra, revealing a beautiful pair of pert breasts, her small nipples standing to attention as she gazed into my eyes, lust smouldering on her face.

I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth, kissing and licking around the areola as she moaned and held my head to her chest. My hands returned to her arse and I began to massage them gently, using my thumbs to slowly hook the bottom half of her dress further and further up as I caressed her.

After a few seconds I felt one of Cally hands leave my head, and a second later it reappeared between my legs, first grasping my testicles through my trousers and then stroking up the shaft. As she reached the top, she manoeuvred the button out of its hole and unzipped my fly. I moved my attention to Cally’s other breast as her hand now cupped and fondled my testicles kaçış izle through my underwear. Cally moaned breathily as I licked over her nipple and then moved my head back, away from her chest.

She knelt swiftly in front of me and paused to look at the bulge in my underwear before pulling my trousers right down to the floor and hooking her fingers into the top of my boxers, releasing my eight inch erection in front of her face as she lowered those to the floor too.

Grasping my cock with one hand, Cally looked up at me from her knees, slowly working her hand along the shaft as her other hand fondled my balls. She gazed, unblinking, into my eyes as she leaned forwards and took the tip of my penis into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth around me was heaven, and she continued to rub along my shaft and play with my balls as I felt her tongue rolling around the head of my cock. I groaned as she slowly began to bob her head along me, the feel of her lips on my erection bringing pure pleasure as she continued to stare into my eyes. The sight of Cally, the top of her dress fallen to her waist, with the bottom half spread around her on the floor, looking all the while a beautiful, innocent girl even as she sucked and licked my cock is still one of the most unbelievably sexy moments I have ever experienced.

Cally continued to slowly pleasure me for a while, but as I began to come close to the edge, I knew it was time to return the favour. Reaching down, I intertwined my fingers with her hair and drew her to her feet, kissing her as I guided her backward to my desk, stepping out of my shoes, trousers and underwear as we moved. Lifting the back of her dress quickly, I gave her a boost to place her bare bottom on the wooden surface. She leaned back onto her elbows as I lifted the front of her dress, bunching it around her waist and revealing plain white panties with a lacy frill around the edges and a tiny bow on the front.

As I knelt on one knee in front of her, Cally spread her legs to reveal a dark, damp patch on her panties. I leaned forward and kissed her damp mound, tasting her as I moved my tongue to press the material into her groove. Another moan escaped Cally’s lips as I pressed my tongue against her clitoris, engorged beneath her underwear.

Wasting no more time, I hooked the waistband and peeled the panties down to reveal a beautifully neat, small, shaven pussy, her lips already inverted with lust and glistening with her juice. I leaned in and slowly ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top, bringing Cally’s loudest moan yet. Her hand pressed against the back of my head and I happily obliged, burying myself in the task of licking, sucking kaleidoscope izle and caressing her clitoris with my tongue, my hands wrapped around her thighs which were in turn wrapped around my head. Focusing on her clitoris, I soon heard Cally’s moans coming faster and louder, and not long after felt her thighs squeeze against the sides of my head and both saw and felt Cally’s back arch as she came, a high pitched squeal released from her mouth as her juices were released from her cunt out onto my tongue, which I quickly manoeuvred to lap up her orgasm.

As her shuddering orgasm slowed, I felt Cally’s hand tug upward on my hair, and I climbed to my feet. Her hand moved from my hair to rub at her own clitoris in front of me, and there was no mistaking the look on her face, her cheeks red from orgasm.

Without hesitation I guided my hard cock to the bottom of her pussy, running the tip up and down between her gleaming wet lips before slowly sliding inside her. I couldn’t help groaning at the feel of her tight young pussy wrapping around me, even as she moaned at the feel of my thick shaft stretching her walls.

I slowly entered her tight cunt, partially at first, before beginning to push deeper with each slow thrust. Cally gasped with each entry pushing further into her, her tight warm wetness pressing tightly against me, bringing me quickly towards the edge of orgasm.

I held off from cumming too fast by keeping the thrusts slow. Although the feeling of her was incredible, I kept slow enough to avoid shooting my load too fast. The slow movement seemed to be making the experience more sensual for Cally too, her mouth set in an O as she held my gaze. I fucked her slow and deep for a while, sliding my cock all the way to my balls and then all the way out until just the very tip was inside her. Cally never took her eyes off mine, making every penetration a sensual and intimate moment.

After a few minutes, my cock buried deep inside her, Cally reached out and grabbed my tie, pulling me down and close to her. Leaning forward herself slightly, she whispered in my ear.

“I want you to cum inside me.”

Keeping hold of my tie, she held me in place as I rested my hands on the desk on either side of her and began to speed up. Soon I was pounding hard and fast into her tight pussy, her moans getting louder and louder until her mouth contorted into a wide O and again she squealed with orgasm, the muscles in her cunt squeezing hard around my cock and almost immediately causing my own gasping release, my cum shooting deep inside the beautiful twenty year old I had been mentoring to become a teacher.

I collapsed on top of Cally, her heavy breathing next to my ear and my erection still buried deep inside her. We both lay there for a few minutes to catch our breath, until I pulled away.

Cally stood and stepped to me, kissing me breathily on the lips before turning and starting to dress. Picking her panties up last, she very deliberately opened my desk draw and placed them inside. “Remember me,” she smiled, before again stepping over to kiss me, “and thank you, for everything.”

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