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English for Sinners Ch. 11

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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


I won’t lie, I had reservations about the plan. To seduce not a woman’s libido, but her heart – all so I could break it? Objectively, this was cruel. Yet, the girls had been successful in their quest so far to corrupt me. A year ago, I wouldn’t have even imagined anyone doing this, for any reason, let alone to become some kind of sex demon. Yet, I was committed to going through with it. Ms. Sabrina Hewett was a beautiful, sweet, funny woman – all qualities that made me fall for her so hard in the first place, all qualities that caused me to do something stupid like sacrifice my career for her. It was for those reasons that I wondered if she deserved this kind of treatment, but also was confident she would bounce back.

Sabrina was the very definition of a catch. Educated, beautiful, young, vibrant, spirited, funny, employed, determined and caring. In truth, I had more doubt that I would even be able to get her to fall for me than I did if I could go through with the final step of breaking her heart. Still, assuming it would all go according to plan, that I would be able to get her to fall in love with me, I was confident she would bounce back. After all, she was a catch. Sure she would hurt, that was the idea, but she would heal. She was young, she had plenty of time to recover and find love again.

But I’m lying. Well, I am and I’m not. These were all doubts I had going on in my head, but they were not as prevalent in my head as they may sound. In truth, I knew I was going to go through with the plan. Even when those pesky doubts sprang up, I didn’t need an orgy to convince me what I was doing was something that I wanted. It took only a matter of seconds to convince myself that this is what I wanted, and if it meant hurting some poor girl’s heart to gain the kind of life and power they had promised me, well, I was willing to sacrifice Ms. Hewett’s love to do it.

Nevertheless, as confident as I was with my decision to go through with the plan, I wasn’t as confident that I could pull it off. This was Ms. Hewett we were talking about. By far the most beautiful teacher in the school. Even though she had an illicit relationship with only one of her students, many more would have killed to be in his shoes. Yet, she didn’t compare to Vivika, Nessa, Val or Ms. Cross. How could she? She was pretty, certainly, and when she wasn’t covered in paint or her hair wasn’t all askew from the stress of the job, she was downright beautiful. The V-girls and Ms. Cross, however, were on another level. Still, it wasn’t as if I had seduced them. Sure they had chosen me, but it wasn’t solely because they found me attractive. So my confidence in my wooing abilities hadn’t risen much.

I asked Vivika if there was some spell she could do to just make Sabrina fall in love with me.

“Magic can do many things, but it cannot force someone to do anything,” she explained. “In most cases we can stack the deck, so to speak, but not in this case. There has to be no doubt that she fell in love with you, because of you, and only you, for this ritual to work. You wouldn’t exactly be giving up true love if she only fell in love with you because we made her constantly horny or put a glamour on you to make you look like her greatest fantasy.”

So I was on my own, or least I had no magic on my side. I had to use the incentive of having my own harem and otherworldly powers to boost my confidence enough to even ask Sabrina out. Thankfully, those are powerful incentives, and after some mumbling and fumbling that would make Hugh Grant groan, I managed to ask her out. To my surprise, she said yes! Actually, she leaped at the opportunity to go out with me. I had overestimated just how difficult it would be to get her to fall for me. I just had to make sure I lived up to her idea of a perfect man, or at least a man she could see herself marrying.

That was another specific of the plan. It wasn’t as if I could just get her to say “I love you” and then run. I had to convince her to spend the rest of her life with me. To devote herself to me and me alone for the rest of our lives. The plan was to date her for a bit, get her to fall for me, and then ask her to marry me. Assuming she said yes, we would actually go through with it, actually get married. Then, on our wedding night, I was to break her heart. That was when her heart would be most full of love, and thus be all the more potent for the spell the girls wanted to cast, according to Ms. Cross. I asked the girls what would happen if I couldn’t get her to fall in love with me, but they said they had absolute confidence that I could. I asked the girls what would happen if I interior design masters izle couldn’t get her to marry me, and they said they would use “Plan B.” They wouldn’t say what it was, which probably meant I didn’t want to know. So, even for Ms. Hewett’s sake, I would have to convince her to marry me and then leave her on our wedding night.


Our relationship blossomed quickly. We shared much of the same interests, and we had plenty of war stories from the battlefield that was our classrooms to share and laugh over. She understood me, and I her. She was sweet and funny and, I have to say, very frisky. Sabrina had no interest in waiting for the third date to get my pants off. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom after our second date.

I worried, after our first night together, that I had gone too far. She said I was like an animal, a different person, far more wild and passionate than my personality let on. I couldn’t help it, though. Even when I was with a beautiful woman like her, I thought of the girls. I thought of all the things I wanted to do to them, and so I would do them to Sabrina, instead. Of course, I would still do those things, and more, to Vivika, Val, and Nessa, when I wasn’t with Ms. Hewett. She even claimed that a few of the thing we had done that night, she had never done before, and she made sure to tell me which ones she liked the best.

When I spanked her, I was thinking of Val. Of that tight, toned, ass, giving only the slightest of shakes when I pounded into it. Sabrina had a great ass, I’ll give her that much. She liked to run, in the mornings and some evenings, and it helped to keep her posterior lifted and lovely. It couldn’t compare to Val’s, however. Val was also very active, but far more athletic, and her youth meant her ass was perky no matter what. The next day, I would show Val just how much I had thought of her the night before. I fucked her in the ass so much that she had to miss practice the following day. I felt bad, since she loves sports so much, but she told me she didn’t mind. She had gotten enough of a workout to miss practice all week if she wanted to. Val only regretted not being able to go out onto the field with my seed still trapped in her ass and pussy, sealed in her holes by her tight shorts, she said.

I made her fantasy come true a week later, though, at least. Before the game, I fucked her under the bleachers. It was the first outdoor sex I had ever had, and with all those people sitting right above us, it was even more exhilarating. Val told me that when she made her first goal, it was just as she began to feel a bit of my cum drip out of her pussy. That feeling, mixed with the feeling of scoring a point for the team, caused her to climax there on the field, Val claimed. Everyone just saw it as a victory cheer, from her, though. Still, she got carded for using excessive language during the “cheer.”

Back to our first night, while we were quite passionate going into my house, I still made sure to include some foreplay, and introduced another new sexual aid to Sabrina: ice cubes. While I used ice cubes on Hewett’s humble breasts, I thought of the mountains that sat on Nessa’s chest. I had only used ice cubes on Hewett’s breasts, causing her nipples to harden and skin to become cool and wet. The night after the one I had with Hewett, though, I did far more to Nessa’s tits. I covered them in whipped cream, complete with a cherry where each nipple would be. After I cleaned her off, I drizzled chocolate and strawberry syrups over her sensual hills. Anything I did to her breasts, she would do to my chest and to my cock. We both made sure to clean each other off completely, with only our mouths, so there was no stickiness when I would slide myself into her cleavage. After she ate up all the mess I made on her breasts, she insisted on sucking me off again. She laid across my body so she could piston her mouth up and down on my shaft, and I could enjoy her wet folds. Even after she drank down another load, she wanted more. That night, I eagerly indulged in her oral fixation, filling her stomach.

The next day, she missed class. Her mother had called in saying that her daughter had a stomach ache and didn’t feel ready to come in today. I brought her homework over, a guise I used to see if she was actually okay. When I brought it up to her room and she threw off the covers, crawled to the end of the bed, and undid my fly, I knew she was alright. I just had to be quick, much to her dismay, but I didn’t want her parents to get suspicious as to why a teacher was spending so much time in their daughter’s bedroom. We had more fun later that night when she came by to visit, so it all worked out.

The final act I introduced to Ms. Hewett was up-against-the-wall sex. This, of course, was done while I was thinking about the time, during the orgy, when I did the same iyi adamin 10 günü izle thing with Vivika. Even as I chewed into Hewett’s shoulder, I could think only of Vivika. The only part Hewett said she didn’t like were the bruises my tight grip on her thighs made. She forgave me, though, because “getting them there was very fun.” I didn’t have to go anywhere the next day to fulfill my desire to be with Vivika instead of Hewett. While my fellow teacher and I rested in my bed, Vivika came to visit. There, while Sabrina slept, she rode me with strong, slow, deliberate grinds, not wanting to wake up Hewett and ruin the plan.

After she came, I turned us both over on her sides and thrust into Vivika from behind, both of us facing the sleeping teacher. I would whisper into her ear about how much more beautiful she was than Hewett, how much better she was in every way, and how I couldn’t wait to become an even better lover for her. Vivika agreed, but did admit that Ms. Hewett was a beautiful woman, and wondered if I would be able to convince her to join my harem when this was all done. We both confirmed our shared doubt of that happening with a laugh that had be stifled with a kiss. Vivika got bold and draped a leg over her art teacher’s lap while she slept, but still she was never aroused from her slumber. We had so much fun that night that it became a tradition. Every night, after I had sex with Sabrina, and she was asleep, Vivika would arrive to remind me what really hot sex felt like. Although, I suspect she was doing it simply to reaffirm that I was hers. She didn’t want me to go a single night with just Hewett’s honey on my cock.

Sabrina and I continued to date for the remainder of the school year. And while we dated, we of course had relations. When we were apart, I was with my three favorite goth students. At first I felt bad for her, but when you’re hilt-deep inside of an 18 year old beauty like one of the V-girls, you quickly toss aside your moral code to make room for more lust.


By the end of the school year, I had proposed, and she had accepted. She was so happy. Up until that point I was so confident I was doing the “right” thing, but seeing her eyes well up with tears made me question everything I had done from the start of the year to the start of summer. Getting the chance to be with Ms. Cross, clad only in her demonic form, set me back to the attitude I had before I proposed, and kept me on that path until the very end.

We agreed to have the wedding in the middle of the summer. That would give us enough time to go out on our honeymoon, before having to start work. Well, before she had to start work. Neither of us could afford to go very far, and I convinced her we should just put all the money toward a beautiful ceremony. I told her going to a beautiful location for the honeymoon would just be a waste, as we’d only be in the hotel room the entire time. She definitely liked that argument, and so we were agreed.

Sabrina and I invited everyone we knew. Friends, family, and co-workers – everyone whom I would be saying goodbye. There was no way I would be returning to my old life after I went through with the transformation. Why would I want to? So this wedding was a way to say goodbye to all the faces I would miss, and many more that I wouldn’t.

The venue we had chosen was breath taking. Tall columns, beautiful stained glass windows, art across the ceilings, and candles from back to front. The actual ritual Vivika was planning would not be taking place in a large cathedral befitting the scope and power of what she was attempting to summon, but at least I would spend part of the fateful day in such a location.

Naturally, the girls were not invited. That did not stop Vivika from showing up on the big day, however, in my dressing room. She wore what appeared to be a goth’s version of a wedding dress. All black, studs and spikes, but the same basic shape of a wedding dress – though with a plunging neckline that no blushing bride would find to be respectful to wear before the eyes of her friends, family, and God. She told me that she didn’t have much time, that there was still a lot of prep work to do before my part of the ritual was needed. Vivika still wanted to see me off, so to speak, and remind me just what I was doing this all for.

If there hadn’t been so many people in the church, so much talking before the ceremony began, I’m sure someone would have heard us. Dress hiked up, top yanked down, pants around my ankles. It was pure and it was simple, as pure and simple as it could be with Vivika Briarheart. Afterwards, she coated her fingers in her juices and pressed them against my lips. She then whispered to me, “Be sure to kiss her with passion and want, desire and love. Leave no doubt in her mind that you love her and only her.” Really, I think she just wanted me to kiss a woman jungle izle with her cum on my lips, without the other woman knowing.

As planned, the ceremony was beautiful. Tears, laughter, joy all around. Sabrina cried, and even I teared up a little. I could still feel Vivika on my lips, though, so I could never forget her, even on my wedding day. I made sure to share the gift she had given me with Sabrina. Our kiss firm, deep, and borderline inappropriate. The perfect kiss to show the world our love.

I could hardly wait to get out of there and to the hotel room we had reserved. The reception was interminable. I just thought of what I would be getting out of all of this, and my smile never faded. Poor Sabrina thought I was smiling because of her. She had invited at least three ex-boyfriends to the wedding, and each of them obviously still carried a flame for her. I was confident any or all of them would try to pick up the pieces of her heart after I shattered it. Hell, perhaps one might even be able to fix it and she would find true love and happiness with them. She deserved to find true love, after all. She loved me, though I don’t think I loved her, not anymore, and she deserved someone who did. It was just a shame how she would have to get there.


When I got a text from Vivika that simply read “We’re ready,” I didn’t hesitate any longer. I told Sabrina that I couldn’t wait any longer to lie with my wife, and after a few goodbyes, we were off. In the limo ride to the hotel, she was all over me. I did my best to keep things at least somewhat calm, though. So at least when the limo stopped, we didn’t have to get dressed again before we got out. The hotel was in the middle of the city an hour where the school both Sabrina and I worked. It was a level of elegance you could only find in a large enough metropolis.

My heart skipped a few beats when we arrived. There was no mistaking our concierge for Vivika. Yet Sabrina didn’t recognize her at all. Vivika was hidden in plain sight. Respectful uniform, small glasses seated on the bridge of her nose, and her hair done up in a tight bun. All her physical features were there, but without the gothic clothes and the commanding disposition, she was hardly recognizable. However, what confirmed my suspicions were her eyes. Dark-gold eyes peering at me from behind her cute glasses. I always had a thing for women in glasses, so I hoped she could hang onto that pair. Who was I kidding? She had probably constructed those with magic, like the rest of her outfit. That or the real concierge was tied up, left only in their underwear, in some closet in the hotel. The architect of Sabrina’s heartbreak was completely hidden from her, no doubt thanks to a combination of Vivika’s unusual (for her) attire and Sabrina’s laser focus on her new husband.

Just like Vivika had found a (very temporary) summer job at the hotel, so too did Val, our bellhop. The hat, lack of piercings, and her uniform covering up all her tattoos, all made her as unrecognizable to the drifting eye as Vivika had been. Not to mention her chipper and upbeat attitude was not at all what anyone would suspect from Val if they had known her for only a moment. Just as I had confirmed who our concierge was, I knew right away that Val was the bellhop by her legs. I doubted that the skirt that went half way down her thighs, which was exceedingly modest for Val, was regulation for the staff, and by wearing it she threatened to expose that she didn’t belong. That short skirt is what allowed me to spy Val’s key features, however – her ass and legs. She wore dark stalkings to cover up the tattoos on her legs, but their shape were unmistakably the result of all the exercise and sports Val enjoyed. On the elevator ride up to the room, she kept her back to us, and while Sabrina nuzzled her head against my shoulder, I kept my eyes on our bellhop’s fantastic ass, which threatened to burst free of the skirt at a moment’s notice.

As her friends before her, Nessa also made an appearance in the hotel on the way to our room. She had chosen the role of maid, pushing her cart down the hallway toward us. Her attire was definitely more in line with what seemed regulation for the hotel, but as conservative as any outfit could be, nothing short of a winter coat could hide the size and shape of her breasts. Not even the top two buttons could be done up due to the swell of her chest, though I suspected she would have left them undone, regardless. Sabrina did happen to notice how revealing our maid’s outfit was, and made a remark of “Jeez, you’d think she’d be better suited to play a maid in a porno than actually be one in a hotel,” to me after we had passed her and arrived at our room with Val. Val tossed me a sly smirk when Sabrina made the comment, one I was sure to return.

Sabrina and I didn’t pack much for our week long honeymoon. Just a change of clothes to wear when we go into public, items to maintain good hygiene, and some tennis shoes. Sabrina brought along an extra suitcase of underwear she wanted to model for me. So it didn’t take long for Val to get the bags into the room, refuse the tip I instinctively offered her with a “No, sir, please. It’s my pleasure,” and a lick of her lips, and leave the newly married couple to their soon to be brief honeymoon.

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