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Enter the Cougar

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Julia Cougar was walking up the stairs leading to the entrance of the luxurious mansion and all of the gazes were focused on her. It was no surprise though, the forty-two year old sex bomb wore a red gown that was designed to have exactly such effect. The dress was ankle long, but had a wide slit on the side that exposed her entire long leg up to the hip, it even gave a glimpse of her buttock when she walked and made it obvious that Julia was not wearing any panties. The top part of the gown had barely any fabric, above the belt that encompassed her slim waist were only two straps that went over her huge breasts and around her slender neck, the straps were not thick enough to cover the whole breasts so not only her cleavage could be admired, but sideboobs as well; Julia’s entire toned back was exposed.

As the mature beauty climbed up the stairs, fully aware of all the attention she was receiving, a gust of wind blew her gown to the side for a moment exposing her entire booty and crotch, the spectators could admire the full round firm buttocks, neatly shaved vagina… and a sparkling green jewelled anal plug. The toy was there for more reasons, but before we reveal them let’s introduce our daring damsel.


Julia had always been beautiful and was fully aware of her good looks; yet she was not just a dumb proud bimbo, but also a woman smart enough to make good use of her beauty. That was how she had married Hank when she was twenty one and he was twice as old (or just as old as she was now). At first she was nothing more than a trophy wife of a wealthy businessman, she enjoyed the luxury and the sex was amazing, truth be told Hank had to improve his condition to satisfy her, but he never complained about that, quite the opposite. Soon it turned out that she was also competent enough to assist her husband in his work, that way she could take off some burden of his back AND they had the opportunity to have sex in his office.

Twenty one years later she was a successful businesswoman herself, although their sex life had changed dramatically. Because of health issues Hank, now sixty-three years old, while still fit and handsome became impotent. Obviously neither of them were happy, but he was open minded enough to accept an “open relationship”, while he himself focused more on his work. Julia still had an incredibly active sex life, but her husband rarely participated and when he did he used only his superb oral skills; sometimes he joined it as a spectator.

Julia might have aged, but she retained all of her beauty thanks to rigorous diet, regular intense exercise, modern expensive cosmetics and… a minor surgery to keep her huge E-cup breasts firm. She was 174 centimetres tall, but was rarely seen so “short”, because she usually wore fifteen centimetre heels; each pair cost at least a few hundred dollars and she had a wardrobe full of them. Julia was overall a big girl and would have most likely gotten fat if not for all the effort; but thanks to the diet and workout she had full feminine curves kept in shape by toned muscles. Her waist was slim, legs long and shoulders broad, but she could not be called slender, yet it was not an imperfection. Her hair was long, thick and wavy, it used to be light blonde, but had darkened with age, so she needed to bleach them to regain their old hue. Julia’s facial features were smooth and youthful, despite her high social status and job position she could never have an expression that looked too serious, it was usually friendly and inviting, enhanced by her large round blue eyes.


Julia was in her bedroom, undressing; in a few hours she was supposed to attend a party and needed to get herself dolled up. It was an event of the artistic bohemia organized by one of the most influential patrons in his spacious mansion. Julia loved those parties for their uninhibited atmosphere, liberal dress code and the crowds of young creative people who wanted to become famous; they were so much more interesting than the ambitious young people who wanted to become rich and successful that one could meet at business parties. It was not without significance that Julia was a prominent patron herself.

The mature beauty had already laid down the chosen outfit on her bed, it consisted of an extremely sexy and equally revealing red gown, a tiny red g-string to give an illusion of decency and a pair of hold-up fishnet stockings made of a tine mesh, they matched Julia’s skin colour perfectly and she picked them mostly because she loved the feeling of nylon on her skin. The outfit was completed by a pair of red peep-toe Louboutins on fifteen centimetre tall stiletto heels which she currently had on her feet simply because she loved to wear them.

Julia had just taken off the last item of her clothing and was standing in nothing but her heels when Winston walked in without knocking; he was her chauffeur and… a lot more. Winston was a thirty year old strikingly handsome konak escort black man, tall enough to look his employer in the eyes while she wore her heels, lean, athletic and always sharply dressed. He could act fully professional and discreet or completely unprofessional with a different kind of discretion; right now he committed the latter type of act, but Julia did not seem to bother, she just turned her head and smiled.

“Came here to help me with the preparations?”

“That’s my goal.”

“How kind of you” she stuck a seductive pose.

Winston approached her from behind, reached his arms around her body and grabbed her breasts, his touch was not exactly gentle, quite the opposite, he groped Julia’s magnificent breasts hard and possessively; an excited moan was her only reaction. The chauffeur squeezed her nipples and pulled them forward, she groaned louder, but did not seem displeased. Winston soon let Julia’s breasts go, spinned her around in his arms and kissed her; the kiss was full of passion, their tongues battled inside of their mouths and she wrapped her arms around the man’s broad back and one of her long strong legs around his buttocks.

Their lips parted only when they both ran out of breath, for a moment they stood silent and motionless, and stared into each other’s eyes; Winston then put his palms on Julia’s shoulders and signalled rather then pushed her to get down on her knees. As the woman obediently knelt he slowly unbuttoned his vest, when she began to unzip his trousers he proceeded to the shirt.

The black penis that Julia extracted from beneath the clothes was sizable even in its flaccid state and so were the testicles; the woman without a pause started to work to get it erect. She put one of her palms on the huge testicles and used the other to stroke the shaft.

“No hands” came from above “take off my clothes.”

Julia removed both of her palms from the genitals to open the belt that held the trousers, at the same time she took the fat head of the penis into her mouth; performing those tasks simultaneously was not easy, but it was clear that she was not doing it for the first time. With the penis still in her mouth she pulled his clothes down, she had to stop sucking for a moment, so Winston could step out of his trousers, but soon she resumed the task.

Julia put her arms behind her back and used only her skilled mouth to bring the penis to its full size. With almost a quarter of a century of cocksucking experience she knew all of the tricks of fellatio and she could deepthroat any cock, although Winston’s monster always required full attention, even for someone without a gag reflex. In Julia’s expert mouth the penis was quickly gaining volume and soon was fully erect. It was a real sight to behold, the cock was so long, thick and straight that it looked more like a club than an actual penis; and Winston used it exactly like that. The man withdrew his pride from Julia’s mouth and slapped her face lightly few times with it; she remained on her knees with her lips parted. After several slaps he laid the penis on her face, the precum already oozing onto her skin.

“What are you?” Winston asked in an impassive voice.

“A horny bitch” came an obedient reply said in a lustful voice.

“Whose bitch?”

“I’m YOUR horny bitch.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me!”


In her entire professional life, since she had turned from a trophy wife to a businesswoman, Julia usually issued commands, sometimes she asked but never begged, not even her husband, even though their sex life had some kinky turns.

“Please, fuck me, sir!” the answer came without hesitation “I need to feel your marvelous cock inside of me. Please, use me to your pleasure. FUCK ME! I beg you!”

Winston did not reply, he simply grabbed Julia’s hair with one hand and her head with the other, then shoved his gigantic penis into her mouth. She was expecting that and was as prepared as one could be, but the chauffeur was fully aware of his size and did not push his cock too hard, he made sure that it went in smoothly and harmlessly. Soon the entire black rod disappeared inside Julia’s throat and her nose was pressed against the man’s smooth underbelly, his hands kept her head in place while hers remained behind her back; seconds passed… Eventually Winson pulled Julia’s head back, so that his penis would leave her throat but remain inside of her mouth. She took a deep breath inhaling the masculine scent, but two such breaths were all she was allowed and again the man shoved his whole cock into her throat and her nose was once more pressed against his skin; another several seconds passed before Julia was allowed to breath.

This process was repeated few more times before Winston began to speed up the pace of the face fucking, he abandoned the pauses and simply moved his penis back and forth. Most of his shoves were deep, when the whole or almost whole cock went manisa escort in, once in a while he withdrew into Julia’s mouth to give her a chance to breathe, but his penis never went wholly out and the woman’s hands remained obediently behind her back. All the while Winson was gradually picking up the pace and eventually he was roughly face fucking his employer, while she struggled for air but never tried to protest.

The entire blowjob lasted a few minutes and by the time it was over Julia’s face was a mess. When Winston finally withdrew his huge cock all she did was to try to catch and calm her breath; meanwhile the man slapped her face again with his thick rod several times, then he smeared the mix of precum and saliva over it, making it an even bigger mess. She did not get much more time to rest though, Winston grabbed Julia by her shoulders and raised her from the floor. The chauffeur shoved three fingers into his employer’s already moist vagina and holding her like that led her to the bed. He tossed her onto the piece of furniture and said:

“Ass up, face down.”

Julia obediently assumed the position, her face was on the pillows, her booty raised high and welcomingly, and her arms behind her back. Winston shoved a few pillows under her belly, so the pose would not be uncomfortable and could be easily maintained. The man then went to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant, a magical wand vibrator and a large anal plug with a green sparkling jewel at its end from the drawer. He lubricated the toy and Julia’s anus then carefully pushed the plug into the woman’s ass. This was not the largest thing that had entered her back door, but just like with the deepthroating the beginnings needed to be gentle; the toy went in smoothly and made Julia issue a single groan.

Winston left her plugged like that and went to his trousers from which he retrieved the belt. The first smack that landed on the woman’s buttocks was not overly hard, it made more noise than caused actual pain, yet she cried out in surprise even though she knew what to expect. Several more hits followed suit, neither was exactly painful, but combined they caused some stinging and made the buttocks turn pink. Each smack also caused Julia to clench her sphincter, with the fat plug present it turned her cries audibly louder. But that was still just a part of the foreplay.

Winston put down the belt, then slapped both buttocks with his bare palms and began to grope them, he was rough and possessive, but that action only caused Julia to moan. The groping did not last long though, soon the man reached for the vibrator, pressed it to her clitoris and turned to medium speed, he used his other hand to finger her pussy which was getting wetter with each passing moment. Winston gradually increased the speed of vibrations and added more fingers, Julia’s moans and cries were getting proportionally louder; she had always been a screamer and while she was still far from her maximal volume, she could most likely be heard on the entire floor through the ajar door of her bedroom. In that way the chauffeur brought his employer to the edge, but when he sensed her climax incoming he withdrew his digits and put away the vibrator. He again reached for the belt and delivered a few more smacks, lighter this time, but enough to let her “calm down”.

Finally came the time for the main dish. Julia was still breathing hard from the stimulation when Winston reached for her anal plug, he pulled it out slowly but steadily, causing her to issue a loud groan. Her anus did not remain empty for long though, the man re-applied some lube to the orifice, then lubricated his huge penis and placed its head at the entrance. He pushed it in carefully even though Julia had been sufficiently stretched by the toy, he was well aware of his incredible girth and did not want to cause any harm. Centimetre by centimetre the thick rod went it accompanied by the woman’s long low grunt; eventually Winston’s hips touched her buttocks. He gave her booty one final slap, then began to withdraw his hips until only the head of the cock remained inside.

There were no pauses this time, Winston was shoving his cock in and out in a swiftly quickening pace and soon he was roughly fucking his employer’s ass. Equally quickly Julia’s loud moans and cries filled the room and could most likely be heard in the entire house. She did not remain completely passive during the rough sex, although her options were limited; maintaining the balance in the difficult position was taxing enough, but the woman still tried to push back her booty onto the cock.

Winston’s stamina was as impressive as his size, most women could not endure the seemingly endless onslaught, but Julia loved and craved it; her anal orgasms were different and more intense than the vaginal ones and she was more than willing to have her anus ravaged for that. The chauffeur knew his employer’s body and reactions well and was perfectly aware how much menderes escort stimulation and pain to apply to bring her to the edge; he timed the face fucking just right so that he would work himself up before stretching her ass. After over twenty minutes of merciless anal fucking it was him who reached the climax, he buried his huge cock deep inside Julia’s ass and changed the depth of shoves, he also spanked her buttocks, so that she would clench her anal muscles around his penis.

A seemingly endless streak of semen shot deep into the woman’s bowels; there have been times when it went into her mouth and it was always more than a mouthful, on an average day Winston could fill a glass with his cumshot; now he was filling Julia’s ass. Her ecstatic groans and cries never ceased. Eventually his orgasm ended, he gave the buttocks a final slap, then withdrew his penis.

“Don’t move” he commanded and the woman obeyed.

He reached for the jewelled plug and re-inserted it into her anus.

“Now you shouldn’t feel suddenly empty. Would you like to cum?”

As he asked the question he turned her onto her back and they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Yes, sir” came a simple and obvious answer exclaimed in a breathless voice.


“Please, sir! Please, let me cum” Julia’s breath was still uneven as she tried to calm down “I’m so horny, I’m the most horny bitch. I need to cum so badly. I beg you, Sir, please let me cum!”

As she talked the men gently caressed her body, when she finished he replied:

“No. You need to be in a proper mood during the party. Now, let’s go and take a shower.”

Julia was disappointed, but not as much as one could expect, this was not the first time she had been denied and she knew well that in the long run it was worth it. She grabbed Winston’s outstretched hand and together they went to her spacious shower in the luxurious bathroom.

Mood-wise their bath was a complete opposite of what had happened earlier, it was slow and sensual. The hot water ran down their naked bodies as they caressed and soaped each other’s skin. All of the pain and discomfort vanished from Julia’s body, but most of the horniness remained, especially since Winston’s hands made sure that she remained aroused.

When they got out and dried each other Julia was clean, refreshed and eager for another round of wild sex, even though she knew it would not happen right then. The anal plug remained inside of the woman’s anus throughout the entire bath and it was not going out right now either.

Winston left the bathroom first and called Maria, a young latin servant whose actual profession was a beautician; she would be the one making Julia’s hair and makeup. When the girl entered the bedroom Julia was still naked.

“You’re ready, Missus Julia?” she asked with a cute accent and was completely undisturbed by the nudity.

“Yes, darling, you can finally work your magic.”

“It’s always a pleasure to enhance your natural beauty, Missus Julia.”

“Thank you, you’re such a sweety.”

As Julia turned around the girl noticed the sparkling fake jewell between her buttocks.

“Oh, you’re wearing a plug! Which one is it?”

“The thick emerald one.”

“Awesome! You’re so daring, Missus Julia.”

Maria was a beautiful young woman, she had a petite yet curvaceous frame with firm C-cup breasts. Her skin was dark olive, her eyes brown, round and large, her friendly smile revealed white even teeth and she smiled often. Her black wavy hair reached almost to her waist and were her pride. At 156 centimetres even in her twelve centimetre tall heels she was still shorter than her employer. Maria’s outfit, just like her reaction to Julia’s nudity and anal plug, suggested that she was not an ordinary employee. She was wearing a “naughty maid” outfit, the skirt of the uniform barely covered her round buttocks and the heels were way too tall to perform any actual cleaning, but together with black fishnet pantyhose they made Maria’s legs look incredibly sexy. Her breasts were nicely put on display by a deep cleavage.

Before Julia sat down and Maria began the dolling up process the maid embocated her employer’s body with oils; their main role was to keep her skin youthful and healthy, but those applied additionally to the buttocks were supposed to remove any pain and other traces of the spanking.

When Julia eventually sat down to keep things interesting and dispel any doubts about the relationship between the employer and some of her employees Winston took the vibrator, turned it to minimum and placed it between the woman’s legs. He took it away before Maria finished her work, he did not want to risk Julia reaching an actual orgasm.

The makeup was not overly flashy, that feature was taken care of by the gown, only bright red lips stood out and attracted attention. When the makeup, hair and nails were finally done came the time to dress up, Maria assisted Julia with the stockings, but when she reached for the thong Winston stopped her.

“This won’t be necessary.”

The girl looked at her employer who just smiled and nodded. Soon Julia was dressed only in a revealing gown, stockings and heels; golden jewellery and an anal plug completed the outfit.

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